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«Space weather processes, driven in complicated ways by activity on the sun, can adversely affect our infrastructure in space and on the ground. This project funds the use of the HAARP facility in Alaska for space science experiments that can help us understand space weather dynamics. Specifically, the project seeks to understand how some radio waves launched into space come back stronger after they are amplified by energetic particles. The HAARP facility in Alaska is a unique research facility and the only one worldwide to perform such experiments. This project will support undergraduate and graduate students learning about space sciences and traveling to Alaska to perform pioneering experiments. High school students will also be involved in building hardware to conduct field experiments. The project promotes the progress of science in key areas of national interest and supports education and diversity in science and engineering fields».

This is what we read in the Abstract of a project from the University of Colorado at Denver financed by the National Science Foundation, a federal government agency of the USA which is the scientific counterpart of the National Health Institute, used by the infamous virologist Anthony Fauci to conduct experiments on laboratory-modified coronaviruses from which the SARS-Cov-2 of the Covid-19 pandemic arose.

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Cloudbursts after the Red Auroras Created by HAARP in Alaska

Two months after the last appearance of the northern red auroras artificially created by the HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Program) structure supported by the NSF in Gakona, Alaska, despite an official denial comparable to the first shameful denials on the laboratory virus, the storms in Europe and in Italy they don’t stop.

Is there a correlation between the electromagnetic geoengineering experiments in the ionosphere conducted by HAARP thanks to funding from the American government and these torrential rains that have been decimating the Old Continent for about two months but have also hit the USA in the days following the tests?

HAARP Experiments & Red Auroras: UAF confirmed NSF Dangerous Researches but even Denied Glaring correlations

This question cannot be answered because scientists themselves do not have the slightest idea of ​​the consequences that a bombardment of high frequency waves on the atmosphere can cause. The danger, however, is confirmed by the creation in the European Union of a specific body to control atmospheric experiments.

The Alarm on Changing Solar Radiation in the EU

«The Co-CREATE consortium will investigate the governance principles and guidelines for responsible Solar Radiation Modification research. While Solar Radiation Modification research holds potential for addressing the climate crisis, it also poses major risks and is highly speculative. CMCC, along with other European partners, will develop decision-support tools and conduct governance analysis on this contentious set of technologies» we read on the official website of the new body called in Italy the Euro-Mediterranean Center for Climate Change Foundation.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon Europe research and innovation program under grant agreement 10113764 and from UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) under the UK Government’s Horizon European funding guarantee (no. 10123643).

AURORA ROSSA BOREALE CREATA DALL’HAARP DELL’ALASKA. Lo conferma la Campagna di Ricerca della Stazione usata anche dal Pentagono

The European Commission on Wednesday (28 June 2023) called for international talks on the dangers and governance of geoengineering, saying such interventions to alter the climate posed “unacceptable” risks. Geoengineering has attracted increasing interest as countries fail to cut greenhouse gas emissions fast enough to curb climate change. But the issue of manipulating planetary systems to fight global warming remains highly controversial.

“Nobody should be conducting experiments alone with our shared planet,” European Union climate policy chief Frans Timmermans told a news conference. “This should be discussed in the right forum, at the highest international level,” he said, suggesting the United Nations as a potential venue for talks on the risks and possible use of geoengineering.

These comments reached the controversial project of solar radiation modification (SRM), which would cut the amount of sunlight reaching Earth’s surface by, for example, spraying sulphate aerosols into the stratosphere to reflect more light back into space.

Joanna Haigh, Emeritus Professor at Imperial College London, said as well as having physical dangers, such technologies risked giving polluters an excuse not to address the root cause of climate change – greenhouse gas emissions produced from burning fossil fuels.

“The governance of geoengineering will be hugely complex, but necessary to regulate any future geoengineering technologies that could feasibly lower global average temperatures,” she added. In an explanatory document, the Commission said that in its current state of development, SRM “represents an unacceptable level of risk for humans and the environment”.

The EU is funding two projects to assess geoengineering techniques, but said neither would develop or test SRM.

The Ionosphere Experiments financed by the US Federal Agency

In light of this project, the fact that the latest red auroras with changing colors (in relation to the different calibration of the electromagnetic waves as highlighted by the table published exclusively by Gospa News) have been attributed to a mysterious “solar storm” and not at the HAARP station in Alaska which on the same days, 8-10 May, was conducting geoengineering bombardment experiments with high frequency waves.

The managers of the University of Alaska Fairbansk station, which inherited this Pentagon base (US Air Forces) with which it continues to collaborate, denied any correlation but forgot to deny the other two extraordinary red auroras that occurred precisely during their previous experiments of 2023…

One of many NSF-funded projects at the Alaska HAARP station

On July 17 last year, the National Science Foundation awarded 378 thousand dollars to the University of Colorado at Denver for “Controlled Whistler wave injection experiments with the HAARP (High Altitude Auroral Research Program) facility”.

In addition to what we reported at the beginning of the article, here is the mission in detail (Award Number 2312282):

«The project seeks to quantify and understand the process of whistler mode waves generating additional waves in nonlinear interactions. Since whistler mode waves of all types are a critical driver of radiation belt dynamics in the magnetosphere, knowing when, where, and how new waves are generated is necessary for assuring that models of radiation belt fluxes and space weather phenomena are accurate. The project involves ELF/VLF magnetospheric wave injection experiments to be performed at the NSF-supported High Altitude Auroral Research Program (HAARP) facility in Gakona, Alaska. The HAARP HF heater is currently the only available source of controlled ELF/VLF waves available to scientists for magnetospheric wave injection. Ground observations in the ELF/VLF band within 100 km of the HAARP facility will be used to rigorously investigate nonlinear whistler mode phenomena in the inner magnetosphere, and valuable D-region diagnostic data will also be obtained. The principal investigator (PI) has direct experience with these types of experiments going back to his doctoral thesis and has participated in previous HAARP facility campaigns. The experiments leverage the unique capabilities of the HAARP facility and knowledge gained from past experiments to test and expand recent theories on nonlinear whistler mode wave interactions».

Electronic WARFARE: Russia Jammed Ukraine’s Long-Range NATO Glide Bombs and Musk’s Starlink Satellites. Kiev the Moscow Nuclear Umbrella

Even more disturbing are other projects developed by HAARP which has the precise aim of bombing space to see what happens…

«Scientists at HAARP use HF radio transmitters to heat small regions of the ionosphere and observe the effects. For traditional space research using ground-based observations or experiments on sounding rockets, it can take an extremely long time (days, weeks, years) to get the desired natural overhead conditions. Satellites can amass much larger databases but it is difficult to coordinate the satellite with the desired phenomena. With a facility like HAARP, it is possible to perform an experiment at will to create plasma structures and irregularities, use the ionosphere like an antenna to excite low frequency waves, create weak luminous aurora-like glows and a variety of other experiments.» can be read on the official website under “Research Campaign” where the test of 8-10 May 2024 is reported.

DAZZLING AURORAS DEBUNKED! Artificially Caused by HAARP & US NSF. Not by a Solar Storm as CNN Told

«Understanding the variability in the upper atmosphere is important because it will help us better understand the space weather effects in that region. The HAARP facility can generate artificial heating in the atmosphere to enable the study of the variability of the atmosphere, the energetic electron distribution, and how the HF radio wave propagation would be affected. The project will lead to discovery and advance our understanding of space weather effects. The National Research Council emphasized the potential of ionospheric modification techniques (artificial heating) for mainstream aeronomy research. The ?Arctic Research in the National Interest? also highlighted the strategic and technological significance of HAARP facility and argued in favor of an expanded role in basic research. Graduate and undergraduate students will be involved in the project. There will be a summer school and a topical symposium annually. These activities in the past have proven to be excellent in student recruitment and retention»

This $490,000 NSF-funded project (Award Number: 2146187) was licensed to CORNELL UNIVERSITY in 2022. But there’s also the one with the 30 thousand dollar Pentagon (Award Number: 0535394)

Tests in Alaska in collaboration with the US Air Force

«This is collaboration between researchers and students at United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) and University of Alaska at Fairbanks’ Geophysical Institute (GI). The project is a 2-year multi-instrument observational program to determine the relationship between optical flickering observed in aurora and radio emissions from auroral roars. Optical flickering is common in active discrete arcs. The flickering spots are laterally vibrating columns of luminosity which tend to occur on the bottom edges of auroral arcs. The flicker frequency is typically between 2-20 Hz, with a lifetime of one flickering element of a few seconds. Auroral roar is a band limited radio emission generated in the auroral F-region at frequencies near 2 and 3 times the electron cyclotron frequency. The modulation frequency band is very similar to that of flickering aurora, and even though no connection has yet been made with flickering aurora itself, these types of radio emissions have been named “flickering auroral roar”. This project will conduct joint optical and radio observations at Kaktovik Alaska to address the question of the link between flickering in the two types of auroral emissions. At Kaktovik, on the north coast of Alaska, the Geophysical Institute has an optical observatory where flickering aurora is commonly observed. New optical instruments developed at both USAFA and GI will be deployed and operated at Kaktovik. In addition, Dartmouth College currently operates a digital Medium Frequency Interferometer there with support from National Science Foundation (NSF) and collaboration with the principal investigator (PI) on this instrument has been established to provide the radio observations required for this study. The project also will take advantage of a number of already planned rocket launches that will provide in-situ measurements from the upper atmosphere over Kaktovik. Under-graduate cadets from USAFA as well as a graduate student from GI will participate in the project».


The most important electromagnetic experiment was financed in 2021 by the National Science Foundation which financed the UNIVERSITY OF ALASKA FAIRBANKS with the astronomical sum of 9.3 million dollars, attracting the attention of all the newspapers specializing in geoengineering. Here is the descriptive summary of the research (Award Number: 2054361):

«This project supports the NSF space physics and aeronomy community in their effort to observe and actively probe Earth?s upper atmosphere and geospace environment, in the subauroral and auroral zones. Instruments and infrastructure for these studies are already established, and together comprise a world class year-round observatory that is located at Gakona, Alaska, at an L-value of roughly five. The centerpiece of this observatory is the High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP), the most capable and powerful HF transmitter in the world. The location in Gakona, Alaska – at 62°23?N (63.44° magnetic N), 145°09?W, and about 2.5° south of Fairbanks – is southward of the auroral zone most of the time, but frequently is directly under the active aurora. The location is ideal for ionospheric modification studies of the generation of ELF and VLF radio emissions by modulating the auroral electrojet, and for studies of the injection of these waves into the magnetosphere to observe their interaction with energetic particles in the radiation-belts». 

The powerful HAARP radio wave transmitter in Alaska

But research on artificial hearts produced by HAARP began many years earlier as evidenced by, among the most recent projects, the 2016 project costing 60 thousand dollars (Award Number: 1702328…):

«This RAPID would support ionosphere radio modification experiments at the Alaska High-frequency Active Auroral Research Program (HAARP) Observatory during its first university-run campaign, planned for February 2017. The application of the research specifically is to study with high temporal resolution the evolution of the white-light morphology of the artificial radio-induced aurora. Ownership of the HAARP facility was transferred from the US Air Force to the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) in August, 2015. During campaigns, significant expenditures for fuel and personnel are required. Large start-up costs make HAARP experiments largely inaccessible to individual researchers unless multiple experiments and funding sources can be bundled together during a campaign of up to two-week duration. Based on recent pledged support from sponsors, UAF plans to conduct a limited experiment campaign in February 2017; this schedule is unflexible and consequently, the RAPID management of the award would enable the schedule to be enhanced with additional experiments thus utilizing the HAARP facility more effectively. Broader impacts will be maximized by encouraging public participation in various roles».

937% Increase in Heart Failure among Vaccinated US Military Personnel: Unclassified DOD Data on Navy Pilots

In this research, future experiments with the US Air Force are announced which obviously remain confidential. But the mission is clear: artificially manipulate atmospheric space. Without caring about the consequences just as happened with viruses enhanced in the laboratory…

«This project is a singular opportunity for researchers to conduct ionosphere modification experiments by taking advantage of efficiencies gained through bundling onto the campaign already planned for February. The primary experimental objective of this project is to measure time-dependent artificial airglow or “aurora” morphology with a sensitive white-light video camera capable of 30 frames per second temporal resolution. The secondary experimental objective is to test Arctic HF radio propagation paths using community and amateur radio (ham) participation. Both experiment objectives are highly relevant to active areas of space physics and Arctic radio communications research. Ionosphere radio modification is an important experimental technique for investigating: 1) plasma processes difficult or impossible to replicate in a laboratory, 2) the near-earth space environment, 3) radio propagation properties, and 4) natural processes such as aurora that transfer energy into the upper atmosphere. The primary and secondary objectives are 1) to measure the white-light artificial aurora morphology with high temporal resolution and 2) to test possible HF radio propagation paths in the Arctic. Both experiment objectives align with formerly active areas of research at HAARP prior to the suspension of operations».

The most shocking question is that very few geophysics and astronomy experts have hypothesized a correlation between these extremely dangerous tests that have affected the whole of Europe and the continuous storms that are increasing in intensity and duration in recent years.

Despite the lapidary ruling issued by an EU expert:

“Nobody should be conducting experiments alone with our shared planet,” European Union climate policy chief Frans Timmermans told a news conference.

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