FREEMASONRY and SATANISM. Albert Pike’s Story. Southern General, Grand Master of Charleston’s Lodge, Ku Klux Klan co-Founder

FREEMASONRY and SATANISM. Albert Pike’s Story. Southern General, Grand Master of Charleston’s Lodge, Ku Klux Klan co-Founder


“I conscientiously and sincerely believe that the Masonic Order is, if not the greatest, one of the greatest moral and political evils weighing down on the whole Union”John Quincy Adams

, 6th President of the United States of America – “Letters on Freemasonry”, 1833

“In fact, our battle is not against creatures made of blood and flesh, but against principalities and powers, against the rulers of this world of darkness, against the evil spirits who live in the celestial regions”
Saint Paul – Letter to the Ephesians (6,12) – Holy Bible

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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If the most experts in American history will certainly have heard of the bloody deeds of the southern general Albert Pike, unfortunately few are aware of his fanatical obsession with satanic esotericism cultivated within American Freemasonry, descendant of that of the Scottish Rite, and still fewer know that he founded the Ku Klux Klan, however, deserving instead of eternal infamy a large statue in Washington.

Albert Pike

This is because his exploits date back to a time when critically analyzing the activities of the so-called “freemasons” was absolutely forbidden, or historically discredited, as the most fervent followers of secret societies of various ritual obediences had been among the champions of the Risorgimento and the Unification of Italy starting with the incensed international conspirator Giuseppe Mazzini, united with Pike by Masonic brotherhood, mutual esteem and by the projects for the creation of occultist and elitist Masonic lodges aimed at propelling the supremacist ideal of a New World Order.

L’OLOCAUSTO ROSSO COMUNISTA COSPIRATO DAI MASSONI. Contro i Regni Cristiani di Francia, Russia e Italia

Today, fortunately, there are an increasing number of historiography scholars who are carrying out a meticulous revisionism of the last three centuries, noting the fundamental and devastating role played by Freemasonry in the revolutions and in the wars of Europe, it is easier to re-read with transparency episodes of the past and decrypt the plots that like cobwebs have entangled countless areas of social life in a reiterated international connection that will lead us, in subsequent articles, to reconstruct the excellent crimes of Freemasonry between Italy, England and the United States of America.

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The “POPE” of Americans Freemasons who Founded Klu-Klux-Klan

Albert Pike has been called the Pope of American Freemasonry and has gone down in history not only for sharing Mazzinian ideals but also for his satanic veneration.

«Born in 1809 in Boston, he became one of the most famous lawyers in the South. Endowed with almost superhuman intellectual faculties, he spoke and wrote 16 languages. Having entered Freemasonry in 1850, in 1859 he became Grand Master of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite (which we will later call RSSA for brevity), and that is the Supreme Head of American Freemasonry» writes the Estonian scholar Juri Lina on page 196 of his book Architects of Deception: The Occult History of Freemasonry”.

SUMMIT DI MASSONI IN SFREGIO AL PAPA. Per Celare i Complotti da Mazzini in poi. Breve Storia della Massoneria e di Letali Cospirazioni

Lina dedicated a life to deepening international conspiracies and due to his clear opposition to Communism in 1979 he was exiled from his country. Other scholars of American history also agree in the belief that Pike, after the election of Abraham Lincoln in 1860, through his Masonic hegemony, was among those who directed the insurrection in the South which resulted in the bloody American Civil War (1860 -1865).


A few years earlier, in 1854, a close associate of his, Judah Benjamin, formed the “Knights of the Golden Circle”. Their first operations consisted of paramilitary training of terrorists throughout Central America, with the aim of provoking a war between the United States and Spain, which ruled that area. Note the curious coincidence that they acted in South American countries a few years after the guerilla actions conducted there by the Italian Freemason Giuseppe Garibaldi before his return to Italy. In the following phase the Knights became fundamental in the organization of the coup in the USA especially in the activities of intimidation and violence against those non-interventionist states.

Masonic Funds for Garibaldi’s Expedition, British Legion with Times’ Reporters & Mobsters Allied in Sicily

Imprisoned but Grateful thanks to Brotherhood he Founded Ku-Klux-Klan

The expert writer Lina analyzes Pike’s meteoric military and Masonic career in detail, characterizing its inhuman cruelty: «During the Civil War, Pike was brigadier general of the southern troops and commanded an army made up of Indians of eight tribes. At his command, these troops committed massacres of such cruelty and ferocity that England even threatened to intervene “for humanitarian reasons”. Even Southern President Jefferson Davis, at the time, was forced to take action against Albert Pike by ordering him to disperse the Indian army. After the war, for his heinous crimes and killing him, Pike was court-martialed guilty of treason and imprisoned».

A member of the Ku Klux Klan

But in the meantime the general had made his triumphal entry among the freemasons. According to the Dictionnaire de la Franc-Magonnerie, Pike was co-opted by the 33rd degree of the American RSSA Albert Gallatin Mackey, secretary of the Supreme Council of Charleston, who persuaded Pike to join the Order where he became Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite (Supreme Council , Southern jurisdiction) from 1859 to his death”.

Hence, as often happened to affiliates of Freemasonry, he obtained impunity by virtue of an important brotherhood: «The American president Andrew Johnson, subordinate Mason of Albert Pike, on April 22, 1866, pardoned him, while the American press maintained, for nine months, total silence on this news» adds Juri Lina.


Undoubtedly, the assassination of his predecessor Abraham Lincoln, of whom he had been the deputy in the Union during the years of the American Civil War, had a great influence on Johnson’s decision, ending up in the crosshairs of the conspirators.

Pike obtained the pardon although the previous year he had given further proof of his slavery and racist fanaticism: in the month of December, in fact, after the victory of the Northern Union in the secessionist conflict, General Pike, together with General John J. Morgan and to a small group of Southern officers, in Pulaski in Tennessee, transformed the aforementioned Knights of the Golden Circle into the bloodthirsty xenophobes of the “Knights of the Ku Klux Klan” (KKK), (from the Greek kuklox which means “circle” or “circle” “).

«Albert Pike, called “the Devil of the 19th century”, was obsessed with the idea of world supremacy. When he became a 33rd degree Mason, and Head of the Arkansas Illuminati, he devised a plan to take control of the world through three World Wars and other major revolutions» concludes Juri Lina.

From Black Masses to World Wars

In her work Occult Theocrasy, Lady Queenborough, literary name of Edith Starr Miller, clearly highlights the importance that the figure of the founder of the Ku Klux Klan had in America and his relations with the English Freemason Longfellow, who moved to the US in 1947, and the his friend Moses Holbrook, then Sovereign Grand Commander of Charleston.

St. Pio’ Prophecy on Christians’ homelands, NWO Rockefeller’s Abortion law and Masons war

«Longfellow and Holbrook, in the course of their exchange of impressions on the Kabbalah, had planned to create a Satanic rite in which the adepts would be instructed in Black Magic, but Holbrook, the Grand Master of the Supreme Council of Charleston, who had already composed a suitable ritual and a sacrilegious mass called the Adonaicide Mass (Mass that kills Adonai, the God of Christians) died, delaying the full implementation of the project. He was succeeded by John Honor on whose death the Jew Moses Holbrook’s dream of subverting Freemasonry was carried out by Albert Pike on a massive scale» highlights Edith Starr Miller.

The Epistolary Correspondence between Pike and Mazzini

This thesis is confirmed by the secret correspondence between Pike and the Mason of RSSA Giuseppe Mazzini (1805-1872), a member of the International Revolutionary Committee of London.

This body acted under the direction of another high-ranking Freemason, the British Secretary of State, Henry John Temple, third Viscount of Palmerston (1784-1865), who linked his name to the English imperial policy of the time, from the War of quarrel over sulfur with the Bourbons from which originated the enmity that justified the English financing of the Expedition of the Thousand and the unification of Italy, planned by Mazzini’s Giovine Italia and Giovine Europa movements.

Henry John Temple, third Viscount of Palmerston

Two letters are of great importance: the one that Mazzini sent to Pike on 22 January 1870 and that from Pike to Mazzini dated 15 August 1871. Most historians agree in believing that this correspondence is kept in the highly secret archives of Temple House, the seat of the Rite Scotch of Washington, but prohibited from consultation. But the letter from the Southern general, written on August 15, 1871, was however exhibited only once in the British Museum Library in London in the past. There a Canadian naval officer, Commodore William Guy Carr (present as a consultant for the United States at the San Francisco Conference of June 26, 1945) read it and wrote down various notes which allowed him to publish a summary in the book “Pawns in the Game”.

The Royal Canadian Navy soldier was in fact a fervent Catholic scholar of secret societies and satanic occultism.

The document seems so prophetic that it advocates the “crisis-war-revolution” project that devastated the 20th century. Here is an eloquent sentence written by Carr after reading the letter: «The First World War had to be fought to allow the “Illuminati” to overthrow the power of the czars in Russia and transform this country into the fortress of atheist communism. The differences stirred up by “Illuminati” agents between the British and German Empires were used to foment this war. After the war was over, communism had to be built and used to destroy other governments and weaken religions.”

LA GRANDE GUERRA VOLUTA DAI MASSONI ANGLO-ITALIANI. 4 Novembre: Onoriamo i Caduti, Non la Vittoria dei Mandanti!

The Doctrine of Lucifer and Palladism

According to the aforementioned scholar Lady Queensborough, the contents of Mazzini’s letter of 22 January 1870 are disturbing: «We must create a superior Rite that will remain unknown, to which those high-grade Masons that we will choose will belong. To our Brothers in Freemasonry, these men shall pledge themselves to the strictest secrecy. Through this supreme Rite we will govern all Freemasonry, and it will become the only international center, the most powerful because its direction will be unknown».

The Masonic symbols of square and compasses with the number of the beast in the center in a panel

Pike, according to the reconstruction made by Commodore Carr in his book, on 15 August 1871 replied to Mazzini announcing that at the end of the world wars (he hypothesized three) those who aspired to world government would cause devastation never seen before:

«We will unleash the nihilists and the atheists and we will provoke a formidable social cataclysm which will clearly show, in all its horror, to the nations, the effect of absolute atheism, the origin of barbarism and bloody subversion. So citizens everywhere, forced to defend themselves against a world minority of revolutionaries, these destroyers of civilization, and the multitude disillusioned by Christianity, whose worshipers will henceforth be deprived of orientation in the search for an ideal, no longer knowing where to direct worship, will receive true light through the universal manifestation of the pure doctrine of Lucifer finally revealed to public view, which will be followed by the destruction of both conquered and crushed Christianity and atheism!».

EU GREEN PASS, UNDER SKIN MICROCHIP AND GATES’ 666 MARK OF THE BEAST. Transhumanist Plot by Klaus Schwab (Great Reset) & NWO against Christianity

It is believed that precisely from these words and intentions was born that very secret lodge reserved for adepts of occultism called Palladism. This concept is explained by another book written by an author under a pseudonym but no less documented, “Freemasonry and Secret Seven: the hidden face of history” by Epiphanius, Editrice Ichthys: «Palladism, defined by the Larousse encyclopedia as ” cult of Satan Lucifer, that is to say of Satan considered as the Angel of Light, the human and beneficent god”, was a very secret theurgic society, unknown to even high-ranking Masons and therefore composed only of “emeritus””.

FREEMASONRY IN VATICAN – 1. From the Alta Vendita Plot to the Pecorelli’s List with Notable Cardinals Inside

«The Kadosh Knights, the 30th degree of the Scottish Rite, or equivalent degrees of the Egyptian Rite of Memphis-Misraim were preferably admitted; the name accepted by the Palladist rite was that of Re-Theurgisti Ottimati, while the lodges were called Triangles. The Palladist hierarchy had three ranks: Palladian Kadosh, Palladian Hierarch, and Elected Magician. Palladism ranked above the Supreme Councils formed by exponents of the 33rd degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite and from these positions descended to the lower grades for successive infiltrations. At the origin of the “New and Reformed Palladian Rite” were Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini».

The Albert Pike’s Monument in Washington

The Pope of Freemasonry, vicious and obese enough to exceed 140 kilos in weight, was also considered a lover of orgiastic sabbaths consumed in the woods with lots of alcohol and various women, assemblies so wild as to recall the Dionysian rites narrated by Euripides in the Bacchantes.

The monument to Albert Pike in Washington created by the Florentine sculptor Gaetano Trentanove

I deem it superfluous to mention the innumerable crimes and crimes committed by the hooded cutters of the Ku Klux Klan which highlight how the Satanist cult of the slaver, racist and highly cultured Freemason Pike was not only an esoteric-theosophical conceptual research but a pragmatic and delusional diabolical fanaticism which, although had the esteem of many intellectuals and powerful of his time, it is not difficult to define typical of a true demoniac.

Instead in America, unique among the Southern losers, he even earned public celebration with a statue, created by the Florentine sculptor Gaetano Trentanove in 1901, and placed in Washington’s Judiciary Square.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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