NEO-NAZIST DRIFT OF NATO’s WAR IN UKRAINE. US Bet on Arming Azov Battalion. Bojo praises the Fierce Fighters as “Heroes”

NEO-NAZIST DRIFT OF NATO’s WAR IN UKRAINE. US Bet on Arming Azov Battalion. Bojo praises the Fierce Fighters as “Heroes”


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A few hours after the sensational success of some far-right parties in the European elections, the US State Department announced that it wanted to remove the ban on supplying weapons to the openly Neo-Nazi Ukrainian paramilitaries of the Azov Battalion which former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, today an official of the military think tank CEPA supported by NATO, European Commission and Weapons Lobby, in recent days he celebrated as “Heroes” despite the complaints against the fighters themselves for war crimes in Donbass.

Boris Johnson shows the flag of neonazi Azov Battalion

The Washington Post explained the reasons for the White House’s “change of direction”, RT (Russia Today) published the photo of Bojo showing the flag of the nationalist guerrillas in which symbols of the Third Reich appear…

The Powerful HIMARS Rocket Launchers in the Hands of the Neo-Nazis

This means that from tomorrow the infamous 12th Special Forces Brigade of the Ukrainian National Guard could have the possibility of using the powerful HIMARS rocket launchers with which the Kiev army is “exterminating the civilian population of the Russian border territories” as reported to the Council of UN Security by the Russian ambassador Vasilij Nebenzia.

WAR CRIMES & DECEITS. ICC against Putin! Unpunished NATO Allies: Ukrainian Nazis as Bosnian Butcher, Jihadists General

Furthermore, these guerrillas nostalgic for the SS and moreover tattooed with Satanist symbols could increase the flourishing black market of Western weapons destined for Kiev which, thanks to secret operations of the American counter-espionage Central Intelligence Agency as revealed in our CIA-Gate investigations, end up too often in the hands of terrorists and criminal gangs from all over the world.

“Ukraine Forces already Use NATO Weapons to Exterminate Russian Civilians”. UN Envoy. 30 Children Killed, 9,000 Evacuated

All this takes on enormous importance in light of the results of the European Elections of 6-9 June which crowned the great victory of Marine Le Pen’s Rassemblement National in France and that of the nationalist party FPÖ in Austria and the success of the AfD in Germany where it is became the second party ahead of the SPD social democrats of the current chancellor Olaf Sholtz and behind only the CDU democrats of Ursula Von der Leyen.

The electoral victory of Ursula Von der Leyen although accused of genocide

A separate issue concerns the confirmation of the right-wing Fratelli d’Italia coalition of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni which remains the leading party on the peninsula.

DEMOCRAZIA UCCISA DA VON DER LEYEN, MELONI & MATTARELLA. Metà degli Italiani ed Europei NON VOTA… I Politici NWO di Guerre e Vaccini!

The results of the elections to the European Parliament (EP) show that a majority will be pro-European and pro-Ukrainian, Russian Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov has told the media.

“The odds are, there will be a pro-European and pro-Ukrainian majority. We see that. However, the future composition of the European Parliament is yet to be analyzed,” he remarked when asked about the outcome of the EP elections and victory of the European People’s Party, of which the head of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen is a member.

European Commission president accused of Complicity in Israel’s War Crimes at ICC


Von der Leyen achieved this result thanks to the massive abstention there was in Europe where only one voter in two voted. And despite his recent indictment for complicity in war crimes in the genocide of the Israeli Zionist regime in Gaza.

The Right will not be able to build a powerful and solid coalition of their own also because since 2022 the Meloni Government has shown itself to be one of the most prompt governments in supporting the EU Commission’s strategy of military aid to Ukraine, so much so that it has resorted to “secrecy” of weapons supply packages.

The Scar of Zelensky & NWO on Peace. He Refuses the Pope’s Mediation with Russia thanks to the Arms promised by the Italian President

Above all due to the incisive intrusion of the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella, a former deputy of the Democratic Party like his predecessor Giorgio Napolitano who legitimized the use of the US Bases in Italy for the start of the Obama-Biden Arab Spring.

Precisely in one of the most crucial moments for peace, when the Pope had offered to act as mediator, Mattarella had received the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky at the Quirinale palace, assuring him of new military aid from Italy (despite not falling within his institutional powers) and allowing him thus to refuse any truce negotiations.

DALLA FINE DEL FASCISMO ALLA DITTATURA NAZI-SIONISTA NWO. Genocidi. Fosse Comuni. Deportati. Atenei Blindati. Milizie pro-SS nell’UE

USA, UK and Italy support Neo-Nazi “Heroes”.

This is why those Right-wing parties that seek peace with Russia and not the continuation of a war that only serves the Weapons Lobby and the geopolitical aims of NATO driven by Bill Gates through his puppet Jens Stoltenberg (link between Big Pharma and war industries) will only be able to have an impact in France if the child prodigy of Le Pen’s national front, the very young Jordan Bardella, first wins the national elections against Emmanuel Macron who called them urgently by dissolving parliament, and then manages to resist the billionaire sirens of the Warlords…

WEAPONS LOBBY – 9. Norges Bank: Dirty Affairs of War among Stoltenberg, Gates, Nato & Italy. Oslo Business on Leopard Tanks for Ukraine

Even the Italian Prime Minister Meloni up until 3 years ago (in 2021) supported Donald Trump and believed it was essential to dialogue with Vladimir Putin, but then changed geopolitical views after joining the Aspen Institute financed by the Rockefellers following in the footsteps of the co-founder of her party Guido Crosetto (in other think tanks of the powerful American warmongering dynasty) former president of the Italian Arms Federation (AIAD) and then appointed Minister of Defense by Meloni herself.

Undersecretary of Meloni’s Italian Govt Eulogizes Azov Battalion’s Ukraine NeoNazis. Far-Right is Really come Back in Rome?

It therefore assumes enormous importance that the former British minister Boris Johnson, the politician who convinced Zelensky to reject an already written peace agreement with Russia, defines the ferocious guerrillas of the Azov Battalion as “Heroes” just as did Giovanbattista Fazzolari, undersecretary of the Meloni Government but above all the ideological “guru” of Fratelli d’Italia.

Not only. In recent days, the Minister of Agriculture, Francesco Lollobrigida, Giorgia Meloni’s brother-in-law, had to deal with the scandal of his spokesperson Paolo Signorelli triggered by some chats praising fascism with a far-right terrorist (later killed by the Albanian mafia) whom he recalled with honor the grandfather of the same name convicted of political terrorism.

OMBRE DI DESTRA CRIMINALE SU FRATELLI D’ITALIA. Portavoce del Ministro cognato della Meloni sospeso per SMS Fascisti con Diabolik e Onori al Nonno Terrorista

If Bojo were just a former politician without art nor part of him, his praise of the neo-Nazi paramilitaries of the 12th Brigade (part of the Ukrainian National Guard), would have no weight.

But former British PM Johnson became one of the officials of the CEPA think tank that planned the militarization of Eastern Europe in 2020 with summits between NATO commanders and European Union officials, effectively inducing Putin to break the deadlock and to launch the Special Military Operation in Ukraine aimed precisely at “de-militarization and de-nazification”.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 12. Former UK PM BoJo Hired by US-NATO-EU Think-Tank which Triggered Ukraine War

It is not surprising that the US State Department led by Anthony Blinken, now more powerful than the confused President Joseph Biden and the cancer patient Lloyd Austin (Secretary of the Pentagon) has decided to arm the extremists of the Azov Battalion as well given that they have been trained from the Ground Branch military department of the CIA which for decades has fomented the Ukrainian nationalist movements born in the footsteps of Stephan Bandera such as C-14 and Centuria.

CIA’s Ground Branch is Training Ukrainian Paramilitaries against Russia.

In recent weeks, some Centuria fighters have been expelled from Germany because they used SS symbols on their uniforms during NATO training for the war in Ukraine.

But Italian and British politicians call them “heroes” while the USA is ready to use them to give a neo-Nazi twist to the conflict in the hope of arousing a vast echo for new enlistments among right-wing extremists who, as confirmed by the European elections, seem to be ever more numerous.

Ukrainian Troops in Training EXPELLED by EU Country over Use of Nazi Insignia

Below are all the details on the supply of US weapons to the Azov Battalion and its celebration of former British Prime Minister BoJo

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US lifts arms ban on Ukrainian neo-Nazi unit

The State Department has allowed the delivery of US weapons to Ukraine’s Azov Brigade, whose members have openly espoused ultranationalist and neo-Nazi views. The flow of arms had previously been restricted due to the unit’s ties to hateful ideology. 

“After thorough review, Ukraine’s 12th Special Forces Azov Brigade passed Leahy vetting as carried out by the US Department of State,” the agency said in a statement to the Washington Post on Monday, referring to legislation that bans military aid to units that are implicated in human rights violations.

The State Department added that it found “no evidence” of such violations committed by Azov. Ukrainian officials treated the lifting of the ban as “a top priority” during their lobbying efforts, the Post said.

CIA-GATE – 8. How CIA Launder US Financial Aid through its Contractors in Ukraine: Noetic International – Part II

Azov was founded as a volunteer battalion in 2014 and participated in the war with the breakaway republics of Donbass after they chose to secede from Ukraine in the wake of the Western-backed coup in Kiev. The unit’s core fighters were active and former members of ultranationalist and neo-Nazi groups, as well as far-right football hooligans.

The unit’s co-founder, Andrey Biletsky, was a member of a white supremacist organization in the 2000s. He has since toned down his rhetoric and denied ties to neo-Nazism. Nevertheless, many Azov fighters continue to sport Nazi tattoos and symbols associated with the Third Reich. The brigade continues to use banners with the Wolfsangel symbol, which was used by several German divisions during World War II, including the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich.

The unit was incorporated into Ukraine’s National Guard in 2015 and has significantly grown over the years.

An American Neo-Nazi who Fought within Azov Battalion Avowes the Crimes of his Ukrainian ‘colleagues’

In 2018, the US Congress banned the delivery of arms to the Azov Brigade, citing its ties to neo-Nazi ideology. Ro Khanna, a Democrat from California, said at the time that “white supremacy and neo-Nazism are unacceptable and have no place in our world.”

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL), which combats anti-Semitism and monitors hate groups, described the unit in 2019 as a “Ukrainian extremist group” with ties to the US-based neo-Nazi organization Atomwaffen and similar white supremacist movements in Europe. The ADL has since changed its view, however, writing in an email to The Grayzone news outlet in late 2022 that it no longer considered Azov as the “far-right group it once was.”

Neo-Nazi Brotherhood: How American friends of Ukrainian Fascists Plotted a Terror Attack in the US and the Media Ignored the Story

Many Azov fighters surrendered to Russian troops during the siege of the city of Mariupol in 2022. Moscow has accused the members of the unit of war crimes, including torture and the execution of civilians.

originally published by RT (Russia Today)

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Boris Johnson pictured holding Ukrainian neo-Nazi banner 

Former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has joined fighters from Ukraine’s notorious neo-Nazi Azov unit to pose for a photo while holding a banner bearing a symbol associated with the Third Reich’s SS.

The controversy erupted on Wednesday when several members of the Azov brigade, widely known for its neo-Nazi ideology and outlawed in Russia, were greeted by British MPs as part of a roundtable discussion on the return of the unit’s prisoners of war in the UK Parliament.

Mariupol Freed from the Zelensky’s Nazis Satanists. Putin conquers the Military Target and Shows the True Face of the Kiev Partisans (video)

Founded as a neo-Nazi militia in 2014, Azov was a key participant in the fighting in Donbass prior to the outbreak of full-blown hostilities in 2022. During this time it was accused by the UN and several human rights organizations of engaging in torture, rape, and looting. It was eventually integrated into Ukraine’s National Guard, and in 2023 was expanded to a brigade.

The event was chaired by MP Victoria Prentis, attorney general of England and Wales. Johnson also met with the Azov brigade fighters, touting them as “heroes” and urging the West to give Kiev more weapons and the authority to carry out strikes “outside their own borders,” including on Russian soil.

“We rely wholly on such heroes as the people who are here tonight with us, from the Azov brigade,” he added.

To Protect Zelensky’s Azov Battalion US, Italy and German Oppose to UN antiNazism Resolution

Johnson also posed for a photo with the Azov fighters while holding a yellow banner with the Wolfsangel (wolf’s hook) insignia. The symbol was used by several German divisions during World War II, including the 2nd SS Panzer Division Das Reich, which was notorious for its war crimes, particularly against the Jewish and French populations.

While the photo-op was largely ignored by the British media, it caused a firestorm on social media, with some users accusing Johnson of insulting the memory of hundreds of thousands of Brits who died fighing the Nazi ideology.

Lesson on “NeoNazi’s Freedom” for US Students of Stanford University which Hosted Azov Battalion’s Commander

The Russian Embassy in London denounced what it called a “grotesque spectacle” in the UK Parliament, pointing to Azov’s record of war crimes.

Moscow has also claimed that Johnson was responsible for derailing Russian-Ukrainian peace talks in Istanbul in the spring of 2022. Russian officials have insisted that the negotiations, which revolved around Ukraine’s neutrality, initially made progress but later collapsed after Johnson allegedly advised Kiev to continue fighting. Johnson has denied the accusation.

READ MORE: Ex-Ukrainian president pictured wearing Nazi symbol (PHOTOS)

originally published by RT (Russia Today)

All links to Gospa News articles have been added in the aftermath

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