Russian Warships in the Havana Port carrying Mach 9 Zircon Missile: could Hit Miami within 2 minutes – Exclusive Photos

Russian Warships in the Havana Port carrying Mach 9 Zircon Missile: could Hit Miami within 2 minutes  – Exclusive Photos



«A group of Russian Navy ships docked today in the port of Havana for a visit until the 17th» Prensa Latina reported.

The naval detachment consists of the frigate Admiral Gorshkov, the nuclear-powered submarine Kazan, the fleet oil tanker Pashin and the rescue tug Nikolai Chiker.

Upon arrival in this capital, one of the group’s ships fired 21 salutes as a salute to the Caribbean nation, which was reciprocated by an artillery battery of the Revolutionary Armed Forces (FAR), from the San Carlos de la Cabaña Fortress.

Admiral Gorshkov frigate – Prensa Latina Photo

“On the Day of Russia, the Northern Fleet naval group, which includes the Admiral Gorshkov Frigate, the Kazan nuclear submarine cruise, the Akademik Pashin medium tanker and the Nikolay Chiker rescue tugboat, arrived with an unofficial visit to the port of Havana of the Republic of Cuba. Several hours before entering the capital port of the Republic of Cuba, the naval group completed its exercise on the use of precision missile weapons,” the the Russian Defense Ministry announced, according to TASS Russian News Agency.

Kazan Submarine – Prensa Latina Photo

They received the detachment of Russian ships, the second chief of the Revolutionary Navy, flotilla captain José Luis Souto, along with the Russian ambassador to the island, Viktor Koronelli. Visiting hours for the population will be tomorrow, Thursday and next Saturday, June 15, between 12:00 and 16:00 (local time) at the Cruise Terminal of this capital.

During their stay, the Russian sailors will carry out an extensive program of activities, which includes courtesy meetings with the head of the Revolutionary War Navy and the governor of Havana, Yanet Hernández. They will also visit places of historical and cultural interest.

SUBMARINES’ PSYOP DEFIANCE IN CUBA: US sends attack-class USS Helena after Russian Nuclear Kazan arrive at Havana

Visits by naval units from other countries are a historical practice of the revolutionary government with the nations with which it maintains relations of friendship and cooperation, highlighted a statement from the FAR.

None of the ships carry nuclear weapons, so their stopover in our country does not represent a threat to the region, he indicated (It’s True? – Gospa News ed).

Update. RUSSIAN NUCLEAR WARSHIPS NEAR US COAST. Drills in Cuba evokes Nightmares of the 1962’s Caribbean Crisis

According to the notification, the visit “corresponds with the historical friendly relations between Cuba and Russia,” in addition to complying with “the international regulations of which Cuba is a State Party.”

The Royal Canadian Navy patrol ship, HMCS Margaret Brooke, and the training ship AB Simón Bolívar, from Venezuela, will also dock in Cuba from the 14th to the 19th.

Source Prensa Latina (Cuban newspaper)

The Zircon Missile could hit Miami in just 2 minutes

by Gospa News Editorial Staff

The Russian supersonic missile announced by Vladimir Putin in 2018, finished testing two years ago and in full service, is called SS-N-33, known colloquially as Zircon, is the most important armament of frigate Admiral Gorškov, arrived in Cuba, just 286 nautical miles from Miami and Florida.

It can carry a warhead of 300 HE (High Explosive), >200 kt tnw (tactical nuclear weapon) nuclear. The maximum firing range is around 1.500 km or 930 mi.

The very modern frigate Admiral Gorškov, head of the class of the same name which has eight units, of which 3 in service (Russian Navy code number 454, 417, 475) and 5 under construction. Not only that, because it was precisely on board the Gorškov that the first successful launch test of a Zircon from a surface unit with a ground target took place in 2020 while, in October 2021, the missile showed its ability to be even launched from below the surface.

Terrible Nuclear Zircon Missile in the Mediterranean Sea. Russian Frigate Admiral Gorshkov in Tartus Harbor

The missile capable of accelerating up to Mach 9, nine times faster than sound, it could hit Miami in just 2 minutes. And without being intercepted due to sophisticated masking that makes it invisible to radar.

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  1. Yea but why Miami?
    Dear President Putin,
    If you are ever going to nuke America I can mail you a map of the location of the Whitehouse and other areas of importance,………but I guess you already know where everything is and because of the utter incompetence of our Techs in high places you may know other things as well.
    Please spare “we the people” of America.
    I for one am not your enemy, I could not, neither have time for giving a $h!t about your political views.
    Sir, when Elon Musk is prepared to send people to Mars could you threaten your politicians and those in America to board that flight and duke it out on Mars?
    Just saying.
    No Bunker to hide in.

    Mr President Putin if it is possible, could you by pass our government and let “we the people” know when and where the preemptive strikes will occur,….not that the government provided for us a place to hide but so I can find a quiet high ground place with my popcorn.
    Also I understand that strategically in a nuclear conflict one can never be on the side that’s waiting for a response,….. you’re all in and it is what it is
    I get it.

  2. Almost 1/2 of south beach is owned by Russians and Belarusians. They won’t attack Miami. Now orlando, tampa etc. That’s an entirely different ball game.

  3. So America does not like this, go figure, it seem s to me that America can do this to other countries but when the same is done to them it is not acceptable behavior. Wake the hell up America you have made yourself a stench to the world and you are going to be judged as corrupt and immoral.

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