WUHAN-GATES – 7. Bio-Weapons Dossier. Pentagon & Fauci 28 Us Labs’ Secrets. Dangerous Tests with CoronaVirus

WUHAN-GATES – 7. Bio-Weapons Dossier. Pentagon & Fauci 28 Us Labs’ Secrets. Dangerous Tests with CoronaVirus


If these are silent, the stones will shout
Jesus Christ from the Gospel of Luke (19:40)

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


An extremely confidential file, public but buried in the archives of UNODA, the United Nations Office for Disarmament Affairs in Geneva, raises suspicions against the USA for the SARS-COV-2 pandemic that exploded in the context of a bio-warfare of financial, Masonic, military and intelligence mighty of a transnational Deep State.

In the year 2015 alone, during the Barack Obama administration, the Stars and Stripes Government financed with $ 824 million the studies on biological weapons to 28 BLS level 2.3 or 4 laboratories operating nationwide. Without considering unknown funding for the other 25 labs around the world.

We find out this figure thanks to the 2015 Biological Weapons Convention report that we obtained: the only one traceable from an OSINT source on the web because those of the following years are not available (but we have already found and will elaborate soon those from the United Kingdom) .

WUHAN-GATES – 8. “SARS-2: Virus GMO built with HIV”. Bio-engineer, ex NATO Lecturer, destroyed Natural Origin Theory

The top three managers of those funds were the Department of Defense (DOD) with $ 593 million, the Department of Health (HHS) with $ 109 million, through NIAID, the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, headed by renowned Dr. Antonio Fauci, which also had control over some Pentagon research centers but also others financed by the Homeland Security Department (DHS) with $ 103 million.

The cover of the 2015 BCW USA report filed with UNODA in 2016 – PDF at the end of the article

All studies were, of course, conducted for bio-defense but having largely been carried out on military sites such as the infamous Fort Detrick, partially closed for bio-security losses in July 2019, or the lesser known Fort Collins and Kirtland Air Force Base, so we can never be sure of their real purposes.

Especially because the official BWC dossier filed by Washington at UNODA in Geneva in April 2016 also has many areas of shadow on the activities of some structures, on some research kept secret by the Pentagon and even on the existence of some laboratories such as Walter Reed Army Institute of Research in Silver Spring, Maryland. In the Biological Weapons Convention (BCW) it is not even mentioned despite specializing in the U.S. Military HIV Research Program was one of the first centers to test a vaccine against MERS in 2019, the Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome, variant of SARS, originated from one of the many strains of CoronaVirus.

For example, it is unknown which structures are subsidized with $ 8.5 million by the Evinronmental Protection Agency (EPA) of the National Homeland Security Research Center (NHSRC) dependent on DHS for the risks of chemical, bacteriological, radiological and nuclear contamination (CBRN ) of air and water.

An overview of the 5 Fort Detrick research centers in Frederick, Maryland

While among the studies cited, alongside the very numerous on Anthrax, Botulinum, Ebola and Marburg, there is no shortage of those for a vaccine on HIV and obviously on SARS in 2003 and on MERS in 2014.

There are also at least 5 experiments on CoronaVirus strains conducted with the so-called dangerous “gain of function” that has a “dual use” drug-weapon potential value, and others on “recombinant” viruses; these are agents genetically modified in the laboratory, built to develop vaccines, with the introduction of genetic sequences of other pathogens such as, according to the virologist Luc Montagnier, it would have happened for SARS-CoV-2.

In the RNA strands of this new strain of CoronaVirus, in fact, the French professor has recently identified traces of HIV, the viral principle of AIDS that he himself discovered in 1982 before discovering the human immunodeficiency so much as to win the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008. That would be the proof that Covid-19 was built artificially by man with genetic bio-engineering, according to the famous academic who credited the Indian study published and then mysteriously withdrawn from the Kuzuma School of Biology in New Delhi.

For the White House, the faults for the virus – that has already killed more than 257 thousand in the world and over 73 thousand in the United States alone – must be sought in China. American President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claim that the pathogen has come out of a laboratory and continue to point the finger at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, in the area of ​​the first outbreak of the epidemic in Asia.

WUHANGATE – 6. Too Many Influenza’s Cases at Military Games in China. COVID-19’s Suspicions by Italian and French Athletes

Now also many European athletes say they have contracted a mysterious and very powerful influence there already in October 2019 during the World Military Games held in Wuhan which increase the clues on the spread of the epidemic prior to its official discovery in December.

But Trump and Pompeo do not provide evidence and above all do not tell the whole truth. Iran, in fact, in the obscuration of the big media, had called into question Washington. Beijing has tried to do before entrenching itself in the silence with which it is censoring all scientific research and the mysterious deaths of some scientists implicated in the studies.


However, the White House accusations turned against the US itself after various journalistic inquiries showed that the Chinese Virological Institute was actually financed by the NIAID of Fauci with $ 3.7 million through the USAID project, the Washington government agency, which is the operational arm of the Central Intelligence Agency in international development projects and has often been used to finance regime change worldwide (such as in Syria and Venezuela).

Professor Montagnier himself, now a researcher and academic professor in Shanghai, argued that the pandemic is “a business between China and the USA”. In light of all this, therefore, seem ridiculous the denials of the World Health Organization, of the director of the American National Institute of Health and of the CDC Anthony Fauci, and of US intelligence, which continue to support the natural origin of the virus because they well know, otherwise, that they could be the main suspects in a well orchestrated and even better concealed conspiracy.

As we have shown in the last two reportages Wuhangate 4 and 5, in fact, under the aegis of the PREDICT 2 project financed by USAID, research was carried out on CoronaViruses all over the world in which OMS, CDC and NIAID were global partners.

NIAID director Anthony Fauci with American President Donald Trump

Among the most disturbing studies, the chimeric supervirus SHC014-MA15 developed with genetic bioengineering by manipulating a SARS strain of horseshoe bats from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill with the help of scientists and the Wuhan laboratory always in the USAID-PREDICT 2 projects launched in 2009 by the Barack Obama administration.

This sensational research, which ended up in the media spotlight, proves the effective ability to build a highly lethal and antidote-free virus for “Dual Use” purposes, that is, both for the search for a vaccine and for a bacteriological weapon. To do this, level 3 or 4 biosecurity laboratories with molecular biology scientists and some engineers for the manipulation of DNA or RNA with the Crispr-Cas9 genetic editing kit are indispensable.

WUHANGATE – 4. “Covid-19 manipulated, CHINA-US Hidden Affair”. Class-Action for Bio-Weapon in Texas

In reports 1 and 7 on the CoronaVirus Bio-Weapon theory and in Wuhangate 5 we saw the suspicious and in some cases fatal experiments conducted by the US Department of Defense (DoD) DTRA agency in some of the 25 bio-laboratories managed in foreign countries, especially in Georgia with the help of the American Big Pharma Gilead, thanks to USAID projects.

Now, thanks to the Biological Weapons Convention (BWC) report filed UNODA in 2016, we analyze the 28 laboratories of the United States that in 2015 were funded and controlled by Pentagon, NIAID and CDC (Center for the prevention and control of diseases) then directed by Tom Frieden, former WHO official in India, who left the CDC in 2017 to found his NGO “Resolve to Save Lives” in New York.

The NGO of doctor Frieden is aimed at preventing cardiovascular diseases and epidemics: it was funded by Bloomberg Philanthropies, Chan Zuckerberg Initiative and the inevitable Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in a striking intertwining of big media, social networks and strong vaccine promoters with political imprint Dem.

As many as 20 of those research centers in 2015 had a team specializing in molecular biology capable of conducting studies on viruses and prions, on simulants (biochemical replicas of agents without pathogenic virulence) and could count on an army of 149 engineers capable of any bacteriological manipulation. Obviously that’s not enough to prove that any of those scientists really put their hand into building CoVid-19.

CORONAVIRUS – 10. The Plot in 100 lines: from CIA Bio-Weapons to New World Order Prophecy

What has been done and why only Dr. Fauci and President Obama can say because in the 164-page report only the research published in the last 12 months is published. But those of some laboratories managed directly by the Pentagon or by the Homeland Security Department have been considered “top secret” and therefore not even reported to the UN.

This assumes disturbing relevance if one remembers that in the year to which this report refers the attorney Avril Haines was deputy advisor of Homeland Security of the White House; previously she had been adviser of Joe Biden in the Democrats in Congres and then appointed by Obama as deputy director of the CIA, who became an expert in bio-weapons for the NTI (a private American research institute in the Dem area).

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 6. Prophecy on Pandemic and NWO by Obama-Biden CIA’s Queen

After the change of administration, the lawyer Haines made a career as a researcher at Columbia University and at the John Hopkins Health & Security Center (at the Bloomberg School in Baltimore) where in October 2019 she was the protagonist of the Event 201 exercise on the CoronaVirus pandemic funded by Bill Gates who had the prophetic power to predict it as early as 2015. While Haines predicted it in a public conference in Camden in 2018, when he also preached the need for “world order” to prevent pandemics from respiratory infections …


We have summarized the 2016 BWC report in a 36-page dossier (available in pdf at the bottom of the page, the original 164-page BWC available on request by email at redazione@gospanews.net only by accepting the subscription to the Gospa News Newsletter) and therefore in this article we will analyze only the most strategic and interesting laboratories, obviously starting from Fort Detrick, Maryland, perhaps the most imposing structure on bacteriological weapons in the world with 4 different research centers.

Fort Detrick’s National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC) managed by Battelle

Two of them are managed by Battelle National Biodefense Institute LLC, a private contractor from Columbus (Ohio) who has been targeted by the media for the mysterious and suspicious experiments conducted together with the CIA in the unapproachable fortress of the Lugar Center in Georgia, in the former Soviet Union , after the Rose Revolution funded by another Dem donor, George Soros.

At the Lugar Center, as highlighted in Wuhangate 5, the pharmaceutical corporation Gilead also worked with an antiviral immunization project against hepatitis C which had dramatic consequences causing the death of 79 human guinea pigs and arousing accusations of experimentation with biological weapons by the Russia.

WUHANGATE – 5. FDA ok to GILEAD Antiviral: Gambles thanks to WHO, Chinese Lab & Soros. Bio-Weapons’ Killer Tests with CIA & Pentagon

Battelle is now in fact an appendix of the Homeland Security Department which was only partially penalized by the moratorium of 2014 with which the Obama administration expressed its intention to put a stop to the “Dual Use” experiments aimed at Function Gain (GOF) or the laboratory enhancement of bacteriological pathogens similar to the uranium enrichment principle for nuclear weapons.

Obama stopped funding for such research with the 2014 moratorium but did not ban it. This allowed the National Institute of Health to grant the exemption to the scientists of Chapel Hill and Wuhan to complete the construction of the extremely dangerous chimeric supervirus SHC014-MA15. Very similar to CoVid-19 of the current epidemic but not identical…

Therefore there is no evidence that all GOF studies in the top-secret laboratories of the Pentagon which generically finance the government agencies DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency), operating mainly in the USA, and DTRA (Defense Threat Reduction Agency), responsible for the missions in the 25 research centers abroad, have really been interrupted. While, as we have discovered, there is the certainty that at least 5 dangerous “dual-use” searches have continued precisely in relation to CoronaVirus …

Trump in 2017 interrupted this moratorium of dubious efficacy thus allowing the resumption of GOF biological experiments also for military purposes but, otherwse, in November 2019 he then put an end to USAID’s PREDICT 2 project by canceling a $ 200 million loan with the vibrating protests from the EcoHealthAlliance organization in New York, the private partner of the plan supported by big pharma with long judicial precedents such as Johnson & Johnson and by American, Chinese and even Saudi universities, as reported in the Wuhangate 1 report.


Battelle saw his contract with the White House drop from $ 344 million in the plan (2009-2016) to $ 17.3 million (2015-2026) in 2015 but he maintained the management of the National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center (NBACC) in Fort Detrick, funded by three strategic departments such as Defense, Homeland Security and Justice which in 2015 operated in an area of ​​a total of 4826 m2 of BSL 3 and 4 laboratories, but also in those of the Integrated Research Facility (IRF) Frederick (2183 m2) , controlled by NIAID. In that year, he received a total of $ 40 million in funds.

BSL 4 Hot laboratory in the IRF managed by Battelle and NIAID in Fort Detrick

«Scientists at the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Integrated Research Facility at Fort Detrick, Frederick, Maryland, coordinate and facilitate preclinical research on infectious diseases to develop medical countermeasures for high-consequence pathogens. This facility is unique in that it is the only maximum containment laboratory in the world where conventional and molecular medical imaging equipments are incorporated into the design of the facility. This capability provides investigators with unique tools to dissect disease pathogenesis, evaluate the ability of animal models to recapitulate human disease, and test candidate countermeasures. Importantly, advanced molecular imaging has the potential to provide alternative endpoints to lethality».

This is reported by an official research published in 2014 by the research center run by Battelle which specifies that this technique allows me to use fewer animal guinea pigs. Among the experiments mentioned, there is one conducted on macaques precisely in relation to a strain of CoronaVirus.

Lungs of macaques infected by CoronaVirus Mers at IRF Frederick

«Through MI, IRF scientists are already studying the development of consolidations in the lungs of non-human primates infected with Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus (MERS-CoV). With MI, scientists are able to trace the development and quantification of lung lesions – reads the conclusion – The data generated by these experiments will not only advance our understanding of emerging diseases, but will allow the development of countermeasures and clinical care paradigms previously considered impossible»

Judging by the number of CoVid-19 deaths in the US, it can be said with certainty that the sacrifice of those poor laboratory monkeys has served no purpose…


But in the NBACC study. the other Battelle laboratory, entitled “Engineering a global response to infectious diseases” argues that “going beyond the detection of disease outbreaks, we want to be able to assess and predict disease risks” and that “more initiatives are underway that will throw bases and will strengthen the science at the root “through” the approaches to new engineering that will achieve the greatest objectives for the management of an infectious disease “.

Although scientists reiterate in their studies the duty of an analysis in “benefit / risk” relationships, the border remains so questionable that for the “advantage” of humanity – or Bill Gates’ vaccine philanthropy – everything seems to be granted …

Integrated Research Facility IRF Frederick in Fort Detrick

At least six studies have been developed at the IRF Frederick in Fort Detrick on the various known strains of CoronaVirus. One of the most relevant is that of a MERS-CoV vaccine which scientists from various American laboratories have worked on, many of them of Chinese nationality…

In fact, the head of research Lingshu Wang of the Vaccine Research Center has joined the IRF doctor Joshua Johnson, and other colleagues of the NIAID-NIH laboratories of Bethesda (MD), of the private facilities M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine (same location), of the big pharma Sanofi-Aventis of Cambridge (Massachusetts), and of the University Medical Center of Nashville (Tennessee).

Kayvon Modjarrad of Bethesda’s VRC also appears among the researchers, who is also part of the military HIV Research Program of the “phantom” Walter Reed Army Institute of Research of Silver Spring, not mentioned in the 2015 BWC report, although he has also carried out numerous researches on the CoronaVirus as well as obviously on the ‘HIV.

Pandemic Bio-Weapon – 9. Supervirus Created by US during Obama’s Govt: 89 CoVid Strains in CIA’s Top Secret Tests

Modjarrad is the author of a research on Function Gain, from which derives the risk of “Dual Use” vaccine-weapon, which proves the dubious value of the Obama moratorium of October 17, 2014, by-passed to carry out the aforementioned experiments of North Carolina University and the Wuhan Institute of Virology on the supervirus that we told about extensively in the Bio-Weapon 9 report.

In the study conducted with Andy Kilianski of the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center (ECBC) of Aberdeen Proving Ground (MD) and Jennifer B. Nuzzo of the Medical Center for Health Security of Pittsburgh University in Baltimore, he makes a revelation that in the face of today’s pandemic assumes a bewildering relevance.

«On 15 and 16 December 2014, the National Academy of Sciences, National Research Council, and Institute of Medicine convened experts from the disciplines of infectious diseases, research ethics, and science policy to discuss the potential risks and benefits of GOF research in a public forum to help inform the federal government on how best to proceed in regulating GOF research on potentially dangerous biological agents [19]. Shortly after the meeting, the NIH notified a subset of researchers affected by the research pause that their work could resume [20]. Specifically, 5 research projects on MERS-CoV animal model development and 2 on HPAI were cleared to continue».

The chronology of the Gain of Function debate on experiments for avian HPAI and CoronaVirus SARS and MERS

«As outlined above, GOF research plays a significant role in ensuring that clinicians have the tools they need to respond to infectious disease outbreaks. Therefore, the clinical community is directly affected by policy decisions on what types of research are and are not is allowed to continue. There are also risks associated with GOF research, of which the clinical community will have to be acutely aware. As recent lapses at high-profile laboratories have illustrated, there remains the potential that bacterial and viral strains can escape even the most secure environments. Should a pathogen escape, whether it is naturally occurring or the product of GOF research, the clinical community will have an important role in detecting and responding to such incidents. Because of their unique role as both beneficiaries of the products of GOF research and mitigators of its risks, clinicians have a vital stake in the public debate on how GOF research should proceed».

The words written by the three scientists Modjarrad, Kilianski and Nuzzo appear prophetic after Professor Montagnier’s sensational revelations about the manipulated SARS-CoV-2 virus and, in his lenient hypothesis, escaped from a laboratory.

WUHAN-GATE – 2. HIV TRACKS INSIDE CORONAVIRUS “BIO-WEAPON”. Proof by Indian Research Misteriously Concealed


Just to avoid unpleasant consequences, researchers have experimented with a trick: the creation of “simulants”. They can be compared to the “blank bullets” used during a military exercise. Here’s what explains an NBACC research conducted together with scientists from the Naval Medical Research Center in Silver Spring (not mentioned in the BWC 2015 as the Walter Reed Institute that controls).

«High consequence human pathogenic viruses must be handled at biosafety level 2, 3 or 4 and must be rendered non-infectious before they can be utilized for molecular or immunological applications at lower biosafety levels. Here we evaluate psoralen-inactivated Arena-, Bunya-, Corona-, Filo-, Flavi- and Orthomyxoviruses for their suitability as antigen in immunological processes and as template for reverse transcription PCR and sequencing. The method of virus inactivation using a psoralen molecule appears to have broad applicability to RNA viruses and to leave both the particle and RNA of the treated virus intact, while rendering the virus non-infectious».

While quite different are the “recombinants” in depth in a study of the NIAID of Bethesida published on November 3, 2015 in the PMC Library of Medicine of the NIH.

«This unit describes how to infect cells with vaccinia virus and then transfect them with a plasmid-transfer vector or PCR fragment to generate a recombinant virus. Selection and screening methods used to isolate recombinant viruses and a method for the amplification of recombinant viruses are described. Finally, a method for live immunostaining that has been used primarily for detection of recombinant modified vaccinia virus Ankara (MVA) is presented».

Spike glycoprotein of the 2019-nCoV virus according to the Kuzuma Schhol of Biology study confirmed by virologist Luc Montagnier. HIV inserts are shown with colored pearls (red, orange, yellow and green) at the protein binding site. It can therefore be considered a “recombinant” virus

At the Integrated Research Center at the Rocky Mountain Laboratories (IRF-RML) of the NIAID of Hamilton (Montana) this technique was used for the reconstruction of a recombinant for the prototype of an Ebola vaccine, in an experiment published in the April 2015.

«The ongoing Ebola outbreak in West Africa has resulted in fast-track development of vaccine candidates. We tested a vesicular stomatitis virus vector expressing Ebola virus glycoprotein for safety in pigs. Inoculation did not cause disease and vaccine virus shedding was minimal, which indicated that the vaccine virus does not pose a risk of dissemination in pigs».

So far we have seen some examples of what some of the plants financed by American National Security, the Pentagon and the institute headed by Fauci have created. This proves the total ability and tried and tested practice to create viral manipulations through molecular biology in at least 20 structures equipped with this scientific sector…

But in some of these experiments have remained top-secret. For example, none of the research of the Lothar Salomon Test Facility in Dugway (Utah) is available “according to the security and policy review of the DoD 5230.09 directive” although tests are also carried out in the military center with the use of viruses and prions thanks to a $ 1.5 million loan.

Galveston National Laboratory Complex including Robert E. Shope Laboratory at University of Texas Medical Branch

The activity and the amount of contributions in the 1,046 m2 BSL-4 laboratories of the Galveston National Laboratory Complex including Robert E. Shope Laboratory of the University of Texas Medical Branch managed by federal bodies also remains shrouded in mystery. The same goes for the Betty Slick and Lewis J. Moorman Jr. Laboratory complex at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute in San Antonio. Both are subsidized by DHS.

In the 2015 Biological Weapons Convention report, contributions and studies from the Viral Immunology Center of Georgia State University in Atlanta, supported by the Department of Health, also remain in the shadows.



From the personnel data, it is easy to understand the strategic role of those laboratories that boast a high number of engineers, essential for molecular biology projects aimed at manipulation with the Crispr-Cas9 genetic editing kit which in autumn 2018 allowed one Chinese scientist to give birth to twins with modified DNA, causing controversy in all the bioethics committees of the world.


In the various structures of Fort Detrick, 44 engineers work in the Battelle research centers and 8 at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, among the most subsidized facilities in 2015 by various US government departments with $ 60 million…

In the various structures of Fort Detrick, 44 engineers work in the Battelle research centers and 8 at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases, inside the most subsidized facility in 2015 by various US government departments with $ 60 million.

In the Naval Surface Warfare Center – Chemical, Biological, Radiological (CBR) Defense Laboratory of Dahlgren (Virginia) 46 engineers, 64 scientists and 16 technicians obviously specialized in the different disciplines work thanks to the $ 11 million obtained by the Pentagon in that year to which must be added those unspecified of other government agencies and private companies.

Sandia National Laboratories inside Kirtland Air Force Base of Albuquerque in New Mexico

In California the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, funded by DOD and DHS with $ 9 million, has 11 engineers who have also worked on the Ebola virus. While Sandia National Laboratories, also funded by the Department of Energy, have 29 distributed between the California Campus of Livermore and the Kirtland Air Force Base of Albuquerque in New Mexico, where also the Los Alamos National Laboratory is located which is one of the few centers research (focused on research on Yersinia Pestis and Botulinus) to be in the USAID circuit.

The other is obviously the Centers for Disease Control – Office of Infectious Diseases (CDC-OID) in Atlanta (Georgia), funded with $ 20 million by HHS where in 2015 20 studies were carried out on the various strains of flu (H5N1-H7N3 etc. ) and 21 on Ebola. The CDC also operates BSL level 2,3 and 4 Fort Collins laboratories in Colorado and DLS in Atlanta.

The list of 28 structures of the Biological Weapons Convention sent by Washington in 2016 to UNODA in Geneva (of which we have mentioned the main ones) represents the X-ray of an empire in the field of defense against bacteriological weapons. It is the map of expensive devices of a biological war started by the US Navy as far back as 1952 as would result from a declassified document.

Exclusive. US NAVY Bio-Warfare Started in 1952: Declassified Disturbing Video

As it is absurd to imagine that such a military apparatus, actually made up mostly of civil scientists, has not been able to deal with the pandemic of SARS-CoV-2 announced by many in time, it is easier to believe that there is the paw of any of them.

WUHANGATE – 3. “COVID-19 Created in Lab with HIV”. Medicine Nobel confirms Indian Research disclosed by Gospa News

It is therefore further evidence in the theory of CoVid-19 created in the laboratory for an “affair between China and the United States” of which we are slowly outlining the geopolitical components and soon we will also reveal the purposes.

But first, in the next Wuhangate 8, we will reveal the name and face of the scientist who represents the “missing link” among the Pentagon, Fauci, USAID and Wuhan in the midst of really too suspicious research …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization







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