WORLDWIDE REVOLT vs KILLER VACCINES. 400 Doctors, Scientists & Academics Call for Suspension and Investigation on mRNA Genetic Serums

WORLDWIDE REVOLT vs KILLER VACCINES. 400 Doctors, Scientists & Academics Call for Suspension and Investigation on mRNA Genetic Serums


Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


Disturbing Silence from Italy and EU on Killer Vaccines

While in Italy and the European Union the shameful strategy of continuing the propaganda of Covid vaccines without the slightest concrete investigation into their safety continues to prevail, in the rest of the world, especially in the Anglo-Saxon world which was the first to support the need for Covid genetic sera although experimental (mRNA or mDNA messenger) there is now a real battle underway for the truth also shared by the judges.


Indeed, the magistrates in the United Kingdom have put Big Pharma on trial for dead or damaged vaccinated people and in the USA have opened very heavy investigations into the pharmaceutical companies sponsored by Bill Gates who seems untouchable only by his friend the Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and her prize-winning President of the European Commission Ursula Von Der Leyen.

What interests do Meloni and Von Der Leyen have in not shedding light on the now clear crimes of Big Pharma’s vaccines???

VON DER LEYEN AWARDED BY GATES! For €300 Million Donated by EU to His Gavi NGO for Vaccines of Big Pharma Funded by Him

Hundreds of Doctors and Scientists Sign Accord Calling for Suspension and Investigation of mRNA Vaccines

Hundreds of doctors and scientists from around the world have signed an accord calling for the suspension and investigation of mRNA Covid vaccines due to serious concerns about their safety and efficacy.

The statement, called the Hope Accord, was released this week and swiftly gained nearly 3,000 signatures. These included endorsements from over 200 doctors, 300 other healthcare professionals and over 100 scientists and academics, with all signatures being verified to ensure they are from real and qualified people.

VITAL! Among 326 Autopsies on Vaccinated Dead 3 in 4 KILLED by mRNA JABS. LANCET NOW Confirmed University of Michigan study

The statement, which also calls for recognition and support for the vaccine injured, addresses five key priorities:

  • Immediate suspension of COVID-19 mRNA vaccine products: It says mRNA vaccine products should be suspended immediately due to a growing body of evidence suggesting a link between the vaccine rollout and alarming trends in disability and excess deaths.
  • Comprehensive re-evaluation of COVID-19 vaccine safety and efficacy: It demands independent investigations to thoroughly reassess the safety and efficacy of all COVID-19 vaccine products, ensuring transparency and full disclosure of data.

BMJ Study Links Excess Deaths and Covid Vaccines – Telegraph Makes it Front Page News

  • Recognition and support for the vaccine injured: The accord stresses the need to acknowledge and support individuals who have suffered vaccine-related injuries, providing them with the necessary medical care and compensation.
  • Restoration of ethical principles abandoned during the COVID-19 era: It calls for a return to core medical ethics, including informed consent, bodily autonomy and the protection of children, all of which were compromised in the last few years.
  • Addressing the root causes of the current predicament: The accord advocates an honest investigation into the factors that led to the current ethical and medical issues, including institutional groupthink, conflicts of interest and the suppression of scientific debate.

“STOP LEGAL IMMUNITY TO VACCINES’ BIG PHARMA”. Moms for America Complaint vs Gates-Rockefeller Plot on Mankind as Guinea-Pig

The initiative grew out of the U.K. People’s Vaccine Inquiry, beginning life as a statement by members of Doctors for Patients U.K., including GP Dr. Ayiesha Malik, Surgeon Dr. James Royle and Cardiologist Dr. Dean Patterson. Emergency physician Dr. Tim Kelly saw the need for a broader international ethical statement and drew in supportive clinicians from the U.S., Canada, South Africa and Australia.

In a press release, the organisers said the accord “calls on the medical community and policymakers to reassess the ethical breaches of recent years and ensure future health crises are managed with greater adherence to ethical principles and scientific integrity”.

Scandal over Stockholm University for a “Banned” Study on Turbo-Cancer linked to Covid Vaccines

Healthcare professionals, scientists and concerned members of the public are invited to join the movement by adding their signature and support.

Top heart doctor Aseem Malhotra has endorsed the statement in a video on X. Jordan Peterson has also backed the initiative, saying that while he doubts ethics can really be brought back to medicine, “these people are worth supporting”.

Originally publisthed by The Daily Sceptic

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