Edogan’s war in Rojava supports jihadists against Kurdish. Alert for Isis prisoners in the Us dossier

Edogan’s war in Rojava supports jihadists against Kurdish. Alert for Isis prisoners in the Us dossier


First three children killed by Turkish bombs
The Kurdish SDF militias denounce

many complicity between Daesh commanders
and Turkey’s MIT intelligence.
The Peace Spring plan similar to Olive Branch

to entrust Syrian territories to terrorists

di Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

«As the Turkish state continues with its preparations for invasion at Serekaniye border, ISIS gangs have launched a large scale attack in Raqqa in coordination with the Turkish state. The West keeps silent and the peoples of North-East Syria rise up agains». That’s one of the comments of the Kurdish agency ANF on the new war front in Rojava. In one sentence he revives the nightmare of Islamic jihad and the close connection with the Ankara attack.

Now that former Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu is engaged in the burdensome enterprise of forming a government after losing the election against challenger Binjamin Gantz. Now that the American president Donald Trump is being persecuted by the impeachment request for Ukrainegate.

Now that Lebanese Hezbollah and Iranian Pasdaran have made the Zionist and Saudi enemies understand that if they want a War in the Middle East they will pay a very high price in victims and damages, the “Muslim brother” thinks Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, president of Turkey, to unleash a new battle front against the predestined opponent. They are the Kurds of Rojava, considered by Ankara to be a terrorist organization although in the Turkish Parliament the HDP has long claimed recognition for the Kurdish minority.

The President of Turkey, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, shows the map with the “safe-zone” to be conquered in Syria demarcated with the red line

“The Turkish Armed Forces, together with the Syrian National Army, have just launched an “operation” against the PKK, Ypg and terrorists of Daesh (Isis) in northern Syria”, reads Erdogan’s Twitter profile, which specifies : “Our mission is to prevent the creation of a terror corridor” along the southern border of Turkey, close to the border with Syria. But the real objective seems to be precisely to free the jihadists prisoners for giving them control of the area as happened in Afrin, also with the help of the turkish secret services of MIT, according Kurdish sources.

The Turkish tanks on the border with north-eastern Syria

The US threatens retaliation in the event of disproportionate aggression but withdraws troops from the border with a serious act of treason to their allies in the Sirian Democratic Forces (SDF), the army composed mostly of Kurdish militias who had the merit of freeing Raqqa (2014) and Baghouz (2019) from the Islamic State of the notorious Al Baghdadi, at the same time caliph ISIS and CIA agent. NATO urges us not to overdo it.

The European Union diplomatically censures the initiative with much less vehemence than it did against Nicolas Maduro while defending his role as president of Venezuela legitimately elected. But some Russian parliamentarians and representatives of other nations have called the military intervention “a criminal action”. The Foreign Ministers of Egypt, Iraq, Lebanon and Algeria strongly condemned this operation.

Erdogan tried to soften the aerial bombardments on Ras al-Ayn and the subsequent ones by land calling the operation “Peace Spring”. But his policy is a great lie dripping blood and deaths that both the pro-American West and the pro-Russian East for too many years have pretended not to see: the US to cultivate its hegemonic interests in Syria, Russia to avoid an even larger war.


Erdogan’s project seems to be to repeat on a large scale in Rojava what has already been accomplished in Afrin with Olive Branch operation, entrusted to a jumble of fierce jihadists from Al Qaeda but also from ISIS, as emerged from a recent report. In the total silence of Brussels, Washington, NATO but also of Moscow in that area a daily persecution against the Kurds has been taking place for years, by terrorists armed from Turkey and left free to carry out every kind of violence, killing civilians for futile reasons, rapes and kidnappings for ransom, sometimes even concluded with the murder of a child with Down’s Syndrome as described in a previous report.


The situation is similar in Idlib province where Turkey has never complied with the agreements stipulated with Russia and Iran in Sochi and Astana for which it should have sheltered the Islamic terrorists of the Al Nusra Front, today Hayat Tahrir at -Sham (HTS), notoriously armed and financed by Ankara, to fight against the government of Bashar Al Assad for the simple reason that the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood are Sunni Salafite extremists such as the ISIS and Al Qaeda militia while the Syrian president is Alawita Shiite tolerant towards all religions including Christianity.


In that area in recent weeks, many jihadists have fled to Turkey in the face of the advance of the SAA army of Damascus supported by Russian aviation. But in response the HTS militiamen prevent civilians from leaving Idlib through the humanitarian path provided by the last peace plan between Ankara, Tehran and Moscow. The jihadists, in fact, shoot civilian cars and launch shells on the road.

The Abu al-Dohour humanitarian corridor between Turkey and the terrorist-infested Syrian province of Idlib

«For the 26th consecutive day The terrorist organization Jabhat al-Nusra and Idleb-affiliated groups continue to take civilians as human shields and prevent them from going to safe areas through the Abu al-Dohour corridor as well as setting up barricades to prevent to the cars to reach the places conquered by the Syrian Arab Army» says Sana adding that Damascus continues to guarantee «the logistic procedures to welcome the citizens who leave the areas in which the terrorists operate, supplying them with food and medicines and transporting them to temporary housing».



While in the provinces of Afrin and Idlib people continue to die, the new war front in the Northeast in Hasaka Governate, east of the oil-rich Euphrates valley, has already made its first victims, including three children killed by a Turkish rocket in a house in the Bashiryah neighborhood of Qamishli. “Eight civilians were martyred and 20 others injured in a Turkish attack in Qamishli, Dibasyah and al-Mishrafah in Ras al-Ayn – reports Sana – Earlier, the army of the Turkish regime launched an attack on the city of Ras al-Ayn in the north-western countryside of Hasaka and on Tal Abyad in the northern countryside of Raqqa”.

Yesterday the first 8 civilian victims in Rojava: among them 3 children and a woman

The reporter adds that the forces of the Turkish regime have launched an intense air and artillery bombing of deposits and infrastructure in the city of Ras al-Ayn. The attack hit the sites of QSD separatist militias (another name of the SDF Kurds) in the villages of Mishrafa, Khirbet al-Banat, al-Asadyah, Ber Nouh, Alouk, Nastel, Azizyah, Azizyah, while others have targeted Ayn Issa at Tal Abyad of Raqqa, in the northern countryside. Particularly serious damage came from the shelling of the Allouk water station power line in the Ras al-Ayn countryside, that feeds the city of Hasaka, and the al-Mansoura dam on the outskirts of the city of al-Malkiyah which supplies water for almost 2 million of people.

Burst of bombing on Wednesday at dawn on Ras al-Ayn, in the North East of Syria

Beyond the inevitable massacre that will further increase the number of half a million dead in the Syrian civil war remains the nightmare of a resurgence of the Islamic State. «Adding to the uncertainty is the precarious situation surrounding the thousands of suspected ISIL fighters being held in SDF-run detention camps – wrote the Al Jazeera’s website, the network of Qatar, allied with the Muslim Brotherhood movement such as Turkey – Several international powers – including France, Germany, Great Britain and Saudi Arabia – have warned Turkey’s operation puts at risk the progress made in battling back the armed group, which at its peak controlled large swathes of Syria and neighbouring Iraq».

The SDF has warned that ISIL remains a threat in the region. On Monday, a day after announcing the capturing of an ISIL commander, the group warned a possible Turkish attack would “reverse the successful effort to defeat ISIS”. On Wednesday, a Kurdish source and two US officials told the Reuters news agency that the SDF had halted operations against ISIL because of the Turkish offensive. That report came as the Kurdish-led group said one of the prisons where suspected ISIL members were being detained had been struck in a Turkish air raid.



The same concern was expressed in recent days by a detailed dossier drawn up by the same US that invited the White House to maintain a military contingent in Syria to defend American interests. The Isis alarm is clearly evident in the final report of the Syria Study Group (SSG), a Committee for the analysis of the critical points of the war, published by the United States Institution of Peace in Washington and developed by academic experts, military commanders and diplomats with the help of foreign governments, associations and NGOs.

It is an 80-page dossier prepared by 12 members appointed by the US Congress, including Democratic Senator Jeanne Shaheen, a Republican historian such as former GOP Senator Mark Kirk of Illinois, retired Lieutenant Mark Cleveland, former head of command of special operations of the American army and two former ambassadors.

In many reports we have highlighted the US direction in the birth and spread of ISIS as an ally to the anti-Assad rebels of the Free Syrian Army, now defeated and present only in the area of ​​southern Syria around the Camp of Al Rukban protected by the US base of Al Tanf, the most important in the country. The “Daesh virus” inoculated on the fragile Syrian body, weakened by rivalry for decades between the Shia Alawites of Assad (father and son) and the Sunnis, in turn opposed between the Muslim Brotherhood of Turkey and Qatar and the Wahabites of Saudi Arabia, it soon turned into an epidemic, to the point that it justified, then as today, the indispensable intervention of the American “doctor” with the “antibiotics” typical of the Arab Springs: rockets, bombs, missiles and whatever is needed to exterminate the fanatics, to enrich the Lobby of Arms, to restore calm and the to steal a bit of territory and energetic resources.


In the past few days Gospa News has published a declassified file of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the US overseas counter-espionage, which outlined the project planned since 1983 to overthrow the Damascus regime when Hafiz al Assad, the father, still governed of Bashar. Today, here is the new report by the Syrian Study Group military geopolitics experts to reiterate that the United States of America is indispensable to combat the ISIS “virus” that they themselves spread through the alleged CIA agent Al Baghdadi. Today, the SSG dossier, although biased, is a valuable source in the analysis of the Islamic terror alarm.


«Although the United States announced the defeat of ISIS in March 2019, ISIS is reemerging as a powerful insurgency and continues to plan attacks within Syria as well as externally.11 The group’s leadership is largely intact, maintains “excellent command and control capability” in Syria, and is regrouping across the border in Iraq.12 Thousands of fighters—estimates range from a few thousand to more than fifteen thousand—remain at large in the country – reads on Final Report Syria Study Group – The group, which at one point was among the richest terrorist organizations in the world, also has substantial financial resources remaining with which to bankroll its operations both locally and internationally». It must be remembered that a large part of these riches came from the gold of the banks during the occupation of Mosul but also from the contributions given by the US State Department to the FSA rebels who spread them to ISIS together with their armaments: as if Washington did not know.

«In this new phase, ISIS increasingly seeks both to prevent the formation of alternative forms of governance in northeastern Syria and to exploit Arab Sunni grievances, which are rooted in a growing sense of disempowerment under Kurdish rule. Disaffected Arab communities in ISIS-liberated areas offer a conducive operating environment and an attractive pool of new recruits» the SSG report adds.

But the most serious emergency is represented by the prisoners because it is known that the prisons and detention camps represent the ideal place of extremist radicalization and planning of terrorist projects, as it was fundamental Camp Bucca to allow the “special inmate” Al Baghdadi to organize the Daesh during and after his mysterious release


Map of refugee camps in Syria: Isis and prisoner families are held in Hol, Ain Issa and Roj

«Some ten thousand ISIS fighters are currently being held by the SDF in a handful of temporary detention centers and “pop-up” prisons across northeastern Syria.17 The vast majority of these detainees—nearly eight thousand, according to U.S. officials—are Iraqis and Syrians. In addition to the fighters, thousands of ISIS family members, women and children, are held in camps for internally displaced persons (IDPs) across northeastern Syria. U.S. and SDF officials were surprised by the number of people they found in Baghouz, the final area of ISIS-controlled territory. These civilians quickly swelled camp populations, overwhelming capacity. The most overburdened of these camps is located outside the town of al-Hol, near the Iraqi border, and holds roughly seventy thousand individuals, two-thirds of whom are children. The al-Hol camp is at more than twice its capacity, and although the camp managers and NGO partners are providing basic humanitarian relief, there are insufficient» adds the american report.

Women with Isis flag in Camp Hol – CLICK FOR THE VIDEO

«Within Syria, ISIS’s resilient network puts it in a position to take advantage of any pause or reduction in counterterrorism operations. Rehabilitation and reintegration programs for the childrenof ISIS fighters, many of whom spent formative years living under ISIS’s rule, are nonexistent. The SDF is responding to requests from tribes in eastern Syria for the release of specific detainees; as of April 2019, the SDF had discharged more than one thousand Syrians into tribal custody». It should also be remembered that a new amnesty for terrorists was launched by Assad in recent weeks in order to encourage defections in the Idlib area where the jihadist presence is stronger.

The SDF has also transferred hundreds of Iraqis as well as some third-country nationals into Iraqi government custody: «Iraq’s courts, however, have significant shortcomings, including low evidentiary standards, allegations of torture to coerce confessions, and hastily conducted trials» supports the SSG report. But another big problem is represented by the other Foreign Terrorist Fighters (FTF).



«The more than two thousand ISIS foreign fighters currently under SDF custody pose a major challenge.24 Several countries, including U.S. allies in Europe, either refuse to repatriate their citizens, in some cases stripping them of citizenship, or are willing to repatriate only select family members. Many of these countries lack the necessary evidence to charge ISIS fighters in domestic courts; others worry that the fighters could be convicted only on lesser charges and would serve short sentences before being released. Offices across the U.S. government address distinct subsets of the ISIS detainee challenge in Syria, but no senior U.S. official holds the mandate to coordinate and implement all U.S. policy on this issue. Coalition military and international humanitarian implementers have equally important but potentially competing priorities, with no honest broker to coordinatethem. The U.S. government continues to repatriate American citizens who fought for ISIS and, where possible, facilitates the return of foreign fighters to their country of citizenship» highlights the SSG dossier.


The US is repatriating the American FTFs (which are not numerous), while the 800 Isis fighters in Saudi Arabia, who are probably relocated in Yemen, seem to have disappeared into thin air. Kosovo and Macedonia have made praiseworthy efforts and Italy has distinguished itself by having brought one of its citizens back to Brescia after a sophisticated intelligence operation between Aise (foreign counter-espionage), Police Digos and US FBI.

A group of Foreign Terrorist Fighters from ISIS

But the real problem, as highlighted by the Kurdish media ANF in multiple reports, is the high profile of these Foreign Terrorist Fighters largely recruited, trained, treated for combat injuries and armed precisely by Turkey which now claims to attack the Rojava, and the SDF militia who fought ISIS, to defeat Daesh in turn. Their stories and confessions we will report in a forthcoming report where he also refers to a real house of ISIS in Istanbul right next to the hospital where to await recovery by receiving the daily therapies.



There is much evidence of collusion between jihadists and Ankara collected by YAT, the Kurdish counter-terrorism units of the Syrian Democratic Forces, which in September continued to hunt down Isis affiliates in the Deir Ezzor campaign in the Euphrates valley.

In previous reports we have published the orders for shipping medicines from Turkey and directed to Islamic terrorists. But not only. A very detailed report published by ANF on August 23, 2019 provided evidence of the frenetic radio traffic from Turkey in 2014 for the militants Isis of Aleppo and Deir Ezzor. The papers have also been confirmed by admissions by one of the former ISIS emirs, the Turkish Foreign Fighters Ilyas Aydin, now held by the SDF (whom we will tell the story in the next report)

Turkish Foreign Fighter Ilyas Aydin, one of the ideological emirs of the Caliphate

«The radios we use are of two types. Analog devices and digital devices. The Islamic State, was getting radios from a company called Haytara. This is a world-famous brand, also sold in Turkey. The products were coming from Turkey. A large amount of digital radios have been received. There is a place called Perpa in Mecidiyeköy, Istanbul. There are radio outlets upstairs. I mean, these companies are security companies. They look after the security communications of big factories, many places» told Aydin.

It is quite disturbing to find out that the warriors of the Islamic State used the same equipment sold and used by a NATO country. But this further confirms how close the collaboration between the Turkish Muslim Brotherhood, of Sunni confession, which supports President Erdogan and the Daesh he now claims to fight.

«The Turkish state continues its aggression against northern and eastern Syria by various methods. After the military victory of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) over the “Islamic State” (ISIS), the sleeper cells of the terrorist organization in the region have been activated – reported ANF – During special operations of the SDF and YPG in the Euphrates region, several persons have been identified in recent weeks who are in contact with the Turkish secret service (MIT) and the ISIS. They have made extensive statements about the machinations of MIT in the region. Their missions included assassination attempts on notables in the region, abducting and torturing civilians using the uniforms of SDF, YPG and self-defense forces in an attempt to discredit them.

Erdogan’s plan clearly emerges from a careful analysis of these elements: replicating the infernal project of Afrin, firmly in the hands of the fierce Qaedists Al-Sharqiyah hired by Turkey for the Olive Branch operation.

The Rojava map with the “safe-zone” pretended by Turkey

The goal is to free large areas of Rojava, with the excuse of creating a 30-km wide “safe-zone” on the Syrian territory from the north to the eastern border with Iraq, to ​​settle the millions of refugees Syrians fled to Turkey under the control of some jihadist organization like in Afrin. That is why the battle is actually only against the Kurds YPG and SDF and not against the ISIS militiamen who have always been protected, armed and supported by Ankara to keep the Shiite Assad under pressure.

Indeed the project could indeed be to free the DAESH terrorists from the Kurdish prisons to use them as a security force in the area. Unbelievable? Not according to the intelligence of the Syrian Democratic Forces that has recently ascertained a similar military operation.



«Over 40 former ISIS members now working in Afrin as part of Turkish-backed forces have been identified in a new database published by Rojava Information Center. They include commanders, brigade leaders, recruiting officers and co-ordinators working directly with the Turkish intelligence services. The database includes their role under ISIS, their new role as part of Turkish-backed jihadist forces in the Afrin region, their current location, biographical information, and in some instances photographs of the individuals in question – reported ANF in august – Some names and photos were obtained by Rojava Information Center and OSINT researchers following opposition Telegram channels in Afrin, others were provided by the Foreign Relations Bureau of North East Syria, and others identified in research presented at the International Forum on ISIS».

«Names included in the database include: Isma’il Firas al-‘Abbar, who was an ISIS commander in Deir-ez-Zor before becoming a Turkish-backed brigade leader in Afrin; Basil Nayef al-Shehab, who fought against YPG with ISIS in Kobane before becoming a commander in the Turkish-backed Sultan Murad brigade and participating in the occupation of Afrin: and Abu al-Baraa al-Ansari, an ISIS commander in Deir-ez-Zor who is now a commander of Turkish-backed militia Ahrar al-Sharqiya» adds the Kurdish media.


Isma’il Firas al-‘Abbar, ex comandante dell’ISIS a Deir-ez-Zor oggi guida una brigata musulmana ad Afrin

«This database shows just a fraction of the depth and extent of Turkish collusion with ISIS. Multiple prominent ISIS commanders and fighters are now operating openly as commanders in militias funded, armed, trained and controlled by Turkey – Rojava Information Center researcher Joan Garcia says – Some of these individuals work in direct cooperation with the Turkish intelligence services (MIT), and all are part of a chain of command reaching directly to Ankara and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan».

The Al-Sharqiyah jihadist militians involved with Turkish army in Olive Branch operations

Across Afrin, groups like Ahrar al-Sharqiya and the Sultan Murad Brigade are imposing sharia law, and engaging in extortion, kidnapping, murder, torture, rape, and gender-based violence, in actions possibly amounting to war crimes per the United Nations.

This happens with the direction, aid and armaments of Erdogan. In the tacit assent of NATO to which Turkey is a part, in the cowardice of the US that does not want to lose Ankara as a buyer of military equipment and aircraft. And in the prudence of Russia, intent on avoiding a new escalation of the conflict, but which will now have to act as urged by the parliamentarians of the Duma who have called the action of the Turkish president a “criminal act”. For Russian President Vladimir Putin, the time of patience seems to have expired…

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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