HAARP Experiments & Red Auroras: UAF confirmed NSF Dangerous Researches but even Denied Glaring correlations

HAARP Experiments & Red Auroras: UAF confirmed NSF Dangerous Researches but even Denied Glaring correlations


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


I can’t imagine how many hours of sleep the managers of the HAARP station in Alaska lost before deciding, after days of delay, to release a rather ambiguous statement on the phenomenon of red dazzling auroras that have been seen all over the world between Thursday 9th and Saturday 11th May…

Now, however, comes the first official note confirming the implementation of an experiment of the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program, managed by the University of Alaska Fairbanks in a former military base of the US Pentagon thanks to a rain of millions of dollars from the American government agency National Science Foundation (NSF), on weekend of the very anomalous atmospheric events.

As highlighted in the previous Gospa News SCOOP on last week’s phenomenon, it deals with an electromagnetic bombardment of the ionosphere with repercussions of wide geospatial diffusion calibrated with waves at very high intensity frequencies such as to make the 5G antennas look like toys for infants…

Unfortunately, the mysteries surrounding last week’s colorful auroras have not yet been clarified and the mainstream media are already enthusiastically announcing new manifestations while continuing to ignore the dangerous HAARP experiments:

“Good news for anyone who didn’t get to see the spectacular Northern Lights last weekend: there’s more to come. The huge cluster of sunspots that hurled energy and gas towards Earth will rotate towards us again in about two weeks. And according to scientists it will most likely still be large enough to generate more explosions that could hit the Earth’s magnetic field, creating more aurora borealis” wrote yesterday the Italian newspaper Il Messaggero.

An Avalanche of Mysterious Coincidences in Alaska…

It would have been a simple yet suspicious coincidence with the existing solar storm. The conditional is a must given the series of mysterious coincidences that we summarize before analyzing point by point the statement with which the mantra of the vaccination campaign “no correlation” seems to return between experimental mRNA gene sera and even lethal adverse reactions (now confirmed by hundreds of scientific studies)…

SCIENCEDIRECT: mRNA Vaccine’s Diabolical Molecule can Aid to Develop Cancer. Danger confirmed by Intercontinental Reviewed Study

  • for the third time since November 2023, red and purple auroras occur, very different from the natural boreal ones visible only in certain latitudes and in certain periods of the year, coinciding with electromagnetic experiments of the HAARP station
  • during the last event in May the official HAARP website was inaccessible until the afternoon of Monday 13 May
    as highlighted by the screenshot we took on the Research Campaigns, on that date the Haarp experiment of 8-10 May 2024 announced by an amateur radio site a week earlier had MYSTERIOSLY DISAPPEARED
Screenshot of the HAARP website of May 13, 2024 in which the poster of the Research Campaign 8-10 May 2024 has disappeared
  • in the days immediately following the kaleidoscopic spatial phenomenon, anomalous rainfall occurred in the Po Valley in Italy, in other European Union countries and in the USA. So much so that the US National Weather Service (NWS) has issued a flash flood warning for parts of northeastern Ill. on May 13th.
  • in the evening hours in Europe (CET) of the same day not only did the poster of the test reappear on the HAARP website but also the official press release arrived denying the correlation with the red auroras although the primary task of the HAARP program is precisely to carry out research on such phenomena by creating them artificially

Before reading the official note we remind readers that the main sponsor of the Alaskan station is NSF, the US agency in the scientific field equivalent to the medical one of the National Institutes of Health (NIH) which has tried in every way to hide the origin from SARS-Cov-2 laboratory appeared after the dangerous experiments financed by the NIH itself and conducted by the virologist Anthony Fauci between the Wuhan Institute of Virology, the Chapel Hill laboratories of the University of North Carolina, the Pentagon’s DARPA military agency and the Modern Big Pharma sponsored by Bill Gates.

WUHAN-GATES – 76. The Criminal Partner of Fauci & Gates LIED to US Congress on SARS-Cov-2 BioWeapon

This is why the reliability of the explanations provided by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, which carries out many dangerous and secret research thanks to funding from the American government agency, is close to ZERO!

But let’s look at them in detail…

HAARP’s Deceptive Statement on the Dangerous ElectroMagnetic Experiment

«Night skies over the weekend erupted with vivid colors and awed people all around the globe as the solar wind from a severe geomagnetic storm produced by our sun entered Earth’s upper atmosphere and created auroral displays» we read in the text written by Becky Lindsey for the UAF HAARP program.

«The spectacular aurora sparked questions about possible connections to recent experiments by the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program, or HAARP. While HAARP did operate a scientific campaign May 8-10, it had no connection to the solar storm, according to Jessica Matthews, HAARP director. The campaign supported research proposals from the University of Alaska Fairbanks to study mechanisms for the detection of orbiting space debris».

The timing of the “denial” is suspicious given that the Haarp website was inaccessible for 3 days and the event poster had disappeared from the Search Campaigns.

Screenshot of the days following the HAARP experiment in which the poster on the research of 8-10 May returns

«“We have been responding to many inquiries from the media and the public,” Matthews said. “The HAARP scientific experiments were in no way linked to the solar storm or high auroral activity seen around the globe.” ».

The Red Auroras in all previous HAARP tests

«The May HAARP campaign was scheduled about a month and a half before the geomagnetic storm. The timing was purely coincidental; geomagnetic storms are unpredictable, with lead times before a solar event is detected from Earth measured in minutes, not months».

We read again in the official note which does not explain in the slightest the most singular coincidence revealed by the Gospa News investigation into the phenomenon: because the same red auroras were seen in many parts of the world also during the HAARP experiments of November 2023 and February 2024 when the earth was bombarded with very high frequency electromagnetic emissions as in the case of May 8-10, 2024.

The frequency table reported by us in the previous article also provided an easy visualization useful for explaining the different chromatic intensity of these artificial auroras.

DAZZLING AURORAS DEBUNKED! Artificially Caused by HAARP & US NSF. Not by a Solar Storm as CNN Told

«The sun’s activity was closely monitored and the storm’s effects reported multiple times over the weekend by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Space Weather Prediction Center. NOAA predicted such a storm and has been preparing scientists for the event» adds the official HAARP website.

«The sun constantly sheds solar material into space – both in a steady flow known as the “solar wind,” and in shorter, more energetic bursts from solar eruptions. The impacts of these magnetic storms can range from mild to extreme, but in a world increasingly dependent on technology, their effects are growing ever more disruptive. Researchers are exploring ways to increase the amount of warning before a solar storm reaches Earth».

AURORA ROSSA BOREALE CREATA DALL’HAARP DELL’ALASKA. Lo conferma la Campagna di Ricerca della Stazione usata anche dal Pentagono

Ergo, the scientists from the University of Alaska Fairbanks, with the help of their colleagues from the NSF agency which collaborates with NOAA and NASA, had in all likelihood predicted the “solar storm” for some time and therefore had decided to carry out the most powerful of the dangerous test of their latest Research Campaigns right in the second weekend of May to hide it behind the other event.

That all this can be linked to the floods of the following days is obviously a mere speculative hypothesis. However, it is also useful for explaining the reasons for many mysterious coincidences.

In the next article we will publish in scientific detail the HAARP experiments and the substantial funding received from the American government agency NSF.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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