Maxi-Bust in Italy for ISIS Kamikaze’s Drug-Pills. Business or Restocking for Jihadists?

Maxi-Bust in Italy for ISIS Kamikaze’s Drug-Pills. Business or Restocking for Jihadists?


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Versione Originale in Italiano

«In 2018, the same financial police who made the bust in Salerno confiscated nearly 100 million tablets of the narcotic meant for ISIS operatives in Libya that were being shuttled from pill mills in India and Sri Lanka by way of Italy’s notoriously unguarded port of Gioia Tauro in Calabria».

The Daily Beast writes many extravagant things, sometimes it turns out to be an average of fantasy, but this time it implicitly accuses Italy with some reason. Checking the coasts where, with the government’s placet, boats of African, Middle Eastern or Asian migrants land every day is not an easy task. Above all, it is not easy for the police if this human trafficking is managed by organized crime in Italy.


This can happen not only for the presence of Cosa Nostra in Sicily, Camorra in Campania and Ndrangheta everywhere, because it is the most powerful in the world so much that it has influenced some elections in Canada (report on the Anti-Mafia Investigation Directorate 2018) but also for the Nigerian Mafia, now deeply rooted as demonstrated in previous reports, and for the infiltrations of ISIS / Al Qaeda terrorists, who have now become almost a single group, despite violent rivalries, under the wise direction of the MIT (Millî İstihbarat Teşkilâtı) intelligence services of Turkey who are sending their hidden soldiers of the Islamic State to Italy and Europe for years, now well paid mercenaries in the war in Libya.

Top secret files: “ISIS sends terrorists to Europe with the help of Turkish intelligence”. Under Nato’s nose

Controlling a port known worldwide for the landing of tankers with Liquefied Natural Gas imported from the USA for a slice of Europe should theoretically be simpler. But in reality it is not because of the presence of mobsters intrigued by many powerful people from southern Italy and the entire nation.

The sensational and brilliant operation of the GICO (Organized Crime Investigation Group) of the Guardia di Finanza conducted in the port of Salerno with the ISIS maxi-drug seizure in part belies the idea of ​​the unattended ports that have made on the Italian peninsula the Americans. Indeed in US there are the main traffickers and drug dealers as recalled by the Pizza Connection operation conducted by the FBI together with the magistrate Giovanni Falcone killed by Cosa Nostra in Sicily, assassinated in an attack with a military explosive perhaps because of his investigations into these lucrative trades.


But this phrase from a media still famous in the USA helps us to understand not only the bitter reality with which Italy “spaghetti, mandolin and mafia” is considered in the world but also the highly probable critical issues of a country where in 2019 there several high-level politicians have also been arrested for sometimes suspicious, sometimes shamefully obvious, with the ‘Ndrangheta and mafia associations in general.

We come therefore reporting the news naked and raw as reported by the site of the state TV RAI News.

«Fourteen tons of amphetamines, about 84 million tablets with the “Captagon” logo, known as “the drug of Isis” or “the drug of Jihad”. It is the largest seizure worldwide of this type of substances that was struck in the port of Salerno by the Gico della Guardia di finance of Naples in execution of a search decree issued by the prosecutor’s office of Naples – District anti-mafia director at the end of long and complex investigations into an organization with international projections – Rai News reports – The drug, for a market value of over a billion euros, was hidden in paper cylinders for industrial use inside three containers containing machinery. As is well known, ISIS finances its activities also and above all with the trafficking of synthetic drugs, produced largely in Syria, which has become the leading world producer of amphetamines in recent years»

14 Thousand Jihadist Troops in Libya for Turkey Blitz alongside US Weapons’ Lobby, NATO’s Deep State & NWO

«The Captagon is sold throughout the Middle East and is widespread both among fighters to inhibit fear and pain and among civilians because it does not make fatigue felt. Initially produced mainly in Lebanon and widespread in Saudi Arabia in the 1990s, this narcotic substance reappeared in terrorist lairs – such as in the attack on the Bataclan in Paris in 2015 – and was therefore nicknamed the “Isis drug” or the “Jihad drug”. According to the US Goddess (Drug enforcement administration), ISIS makes extensive use of it in all the territories over which it exercises influence and controls its sale» adds the Italian national TV site.

The news is alarming and reassuring in itself. The pills intended to enrich ISIS were blocked by law enforcement agencies before being marketed in Italy and Europe. But this episode raises a question that only those who have carefully analyzed the situation in Libya, torn apart by the civil war inflamed by Turkish mercenaries, can ask themselves.

In Italy and Europe 200 Migrant Jihadists from Libya. Egypt alerts UN Security Council

Were this massive shipment of breathtaking pills – above all ideal to remove any inhibitory brake to an Islamic extremist suicide bomber  – were sent to Italy, and therefore to Europe, for a colossal business only? Or are they the supply of drugs to annihilate the fear destined for the jihadists who have already infiltrated the Old Continent thanks to the boats that leave Libya every day?

In a latest Gospa News report, we reported that well-informed sources on the Libyan conflict reported 14,000 jihadists who arrived in Libya (in support of the Tripoli government), many of whom came from a military experience as terrorists of ISIS and Al Qaeda and not only as “simple” Syrian anti-Assad rebels of the National Syrian Army NSA.

Libya on the Edge of a Huge War for EU, Italy and Tobruk Faults & Weapons Lobby Will

This war force was also called TNSA because it was created, controlled and managed by Ankara after the Peace Spring criminal operation launched in October 2019 by Turkish President Recep Tayyp Erdogan.

In others we reported at least 200 jihadists who fled Libya and arrived in Italy through the boats of migrants rescued by NGOs. We are not only thinking about the business of ISIS on amphetamines fortunately seized by Finance. We also think about the fact that precisely those pills can help to find courage for terrible actions of the suicide bombers who have already arrived at our house.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 4. UK and Italy in the hands of Qatar’s Muslim Brotherhood: Rothschild partner and Jihadists’ funder

All of this is hindered today by GICO Finance investigators but it also happens in a very particular geopolitical context. That of the Italian government that continues to make alliances in the Weapons’ Lobby and with the Muslim Brothers of Qatar, hidden supporters of the Turkish operation in Libya not only accepted but also praised by the Italian ambassador in Tripoli.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization – italian original version




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Fabio G.C. Carisio

2 pensieri su “Maxi-Bust in Italy for ISIS Kamikaze’s Drug-Pills. Business or Restocking for Jihadists?

  1. The Goan Drug Model is the best in the world.dindooohindoo

    Step 1

    Nigerian,Russian,Georgian and Israeli Drug Lord have licensed beaches, where NO INDIAN can ENTER and they sell drugs to THEIR OWN on credit or barter (which is sex or courier services).The Pandoo Police does NOT ENTER these no entry zones.

    But this is also there, in Pattaya – so there is not too much innovation here

    Step 2

    They have THEIR DRUG STASHES, in part, seized by the Goan Pandoo Police – which stocks them in the ANC (Anti-Narcotics Cell) Godowns.Now the beauty is that it is under the ORDER OF THE COURT (whose Judges know nothing about drugs)– but in the possession of the PANDOO as the Court has no facility or skill to stock the drugs

    Then what ?

    Then the Goan Pandoo Police – STEALS the DRUGS from the ANC Godowns – and sells it back, to the same Drug Dealers.The Goan Courts have NO CLUE as they are high on Fenee.Y do the Russians and Israelis do this ? Simple – for the Impotent Goan Pandoo Police to show PERFORMANCE and for the corrupt Goan Media to show balance in reportage (as they are on the mafia payroll)

    The Drug Dealers get the drugs back at low rates,and they save on the cost of storage,and also hafta to police,as they do STRATEGIC PROCUREMENT,from the Police.In another twist,the Dealers get drugs of a higher grade and quality,than WHAT THEY ALLOWED TO BE SEIZED,by the Pandoo Police.So the Dealers save on the procurement costs from the SILENT FORESTS or for imported Cocaine

    This is pure Management excellence

    Step 3

    The Pandoos DO NO SURPRISE CHECKS OF THE DRUGS STOCKS.For several years, there was no meeting of the DDC – Drugs Destruction Committee in Goa – and so, that gives the Police an EXCUSE TO STEAL MORE, and REPLACE the same,with impure drugs – claiming natural contamination by rain and heat ,or that rats ate it ! The longer the time for stock checks and DDC,the more the opportunity to steal,replace and barter the drugs.

    The Pandoo Police and Pandoo Courts have NO CLUE, about the Stock of Drugs, held in custody,by type,ageing,quality,condition,location and the persons w.r.t whom, they
    relate,as under:

    o Type – MDMA, brown sugar, cocaine, ganja, ecstasy ,LS Liquid, LSD Paper,Ketamine,Amphetamine,Charas,DMT,Heroin etc
    o Location of drugs storage
    o Department – ANC as well as others
    o Persons – Accused from whose possession they were collected
    o Packaging – Packets, Bags etc with seals/markings etc

    Even the Pandoos of the Goa Police who do the physical verification of drugs, have no technical or forensic skills to verify the drugs ageing,quality and exact quanity.

    Even when DDC meets and destroys drugs there is no forensic test and tapes of the destroyed material, and thus,the pure drugs, go back to the cartels – and what is burnt is chalk and junk drugs !

    Step 4

    The Russians and others use only foreigners as intermediaries and POS are Indian weasels.Foreigners wil get deported and will spend mininal time in jail.In addition, the Drug Lords GET dealers and users CAUGHT by the Pandoo – and then broker their release – via the Pandoo Police who take a bribe,which is shared
    with the Pandoo Police

    This ensures performance of the Pandoo Police,and an INDUCED fear among dealers and users,to obey the diktats of the drug mafia – to whom beach security,is OUTSOURCED,by the Goan Pandoo Police

    Then we come to the Goan Media which is known for extortion like Herald Goa from Casino Pride

    The Drug Dealers use their contacts in legit outfits (where drugs are used),id.est.,resorts to place adverts,in the media.When that fails,they contact the media agencies to bribe media.And when that fails,they use the Pandoo Police to pay off the media

    Till a few years ago,the Goan Chor Media used to carry Matka adverts and Matka Tips in the Newspapers

    Step 5

    Then we have to wash the cash.The Indians are secure – but the Russians and others have to find other ways.Each Drug Lord has his own ways.Nigerians use Couriers.Russians use PROPERTY DEVELOPMENT in GOA.Israelis do IMPORT AND EXPORT.All under the nose of the Goa State and Indian Customs.

    Property development is buying a Rs 100 crore land for 20 crores in wire and rest in cash.Then Construction – overstate and recover the cash paid (at the time of land purchase).Then sell the flats to Russians at inflated rates with loans from foreign banks – and ensure that the overstated construction
    costs – and its depreciation offsets the profits.Then sign a property management contract with the flat owners to rent and manage the flats.Then invite Russians to rent these flats – where drug and sex flow – just like the Garden of Eden !

    And then after a few years,use the Property Management company to do another LAND ACQUISITION.

    This is called the Property Management Business

    This is the Goa Drug Model , which the NCB has not been able to crack.This is the land when the 400 year old dead body of a EU national is kept alive as a Living God.What to do with these clowns ?

    Can this Drug Magic happen in Goa , w/o the connivance of the Netas,Church AND THE 1ST LAYER OF THE GOAN JUDICIARY ? The Police are Thieves and Sons of Harlots – that we all know

    It is only a matter of time that ISIS or Qaeda will use the Drug network – and I will be lying,if I said that,I did not want it

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