“NATO’s LIES ON MEDITERRANEAN WARS FOR GAS”. Exclusive Interview to Former Interpol EU Officer

“NATO’s LIES ON MEDITERRANEAN WARS FOR GAS”. Exclusive Interview to Former Interpol EU Officer


«Lies, my boy, are immediately recognisable, because there are two types: there are lies that have short legs and lies that have a long nose» Carlo Collodi

, The Adventures of Pinocchio

Lies and false truths constructed on the table, genocide and forced exodus to seize energy resources.

by Piero Angelo De Ruvo 


Never before have the words that master Geppetto, a psychoanalyst ante litteram, addressed to his puppet been so timely. Lies that have effects on the mind, on the body, on relationships with others, on relationships between states.

How many conflicts – Syria, Libya, Afghanistan, Iraq – began thanks to artfully packaged lies, conflicts that continue even today with the sole purpose of plundering the energy resources of countries that have them in abundance and which Europe, but not only, desperately needs, with the complicity of the energy lobbies.

A Review of Lies Illustrated by Former Interpol Official in Jordan

The proof of these lies is found in the book “Mediterraneo. Same blood, same mud”, written by Antonio Evangelista and illustrated to Gospa News in an exclusive interview

“ is a bit of a review of the lies that have been told about the conflicts in the Balkans, in Libya, in Syria, lies that have now been verified with official sources, interviews with American officials, UN and embassy documents or secret documents that have now been declassified, like the Canadian ones, where we read a different story compared to what was the narrative of the time.”

This is according to author Antonio Evangelista , a former police director, who also served in the United Nations international police, and in Interpol as attaché at the Italian embassy in Amman, Jordan, dealing with war crimes, terrorism and Balkan mafia.


A highly qualified professional curriculum that saw him work side by side with the 007 intelligence of all the countries of the Atlantic Alliance, especially in the context of the United Nations Peacekeeping Force in the war in Bosnia and Kosovo. Whose memories inspired him for the historical novel with the eloquent title “Caliphate of Europe”

“Understanding those mechanisms of how a lie is created and how the truth is modified, how a truth is created even from scratch, is useful today to better understand what is happening in Ukraine and Israel, because in my opinion they too are not telling us exactly how things are going.”

From a careful analysis, in every conflict that has broken out in the Mediterranean and/or Middle Eastern area, the usual suspects appear, the United States and Great Britain, followed by Italy, Germany, France, etc., without any say in the matter in the conflict, but useful to repeat a nagging mantra that justified the reasons for their intervention, namely the export of ‘democracy’ and defence of ‘human rights’, effectively hiding the real reasons that animated and supported the wars , namely the plundering of energy resources and raw materials, such as gas, rare earths, minerals, etc.

“My impression on the field was that if America is the most muscular both on a political, geopolitical and foreign policy level , England is the brain that often appears less but then in the end it is the one that in certain situations makes a difference even more than the United States. Exporting democracy through bombing, does not exist, it is absolutely a pretext to go to these countries and plunder the mineral resources and the gas.”

TOWARD AN ATOMIC WAR! Stoltenberg: “NATO aiming to put Nuclear Weapons on Alert” Russia Ready to Answer

But precisely when talking about gas, the former investigator brings to mind one of the darkest pages of our economic geopolitics, that of the founder of ENI, Enrico Mattei who died in a plane crash in 1962, whose causes are still not entirely clear.

“if we talk about gas, we just need to go back over the years and bring to mind the story of Mattei who was killed precisely because American and English energy geopolitics were taken abroad because he essentially developed an Italian energy policy that was not in conflict but was not appreciated by the so-called 7 sisters”

A monopolistic cartel implemented by the world’s seven largest oil companies to control the oil market. The birth of the seven sisters, as highlighted by Wikipedia, can be traced back to the signing of the Achnacarry agreements signed on 17 September 1928 between representatives of the oil companies Royal Dutch Shell , Standard Oil of New Jersey (later Exxon ) and Anglo-Persian Oil Company , (APOC, later became British Petroleum ), the latter being the most influential.

But history, albeit with different protagonists and in different ways, repeats itself.

“US Navy & CIA behind Nord Stream Sabotage”. Discovered by Legendary NYT Journalist Pulitzer Prize-winning

The retired deputy commissioner, although with investigative caution, continues the NordStream 1 and 2 according to the investigations, according to the revelations of Seymour Hersh who is a Pulitzer Prize winner and a journalist esteemed throughout the world, were blown up by organized teams that would have seen the participation of Ukrainians, United States, English and Norwegians and there are German but also intelligence investigations which have been frozen because that episode was also silenced, but the paradox of this affair, this was sabotage announced, when the Nuland (in a telephone wiretap) said that Europe, and therefore also Italy too, could be screwed”… “that gas pipeline would never have seen the light”

Strong words which in an investigation could become the smoking gun of real sabotage of Russian gas pipelines.

The “Gaza Marine” Project and the “Ben Gurion Canal”

Still remaining on the topic of energy resources, but moving on to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Antonio Evangelista touches on a topic that no one wants to talk about, the GAZA-MARINE. “The Gaza Marine must be developed together with another economic strategy that includes another project, the so-called BEN GURION canal, which would be nothing more than a doubling of the Suez Canal. ….The Ben Gurion Canal would be developed in Israel and would cut through the Gaza Strip”

RELIGIOUS WAR behind GAZA MARINE GAS. Netanyahu & Hamas against Christian Tycoon Ally of Palestinian Muslims

Going into more detail he continues

“It is claimed by well-informed sources with whom I continue to communicate state that the destruction of the tunnels in Gaza is at least partly instrumental to the future construction of this canal, which will essentially have to dig deep into the earth, which will then be the basin where ships will pass, therefore paradoxically This destruction of the tunnels aimed at capturing Hamas terrorists will also be a facilitator for the launch of the Ben Gurion Canal project in the future.”

Therefore, razing Gaza is a well-studied and well-planned operation with one goal, namely the diversion of resources from Gaza, or rather from the Palestinians, by the Jews.

Final Countdown to Complete 1948’s Nakba. Israeli Govt admits the ZioNazi Genocide’s Goal: Depopulate Gaza Strip

It should not be forgotten that on October 29, 2023, three weeks after the start of the Israeli assault on Gaza, Israel’s Energy Minister approved 12 gas exploration licenses in two concession zones. One of these zones is Zone G, assigned to ENI, the British Dana Petroleum and the Israeli Ratio Petroleum Energy. 

In fact, Eni SpA is controlled by the Ministry of Economy and Finance by virtue of the shareholding held both directly and through Cassa Depositi e Prestiti SpA (CDP SpA).  This could be one of the reasons why Italy is reverent towards Israel and looks elsewhere while a genocide is taking place in Gaza, and beyond, with the death of thousands of civilians, including many children.

The former investigator continues his analyses, contained in his book Mediterraneo. Same blood, same mud .

Antonio Evangelsta: “Connecting the dots to understand the designs of wars”

“I try to connect the dots which is one of the purposes of the book, the North stream was plundered, the South stream was hindered by the European Union, Yugoslavia was torn to pieces to repel Russian economic expansionism…”What I feel like saying as an investigator is that it goes in the direction we are dealing with that, when Hamas entered Israel and caused the disasters it did, the victims and hostages it took away and who have not yet been freed, it had had alerts from the Egyptian secret services, from the American secret services, as well as from their secret services, the Israeli IDF. Terrorism has a peculiarity that is 99% of the time it is addressed with prevention activity, because you cannot negotiate with a terrorist” he continues

bluntly, this is one of the fundamental principles of anti-terrorist activity that could not be ignored and if and was ignored because it was functional to the geopolitical strategies that we will see develop after the conflict and which concern projects such as the Ben Gurion Canal and the Gaza Marine”

Update – INTEL DROP by CIA ex Agent: Hamas-Israel Fighting, likelihood “False Flag” to Wipe Gaza Off the Map. Warnings by Egypt Ignored

“My hope is that in this context, politics and those who have the task of governing this country realize that Italy, if it wanted, could make a difference in positive terms, if only for its position, which is obviously a characteristic that only our country has. Italy has the tools and the depth to make its voice heard and make a difference compared to other countries that are talking about sending soldiers away and going to Ukraine”, “the only positive sign are these young people from the universities who take to the streets and protest, I hope that as many young people as possible take to the streets all over the world to protest against wars”

“Jihadist Terrorist Danger in the West”. Due to Israeli Bombing on Gaza & its Gas Affairs! Interpol Officer reveals in Exclusive Interview

We conclude this brief analysis made from an investigative point of view with the hope that all Israelis return to their loved ones as soon as possible and that the rulers highlight how many human beings have been sacrificed in the name of energy and geopolitical strategies.

We don’t need protests to achieve peace, but we need the common sense of those who govern us to build peace.

Piero Angelo De Ruvo

Non-commissioned officer of the Italian Army on leave. Former military trade unionist
Member of the board of the Constitutio Italia association

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