“European Medicines Agency Knew Toxicity of Pfizer Covid Vaccine”. Bombshell Study Published in US by an Italian BioChemist on Dangers mRNA-LNPs

“European Medicines Agency Knew Toxicity of Pfizer Covid Vaccine”. Bombshell Study Published in US by an Italian BioChemist on Dangers mRNA-LNPs


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


«Meticulously studying all the documentation produced by the EMA to justify the approval of the so-called Pfizer/BioNTech Comirnaty vaccine, I discovered, not without dismay and indignation, that in that same documentation was contained the overwhelming proof that the EMA knew, or at least could not fail to know, that that product was unsuitable for intramuscular administration».

This is what the Italian biochemist Gabriele Segalla declares in light of his new study published in peer-review in the American scientific journal International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research (IJVTPR), with the title “Apparent Cytotoxicity and Intrinsic Cytotoxicity of Lipid Nanomaterials Contained in a COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine”.

Blatant errors in the Scientific Evaluation of the European Medicines Agency

This study reveals not only the responsibility of Pfizer/BioNTech but above all the serious and obvious errors contained in the official scientific evaluation report of EMA (European Medicines Agency) of 19 February 2021, which validated the placing on the European market of a imperfect medicinal preparation and unsuitable for intramuscular inoculation.

“Toxic Nanoforms inside Pfizer-Biontech Covid Vaccine”. Vital Study by Italian Biochemist on US Journal of Virology highlights an Alleged Crime

After the first study published on January 26, 2023, Dr. Segalla investigated the issue further, managing to trace back to what could be defined as the “smoking gun”, on the “butt” of which the irrefutable fingerprints of EMA can be found.

«Another danger kept silent by the manufacturer and EMA concerns the mRNA platform itself – continues Segalla in a statement delivered by ArtistDocu Productio – The ionizable lipids used for the formation of the nanoparticles that carry the mRNA, although apparently neutral and harmless, once introduced and released inside the cell, through a “Trojan horse” type mechanism, take on a high positive electrical charge, thus revealing all their intrinsic cytotoxicity and their intracellular destructive potential».

The Italian biochemist Gabriele Segalla

«The medicinal preparation called Comirnaty by Pfizer-BioNTech is an aqueous dispersion of lipid nanomaterials, intended to constitute, after thawing and dilution, the finished product for intramuscular injection. In the present study, we examine some evident chemical-physical criticalities of the preparation, particularly regarding the apparent and the intrinsic pKa (acid dissociation constant) of its main excipient, the ionizable cationic lipid ALC-0315».

We can read in the abstract of the research conducted by Segalla, doctor in Pure Chemistry (Organic – Biological Chemistry), specialist in Chemistry of micro-emulsions and colloidal systems, CEO & Chief Scientist of Multichem R&D Italy who then summarizes the reasons for the danger of such substances.

“Heart Attacks Risk For Covid Vaccinated Pilots, Must Not Fly”. US Air Force Medical Officer Swore: “Toxic Substances in Sera”

The study further explains:

«The very high value of its intrinsic pKa causes, after internalization and endosomal escape of LNPs, a sudden increase of its cationic charge concentration and consequently the formation of pro-inflammatory cytokines and ROS (reactive oxygen species), that can disrupt the mitochondrial membrane and release its content, cause RNA mistranslation, polymerization of proteins and DNA, DNA mutations, destruction of the nuclear membrane and consequent release of its content».

The Toxic Nanoforms of an Imperfect Drug

The dangerous and potentially harmful mechanism of ROS had been illustrated by the Lombard chemist in his previous research in which he had reported the toxic nanoforms of Comirnaty’s mRNA gene sera, also denouncing the subsequent modifications made by Pfizer-Biontech to the “defective” product which, therefore, in his opinion, it could be defined as an “imperfect drug” such as to constitute a violation of article 443 of the Italian Penal Code.

The new study, also based on 36 literary references, not only confirms this danger but casts sensational shadows on the actions of the EMA, the European Union’s medicines regulatory body, which would not have noticed a macroscopic criticality of the so-called Covid vaccine (actually believed to be a gene therapy by the study of a French biologist).

“mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines are Like Gene Therapy Products” French Study highlighted Omitted Controls on Genotoxicity

We read again in the summary of the scientific document just published:

«Additionally, the apparently low pKa value (6.09) of ALC-0315 associated with other lipids in the LNP, is not suitable for intramuscular application. Its value is too low to enable a proper transfection of host cells, despite what is stated by EMA (European Medicines Agency) in its Assessment report dated 19 February 2021, in flagrant contradiction with the same bibliographic source therein cited».

Segalla: “Immediate Suspension of Covid Vaccinations based on mRNA-LNPs”

«Furthermore, the exceptional penetrability, mobility, chemical reactivity and systemic accumulation of uncontrollable cationic lipid nanoparticles, with high cytotoxicity levels, shed in unpredictable biological locations, even far from the site of inoculation, are all factors that can lead to an unprecedented medical disaster. Meanwhile, further immediate studies and verifications are recommended, taking into consideration, in accordance with the precautionary principle, the immediate suspension of vaccinations with the COVID-19 mRNA- LNP-based vaccines».

This concludes the Abstract of the Italian chemist’s study.

Inflammatory Nanoparticles of mRNA Vaccine Change the Immune System (in Sons too). Warning by a Thomas Jefferson University Study

His conclusions on the inflammatory danger of ALC excipients and nanoparticles relaunch in a much more serious way the alarms already reported by the affidavit published by American Lieutenant Colonel Theresa Long, US Air Force Medical Officer, by research by MIT biophysicist Stephanie Seneff but above all of the study by some researchers from the Department of Microbiology and Immunology of the prestigious Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Covid Vaccines Killer Pathologies in a Name Only: Spikeopathy! Huge, Chilling Study on mRNA Genic Serums’ Serious Adverse Reactions

This is why the Italian chemist in the conclusions of his scientific work called for the immediate suspension of vaccinations with all COVID-19 vaccines based on mRNA and ionizable lipid nanoparticles.

A request already made by many other international scientists including the British oncologist Angus Dalgleish of St George’s, University of London, the immunologist Loredana Frasca, group leader for studies on the immunology of autoimmune diseases at the Istituto Superiore della Sanità in Rome, and the surgeon specialist in Clinical Hematology and professor of merit at the University of Padua, Paolo Bellavite who, in an exclusive interview for Gospa News, supported Segalla’s concepts on the “imperfect drug”.

British Oncologist’s alert on Cancer Risk: “mRNA ‘Vaccines’ must be Banned once and for All”

The results of the previous study by Dr. Segalla were presented in a form understandable even to non-experts, in a 45 minute docu-video, created by ArtistDocu Production of Florence and entitled “Pandora’s Vaccine”.

Given the great interest aroused by this initiative, ArtistDocu Production is preparing another video, which will summarize the content of this second sensational study by Dr. Segalla.

7 EURODEPUTATI CHIEDONO IL RITIRO DEI VACCINI COVID. Per Miocarditi Letali, Malori Improvvisi e Sicurezza Incerta nei Fragili

This new research is destined to cause great fanfare in the European Union after the recent and late admission of the EMA on the risks of lethal myocarditis related to the mRNA gene sera Comirnaty (Pfizer-Biontech) and Spikevax (Moderna) which led 7 MEPs to present a question to European Commission for the revocation of the marketing of these vaccines.

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