“GHOST PANDEMIC of WHO to Deliver Dangerous Vaccines”. Italian Criminologist Mendola in his book “Criminal Status”

“GHOST PANDEMIC of WHO to Deliver Dangerous Vaccines”. Italian Criminologist Mendola in his book “Criminal Status”


by Piero Angelo De Ruvo


“This Fantasy Pandemic that was declared by the WHO obviously served to induce the population and not just the Italian population to accept these false vaccines, because then over time, in the last three years it was seen that they did not immunize”.

This statement does not come from newspapers and/or bloggers who are conspiracy theorists and deniers, but from an Italian criminologist specialized in “Research in legislation and management of the state of pandemic emergency”, Dr. Umberto Mendola, a qualified expert in pandemic emergencies, who, without using strange terms and with data in hand he states that “the vaccines administered have led to more deaths and adverse reactions than necessary”.

The Italian forensic criminologist Umberto Mendola has been certified as an expert in pandemic emergencies

Not a day goes by without a book being published those talks about the past pandemic, from the management of Covid 19 to the socio-cultural analysis of a people who passively accepted vaccination blackmail.

Although they are all valid, among these stands out “Status “Criminal – Criminal analysis of Covid-19 management”, the only one of its kind to be catalogued by the National Library of Florence as a scientific essay (English version link below). Furthermore, it has been included among the important volumes of the University of Siena.

“The result of a year and a half of research, with the collection of official documents, comparing myself with real experts in the sector, but above all when we talk about experts, we are talking about certified experts not from mainstream TV, reporting the only biochemical analysis of the fake Pfizer vaccine” clarifies the criminologist Mendola in a direct and blunt manner.

Over 200 Active Duty and Retired Service Members Demand Accountability for Harms Caused by COVID Vaccine Mandate

“t that historical moment the state became aware with certainty of the severity of the adverse effects of this serum improperly called vaccine, and therefore these data said that in addition to bringing serious adverse effects it also had the possibility of several cases of death”.

How can we not stop for a moment and reflect on these, albeit incredulous, statements, which are proven by the many testimonies of those who had the courage to report the adverse effects suffered, and by that cone of shadow of the many sudden deaths (drivers of buses, airplane pilots, athletes, etc.) never recorded in the pre-Pandemic period.

937% Increase in Heart Failure among Vaccinated US Military Personnel: Unclassified DOD Data on Navy Pilots

Although the predominant thought is that of having accepted the life-saving vaccination in the knowledge that one could become mildly ill, but not die, Dr. Mendola categorically denies this false news spread as much as possible by “virostars” in the mainstream, which then became a mantra popular.

“All these statements, as we have seen, are an escalation of the opposite of everything, in the end I can demonstrate with the statistics of the engineer Giovani Trambusti that in reality it has led to more deaths and adverse reactions than necessary”, he continues, disproving that macabre bulletin of deaths which were disclosed on a daily basis, “even those who had pathologies of their own, heart disease or other problems that had nothing to do with the alleged virus no longer sought treatment and no longer wanted to enter the hospital for the treatment they needed necessarily have for one’s pathology because he had this fear of Covid which was obviously so dangerous and so scary and therefore many died because they did not seek treatment” .

BMJ Study Links Excess Deaths and Covid Vaccines – Telegraph Makes it Front Page News

The criminologist continues, “these deaths were also falsely classified as covid deaths”.

“Professor Segalla, who collaborated in the biochemical analysis of this type of vaccine, received the PREreview for his study; therefore, he cannot be effectively disavowed” having been recognized by the national and international scientific community “and to date he has not been attacked by anyone, not even by the so-called television lords”, concludes the criminologist.

High Toxicity Risks inside mRNA Vaccines: MODERNA Scientists confirmed Results of Segalla’s Italian Study

An attack on the criminal shield established by the Government to defend those in charge of physically carrying out the “saving” injection could not be missing. Prof. Mendola concludes his speech by highlighting that “the criminal shield cannot be used by vaccinating doctors for two reasons, the first is because it does not cover all the doses, the second because the shield is functional “conditio sine qua non”, i.e. condition of truly informed consent” , specifying that “at the time of vaccination not all the information was provided and this makes the application of the criminal shield inapplicable.”

All this is proof of a “power” which, thanks to the media, healthcare and social media, has flaunted all its strength against free citizens, with aberrant closures and obligations carried out by category, in the name of manipulated public healthcare. Could this perhaps be the prelude to a dress rehearsal of how to implement a vampire dictatorial society?

Piero Angelo De Ruvo

Non-commissioned officer of the Italian Army on leave. Former military trade unionist
Member of the board of the Constitutio Italia association


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Piero Angelo De Ruvo

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