CORONAVIRUS: $820 Billions Q.E. Bazookas by ECB & FED for Stealing Soveregnty in Italy, EU and US

CORONAVIRUS: $820 Billions Q.E. Bazookas by ECB & FED for Stealing Soveregnty in Italy, EU and US

While BRICS helps China with $10 billions
Eurotower and Federal Reserve will use
Quantitative Easing to buy government bonds
making more powerful central banks

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


Long live Christine Lagarde!” For once, the globalist face of High Finance, founded on the criminal principle of legalized seigniorage, now more stainless than any constitution of a sovereign country, has told the truth.

The spread cannot be touched! «We will be using all the flexibility, but we are not here to close the spreads. This is not the function or the mission of the ECB, there are other tools and other actors to intervene on these aspects» said the arrogant French queen of Eurotower making it clear that there would be no pity for the EU states even in the face the pandemic.

The technical statement translated into vulgar means “tears and blood for the people”. Obviously especially for the Italian one which is cyclically more devastated by international wars as the Corona Virus seems to be more and more.

This happened about a month after the New Development Bank of Russia-led BRICS countries subsidized China with $ 10 billion to help fight the epidemic. These opposing behaviors make different financial strategies and philosophies macroscopic.

ECB and FED, indeed, will use the Quantitative Easing Bazookas for helping the countries with purchasing of government bonds respectively for €750billions by Frankfurt and for $700billions by Washington.

In the usual ‘TheatreCracy” of Platonic memory Italian European politics all hurried to cheer the inhabitants of the peninsula (and of the other hardest hit countries like Spain now) with gigantic lying promises of unconditional help, she has already been reproduced in various caricatures such as the vulture Frankfurt, home of the European Central Bank, a private spa owned by other private banks, but at least it has shown the courage to tell all Europeans how things are without hypocrisy…



At least she had the “kindness” to warn us immediately that it will not be technical details like Mes or other similar devilries to strangle Italy but it will be the public debt that will become our social killer for the poorest sections of the population and the relentless loan shark for the richer ones also at risk of future “bail-in” forced withdrawals on current accounts if some national institution were to fall down after the CoVid-19 financial catastrophe which continues to kill and devastate the stock exchanges of the whole world …

To stem an economy on the brink of the abyss, repeatedly proclaimed by the former technical premier Mario Monti in 2012 whenever there was a need to give money to banker friends, here is the nefarious solution of the European Union that grants Rome to overcoming the deficit or the possibility of general other public debt.

The meeting between former italian PM Paolo Gentiloni of the Democratic Party and the financier George Soros in May 2017 at Palazzo Chigi

«Nobody should expect that the ECB will be the first line in the response to Coronavirus» Lagarde said before being forced to correct the shot and announce the use of the famous bazooka Quantitative Easing with which its predecessor Mario Draghi allowed former italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, now EU commissioner an historic ally of the globalist financial speculator and founders of the American Dems George Soros, to make his Government, supported by the Democratic Party and wanted by the President of the Republic Sergio Mattarella (former MP in italian Dems), make a good impression, overcoming the deficit (report percentage between Gross Domestic Production and Public Debt).


The failure of the Mattarella’s financial cure (and the ones of its predecessor in the Quirinale until 2015 Giorgio Napolitano, another former Dems MP now Senator for Life) is soon seen in the numbers of the public debt, which rose from 1,990 to 2,327 billion euros in May 2018 (new League-5 Star government from 1 June 2019) in the 7 years of political governments (2013-2016) and technical (2011-2013 and 2016-2018) registered by PD from 2012 to May 2018.

And today in unstoppable growth above 2.409 billion euros from 31 December 2019, after the new yellow-red Left-Wing government PD-5 Star.


In the ordinary Italian economic disaster, in which the parties today of the noisy but not very concrete opposition of the Right-Wing parties as League and Brothers of Italy (but above all of Forza Italia which governed with the PD from January 2014 to January 2015 ) the CoronaVirus catastrophe brought the boot to its knees, soft touching only Rome and Palermo, but hitting hard on the Lombardy’s provinces, the real economic turbine of the country so as to increasingly credit the plot theory about a biogenetic weapon…

General infected. Pandemic BioWeapon & GSK Golden Vaccine’s Ring with Bill Gates, Pentagon and Zionist’s BlackRock

The first answer of the French lawyer Lagarde “get by” is almost better than the second “€120 billion euros” of bazooka Quantitative Easing to buy government bonds of the various countries in recession due to the Covid-19 emergency.


In the first case, in fact, Italy could have meditated a difficult ItalExit from the European Union with the direct help of world partners: USA on the one hand or China and Russia on the other, in the second case it is certain to follow on a track died the route traced by Draghi and already highlighted by Gospa News in the economic article “The bazooka to make more debt and rob the Italian assets”.

IL BAZOOKA “QE” DI DRAGHI: per fare più debito e rapinare i beni d’Italia

For those who do not have the time or desire to read it, I summarize it brutally: the more securities the ECB private bank buys. that with the seigniorage (similar to dollar deception) makes us pay the issue of “Monopoly money” not guaranteed by any gold coverage, the more it will be the owner of the Italian public debt just like any credit institution becomes more owner of a personal or corporate asset every time it provides them new loans in connection with binding repayment contracts.


Giorgia Meloni, Brother of Italy president, was one of the smartest to report the colossal danger for the artistic, landscape, financial (for example Italian Mails governmente company) assets of the peninsula. The politician in an intervention on the television broadcast is not the Arena on LA7 highlighted the risk for the resources of the ‘Bel Paese”.


«Albert Einstein said that the big crises are an opportunity, I think the big crises reveal the real nature of people and states – said Meloni – the CoronaVirus could have been an opportunity for Europe to prove that it exists. Instead, yet another opportunity has turned out, especially for France and Germany, to try to plunder Italy».

«One who has the Lagarde curriculum, who has twice been at the helm of the International Monetary Fund, knows very well what the weight of her words is. The plan is to force Italy to the corner, to pluck Italy and acquire its assets at bargain prices and treat it like Greece. We must not allow it» added Meloni as pugnacious as usual.

Tre pupazzi nel Luna-Park del DEEP STATE-CIA alla canna del gas in Libia

This is why the treatment of Eurotower is only a sedative, a temporary narcotic that can become the social killer of the peninsula as it has been in Greece.

But it was instead welcomed with enthusiasm by the Italian government because it is made up of members of that PD who voted Lagarde herself in the role of ECB president conferred on her by the European Parliament also thanks to the indirect help of the abstentions of the 5-star MEPs.



To tell the truth, many of the wealthy Italian savers a bit deserve these extreme consequences because they are the first to not believe in their national identity by holding around 1,371 billion euros in the bank accounts, as evidenced by a report by Milena Gabanelli on newpaper Corriere last year.

Although they have good reasons not to believe in a country where the mafia (from yesterday’s Cosa Nostra to today’s’ Ndrangheta) increasingly controls finance as much as politics, as recent investigations and law enforcement operations confirm, are it is the classic dog that bites its tail.


If those billions lying on bank accounts with interest expenses had been invested in Government Bonds or Capital Accumulation Plans (CAP) of the Italian Mails, a joint stock company in which the Italian State, through the Ministry of Economy and Finance, is l the majority shareholder, holding about 60% of the share capital (35% Cassa Depositi e Prestiti, 29.7%) Ministry of Economy), the public debt could have been mitigated by virtue of the introduction of immediate liquidity.

But above all, the debt would have ended almost entirely in Italian hands just like that of Japan is 90% in those of the Japanese. This is why no country or foreign entity can “blackmail” Tokyo although it has the highest deficiency in the world of 236% in the relationship with the Gross Domestic Product as opposed to the Italian one which has always fluctuated a little 130% and is now around 135.7%.

Italian public debt growth between 2018 and 2019

Instead, Italy, which has ceded monetary sovereignty, is forced to beg for liquidity to the European Union that has never been disbursed with non-repayable loans but through the famous bazooka QE from the ECB private bank in a perfect logic of speculation on bank seigniorage.


This is why it is not surprising that Lagarde accustoms us to the severe tones of an economic dictatorship: it was put there specifically for that by the International Monetary Fund of which she was president and which is always well addressed by the majority shareholder: namely the United States, to in turn kept on a leash by the Fed.


Finally, the Federal Reserve is made up of private banks, the majority of wealthy Zionists, just like the ECB which was inspired by Washington’s monetary mechanism. This chain of economic terrorism is capable of attacking any country in the world like a hyena, bringing it to its knees as it did for Venezuela through the tightening of economic sanctions.



We had already pointed out the financial emergency for Syria, Italy and Europe in general a year ago in a previous report which highlighted the role of the International Monetary Fund, which is so choking of poor countries as to induce countries rich of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa) to set up their New Development Bank with the ambition to make it a competitor to the IMF.

The competition has so far been implemented only in some countries of Africa, Asia and Latin America, but not with a real dynamics of national loans but with “small” investments of hundreds of millions of dollars for each targeted intervention.

«Thus far, the NDB has approved 46 projects for USD 12.8 billion in our member countries. By the end of this year, we expect the approvals to reach about USD 15 billion. In 2020, we are targeting approvals of USD 8-10 billion» said Kundapur Vaman Kamath, Indian president of the international bank, on November 14, 2019 at the end of the 11th BRICS Summit in Brasilia, Brazil.

Kundapur Vaman Kamath, chiarman of New Development Bank founded by BRICS countries in Brasilia summit, nomember 2019

«Going forward, the Bank is capable of sustaining between USD 8-10 billion of annual lending. With the initial USD 10 billion of capital that has been provided to it by the founding members, by 2027, the Bank can achieve a total asset book of about USD 50 billion» had foreseen the NDB chairman.

On the sidelines of the Summit, the NDB and the Government of Russia signed the Agreement on the Hosting of the New Development Bank Eurasian Regional Centre (ERC) in the Russian Federation.

«The Bank’s Africa Regional Center in Johannesburg has proved that on-the-ground presence makes a big difference to our work. Our Brazil office is already staffed and ready to open and we await completion of necessary formalities. Preparations for our office in Moscow are at an advanced stage and we will open this office early next year. We will follow that up with our Delhi office in the first half of 2020» added K.V. Kamath.

Then came the tsunami of the pandemic that swept China and therefore the New Development Bank had to focus on emergency aid by allocating 71 million yuan for Beijing, the equivalent of 10 billion dollars: without conditions …



The billions given by the Brics bank to China appear small compared to what the Fed is investing, thanks to the world banks that control it, to be more and more in control of the American public debt.

CORONA VIRUS PANDEMIC! As Predicted in Bill Gates forum (video) with ex-CIA. Italy and Iran Massacred in Bio-Warfare for their A.I. Deal

«The Federal Reserve returns to intervene on the market for the second time in a few days, in an extraordinary action to respond to the emergency of the coronavirus. An action that comes this time with the banks of all the main international central banks, including the ECB, which have activated measures to provide dollar liquidity to the markets» wrote Raffaele Ricciardi in the newspaper Repubblica on March, 15.

The American Central Bank has cut interest rates by surprise bringing them into the 0-0.25% range: it means a one percentage point cut compared to the level set only on March 3, «which brings the cost of money to the historical lows seen during the Great Recession following the collapse of Lehman Brothers and announces to keep it until the economy has recovered from the financial repercussions of the catastrophic pandemic.

Biogenetic Weapon Catastrophe. Intel sources: «Virus spread by CIA with nano-Uav» as Cyber-DragonflEye. Alert in Iran and Italy

«Not only that, the Fed has also dusted off purchases of securities by launching a massive $ 700 billion Quantitative Easing program to support the economy and protect it from the impact of the pandemic. In detail, the note says that “over the next few months” it will buy $ 500 billion in treasury bills and $ 200 billion in mortgage securities» Repubblica reported.

In the past week, the Fed had already deployed $ 1.5 trillion interventions to support the markets through “repurchase agreements” that fuel short-term liquidity.

Obviously all virtual money resulting from the bank seigniorage that brings to mind that old phrase of the great businessman of the American car industry Henry Ford …

“It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
divieto di riproduzione senza autorizzazione






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