Russia. “NATO Troops directly involved in Ukraine Conflict”. Many Foreign Fighters Killed: 1,427 Polish, 466 US, and 344 UK nationals

Russia. “NATO Troops directly involved in Ukraine Conflict”. Many Foreign Fighters Killed: 1,427 Polish, 466 US, and 344 UK nationals


in the cover image Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. ©  Sputnik/Sergey Guneev

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Putin: “Western special services’ attempts to destabilize Russia require tough response”

Russian President Vladimir Putin tasked the country’s domestic security agencies with thwarting any attempts by Western special services to destabilize the situation in Russia or interfere into its domestic affairs, according to TASS Russian News Agency.

“Of course, we must thwart any attempts by foreign intelligence services to destabilize the social and political situation in Russia, to undermine civil peace and interethnic accord, to interfere in our internal affairs, and to violate the sovereign and unshakable right of the Russian people to determine their own future,” Putin said in a video address on Security Agency Worker’s Day.

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Defense Minister: “US, UK, and Polish military personnel are operating air defense and multiple launch rocket systems”

Several NATO member states have boots on the ground in the Ukraine conflict, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu has claimed. Western military personnel are operating certain weapons systems, he alleged, and that hundreds of the US-led military bloc’s satellites are providing surveillance data to Kiev.

Speaking at a meeting of Defense Ministry officials on Tuesday, where President Vladimir Putin was also present, Shoigu stated that NATO service members are directly operating air defense systems, tactical ballistic missiles, and multiple launch rocket systems” in Ukraine. He cited radio intercepts featuring English and Polish speakers. According to the minister, Western officers are also playing an active role in preparing Ukrainian military operations as well as training troops, both in their home countries and in Ukraine.

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Russian officials have repeatedly warned that ever-deepening Western involvement in the conflict unnecessarily increases the chances of a direct military confrontation between NATO and Moscow. 

The Russian defense chief went on to claim that more than 5,000 foreign fighters have been killed since hostilities broke out in February 2022, with 1,427 Polish, 466 US, and 344 UK nationals among them.

Foreign Mercenaries Abandoning Ukrainian Army after becoming Zelensky’s ‘Cannon Fodder’

Working in the Ukrainian Armed Forces’ interest are 410 NATO military and dual-purpose space devices,” Shoigu estimated.

He also lauded Russia’s defense industry for ramping up production in the past 18 months and helping prevent ammunition shortages on the front lines. “Despite the sanctions, we are manufacturing more high-tech weaponry than NATO countries,” Shoigu continued.

“Western Nations are Waging Undeclared War vs Moscow and Minsk”. Russia deployed Nuclear Weapons on Belarus

The minister concluded by stating that “as of today, the Russian army is the best-prepared and most combat-ready in the world, armed with cutting-edge weapons tested in combat.

Putin insisted at the same meeting that the West’s efforts to inflict a strategic defeat on Russia have failed.

Speaking to the Ukrainian branch of US state-run broadcaster Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty (RFE/RL) on Friday, Kiev’s former ambassador to the UK, Vadim Prystaiko, claimed that Britain is developing plans to potentially deploy troops to Ukraine.

WW3 Nightmare: British Defense Chief wants to send UK Troops to Ukraine

The diplomat, who was fired after criticizing Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky, went on to suggest that while Western officials will deny any such plans, foreign deployments are still possible under certain circumstances.

originally published by Russia Today

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Putin: “Russia has the initiative in Ukraine conflict”

Russia has the initiative along the line of engagement in the Ukraine conflict and is at liberty to conduct military action as it sees fit, President Vladimir Putin stated at a Defense Ministry meeting on Tuesday.

The president analyzed the frontline situation as part of a report on Russian military achievements in 2023. He also thanked soldiers and officers for their contributions during the event.

In his speech, Putin stressed that the country had no intention to change the objectives that it set for itself when it decided to deploy troops against Ukraine in early 2022. Describing the current situation, Putin said: “In the current situation “on the ground”, at the line of contact, we can say with confidence that our troops have the initiative.”

How Dragon ‘s Teeth Russian Defense Stopped NATO’s Tanks in Ukraine Counteroffensive

“In essence, we are doing what we consider necessary, what we want. Wherever… commanders decide active defense is best, it takes place. And where it is needed, we improve our positions,” he continued.

Ukraine has suffered significant casualties and is running out of reserves, the president added. He claimed that Kiev’s military strategy was motivated by a wish “to show to their true masters at least some results of their much-hyped so-called counteroffensive.”

Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu previously estimated that Ukrainian casualties between early June and late November had surpassed 125,000. During the event on Tuesday, the ministry estimated Kiev’s losses since the start of the hostilities to be over 383,000.

UKRAINE SUICIDE “to Destroy every Russian”. Massacre of the People in General Mobilization and Forced Recruitment (video)

Putin declared that Western attempts to inflict a “strategic defeat” on Russia in the Ukraine conflict were thwarted by the bravery and resolve of Russian soldiers. The country’s military has become more powerful and its defense industry more capable, he said.

Russian military researchers and workers are “reacting faster [than Westerners] to current events, to the needs of those who fight on the battlefield,” according to Putin. Defense factories have boosted arms production by 2.7 times on average in 2023, and up to seven times for the most in-demand products, he said.

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The US and its allies have pledged to assist Ukraine against Russia with arms and funds for “as long as it takes” to defeat it. But amid the lackluster results of the counteroffensive, Kiev has found securing Western long-term military and financial assistance harder.

In the US, Republican lawmakers have blocked the White House’s request for over $110 billion in foreign security spending, of which more than $60 billion was meant for Ukraine. The opposition demands concessions from the administration of President Joe Biden, a Democrat, on immigration and border security.

EU Opens Membership Talks to Ukraine but Hungary Vetoes other Military Aids

Meanwhile, the EU has failed to pass a European Commission proposal to spend €50 billion ($54 billion) from the union’s joint budget to support Ukraine over the next four years. Hungary, a long-time skeptic of the Western strategy for the conflict, vetoed it last week.

originally published by Russia Today

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