Exclusive! NEW NATO CHIEF: A SOROS’ FRIEND WHO FUNDED KIEV COUP. Ex Dutch PM Rutte Supported LGBTQ against Pedophilia Ban in EU

Exclusive! NEW NATO CHIEF: A SOROS’ FRIEND WHO FUNDED KIEV COUP.  Ex Dutch PM Rutte Supported LGBTQ against Pedophilia Ban in EU


In the cover image, the resigning Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte visits Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky in March 2024

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


Atlantic Alliance leadership is going from a Bill Gates puppet like Jens Stoltenberg (former director of the Vaccine NGO GAVI Alliance) to the resigning Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, one of George Soros’ circle, who had himself photographed several times with his son Alex, heir to the empire of the Open Society Foundation’ Zionist tycoon, since the 2020 Munich Conference.

It should not be forgotten that Soros the father himself, way back in 1993, published an article with the disturbing title “Towards a New World Order: the future of NATO”, republished in full by Gospa News International about a year ago…

Thanks to the previous 4 investigations into the genesis of the bloody 2014 coup in Kiev, however, we can reveal the significant SCOOP that the Atlantic Alliance chose precisely one of the rulers who, together with the US, financed the revolution planned by Soros with intelligence Anglo-Saxon Five Eyes.

Before seeing how we briefly summarize the official news…

Project Syndicate funded by Soros, Gates and McKinsey to Promote Ukraine War as Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations

An Unmarried Protestant will Lead NATO

Rutte, 57 years old, unmarried and a member of the Protestant Church in the Netherlands,

with which the Reformed Church of the Netherlands merged in 2004, is one of the longest-serving prime ministers of the European Union, belonging to the People’s Party for Freedom and Democracy (VVD) and Minister-President of the Netherlands from 14 October 2010 to 2 July 2024, when he will formally resign from the government of the Netherlands although an alternative solution has not yet been found after the victory of Geert Wilders’ right-wing party who won the November 2023 elections but without managing to form a coalition useful for having the majority seats to govern.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 9. Norges Bank: Dirty Affairs of War among Stoltenberg, Gates, Nato & Italy. Oslo Business on Leopard Tanks for Ukraine

Even if the Atlantic Council could proceed autonomously at any time, it is likely that it will wait for the Washington summit (9-11 July) to add weight to the choreography and to give the honor of arms to Jens Stoltenberg, whose leadership is defined “exemplary” by the mainstream media. In any case, Rutte will not take office until October 2, the day on which the (extended) mandate of the former Norwegian prime minister expires.

Stoltenberg will instead assume, as already expected, the leadership of Norges Bank, one of the largest speculators in the Arms Lobby which the current NATO secretary has certainly favored with continuous provocations in Russia’s tensions starting from the CEPA Plan for the militarization of Estearn Europe developed with the commands of the Atlantic Alliance and the EU military leaders, in which the former British Prime Minister Boris Johnson operates today, having recently endorsed the ferocious neo-Nazi paramilitaries of the Azov Battalion of the Ukrainian National Guard.

WEAPONS LOBBY – 13. “Military Schengen Plan” in EU developed by CEPA’s Lobbyists & US-UK WarLords for Ukraine. Russia warns NATO

The outgoing Dutch Prime Minister’s support for Zelensky

Rutte, despite being a prime minister who remained in the saddle only for current affairs, was very active in foreign policy and in March 2024 made a symbolic trip to Kharkiv to meet Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

«For two years now Ukraine has been subjected to Russia’s ruthless war. Together with President Zelensky. I was in Kharkiv today, a city that Putin is trying to destroy with brutal airstrikes. The purpose of my visit was to demonstrate our support for Ukraine. For the security of Ukraine and the future security of Europe, the Netherlands today signed a 10-year security agreement with Ukraine. Ukraine is now assured of our ongoing support and engagement: not only across the spectrum of defence cooperation, but also in the areas of reconstruction, sanctions and the fight for truth and justice. We stand side by side with Ukraine, together with a broad, international coalition of like-minded countries».


The Dutch Prime Minister wrote on X (link between sources) also mentioning the plane crash of 17 July 2014 when «flight MH17 was shot down by a Russian missile over eastern Ukraine» according to Rutte but hit by a Ukrainian rocket according to Russian intelligence.

The Netherlands’ Financing of Soros’s Coup in Kiev in 2014

On that occasion, however, I avoid mentioning that during his government, a few months earlier, he financed the second Orange Revolution in Kiev by providing a significant contribution together with Soros to a local TV created ad hoc to support the protests for regime change which led to the flight of the legitimately elected pro-Russian president, Viktor Fedorovyč Yanukovych.

The channel was supposed to start operating in September 2013 but its first broadcast took place on 22 November 2013, in response to the Ukrainian government’s decree of 21 November 2013 which suspended preparations for the signing of an EU-Ukraine association agreement. More than an information television, it therefore became an active propaganda media: so much so that during the Euromaidan protests the number of viewers continued to increase significantly…

UkraineGate: Islamic Reporter funded by Obama-Biden and Soros in 2014 Coup, later at the Top of Weapons’ industry

«According to the financial report Hromadske TV was financed in 2013 by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands (793,089 Ukrainian hryvnia ₴, equal to approximately 30 thousand euros), by the Embassy of the United States of America (399,650 ₴) and by International Renaissance Foundation (247,860) by George Soros – reports Wikipedia in English citing all the various sources – As of June 2014 Hromadske TV had received another ₴558,842 from the Government of Canada, ₴394,181 from the Fritt Ord Foundation, ₴287,898 from the US Embassy in Kiev , ₴207,402 from an auction organized by ‘Dukat’ (the auction house) and ₴1,875,180 from individual contributors»,

The 2014 financing occurred a few weeks after the entry of Hunter Biden, son of Vice President Joe, into the Board of Directors of Burisma Holding, the Ukrainian energy company based in Cyprus, which handsomely paid Rosemont Seneca Partners of Biden Junior and Devon Archer, stepson of Secretary of State John Kerry and active in his electoral committee with the Democrats.

Bombshell! 9/11, PLANDEMIC & MOSCOW MASSACRE. Black Man of CIA Intrigues alongside Biden jr in Ukrainian Company Accused of Financing Crocus’ Terrorists

As Gospa News recently revealed, Burisma also involved a former CIA official involved in embarrassing cover-ups on the prevention of the September 11 attacks and suspected by Moscow of having also played a role in financing the terrorists of the Crocus City Hall massacre on the 22nd. March 2024.

The protests were led by a mysterious Islamic reporter of Afghan origins, so suspicious as to appear to be an infiltrator of Anglo-American intelligence who planned the coup in Kiev in 2008 after the failure of Soros’s first Orange Revolution in November 2004, who years later was rewarded by becoming deputy director of the Ukrainian national arms industry Ukroboronprom.

Orban’s OK after Rutte’s/LGBTQ controversy over the Anti-Pedophile law in Hungary

«We have agreed with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that no Hungarian personnel will take part in the Alliance’s activities in Ukraine and no Hungarian funds will be used to support them. Our next step this week was to ensure this agreement can stand the test of time. Prime Minister Mark Rutte has confirmed his full support for this agreement and will continue to do so. In light of this commitment, Hungary is ready to support him at the helm of NATO» Viktor Orban wrote it on X.

TOWARD AN ATOMIC WAR! Stoltenberg: “NATO aiming to put Nuclear Weapons on Alert” Russia Ready to Answer

After Viktor Orban’s yes, Slovakia also announced its support for the Dutchman Mark Rutte as leader of NATO. “After consulting both candidates”, i.e. Rutte himself and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis, “Prime Minister Robert Fico and the government, the Slovak Republic can imagine supporting Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte as head of the Alliance”, he said Slovak President Peter Pellegrini, as reported by Slovak and Dutch media.

In exchange, Bratislava asks for help from The Hague to “guarantee its air defense” and “Rutte has expressed his willingness to take care of it in the future”, explained Pellegrini.

“NATO’s LIES ON MEDITERRANEAN WARS FOR GAS”. Exclusive Interview to Former Interpol EU Officer

The bitter controversies that broke out between Organ and the future secretary general of the Atlantic Alliance therefore now seem to have been forgotten.

As Magyar Nemzet reported in July 2021, when Hungary passed an anti-pedophilia law, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte’s recent statement, that Hungary should be brought “to its knees”, was unprecedented and outrageous. Prime Minister Viktor Orbán responded on his social media page to Rutte and emphasized that a “Hungarian only kneels before God, before his country, and if he is proposing to his love.”

«Rutte however is not acting entirely of his own accord, nor is he acting alone. The pseudo-civilian organizations, funded by the pro-migration speculator George Soros, have already taken an active part in the smear campaign against Hungary, which the Hungarian left is readily supporting. Soros’ pseudo-civil organizations have falsely labeled the child-protection law homophobic despite the fact that it is not directed against homosexuals at all, nor does it apply to those over the age of 18 – wrote Origo».

Pedophilia on Facebook: Denounced 146 Groups. Orcs in Chat due to Hypersexualization among Minors Permitted by Zuckerberg

This is what the Hungarian newspaper reported in the article entitled “George Soros’ son behind Mark Rutte’s anti-Hungarian tirade”.

«It is worth noting however that Mark Rutte, who is currently riled up over the anti-pedophilia law, is the same politician who previously wanted to legalize pedophilia and zoophilia; in other words, he believes sexual intercourse with animals and children is acceptable» Hungarian newspaper added.

The Friendship between Protestant Prime Minister and Zionist Soros

On X it is easy to find smiling images of Rutte next to Alex Soros, who in June 2023 inherited the helm of the giant Open Society Foundation which supports the LGBTQ Lobby in the European Union and around the world but also NGOs that favor illegal immigration.

Alex Soros and Mark Rutte

On X it is easy to find smiling images of Rutte next to Alex Soros, who in June 2023 inherited the helm of the giant Open Society Foundation which supports the LGBTQ Lobby in the European Union and around the world but also NGOs that favor illegal immigration.

In these tangles of interests, the fact that Rutte is also a member of a Protestant Church should not be underestimated, which in history was among the accomplices of the emergence of Freemasonry from which Zionism had enormous power, of which Soros is an heir in the key atheist of the political movement supported by the Rothschilds.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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