Bible Banned in the Schools into a US State. Cultural Freedom for Transgenderism and Satanism, not for Christianity!

Bible Banned in the Schools into a US State. Cultural Freedom for Transgenderism and Satanism, not for Christianity!


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May be that the next US president will not swear on the Bible to avoid disturbing children promoting the Christians’ Holy Book… In the state of Utah, in fact, the cultural democracy, the freedom of opinion became only a dream because a District decided to ban Bible from schools.

This happens while the FBI is on the target of House Judiciary due to it used its agents to identify possible threats at school board meetings after incidents where parents criticized school board members and teachers across the United States, accusing those officials of promoting left-wing or pro-LGBT viewpoints to students.

House Judiciary Subpoenas FBI Director Wray and AG Garland for Targeting Parents vs LGBT Propaganda at School

While a Virginia School accepted the after-school with Satan Club, the CDC promoted a chat for kids to explore change sex operations as the Boston Children’s Hospital is touting such surgeries on YouTube as well.

So the antiChristians, above all promoter of transgenderism condemned as “most dangerous ideological colonization” by Pope Francis, are studying new ways to expel Catholic culture from children’s education.

CDC Directs Kids To Secretive Online Chat Space To Explore Sex Change Operations, ‘Having Mulitiple Genders,’ The Occult

US state removes Bible from schools

Extract by Russia Today

Utah’s Davis School District is considering whether to return the Bible to library shelves after a parent appealed the school’s decision to remove it due to its sexual and violent content, district spokesperson Christopher Williams told the Salt Lake Tribune in an email earlier this week.

A committee appointed by the district to review parents’ complaints determined in March that high schools should be permitted to keep the religious text but that it should be removed from elementary and middle schools due to “vulgarity or violence.”

After School with Satan Club! Insane Iniziative in the US thanks to Religious Freedom

As many as eight elementary and middle-school districts with copies of the book will have theirs removed as the school year draws to a close, Williams explained.

A parent first challenged the Bible’s presence in school libraries in December, explaining they were frustrated with the number of books being removed from libraries based on a recent state law that classified works as having “no serious value for minors” if their content includes any “description or depiction of illicit sex or sexual immorality.”

If the books that have been banned so far are any indication for way lesser offenses, this should be a slam dunk,” the parent snarked, urging the district to get this PORN out of our schools!

Pedophilia on Facebook: Denounced 146 Groups. Orcs in Chat due to Hypersexualization among Minors Permitted by Zuckerberg

A parent has already appealed the decision to remove the Christian holy book

While Williams claimed a district committee determined the Bible “does not contain sensitive material,” according to the new law, he explained a decision had been made to restrict its availability to high schoolers anyway.

A parent has appealed that decision, demanding the book be made available to all ages. Davis School District’s Board of Education has appointed a three-person committee to review both the original complaint and the appeal.

Christians Persecuted: Biden Admin orders Catholic Hospital to Snuff out Sanctuary Candle or Lose all Federal Funding

Other religious books, including the Torah, Quran, and Book of Mormon, remain available for all ages.

Parents in school districts across the US have taken steps to remove certain books from their libraries following a nationwide outcry over seemingly pornographic books and graphic novels explicitly discussing LGBTQ lifestyles and the promotion of Critical Race Theory and other racially sensitive material.

Extract by Russia Today



Pope Francis Warned that “Transgenderism” is one of the “most Dangerous Ideological Colonizations”

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Boston Children’s Hospital & Harvard Medical School Promoted Surgery for Transgender Infants within Studies and Video


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