WEAPONS LOBBY – 13. “Military Schengen Plan” in EU developed by CEPA’s Lobbyists & US-UK WarLords for Ukraine. Russia warns NATO

WEAPONS LOBBY – 13. “Military Schengen Plan” in EU developed by CEPA’s Lobbyists & US-UK WarLords for Ukraine. Russia warns NATO


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


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NATO’s statements regarding the possibility of creating a “military Schengen” will likely increase tensions in Europe and will lead to an escalation of already strained relations with Russia, Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov has said, according to Russia Today.

«His comments come after NATO’s European logistics chief, Lieutenant-General Alexander Sollfrank, called on European nations to ease national-level regulations to allow the rapid movement of troops, equipment, and ammunition in the event of a war with Russia» RT writes.

Speaking to reporters on Friday, Peskov was asked whether the Kremlin viewed such suggestions by the NATO official as risking an armed conflict between Russia and Europe or as merely another escalatory step in the US-led alliance’s confrontation with Russia.

NATO website calls for Nuclear War Preparation

The Kremlin spokesman suggested Sollfrank’s statements more likely indicate NATO’s escalating confrontation with Russia, adding that the alliance has “always considered our country a conditional enemy. Now it considers our country an obvious enemy.”

“This is nothing but an attempt to escalate tension in Europe, which will have its consequences,” Peskov said, noting that the expansion of NATO cannot be left without a response from the Russian side.

The Military Schengen Plan developed by CEPA think-tank and US retired general Hodges

The “military Schengen” was the main purpose of the CEPA project born from its Military Mobility Workshop.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 5. NWO’s Warfare Plan against Russia and Counter-Information. CEPA Project from Washington with NATO-EU & Defense Corporations

CEPA, Center for European Policy Analysis, is an incubator of “political” projects based in Washington and managed by international affairs scholars. But behind the cloak of geopolitical and economic analysis the organization also prepares programs of effective military actions.

The think-tank’s own website lists among its major supporters military-industrial complex companies such as BAE Systems, Lockheed Martin and Leonardo, as well as NATO, the US State Department and the US European Command.

Supporters of the CEPA Forum 2023 – screenshot from CEPA website

On April 2, 2020 there was held the meeting online “Moving Mountains Amid a Crisis? Increasing Military Mobility Across Europe,” moderated by retired Lt. Gen. Ben Hodges, Pershing Chair in Strategic Studies, CEPA, former commander of the United States Army in Europe.

As reported exclusively by Gospa News in November 2021, when tensions between NATO and Russia over Ukraine were exacerbating due to the consequences of the 2014 coup, the former American officer had talked with many important speakers: retired Lt. Gen. Heinrich Brauss, former assistant secretary general for defense planning and policy at NATO; retired Brig. Gen. Hans Damen, strategic adviser for Insparcom; Tania Latici, policy analyst at the European Parliamentary Research Services; and Professor Dr. Julian Lindley-French, senior fellow at the Institute for Statecraft.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 12. Former UK PM BoJo Hired by US-NATO-EU Think-Tank which Triggered Ukraine War

Last month CEPA hired the former British PM Boris Johnson who has been one of the loudest champions of Kiev in the West, infamously torpedoing the peace talks between Ukraine and Russia in April 2022. According to Ukrainian media, Johnson made a surprise visit to Kiev and informed the government that it would lose all support from the West if it made peace with Moscow.

The CEPA team was also built antagonistically towards Russia and therefore includes important figures with experience in Ukraine.

WW3 Nightmare: British Defense Chief wants to send UK Troops to Ukraine

On September, 28, 2023 Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky met UK Defence Secretary Grant Shapps. 

During his trip to Kiev, the new defense chief, who got his post in a government reshuffle a month before, apparently saw an “opportunity” to “bring more things in country.”

The US & UK’s Moves for Ukrainian War

Shapps explained he meant “not just training,” but also weapons manufacturing, as he praised the British arms giant BAE Systems for its plans to localize in Ukraine.

Two weeks before London and Washington, which are doing gold deals thanks to the Weapons Lobby on the war in Ukraine (revenues which are then transformed into electoral financing for politicians who continue the conflict to the bitter end) have invented two moves that may be “no-return” in the growing spiral towards World War III or, or better to say, Atomic World War I.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 11. Huge Profits by NATO’s Firms thanks to the Ukraine Devastating War against Peace. US Approval to Supply F-16

As reported by Gospa News International the United Kingdom vowed to send Royal Air Force fighter-bombers on reconnaissance on the Black Sea to protect the Ukrainian civilian ships they transport grain in violation of the Russian threat to prevent its transit after the non-renewal (due to Western faults) of the Black Sea Grain Deal in July.

Now in Ukraine War is growing the big problem of the foreign fighters who are abandoning Ukrainian Army after becoming Zelensky’s ‘Cannon Fodder’…

Toward End of Zelensky’s War Games: EU Nations Russia’s friends Block Military Aids for Ukraine. Orban: “Kiev will not Defeat Moscow”

But much more critical could be the refusal by some EU states to fund further military aid in a war that “Kiev cannot win”, according to the Hungarian and Slovak prime ministers.

Precisely for these reasons the hypothesis put forward by the American general of NATO of the implementation of the “Military Schengen” plan designed by CEPA for the free circulation of armies and weapons in the European Union represents a new dangerous strategy of the Atlantic Alliance which can really produce an escalation of tensions with Russia as highlighted by the Kremlin spokesperson.

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