Gaza, Donbass, Syria: GENOCIDES of the Zionist, Nazi, Jihadist Regimes is US-NATO’s “New” Geopolitical WEAPON

Gaza, Donbass, Syria: GENOCIDES of the Zionist, Nazi, Jihadist Regimes is US-NATO’s “New” Geopolitical WEAPON


In the cover image US Secretary of State Blinken and Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


Just yesterday, on the eve of the day in which the International Court in The Hague is called to address the accusation of genocide launched against Israel by South Africa, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken defined it as “meritless”, revealing his unremitting support for the massacre of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, CERTIFIED by indiscriminate bombing of hospitals and churches in Gaza.

We write without waiting for the start of the process which will first of all have to deal with the “precautionary measures of the immediate suspension of Israeli military operations” urgently requested by the South African legal action also supported by Turkey, Bolivia and Malaysia because, even in the event of a rapid pronouncement of condemnation, will have a more symbolic and diplomatic value than actual, as happened with the even more binding UN resolutions against the occupation of the Syrian Golan Heights by Israel which have never found even partial fulfillment.

“Israel must leave the Golan”. The UN’s slap against Trump and Bibi-Briberies

War Crimes in Syria, Donbass and Gaza

In denouncing “hot” the genocide carried out by the Zionist regime led by Netanyahu, we reported the accusation of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and various parliamentarians against him of being a contemporary Hitler without noting that, certainly to a lesser extent in terms of victims, the mercenary Jihadists enlisted by Turkey among the ISIS and Al Qaeda terrorists released from prisons have carried out – and are carrying out – a similar act of ethnic cleansing in Rojava, North-East Syria, against Kurds, Christians, tribes Arabs and Shiite Muslims considered enemies by the Sunni antagonists who inspire the Jihad of Islamic extremists.

Devastating Raid in GAZA Hospital. Turkish Lawyers blames of  “genocide” Netanyahu: “the 21st century Hitler”

In reality, this analogy with the Fuhrer who created the infamous SS fits better with the current pro-Nazi regime in Kiev and the massacre of the Russian-speaking population carried out by the neo-Nazis of the Azov Battalion who since 2014 have been proudly classified as a paramilitary component of the National Ukrainian Guard  which depends directly on the country’s Ministry of the Interior.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is an atheist Zionist almost like Netanyahu (who saves the appearance of religiosity but does not demonstrate concrete devotion to the roots of Judaism so much so as to be detested by the Orthodox Jews of the Holy Land and beyond) and certainly like George Soros who financed the bloody coup of 2014 to oust the pro-Russian government of legitimately elected president Viktor Yanukovych from Kiev.

Neverending WAR CRIMES in Syria under NATO’s Shield! Israeli and US Airstrikes. Turkish Persecution on Rojava Population

Russian President Vladimir Putin said he was “naive” in the first years of his mandate about the intentions of Western countries, which aimed at the “disintegration” of Russia as had happened with the USSR. In an interview with the Rossiya-1 television channel reported by Tass, he said that former American national security advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski (President Carter’s Administration, Editor’s note) “had a plan to divide Russia into five parts and exploit its resources”.

To Protect Zelensky’s Azov Battalion US, Italy and German Oppose to UN antiNazism Resolution

Putin also showed the same naivety in adhering to the project to reduce lethal chemical and bacteriological weapons of the Pentagon’s DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency) by virtue of which in 2012 the US Department of Defense instead financed the 12 biological laboratories in Ukraine for research on pathogenic viruses in which Covid-19 was also studied three months before the pathology caused by SARS-Cov-2 made its appearance and became pandemic.

WUHAN-GATES – 50. The Italian Boss of Obama’s Coronavirus. Ukraine Laboratories Funded by former CIA Director Leon Panetta

Not only. In the famous speech of February 22, 2022, when the Russian president announced the Special Military Operation for the de-Nazification and demilitarization of Ukraine, he added that had made a mistake in having been too patient regarding the massacre of the Russian-speaking population of the Separatist Republics of Donbass, rich in gas and oil for the extraction of which the energy company Burisma already had licenses, of which Hunter Biden (son of the then vice-president Jospeh, now US president) became administrator.

UkraineGate: The Revenge! Us President Impeachment & the Bidens’ Shady Affairs for NWO. Inquiry or Farce?

Zelensky’s Ashkenazi descent makes it almost an oxymoron to call him a neo-Nazi if it weren’t for the fact that even Adolph Hitler himself, according to authoritative scholars, would have had them and would have started the “fratricidal” holocaust of the Jews thanks to the financial aid of the Rockefellers, for the hidden international strategy to legitimize the Zionist Movement to create a State of Israel in Palestine. The secret plans for genocide that have emerged in recent weeks have further supported this terrible hypothesis…

Genocide as a “New” Weapon of US-NATO Geopolitics

Summing up various investigations in these lines we have therefore seen, in a hasty and certainly not exhaustive way on the extermination carried out with the Shoah, how genocide has become and is even more so in the Third Millennium a new Military and Geopolitical Weapon of NATO which directly or indirectly through the most powerful countries that lead it (USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy) has legitimized, implicitly in Syria and explicitly in Donbass and Palestine, the massacres perpetrated for years with the aim of carrying out ethnic cleansing but also to challenge the blocs of world powers such as Russia, China, India, Iran and other Arab countries.

Why Rockefeller’s Standard Oil was Axis Ally of Hitler & Nazis

This challenge represents the attempt to impose a geopolitical hegemony aimed at the oligarchic dictatorship of the New World Order as theorized by Soros in a 1993 article on the inevitable evolution of the Atlantic Alliance.

“TOWARD A NEW WORLD ORDER: The Future of NATO”. Soros’ 1993 Manifesto in which Forecast Ukraine War

The membership of NATO of a country like Finland, where the SS swastika still appears in various military structures, and of Sweden, where Nazi skeletons are well hidden in secret cupboards and for decades has been a refuge for dangerous jihadists, only completing an already disturbing picture.

Nazi Skeletons in Finland and Sweden’s Closets. Behind the Helsinki Official Induction into NATO

The Old and New Totalitarianisms built by Freemasonry

Western Freemasonry was able to build the old and new Totalitarianisms, which spread like a lethal plague similar to the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic laboratory virus, such as Communism (from the French Revolution to the Bolshevik Revolution), Nazism (from brief historical investigation on the matter), but also Zionism and the Sunni Muslim Brotherhood, such as the various jihadist organizations used openly by Erdogan and covertly by various NATO countries (USA and UK thanks to the American counter-espionage of the CIA and the British of the MI6 ) since the war in the Balkans.

FREEMASONRY & ZIONISM – 1. Apocalyptic “Cataclysms” by Synagogue of Satan: Genocides in Palestine & Plotted Pandemic for Lethal Vaccines.

In this path of historical revisionism, the strategy of NATO therefore appears clear, having now completely escaped the control of the countries that compose it and ended up in the hands of puppets of the New World Order such as Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg, already a trusted collaborator of Bill Gates in the plan of global immunization on the vaccines of the GAVI alliance officially presented in 1999 in the Congress Center of the Rockefeller Foundation in Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio (Como).

WEAPONS LOBBY – 9. Norges Bank: Dirty Affairs of War among Stoltenberg, Gates, Nato & Italy. Oslo Business on Leopard Tanks for Ukraine

This globalist vision legitimizes genocide as a form of territorial conquest of geopolitically strategic countries due to their position, such as the Balkans where Serbia is the only pro-Russian enclave in an area with an Atlanticist vocation, or for their wealth of raw materials , like Donbass and Rojava, bordering the Deir Ezzor desert where the US steals Syrian oil with the complicity of jihadist groups and Turkey.

14 Thousand Jihadist Troops in Libya for Turkey Blitz alongside US Weapons’ Lobby, NATO’s Deep State & NWO

We have already analyzed the mad “Greater Israel” project with which Netanyahu wants to control the Gaza Strip through a genocide functional to the exodus of the Palestinians which was confirmed by a secret military plan and by the minister of the religious Zionist party of his government.

Final Countdown to Complete 1948’s Nakba. Israeli Govt admits the ZioNazi Genocide’s Goal: Depopulate Gaza Strip

Gaza Genocide: the USA against the Trial before the International Court

Despite this, the US, the Zionists’ main NATO accomplice, has dared to state that the case of “genocide” presented by South Africa to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) – currently under discussion – is “meritless” “galling.”. American Secretary of State Antony Blinken said the submission distracts the world from peace and security efforts.

“And moreover, the charge of genocide is meritless,” Blinken said at a news conference in Tel Aviv, Israel, where he went on his fourth Middle East tour since an Oct. 7 attack on Israel by the Palestinian resistance group, Hamas.

In the last few hours, the head of US diplomacy reiterated his support for Israel, but also underlined the importance of avoiding further damage to civilians and protecting civilian infrastructure in Gaza, where the toll has reached 23,210 deaths.

Terrifying VIDEO from GENOCIDE in Palestine! Barrage of Complaints vs Zionist Regime before International Courts

“It’s particularly galling given that those who are attacking Israel, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Houthis, as well as their support on Iran, continue to openly call for the annihilation of Israel and the mass murder of Jews.” Blinken added.

In the evening, White House National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby explained in a briefing with journalists that the US: “Does not support a ceasefire at this time. And there is no change in this, because we believe that at this moment it would not benefit anyone except Hamas.”

ISIS claims for Terrorist Bombings in Iran. The Shadow of Usual MOSSAD-CIA Plot in favor of the Warlords

Here is the same rhetoric of those Americans of the NWO like the Rockefellers who indirectly financed Hitler’s holocaust and who since 1948 have ignored the war crimes committed daily in Palestine by the Israel Defense Forces army which also targeted the West Bank, although controlled by the Palestinian National Authority and does not have Hamas like the Gaza Strip, and by the human rights violations carried out by Zionist settlers who have been stealing their land from Arabs and Christians for decades through persecution and intimidating murders.

Not to mention that a former official of the Central Intelligence Agency, Philip Giraldi, and an American parliamentarian have repeatedly claimed that the Hamas terrorist group is not only intrigued with the Israeli counter-intelligence of the Mossad, incapable of preventing the attack of 7 October despite being had been warned by Egyptian intelligence, but would have been secretly financed and armed by the US precisely to trigger the provocations necessary for Zionist repression.

42 Survivors of the Nova Rave Massacre sue Israeli Defense Establishment for Negligence

Also in this case there are enormous economic interests already highlighted in the investigation by the Canadian investigative journalist Matthew Ehret in reference to the gas fields of Marine Gaza, a few nautical miles from the Strip, on which we are preparing a sensational investigation.

The “Greater Israel” Scheme and its Global Power Play: a Delusional Recipe for Armageddon

The massacre of Donbass was stopped by Russia which was forced to turn it into a terrible international conflict to defend the Russian-speaking populations and today the fighting continues due to the stubborn refusal of any truce or peace negotiations by Ukrainian President Zelensky, servant of NATO and of Satan, as we have written in the past, for the persecution of Orthodox Christians faithful to the Patriarchate of Moscow also condemned by the UN.

Mainstream Western Journalists Complicit in the Gaza Massacre

If the genocide in Gaza continues with a terrifying massacre of innocent children, it is not only the fault of the complicity of the NATO countries but of that of mainstream Western journalists

who manipulate information in a servile and schizophrenic way, attributing to Netanyahu every justification for exterminating civilians in a military invasion of another country (Palestine is a state recognized by most UN nations) while firmly condemning Putin for intervening to protect Donbass.

UN condemns Ukraine’s Crackdown on its largest Christian church

In recent days, pro-Zionist propaganda has reached its peak, highlighting yet another imaginative accusation of the Israeli regime relaunched by complicit media.

«Israel attacks UNRWA, the UN agency for Palestinian refugees: its employees, this is the very serious accusation launched by the secret services of the Jewish State, participated in the Hamas attacks on 7 October last – wrote the Italian and international news agency ANSA – On the eve of the meeting of the Court of Justice in The Hague, with Israel called by South Africa to answer for “attempted genocide in Gaza”, military radio denounced that among the Hamas militiamen responsible for the massacres of 7 October “there were employees of UNRWA”. The broadcaster cited information received from the Shin Bet and other indications according to which UNRWA, despite being considered a humanitarian organization, cooperated in “terrorist activities”».

ZioNazi Gift for Pope’s Birthday! Netanyahu’s Sniper Murdered Christian Women in Gaza Latin Parish. Rockets on the Monastery

This is the response of media totalitarianism to the UN’s denunciation of a massacre of its officials, killed by Israeli bombing together with newborns from hospitals, Christian faithful hidden in churches and journalists (which the International Criminal Court would begin to investigate). Precisely because their colleagues who are now accomplices of the New World Order also climb on the glass to deny the evidence.

We await today’s decision from the International Court in The Hague which, whatever it may be, will be a merely diplomatic act with no effect on the genocide. As has happened in the past…

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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