Italy-US Academic Virologist: “Stop to Pandemic’s Terrorism. Covid-19 less Lethal. Risks of False Positives detection with Swabs”

Italy-US Academic Virologist: “Stop to Pandemic’s Terrorism. Covid-19 less Lethal. Risks of False Positives detection with Swabs”


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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«The lethality of SARS-Cov-2 fluctuates between 0.3 and 0.6% while for SARS (2003 – ed) it was 10% and MERS of 36%, two Coronaviruses that became extinct within one year. This should reassure us a bit, instead, this “Infodemic”, that is, this information that has become pandemic, this fear of contagion, fear of death: this has become virulent and contagious. Common sense, reasonableness, critical ability to evaluate data for what they are has been lost. We are in the autumn of reason».

In over an hour of interview on Italian TV7, a world luminary of virology unhinged the logical foundations of the terrorist politicians and doctors of the pandemic, of those promoters of the curfew implemented in various regions of Italy and already evocative of an immediate national lockdown, such as the governor of Campania Vincenzo De Luca.

He is Professor Giorgio Palù, professor emeritus of the University of Padua and then director of the Department of Molecular Medicine of the same university since 2012, adjunct professor at the Department of Neurosciences, Temple University Medical School of Philadelphia (since 2007) who does not use many ords to argue that what has already been said by his other illustrious colleagues: there are now treatments against Covid-19. While “Italy cannot afford other generalized lockdowns” according to the expert scientist who was also the founder of the Italian Society of Virology and president of the European one for 7 years.

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He has earned several citations on the so-called counter-information media also for having relaunched the theory of SARS-Cov-2 created in the laboratory, strongly documented by Gospa News, as also claimed by the former director of British counter-intelligence MI6 Rchard Dearlove and by authoritative scientists including the winner of the Nobel Prize for Medicine, Luc Montagnier, and the famous human rights’ lawyer Robert F. Kennedy, (JFK nephew) who blamed Gates and Fauci for a planned pnademic.

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«There are currently two hypotheses on the genesis of the virus: the first comes from the BL-4 laboratory in Wuhan where experiments were carried out on the bat coronavirus, the other is that it is natural. If the virus were natural, there should be an intermediate host that we have not yet found – Palù declared as reported by Italian newspaper Gazzettino – The laboratory hypothesis is being examined by a consortium of international virologists that is evaluating all the deposited sequences of coronavirus animals and humans. It must be said that the human virus has some genomic sequences that are not found in the bat virus or in the pangolin virus».



Professor Palù’s position on the restrictive measures to contain the new wave of infections in Italy is very clear: «Politics had its merits when it imposed the lockdown in a critical situation, then it took care to impose a state of emergency that did not it is not even foreseen by the Republican Constitution. It is an administrative procedure that refers to a law that takes on a whole series of decisions bypassing Parliament. This is the state of emergency that is now on January 31st».

«There is a state of emergency which concerns politics which is a self-preservative approach, then there is the state of emergency which concerns citizenship. I believe that if we do not take note of the situation, especially the economic one, the real impact we will suffer will be poverty, hunger, job loss, psychological damage. Who will go to emergency will be us citizens, not the rulers. Politics could do more to speed up the bureaucracy» he said, obviously referring to the health and hospital sectors with reference to the logistical organization and structural equipment (beds) and materials (masks, ventilators, medicines, etc.).

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«We will be forced into tight lockdowns in space-time but this country cannot afford a generalized lockdown: we had a forecast of – 17% of GDP and now we have a certified 10%. A cost-benefit assessment must be made: can I afford to block the country for this disease that has this (low – ed) lethality?» is one of the considerations expressed by the world luminary of virology in his long television interview of which we will report the essential excerpts



Since infections continue to rise in Italy (19,143 in the last 24 hours identified with 182,032 swabs, a record since the start of the pandemic), we also contacted the expert directly to find out if he had corrections to be made with respect to what had already been declared to TV7: «Absolutely no. The exponential curve is increasing as expected and should alert us but 95% of swab positives remain asymptomatic. Molecular swabs are an essential diagnostic tool but cannot be the only way to contain the pandemic because it is irrational in the face of so much spread of the virus».

The luminary of virology, Professor Giorgio Palù

«The cause of this increase in infections must be identified in the reopening of schools and in the transport capacity that has not been reduced and has not even been mentioned in the DPCM ( Italian Prime Ministerial Decree). The only effective strategy is the distancing together with the use of quick swabs that are cheap and large can prevent clusters of outbreaks in schools, factories and airports», adds the virologist, stating however that «he does not belong to the scientific elite that wants dramatic alarmism».

«Lethality is now less than 0.3%. We are dealing with an intracellular parasite forced to reduce its lethality in order to adapt and therefore it may be that it will increase its contagiousness. Being very contagious we have to take it sooner or later, until a vaccine is available! Intensive Care cases are increasing but gradually: they have reached 990 so they represent only 0.5% of those infected» explains the professor who on TV7 had well identified one of the most effective tools to fight the Covid-19 infection.

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«We should have learned that a critical element is the availability of intensive care beds because this allows us to block mortality. Careful regions have taken steps to increase the number of beds both in the territory and in intensive care. Veneto has increased it. I see that the availability of Campania is only 120 places… ».

With 6,628 intensive care places available in Italy today, 15% are occupied by Covid patients, a percentage that drops to 11% if we also consider the additional 1,660 beds that can be activated with ventilators that have already been distributed to the regions, specifies the Italian press agency Ansa that in the headlines, however, continues to clamor for pandemic terrorism.



To understand this worrying but not tragic situation well, it is necessary to read carefully when highlighted by the virologist Palù of Padua.

«95% of these positives are asymptomatic. I would make a semantic premise: the symptomatic term is a very clear term and shows a person who has symptoms, from sore throat, headache, conjunctivitis, fever, diarrhea, loss of smell and taste there may be some neurological syndrome . These are the symptoms that to a large extent are similar to those of the flu at least in the prodrome and in the first manifestations. When we talk about infected we use a misnomer: we should talk about positive test subjects. Today the test still refers to the so-called molecular swab but soon we will have to deal with other tests, I would say more effective from a clinical point of view, those of unsanitary research, the rapid ones, the salivary ones».

«There are the positives that infect and the positives that do not infect. Positive does not mean sick. These terms people have to understand well. Finding a positive means that after many cycles of amplifications with the PCR technique that is done in the laboratory, I take the matter that is on the swab, extracting and amplifying it millions of times. If I find a positive signal, it means that I have some nucleic acid from the virus. But that nucleic acid does not necessarily represent a particle capable of infecting: it can be a residue, a virus».

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«It is not certain that that nucleic acid is representative of a virus concentration sufficient to infect. We know from at least two works by the University of Berlin, Christian Drosten and of Marseille, Didier Raoult (the defender of the treatment with the antimalarial hydroxychlorichine at the center of an international sabotage – ed), who have shown with in vitro studies that the Covid-19 infection it is possible when we find at least one million equivalent genomes in a clinical sample» adds the virologist.

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«At the moment it is not the same situation as in March, we have means to diagnose with rapid swabs that can impact in the containment of the infection and we have drugs that we know best to use to treat it. However, I also recommend vaccination for 50 year olds not only against seasonal flu but also against pneumococcus: they fortify against any pathogenic invasion»,


«Omnia venenum sunt: ​​nec sine veneno quicquam existit. Dosis sola facit, ut venenum non sit. That is: Everything is poison: nothing exists that is non-poisonous. Only the dose prevents the poison from taking effect. The viral load is the fundamental principle that determines the pathogenity and transmissibility of all agents: viruses, fungi and protozoa» says Palù, quoting what Paracelsus wrote in the 16th century».

«There is no doubt that today the viral loads are higher because we are no longer outdoors like this summer, we are not exposed to ultraviolet rays and we are indoors. But there is no validated test that measures viral load: a laboratory can do it experimentally. There are open tools capable of measuring CT (Cycles test) Gene amplification cycles. An amplification above 32 cycles can highlight a positive concentration that is actually negative: because amplifying the sequences too much can identify those only distantly related, producing so-called “false positives”. Much depends on the number of SARS-Cov-2 genes that are amplified: if only one is amplified, the risk of confusion with other microbial genes increases», the Padua-based virologist explains.

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This explanation is sufficient to demonstrate the reasons why, in recent weeks, there have been more positives in Italy than in Germany, as also highlighted by Maurizio Blondet on his counter-information site: “The mystery is quickly revealed by the French hospital Léopold Durocher: it depends, he argues, on the amplification cycles of the PCR test adopted in the various countries. With 40 amplification cycles there are 20,000 positives. With 45 cycles of amplification, the positives become 30 thousand. Germany uses 25 amplification cycles, and its positives are 7,000». (read more)


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