Exclusive – “With Covid Vaccines Risks of Pulmonary’s Serious Injuries”. Shocking Research on Nature Journal, ignored by Scientific Community, Big Pharma and Media

Exclusive – “With Covid Vaccines Risks of Pulmonary’s Serious Injuries”. Shocking Research on Nature Journal, ignored by Scientific Community, Big Pharma and Media


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Versione originale in ItalianoA shocking research on the risks of anti-Covid vaccines was published on 13 October 2020 in London scientific journal Nature but remained “buried” for months in the huge virtual archive of specialist publications. It has been ignored by the international scientific community, by the media also in the sector but above all by Big Pharma which obviously had no interest in disseminating a disarming study. Gospa News did not discover it by chance but following a “trail” unveiled by an international researcher on the adverse reactions found in the animal experimentation of vaccines against SARS in 2003, which actually never reached clinical trials and the request for pharmacological authorization also for the disappearance of the contagion of that time after a few hundred deaths.

Boston’s Research (even funded by Gates) reveals Unknown-Dangerous Risks in M-RNA Vaccine already Explained by Chinese Study

In searching among the specialized sites for a 2012 study, I came across that of autumn 2020, developed by scientists from two Chinese universities, even more disconcerting for the subsequent conditional approval of messenger RNA vaccines (Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna), with modified nucleosides, considered similar to gene therapies by Professor Maria Rita Gismondo, director of Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Bioemergency Diagnostics at the Luigi Sacco Hospital in Milan (University campus where she is also an academic teacher), as highlighted in a previous article.

In it explicit reference is made to the risks of pulmonary immunopathology, an adverse reaction that can trigger in the immune system and cause serious damage to the lungs, affecting their ability to defend themselves from attacks by pathogens with even fatal consequences may be after much time.

Us-Italian Mother’s Cry: “My Daughter in Psychiatric Home is NOT a Human guinea-pig for Covid vaccine”

Before unveiling the content of the study that should induce all governments and world institutions to an active and not just passive pharmacovigilance (i.e. based on simple reports of the vaccinated) on current and future sera authorized by drug agencies and the World Organization of Healthcare, we cite some enlightening technical explanations presented with a popular approach by another expert in the sector. Otherwise, the reading of scientific research in reference to the risks of serious lung damage inherent in vaccines against SARS-Cov-2 could only be understood by medical specialists.



«There are sequence homologies between influenza viruses and covids that share very similar proteins, so if antibodies against the influenza virus are formed, the same antibodies weakly bind to SARS Cov-2. The problem is that the antibodies that are formed following the flu vaccination bind to the covid but since they do so in a weak way it happens that more antibodies bind to the same virus». To support the existence of a “phenomenon of cross-reactivity between influenza and covid” is Dr. Loretta Bolgan, who graduated in chemistry and pharmaceutical technologies in Padua, where she obtained her PhD in pharmaceutical sciences working as a Research fellow in Massachusetts General Hospital (Boston). After her first course of studies, she worked as an industrial researcher in the development of molecular biology diagnostic kits, and in the preparation of drug and galenic registration dossiers.

COVID-19 Increased. Seasonal Flu Disappeared. The science journalist: “Cases confused with SARS-2”

The blogger Francesco Cappello, professor of Physics and activist of the “No War, No Born” Committee, had the merit of giving her a long interview published on YouTube and then transcribed in her personal blog (link at the bottom of the article), recalling that the doctor has “Participated in the last parliamentary commission of inquiry on depleted uranium in the vaccines group and collaborated as a consultant for the National Order of Biologists for the toxicology of drugs and vaccines”.

The molecular biology expert refers to a problem similar to that already mentioned by Gospa News in reference to scientific research conducted by the US Department of Defense. In it, Pentagon researchers wrote: “Receiving the flu shot may increase the risk of other respiratory viruses, a phenomenon known as virus interference.” The study was carried out on the military in 2017-2018, examining the interactions of the influenza vaccine with various types of diseases including the strains of Coronavirus (the group of pathogens to which Covid-19 then not yet discovered) belongs, highlighting a 36% higher risk for influenza vaccinates of contracting the other virus.

“When this complex formed by several antibodies to the virus is formed, the virus enters the cells through a receptor other than ACE2. In this case the complex uses the Fc-gamma receptor which is present in the cells of the immune system, in particular in macrophages, mast cells and other cells of this type – continues Bolgan – When the virus enters the macrophages through this path, it blocks the antiviral response of the macrophage and therefore the antiviral interferons, thus starting to replicate uncontrollably within the cells of the immune system. Hence the stimulation of cytokine production. Here is the mechanism by which the complication is triggered. This is what we call the enhancement of the disease which occurs in a very rapid and uncontrolled way».

Covid, Shocking Claim by Italian Infectious Diseases Institute: “Risks of Confusion between seasonal Flu and SARS-2 Virus”

The correlation between the flu virus and Covid-19 was also implicitly confirmed by a sensational communication issued by one of the most authoritative Italian institutes which cast even more disturbing shadows on the mysterious phenomenon of seasonal influenza cases that disappeared from the official WHO statistics in 2020 as if had ended up in the cauldron of those attributed to the SARS-Cov-2 virus.

“These tests will probably arrive next week” which will allow us to distinguish Covid from the flu, wrote the Adnkronos agency on November 8, taking up the statements made by Professor Francesco Vaia, health director of the Spallanzani National Institute of Infectious Diseases in Rome during the broadcast of Rai 1 ‘Buongiorno Benessere (Good Morning Welness)’, hosted by Vira Carbone.

Italy-US Academic Virologist: “Stop to Pandemic’s Terrorism. Covid-19 less Lethal. Lockdowns may destroy Economy”

It was therefore self-evident that if the tests to distinguish Covid-19 from seasonal flu arrived only in the autumn, up until then they had not been used with the risk of registering a positive pathogen to one or the other. Thus placing the risk of a macroscopic uncertainty about the reliability of the swabs, already questioned by the world-famous virologist Giorgio Palù, a few weeks ago appointed president of the AIFA, Italian Medicines Agency.

This does not have a correlation with the concept of “virus cross-reactivity” but is sufficient to confirm the correlation supported by Dr. Bolgan also in her Studies and Health website where she set herself the goal of making available to all of us a database in which collects scientific and popular materials (articles, dossiers, ebooks, etc.) mainly on two thematic areas: human health and the environment.


“The enhancement of the disease in the case of influenza is possible after the flu vaccination. This very dangerous phenomenon occurs especially in the over 65s. We take into account, in fact, that especially among the elderly the percentage of vaccinated people who show an increase is high, around 50%. Vaccination predisposes them to the fatal complication, especially if multiple pathologies are present together” the molecular biology expert again points out, explaining a phenomenon that could also trigger in Covid, as we will read in the Asian scientific study.With reference to the SARS-Cov-2 virus, Dr. Bolgan specifies: “We must take into account that single-stranded RNA viruses such as these, not only rapidly form mutants, especially in the part of the Spike which is immunogenic, thus managing to escape quickly to what is the attack of the immune system, especially adaptive. There is, in fact, an RNA dependent RNA polymerase that introduces many errors in its replication, thus forming, very quickly, mutants with mutations that are present in all the viruses of the new mutant, that is, in all copies, at 100%. However, it can also form a population of minor mutants, present in a percentage ranging from 20 to 80% of the major mutant that are called quasispecies “.

Dr. Loretta Bolgan, expert in molecular biology – Italian video link at the bottom of the page

“So alongside the major mutant there are also hundreds of these minor mutants, all in competitive equilibrium with each other. When vaccinating, specific antibodies are produced for the vaccine antigen but these antibodies produced through the vaccine are not able to bind to all minor mutants, so the minor mutants that escape from binding to the vaccine antibody are properly those that are they replicate and resist because they have a selective advantage. They are then selected by vaccination and here is the resistance vaccine! And here is that the famous variant of London, as well as those that occurred in France or elsewhere, could have this origin. It is easy to assume that they were caused by vaccination».



In her very long interview (the only limitation of Professor Francesco Cappello’s didactic and meticolous articles), the former pharmaceutical researcher touches on countless interconnected issues that we will develop in upcoming thematic reports. Therefore we are forced to jump abruptly to the final stages and then reveal the salient parts of the research conducted in China. The crucial step is that related to the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine based on messenger RNA, of which Dr. Bolgan is still studying the toxicology before outlining a specific evaluation.

«After entering the cell and the release of the genetic material (the vaccine antigen), it is necessary to understand well how the latter is metabolized. We can expect that the vector, being made up of lipid material, can stimulate certain danger signal receptors, mainly cytokines that are mediators of inflammation. The genetic material remains in the cytoplasm. It does not pass through the nuclear membrane and uses ribosomes there for the production of proteins. This is the theoretical and desired process, but we do not yet know the metabolism of the cells completely and no specific studies have been done that allow us to exclude the possibility that the antigen is transformed into other forms of genetic material. At the end of the vector there are modified, synthetic nucleotides. We do not know how the latter are metabolized».

Pfizer Vaccine as Russian Roulette: Inefficacy, Facial Palsy and Anaphylaxis’ Risks. Italians Physicians’ Uprising. German Vaccinated Nurses’ Overdose

«The other thing concerns the RNA fragment that is transformed into a protein directly. It must also be said that when we go to inject this material, at the injection site there is an immediate activation of the danger signal because it is in any case foreign material, especially lipid, and nucleic acid that immediately activates a cytokine response».

«The cytokine storm is not exactly trivial because the most sensitive people could have very serious consequences in the face of an uncontrolled cytokine storm and we cannot even know what the longer-term consequences of multi-organ damage may be to which they can meet. However, it has already been reported that this vaccine is very reactogenic. We are also talking about anaphylaxis but it should be seen that they are not cytokine storms caused by the aforementioned mechanism» concluded dr. Bolgan.



«In this review, we provide an overview of the experimental and clinical data obtained from recent SARS-CoV-2 vaccines trials, and highlight certain potential safety issues that require consideration when developing vaccines. Furthermore, we summarize several strategies utilized in the development of vaccines against other infectious viruses, such as severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus (SARS-CoV) and Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV), with the aim of aiding in the design of effective therapeutic approaches against SARS-CoV-2».

This can be read in the study entitled “A systematic review of SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates” effectively nullified by the “fast-track” authorizations, with conditional emergency authorizations, issued in December and January after the first clinical trials.

Researchers Yetian Dong, Tong Dai, Yujun Wei, Long Zhang, Min Zheng and Fangfang Zhou from various prestigious research centers (School of Medicine, Zhejiang University, Hangzhou; Life Sciences Institute and Innovation Center for Cell Signaling Network, Institutes of Biology and Medical Science, Soochow University – Suzhou, and Anhui Anlong Gene Technology Co., Ltd, Hefei) have developed colossal work based on 144 previous scientific research from the past 15 years including that of Tseng, CT et al. with the immediately disturbing title “Immunization with SARS coronavirus vaccines leads to pulmonary immunopathology in the challenge with the SARS virus“.

The heading of the research published in Nature on the risks of lung damage from vaccines – link to paper study at bottom of the article

A study that alone should have induced the entire scientific community to direct their ears and open their eyes wide in front of the vaccine trials of this Coronavirus strain because it was in fact that research to abort any ambition for an antidote against SARS of the 2003, which began testing in Wuhan also with the creation of recombinant viruses. with the insertion of HIV, and chimeric superviruses. For the sake of synthesis, we will leave out the precious suggestions indicated by scientists to mitigate the dangerous risks of vacines, obviously intended for professionals. The number after each some phrases is the reference to the previous studies cited in the bibliography (see pdf)

WUHAN-GATES – 9. THE PROOFS: HIV inserted in SARS chimeric virus in 2007. Thanks to Australian & EU Commission Funds

But the scientific effort of the 6 Chinese doctors, which came to fruition on July 10, revised on September 6, authorized by Nature on September 27 and published online on October 13, risks serving only those who will one day develop serious lung damage following the vaccination and will be willing to try an arduous lawsuit against the multinational vaccines, given the informed consent and the provisional authorization of emergency drugs.

Because the warnings contained in the academic study could not / wanted to be taken into consideration by Big Pharma in order not to have to start from scratch with the necessary clinical trials and trials for marketing authorization already in phase 1 or 2 in summer 2020.



«According to the World Health Organization (WHO), as of September 17, 2020, 36 vaccine candidates were under clinical evaluation to treat COVID-19, and 146 candidate vaccines were in preclinical evaluation. Given that vaccines can be applied for prophylaxis and the treatment for SARS-CoV-2 infection, in this review, we introduce the recent progress of therapeutic vaccines candidates against SARS-CoV-2. Furthermore, we summarize the safety issues that researchers may be confronted with during the development of vaccines. We also describe some effective strategies to improve the vaccine safety and efficacy that were employed in the development of vaccines against other pathogenic agents, with the hope that this review will aid in the development of therapeutic methods against COVID-19» wrote Yetian Dong and his fellow scientists, perhaps ignoring that the “machine” of world production was already practically ready for mass printing of the therapeutic “merchandise” …

Let’s start with the positive news now known: «Previous studies reported that vaccines encoding SARS-CoV S protein elicited potent cellular and humoral immune responses in murine challenge models and in clinical trials. Similarly, the S gene is regarded as a key target for SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. The S protein of CoVs, especially the RBD, is able to induce neutralizing antibodies (NAbs) and T-cell immune responses».

Advantages and disadvantages of the different types of vaccines according to Chinese research published on Nature

And let’s get to the negative news that is well hidden by the international scientific community, the WHO and Big Pharma: «Apart from the S protein, other proteins, such as the N protein, M protein, non-structural proteins (nsps), and accessory proteins, may have the potential to serve as antigens. Indeed, viral proteins and their interactions with host factors were associated with imbalanced host immune responses, such as low type I interferons (IFN-I) and IFN-III levels, and elevated pro-inflammatory cytokine levels (Fig.1a).30,31»,  Now you understand why we made that articulate molecular biology premise by Dr. Bolgan on the risks of chitokine storms … But the worst is yet to come!

For the sake of brevity we will have to summarize the analysis on vaccines (identified by type) on their disadvantages, without dwelling on otherwise difficult to understand technical details and their strengths, which can still be read in the PDF of the research itself at the link at the bottom of the article.

  • DNA vaccines: The safety and efficacy of vaccines for use in humans remain unknown
  • RNA vaccines: The property of mRNA can influence its cell release and organ dysfunction. Whether or not it is safe for humans, this remains unknown
  • Inactivated vaccines: The unimportant antigen can alter the immune response. It needs biosecurity level 3 for the growth of the pathogen.
  • Subunit vaccines: It can have limited efficacy and unbalance immune responses
  • Vector Vaccines: May induce previous vector immunity


The most important criterion of vaccines is safety. Previous experience from the development of SARS-CoV and MERS-CoV vaccines has raised concerns of pulmonary immunopathology correlating with Th2 responses65 (Fig. 5b). Th2 is a subgroup of T cells that can secrete Th2-type cytokines, such as interleukin 4 (IL-4), IL-5, IL-10, and IL-13, and aberrant levels of Th2 cytokines can cause immune reactions that lead to eosinophil infiltrations. In murine models, four different SARS-CoV vaccines led to the occurrence of Th2-type immunopathology with high eosinophil infiltration, which served as a marker for Th2-type hypersensitivity 92».

The cycle of immune and immunopathological reaction triggered by vaccines in the research chart by Dong et al

«This was also observed in mice vaccinated with inactivated MERS-CoV vaccines which had eosinophil infiltrations, with the levels of IL-5 and IL-13 higher than those before vaccination.93 Moreover, it is proposed that the immunopathologic reaction following vaccination may be partially attributed to the presence of the N protein in the vaccine, but this requires further validation.94,95 Recent studies on cytokine changes in patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 also observed increased secretion of Th2 cytokines, which might contribute to the lung immunopathology.96,97,98 Thus, controlling the T-cell response must be considered when designing vaccines against SARS-CoV-2».

WUHAN-GATES – 7. Bio-Weapons Dossier. Pentagon & Fauci 28 Us Labs’ Secrets. Dangerous Tests with CoronaVirus

«While the humoral immune response induced by vaccines may represent a potent approach of conferring protection against CoV infection, an abnormal antibody response may also result in physical deterioration of patients (Fig. 5b). In SARS-CoV-infected macaque models, vaccine-induced S-specific IgG resulted in severe acute lung injury (ALI) because IgG disturbed the inflammation-resolving response of macrophages and the blockade of Fc gamma receptor (FcγR) reduced such influence.99».

X-rays of the lungs of macaques infected with CoronaVirus Mers in an experiment at Fort Detrick (USA)

But here is the explosive statement: «Moreover, deceased patients displayed higher titers of NAbs and faster NAb responses which dropped more quickly than in recovered patients during the acute infection, potentially triggering a systematic breakdown of the immune system and exerting the immunopathologic effects on the lung and spleen.99,100 Consistently, patients severely infected with SARS-CoV-2 frequently exhibited more robust IgG responses and increased antibodies titers, which linked with the worst clinical condition and suggested antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of SARS-CoV-2 infection.101,102 Whether SARS-CoV-2 vaccines will cause abnormal antibody responses is currently unknown and additional research is required to address the potential lung damage caused by SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidates».

In response to Big Pharma, international drug agencies, governments and the WHO have ignored the warning by proceeding with the commercialization of millions of doses of the first authorized vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, both mRNA, and AstraZeneca, based on a non-replicating viral vector) .

WUHAN-GATES – 30. WHO’s Vaccines Billionaire Plan in the Hands of Gates & Big Pharma: ex GSK manager leads COVAX with Gavi

«The mechanisms underlying this immunopathology deserve further investigation, which may provide instructive guidance for the future development of SARS-CoV-2 vaccines. Apart from immunopathology, other important questions remain to be addressed, such as how to protect the population vulnerable to lethal human CoVs, such as the elderly, and how best to provide protection against variant and heterologous CoV strains» is the conclusion of Chinese academic researchers to which the world scientific community has answered in a simple way: conditional emergency authorization of anti-Covid sera. In summary: the laboratory animals will be the humans who get vaccinated without even knowing the risks they run …


In connection with the previous study, we mention the one just reported in the US by the website The Defender of the Children Health Defense association led by lawyer Robert F. Knnedy jr which touches on the delicate and shady issue of informed consent.«

In a new research article published in Microbiology & Infectious Diseases, veteran immunologist J. Bart Classen expresses similar concerns and writes that “RNA-based COVID vaccines have the potential to cause more disease than the epidemic of COVID-19.” For decades, Classen has published papers exploring how vaccination can give rise to chronic conditions such as Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes — not right away, but three or four years down the road. In this latest paper, Classen warns that the RNA-based vaccine technology could create “new potential mechanisms” of vaccine adverse events that may take years to come to light» this is the danger that lurks in the time factor capable of escaping any active pharmacovigilance because it would be unthinkable and difficult for the national health systems to monitor tens of millions of vaccinated against Covid-19 year by year.

Kennedy: “501 US Deaths after Covid Vaccines”. Quickly Banned by Socials’ Dictatorship. RFK jr: “Censorship hinders Vaccine’s safety”

That’s why, according to RFK jr, «Ensuring that patients clearly understand risks — including known risks as well as potential unknown risks — is an important component of the informed consent process. This is all the more true when the intervention is experimental and lacks long-term safety data, as is the case with the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines against COVID-19. The FDA authorized the two vaccines for widespread emergency use based on just two months of clinical trial data».

«Unfortunately, it is not unusual for researchers’ communication of risks to be perfunctory. In October, researchers at New York University and Tulane reported that the information communicated to participants in the coronavirus clinical trials about a worrisome problem known as pathogenic priming was “sufficiently obscured” as to make “adequate patient comprehension” of risks “unlikely.”» adds The Defender website.

SARS-2: “China, US, NATO & Five Eyes Intelligences conceal Manmade Virus’ origin”. Shocking claims by Israeli IDF officer Bio-Weapons expert

Disinformation on vaccines, which culminated in Facebook censorship on social media with the removal of Kennedy’s Instagram account, is just one of the last chapters of a criminal script of a “pandemic planned for decades by Bill Gates” as claimed by the same American lawyer, corroborating the suspicions of virology and intelligence experts about the laboratory-built SARS-Cov-2.

WUHAN-GATES – 26. SARS-2 Bio-Weapon & Gold Vaccines. From CIA-WHO Tests funded by Gates to EU Summit with Pfizer, Biden’s sponsor, before Pandemic!

This was possible thanks to the biological engineering that in 2004 allowed the Wuhan Institute of Virology to start the first trials of SARS virus infected with HIV thanks to funding from the European Commission and the American government agency USAID (financial instrument of the ‘CIA intelligence) then, together with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the EcoHealth Alliance of which Peter Daszak is president, not surprisingly sent by the WHO director, Tedros Adhanom Gebreyesu, a puppet of Gates, in the mission in China with which they sought to bury the theory of the anthropic virus. Meaning that was created by human hands and minds, greedy and perverse. Disgustingly perverse.

read more…

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization – Versione originale in Italiano










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