UPDATE- Raisi’s lethal Crash: Rumors of SABOTAGE from Russia. US Helicopter with Electromagnetic System at Risk of Jamming Attack

UPDATE- Raisi’s lethal Crash: Rumors of SABOTAGE from Russia. US Helicopter with Electromagnetic System at Risk of Jamming Attack


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


Rumors of alleged sabotage echo from Russia. In just two days, in fact, the Sputnik International website, which is financed directly by the Moscow government and therefore represents a privileged mirror on the thoughts and visions of the Kremlin, has published three articles in which the hypothesis of the fatal accident due to bad weather conditions is strongly questioned.

The helicopter apparently attempted a failed emergency landing in the Dizmar forest which is located between the cities of Varzaqan and Jolfa, a city on the border with the nation of Azerbaijan, about  600 kilometers northwest of the Iranian capital, Tehran .

The helicopter crashed in the middle of the Azerbaijan forest

It should be remembered that the helicopter on which Iranian President Ebrashim Raisi crashed together with other authorities including Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian was American-made.

And Iran would have requested unspecified information from the USA regarding the Bell 212 aircraft, equipped with a sophisticated electromagnetic force, attitude and stability control system and therefore an easy target of a “jamming” cyber attack.

Iran Armed Forces releases report on Raisi copter crash: “No Explosion during Flying”

«The General Staff of the Iranian Armed Forces has released its first report on the aspects to and reasons behind a recent helicopter crash that led to the martyrdom of President Ebrahim Raisi and his accompanying delegation» has reported IRNA (Islamic Republic National Agency).

The team had managed to glean “a remarkable part” of the information it needed to investigate the elements that could have contributed to the incident, it added.

The helicopter carrying the senior officials crashed while flying along its pre-planned route, the report said, noting that the aircraft did not deviate from the course.

The helicopter caught fire after crashing into a mountainous area, the report said, and revealed that the remainder of the wreckage did not bear any bullet holes or signs of similar impact.

Communications that took place before the incident between the aircraft and the ground control contained no “suspicious” content, it said, and noted that the nation would be informed about any follow-up findings in due course.

Sputnik: “Iranian President’s Death Latest in String of Strange Coincidences”

“Iranian President’s Death Latest in String of Strange Coincidences” headlines the online newspaper, then citing some experts, who first gives a summary of sabotages and attacks, while omitting the most terrible and bloodiest: the massacre at the Crocus City Hall in Moscow, allegedly carried out under the direction of the Ukrainian secret services and Western intelligence.

Bombshell! 9/11, PLANDEMIC & MOSCOW MASSACRE. Black Man of CIA Intrigues alongside Biden jr in Ukrainian Company Accused of Financing Crocus’ Terrorists

  • One of the most important pipelines in Europe in one of the most surveilled areas of the Baltic Sea was destroyed in an act of sabotage and investigations by the Swedes and Denmark end without a culprit named.
  • The Prime Minister of Slovakia was shot five times after he halted his country’s aid to Ukraine, by a senior citizen acting alone and who was a vehement supporter of Ukraine.
  • The Iranian president and foreign minister are both killed in a freak helicopter accident, during which the other two escort helicopters managed to return safely.

Hungarian PM Orban unveils Background behind Fico’s Murder Attempt: “EU Transformed in a War Party”

The Aircraft Crashed without even a May Day

“You had three helicopters flying in a row, one all of a sudden drops out. No mayday. No nothing. And if it was due to foggy conditions, how did the other two get through okay? But not the president’s?” Michael Maloof, a retired senior security policy analyst asked the hosts of Sputnik’s The Critical Hour on Monday.

UPDATE: Huge Mystery on Iranian President’s DEATH in the Helicopter Crash. Accident or Terrorist Sabotage?

«The Iranian delegation was flying in the Iranian province of East Azerbaijan, which borders the country of Azerbaijan, a close ally of Israel. On Monday, an Israeli official reportedly told US media that it was not involved in the Iranian President’s death» recalls the Russian media, highlighting the suspicious phrase immediately reported in the first Gospa News article to corroborate the suspicions of an attack.

As Maloof notes, Israel has a history of alleged clandestine operations inside of Iran, including the bombing of pipelines, the murder of nuclear scientists and the recent response from Israel to an Iranian attack which Iran says was carried out from within its territory.

BIG EXPLOSIONS IN IRAN DUE TO ISRAELI ATTACKS. Air Defenses activated in Isfahan, Teheran and Shiraz (Video)


He then mentions the attempted assassination of the Slovak prime minister and an attempted coup in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) which occurred on the same day as the crash of the Iranian president’s helicopter.

“[The attack by Israel on Iran] was also a very meager response, but I think that this was all planned for something much larger, something like this,” Maloof speculated.

Maloof concluded that if it is revealed that Israel was involved in Raisi’s death, the response will be significant. “You saw what the reaction was when the Israelis hit the Iranian consulate in Syria… for the first time, Iran displayed that it could strike Israel directly. If this helicopter crash indeed was purposeful and it could link back to Israel, I rethink you’re going to see a very major response.”

Regarding this consideration, I beg to differ because the Iranian authorities – even when they were hit by a very lethal genotype of SARS-Cov-2 created in the laboratory – never made reference to a laboratory virus just like China which with the previous government of the Shanghai Gang developed research on bio-weapon coronaviruses together with the USA.

WUHAN-GATES 43. SARS-BioWeapon & Shady Conspirators of China-US-WHO-EU Pandemic. Clinton & the Exterminator of Tiananmen

Regimes hostile to the West, known for a long history of coups and complicity in excellent massacres such as the plane crash of UN Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold, the Ustica massacre of DC9 Itavia, the terrorist hijackings of 9/11 in New York, in fact they tend to avoid acknowledging their weakness when they suffer subterranean and mysterious attacks.

More likely, however, some revenge also hidden in the form of an accident…

An Obsolete but Very Reliable Helicopter

The entire nation was keeping an eagle eye on the situation after the news about the presidential helicopter’s “hard landing” was broken, Foad Izadi, associate professor at the Department of American Studies, Faculty of World Studies, University of Tehran, told Sputnik, as reported in another article.

Reflecting on what could cause the crash, Izadi singled out bad weather conditions, technical troubles and an act of sabotage.

Hammarskjöld Case: Intel Ongoing Occulting on International Massacre! UK, US accused of obstruction in UN inquiry on Plane Crash

“It could be the weather – the weather was very bad yesterday in that region, it could be a malfunction of the helicopter, or it could be sabotage. If it’s sabotage, then it’s going to have serious consequences internationally,” the associate professor pointed out.

Iranian President Raisi’s helicopter was a US-made Bell-212, an outdated but very reliable vehicle most likely fitted with new engines, Vadim Bazykin, an honored Russian helicopter test pilot, told Sputnik.

The Iranian president in front of a Bell 412 military helicopter with a four-bladed rotor, an evolution of the Bell 212

“Half an hour before, a certain aircraft managed to land so the pilot thought he could also land [Kaczynski’s] plane but failed to do so. This is psychology,” Bazykin said.

“The fog is usually only 300-500 meters thick. The pilots should have checked meticulously if there was any chance to land and if not – they should have flown back. There should be no other options,” the expert underscored.

Rescuers at the site of the tragedy still shrouded in fog – AZIN HAGHIGHI

Touching upon a possible technical defect of Raisi’s US-made Bell-212 helicopter, Bazykin emphasized that security comes first when it comes to presidential vehicles.

Sunday’s crash occurred when Raisi was heading to the city of Tabriz in northwestern Iran after returning from a ceremony to inaugurate a dam on the Aras River in the Iran-Azerbaijan border area with Azerbaijan’s President Ilham Aliyev.

Raisi, with 7 other people, was aboard a Bell 212, the civilian version of a helicopter produced since the 1960s for the Canadian Armed Forces as a more modern version of the original UH-1 Iroquois.

Ustica Plane Massacre 43 years later… Investigative Leads on Israeli Missile Theory. Former Gladio (Stay Behind) Officer and a Mossad agent told

In 1971, the Bell 212 was developed for commercial applications. Among the first uses of the type in civil aviation was by Norway’s Helicopter Service AS for use in support of offshore oil drilling; it proved popular particularly in the offshore industry as it had been certified to operate in extreme weather conditions.

The BELL 212 Electromagnetic Force Trim at Risk of Jamming Attack

The American-made helicopter was so successful that it was also purchased by the People’s Republic of China and dozens of other countries in the world (especially in its UH-1N military version which later evolved into the AB-212, created by Bell with the Italian Augusta (now Leonardo), which also developed the highly advanced AB 212 ASW (Anti Submarine Warfare), an anti-submarine helicopter.

It is equipped with a sophisticated force, buoyancy and stability control system.

We read in the helicopter’s technical data sheet:

«Hydraulically powered flight controls do not have any aerodynamic force “feel” nor are the flight controls trimmed by dynamic forces for hands off flight. An electromechanical force trim system is included in the flight control system to provide these features. Force trim consists of magnetic brake assemblies, to provide flight control positioning, and force gradient spring assemblies installed between the flight control linkage and the magnetic brakes, to allow movement of the cyclic and pedals when the magnet brake assemblies are locked. Without the force gradient springs the pilot would NOT be able to move the flight controls with the Force Trim engaged. Movement of the force gradient springs (compression – extension) produces the artificial control “feel.” Separate force trim is provided for lateral cyclic, fore and aft cyclic, and the antitorque pedals. The collective does not have force trim (Figure 11-11)».

The Bell 212 Force Trim electromagnetic system – technical data sheet in the sources

«The three airframe mounted magnetic brake assemblies, one for lateral cyclic, one for fore and aft cyclic, and one for anti- torque, connect through force gradient assemblies to the associated flight control linkage. Each magnetic brake includes an electromagnet which acts on a disc attached to a control arm. The control arm is connected to one end of a force gradient assembly. The other end of the force gradient assembly is connected to the flight control linkage. With the force trim system on, electrical power energizes the electro- magnets which hold the discs and control arms in a fixed position to provide flight control positioning».

This sophisticated system only has the critical issue of being exposed today to the risk of electromagnetic sabotage such as Jamming.

Measurements of radiated emissions, even if below the limits of the standard, can lead to interesting investigations in terms of cyber security. Nowadays, such emissions can be considered as a virtual electromagnetic interface (VEM). An adversary could exploit information sent through this interface. Electronic devices emit different EM waves due to current flows within microprocessors, input-output devices and other components.

«An attacker who wants to exploit any VEM vulnerabilities, for example by creating interference on a frequency band in which the DUT is susceptible, is certainly implementing an attack against availability. This attack is called jamming and falls into the category of denial-of-service (DoS)”» we read in a detailed article published on the specialized website Agenda Digitale.

«The jamming attack model is depicted in Figure 2. The adversary’s main objective is to produce a DoS attack using a directional antenna. It is assumed that the attacker knows the direction of the electromagnetic emissions or that he can detect this information with relatively little effort. Radiated emissions can be captured with sniffers and antennas around the DUT (i.e. victim device)».

The possibility of electromagnetic sabotage could also explain the reason for the radio silence and the crash of the Iranian president’s helicopter without launching of a “may-day” rescue alert.

IRGC Missiles hit anti-Iran terrorists’ and Mossad Espionage Base (video). Houthis Struck US Ship

If the Israeli officers of the military intelligence Aman, inside the Israeli Defense Forces, or the infamous secret agents of the Mossad, both hit hard by Iran recently with surgical strikes, had wanted to carry out electromagnetic sabotage they would have been very advantaged as the Tel Aviv had 62 UH-1N helicopters (military model of the Bell 212) from 1975 to 2002 and therefore knew every secret and critical point very well…

HAARP Experiments & Red Auroras: UAF confirmed NSF Dangerous Researches but even Denied Glaring correlations

The recent phenomena of the red auroras created by the HAARP Station in Alaska which caused multiple disruptions in communications and temporary albeit very brief electromagnetic blackouts and the lethal sabotage perpetrated for several months by the USA against Venezuela during the presidency of Donald Trump have taught us that this kind of invisible attacks are much easier than you might think.

Also thanks to the direct energy weapons that the Pentagon, a great ally of the Israeli Zionist regime in Gaza Genocide, is experimenting on the Hawaiian island of Maui, where the devastating and suspicious fire occurred.

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