OTHER WAR CRIMES IN UKRAINE BY WESTERN FOREIGN FIGHTERS. Moscow will Probe on Mercenary’s Atrocities against Russian POWs

OTHER WAR CRIMES IN UKRAINE BY WESTERN FOREIGN FIGHTERS. Moscow will Probe on Mercenary’s Atrocities against Russian POWs


By Carlo Domenico Cristofori

«Russia’s Investigative Committee has said it will probe war crimes allegedly committed by a mercenary unit fighting for Ukraine, as Moscow accuses the West of ignoring Kiev’s human rights violations in the conflict» RT (former Russia Today) has reported.

The War Crimes Admitted by an American Foreign Fighter

Before reading this news, it must be remembered that the paramilitaries of the Ukrainian National Guard, trained by the Ground Branch special unit of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the American counter-espionage, have been “bred” since the times of the cold war between the USA and Soviet Union among the political heirs of the extremist nationalist movements supporting the Nazis.

NEO-NAZIST DRIFT OF NATO’s WAR IN UKRAINE. US Bet on Arming Azov Battalion. Bojo praises the Fierce Fighters as “Heroes”

An exclusive interview with an American mercenary who fought with the infamous neo-Nazi guerrillas of the Azov Battalion, reported for war crimes in Donbass to the International Criminal Court since 2024 without the slightest consequences, had confirmed the atrocities committed on enemy civilians and soldiers such as configure war crimes.

NYT has revealed Atrocities committed by Western mercenaries against Russian POWs

On Saturday, the New York Times published a report describing Russian prisoners of war being executed by the so-called Chosen Company – an international mercenary unit led by a former US Army National Guard soldier. In one incident, a seriously injured Russian serviceman was allegedly killed while surrendering and pleading for help.

An American Neo-Nazi who Fought within Azov Battalion Avowes the Crimes of his Ukrainian ‘colleagues’

“Investigators of the Russian Investigative Committee will look into more crimes by Ukraine’s armed formations,” the agency stated on their Telegram channel on Saturday, noting that “information is being circulated in the media about a crime committed against a wounded Russian prisoner of war who was killed with a shot to the head.”

Earlier in the day, Russia’s ambassador-at-large for Ukraine’s crimes, Rodion Miroshnik, said that “all the data cited by the publication will be verified and analyzed” by law enforcement agencies. He added that Moscow would also demand that international organizations with representatives in Ukraine verify the information, which, if confirmed, would qualify “as a violation of key norms and principles of humanitarian law, amounting to war crimes.”

On July, 2022, Kiev’s Forces shelled a detention center in Donbass because “the Nazi began to Testify on War Crimes”. 53 Azov POWs were killed

Kiev’s Forces Shelled a Detention Center in Donbass because “the Nazi began to Testify on War Crimes”. 53 Azov POWs Killed

Russian Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova commented on the NYT article, noting that although the atrocities of the Kiev regime have long been known, the US media previously chose to ignore multiple reports of human rights violations submitted by the Russian Foreign Ministry and circulated in the UN Security Council.

“It is amusing to watch how American journalists and media platforms pretend they knew nothing about the abuse of the peaceful population of Donbass, now new Russian regions, by the Kiev regime. They act as if they are unaware of the torture inflicted on people by the Ukrainian army and security forces. Ridiculous,” Zakharova stated in an interview with the Russian newspaper Izvestia, published on Sunday.

Russia. “NATO Troops directly involved in Ukraine Conflict”. Many Foreign Fighters Killed: 1,427 Polish, 466 US, and 344 UK nationals

Last year, Moscow launched an investigation into alleged war crimes committed by French mercenaries, after a photo surfaced showing three Russian POWs who were shot at point-blank range.

According to the Investigative Committee, more than 3,100 foreign mercenaries are currently fighting in Ukraine, most of them US, Canadian and British citizens. Moscow has repeatedly warned that mercenaries are not viewed as combatants under international law and “the best thing” they can hope for if captured alive is “a trial and maximum prison terms.”

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RT (Former Russia Today)

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US Raytheon Missiles have SHOT DOWN the Plane carrying Ukrainian 65 POWs. Moscow: “Kiev deliberately did It”


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