CORONAVIRUS: In Italy New Drug is Rampant Even if it can Kill for Anaphylaxis

CORONAVIRUS: In Italy New Drug is Rampant Even if it can Kill for Anaphylaxis

The synthetic antibody Tocilizumab
has blocked pneumonia in some infected people
but it can cause such severe liver damage
to make liver transplantation necessary

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Mainstream media often go hand in hand with Big Pharma, as in the case of the global vaccine giant GlaxoSmithKline and the Reuters news agency as revealed by Gospa News in the previous report.

Therefore it is normal that they sing victory for the spread of the experimentation of an anti-arthritic drug against CoronaVirus like wildfire although it has a very high danger deriving from a series of serious common side effects including shingles, malfunctions liver, and increased blood cholesterol and bilirubin (component of bile), which can also lead to jaundice in some cases even fatal.

General infected. Pandemic BioWeapon & GSK Golden Vaccine’s Ring with Bill Gates, Pentagon and Zionist’s BlackRock

The Tocilizumab molecule was used with moderate success against CoVid-19 pneumonia first at the Cotugno hospital in Naples and then in Milan, Modena, Fano, Pesaro, Cosenza on 50 patients, some of whom had a gradual improvement in the lap. 24 hours.

The pharmaceutical corporation that produces it has dispensed 600 free treatments to the various hospitals that have also requested it from Sicily.

But few have stopped to carefully read the information on the product from which it emerges that out of 4009 “human guinea pigs” to whom it has been administered to certify its scientific evidence and obtain authorization for its use, one died of fatal anaphylaxis.

Others have been forced to a liver transplant and finally there are risks of neoplasms, cell degeneration which can lead to a benign or malignant tumor resulting in metastasis.

As evidenced by clinical tests, in fact, one in a thousand can be affected by severe flaking of the skin following rashes for Stevens-Johnsons syndrome, fatal allergic reactions and inflammation of the liver with hepatitis or jaundice.

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This makes the medicine very dangerous not so much for the most serious infected already intubated with artificial respiration, for which it is really the last “chance”, as for those serious but not in imminent risk of death in which it could cause a lot of future damage together to the immediate benefit…


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Fabio G.C. Carisio

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