COVID-19: Putin’s Vaccine challenges Big Pharma Lobby. Why it’s frightening for WHO

COVID-19: Putin’s Vaccine challenges Big Pharma Lobby. Why it’s frightening for WHO


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Versione Originale in Italiano

The story is so grotesque that it does not even deserve a scientific study in detail. The President of Russia Vladimir Putin, so beloved in Italy that he has various Facebook groups including Putin’s Friends of Russia which has over 43 followers, has announced the first vaccine against Covid-19 stating that he has tested it on one of his daughters.

The vaccine was developed jointly by the Gamaleya Research Institute and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

If this announcement had come from any country in the world manipulated by the Pharmas Lobby, identical in shareholding to the Weapons Lobby as demonstrated in various reports of the Wuhan-Gates cycle on the Coronavirus, all the politicians and media in the world would have made the fires of artifice to celebrate a therapeutic solution that, however, in Russia will not be mandatory but subject to free choice: as happens in countries truly devoted to the sacred concept of democracy also in the field of personal health.


As the discovery came from Moscow and burned over time the completion of the clinical trials of western vaccines (short because the pandemic justifies a derogation from the limit of 18 months of experimentation on human guinea pigs), here is the barricade launched by the WHO.

This is the same World Health Organization that in March 2020 advised not to use cortisones in cures against Covid-19 because they were considered dangerous wandering before authoritative studies proved their great effectiveness in saving human lives.

«Russia’s vaccine will have to pass a rigorous evaluation of all the required data on safety and efficacy» before it can obtain approval from the World Health Organization, WHO leaders announced, fearing a possible “stop”, although the opinion is not binding within the health political autonomy of each country.

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«The quality controls are currently underway. Within two weeks, the first batch of the preparation will be released and delivered for the vaccination of doctors who are part of the risk groups »explained the Russian Health Minister Mikhail Murashko in reference to the vaccine registered as Sputnik-5.

As Putin explained, approval for the vaccine has been given even though Phase 3 of the trial has not been completed, in which the drug or vaccine is normally tested on thousands of people to verify its safety and side effects. According to the Russian vaccine registration certificate, all 38 participants who received one or two doses of the vaccine produced antibodies to the Spike protein, which allows the new coronavirus to infect human cells.

WUHAN-GATES – 15. EU-Italy Covid Vaccine’ Business in Gates-Big Pharma’s Dirty Hands

This certainly made the blood boil in the veins of Moderna, a company financed by Bill Gates as highlighted in various reportages, and at Oxford University, whose vaccines are still in the latest testing phase but despite this they have already been ordered “in the dark” by some European Union countries including Italy as explained in Wuhan-Gates 15.

So here is the outcry of the hypocritical felons who hide behind a science now more and more subjective and phony, stubborn for economic interests in not wanting to ascertain whether the Sars-Cov-2 is a Gentically Modified Organism built in the laboratory, as claimed by 15 scientists and a former British 007 point the finger at Russia.

WUHAN-GATES – 12. MI6 British Intelligence former Head: “SARS-2 Built in Bio-Lab”. Pics and Proofs of HIV Tests

«It is a rash and reckless decision. Mass vaccination with a vaccine that has not been properly tested is not ethical. Any problem in the Russian vaccination campaign could be disastrous in its negative health effects, and in the general acceptance of the vaccine population» said Francois Balloux, of University College London, promptly reported in the ANSA agency.

This is but the continuous and tireless battle between Russia and a West infected by the deadly virus of lobbying by the Deep International State which, thanks to the powerful multinationals Big Pharma, has been affecting the health of citizens for decades by corrupting doctors, hospitals, clinics. and politicians.

This happened in a sensational way in the late nineties with the bribes paid by the pharmaceutical company SmithKline to the former Minister of Health Francesco De Lorenzo (convicted in criminal and civil proceedings for the fact) before the same company merged into GlaxoSmithKline.

GSK is obviously based in London where, at Oxford University, the vaccine against Covid-19 is being developed. From there, the Russian one is already criticized without knowing it, perhaps because the company, despite the judicial precedent of its subsidiary, has grabbed the supply of the 10 mandatory vaccines imposed in Italy by the Lorenzin Decree in July 2017 during the Gentiloni government.

WUHAN-GATES – 10. SHADY PLOT: EU Summit with 4 Gates’ NGO, Big Pharma & FB before Pandemic (SARS-2 built with HIV)

Not only. As demonstrated in multiple reports by Gospa News, GSK has important business with Saudi Arabia, one of the sponsors of the global immunization plan wanted by former American President Barack Obama and sponsored by his supporter Bill Gates through his foundation.

But above all, through the subsidiary Reithera srl, a partner of Advent srl, the multinational has already had the contract to distribute the new vaccine against Covid-19 not yet definitively tested in Italy.

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Natural that Sputnik-V produced by Russia to defeat Covid-19, also intended for any foreign countries that request it, including the kingdom of Riyadh itself, is really breaking the eggs in the shady business basket of the pharmaceutical lobby.

The final result is only one: WHO and other national or international health agencies have now lost their minimum credibility in the eyes of those who have wanted to read detailed reports on the CoronVirus pandemic. But they count on millions of people who trust blindly in order not to have to struggle to find out …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization – Versione Originale in Italiano





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Fabio G.C. Carisio

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  1. If the WHO was looking for credibility, they would have not appointed bat-faced Tedros as its head. This chap hails as a Marxist from Ethiopia, was health minister there, and did poorly controlling Cholera outbreaks there. Is being supported personally by Bill Gates, to say what he is told to say. All the BS the WHO is responsible for are the words of Bill Gates, spoken by Tedros. Since Gates cannot pass comments on medical matters as he does not possess a medical certificate. And of course Gates pulls along all the Big Pharma companies along with him to write the text. The results for a vaccine are wanting, though. Since the vaccines are deliberately corrupted with dangerous additives meant to sterilize humans and make them conducive for the nanobots to operate properly. Gates does hot care about the medicinal benefits for humans. He is just thinking about his project ID2020
    How is this supposed to compare with the Russian vaccine ?? The latter is a REAL vaccine. Producing the correct antibodies, in the correct amount. And you get the correct results. Any nation listening to the WHO is looking for trouble for its citizens. Unfortunately this is exactly the case. Since all world leaders have been scared off. “If you do not listen, you will pay heavily. We will throw all the poisons we have on you and make your populations suffer.YOU MUST LISTEN TO US. NOT THE RUSSIANS !! Even if we keep killing you. You must do what we say ! ” “We are indemnified by the WHO. You cannot sue us “. ” We must get to our NWO, no matter what happens “

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