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The news of the shooting down of a US drone was reported by two Russian Telegram channels – “Military Informant” and “Fighterbomber” – reported by the Italian newspaper La Stampa, according to which, in the past, these two channels have rarely written less than informed things.

The American UAV Shoot Down by Russia aviation

«By the newspaper’s own admission it is, in the first case, one of the most informed Russian telegram channels on what is happening in Russian airspace and aviation. The article quotes what the channel reports as follows: “A Russian MiG-31 fighter shot down a US Air Force reconnaissance drone over the Black Sea. Presumably it is a high-altitude RQ-4B Global Hawk reconnaissance drone.” Shortly after, the channel publishes an update: “Yes, the incident has now been confirmed.”

This is what the Italian website Contropiano wrote a few hours ago, confirming the validity of the alarm launched a week ago by Gospa News on the use of the Naval Air Base (NAS) of Sigonella (Sicily) where not only is there an Air Force command but also the most important station of the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) the American counter-espionage.

The important investigative newspaper in the USA The Gateway Pundit directed by Jim Hoft even hypothesizes that the downed UAV could have been a General Atomics MQ-9 Reaper attack killer drone (originally known as Predator B) like the one in the cover photo.

DRONI MILITARI USA IN VOLO DA SIGONELLA VERSO L’UCRAINA. Missioni Segrete dei Global Hawk dalla base CIA Italiana come per la Guerra in Libia

In fact, the news is going around the world with details that aggravate the extent of a very serious diplomatic incident which not only directly involves the USA, explicitly threatened with retaliation by the Kremlin.

«Last Sunday the splinters of an Atacms missile supplied by the USA, launched by the Ukrainians on Crimea and intercepted by the Russians, ended up on the beach of Sevastopol, killing four bathers – including three children – and wounding around 150. As I know, the shooting coordinates of the missiles are helped by the drones in flight” adds Contropiano.

The role of Italy reported by an Indian newspaper

Moscow explicitly blamed the United States for this attack and summoned the US ambassador, warning that the event would not remain without consequences. “According to the Ministry of Defense – reports an official Russian statement – ​​American Atacms missiles were used, armed with cluster bombs to increase their lethality. All flight data was entered by US specialists based on their satellite reconnaissance data and an American Global Hawk reconnaissance drone was flying in the skies near Crimea.”

The investigative newspaper GreatGameIndia also wrote about the case, making an alarming statement for our country: “Italy’s Secret Role In Sevastopol Missile Strikes”:

«While GGI analysts suggest the beach wasn’t the intended target, speculating instead that the missiles aimed for critical military sites, the incident has sparked a heated debate. The U.S. denies direct involvement, but evidence points to a complex web of international military cooperation, involving advanced surveillance and guidance systems, potentially implicating Italian bases and U.S. drones in the strikes».

The episode highlights the escalating high-tech nature of modern warfare and the broader implications for global military alliances. With cutting-edge defense systems in play, the stakes in this conflict have never been higher.

The alleged route of the US drone that would later be shot down by Russia

The same news was reported by the Telegram channel “Fighterbomber”, believed to be close to the command of the Russian Air Force: “Congratulations to all those involved. Good guys! We are now waiting for the approval of the United States regarding the “unprofessional actions”. Now there is greater turbulence in the Black Sea. Let’s see if it is a continuous thing or if it was a once-in-a-lifetime event.”

The Real target of the Strike

Military observers have pointed out that two separate strikes were carried out on the fateful weekend targeting:

  • Sevastopol beach
  • Deep Space Communications site, in Vitino

“Ukraine Forces already Use NATO Weapons to Exterminate Russian Civilians”. UN Envoy. 30 Children Killed, 9,000 Evacuated

Over the weekend, apart from the Sevastopol beach, the Ukrainian military struck the NIP-16 Deep Space Communications facility in Vitino. The center is part of Russia’s Yevpatoria Center for Deep Space Communications, one of three complexes that support both manned and robotic space missions. Interestingly, this facility was reportedly hit before, in December 2023, by British-supplied Storm Shadow cruise missiles thanks the Italian provide too…

It has about 20 radar dishes. Some of these dishes were grouped together in large fixtures holding up to eight dishes each. Satellite images, though low-resolution, confirm the attack. One image was taken on June 22 before the attack and the other on June 24 after it.

Electronic WARFARE: Russia Jammed Ukraine’s Long-Range NATO Glide Bombs and Musk’s Starlink Satellites. Kiev the Moscow Nuclear Umbrella

In recent weeks, Ukraine, thanks to the support of US and UK military intelligence, had managed to obscure Russia’s nuclear umbrella located in the Krasnodar region by unleashing a tremendous and covert retaliatory electromagnetic war and an increase in the launch of Russian hypersonic missiles on Kiev’s energy infrastructure.

Gateway Pundit launches the hypothesis of a Killer Reaper Drone

According to the website The Gateway Pundit (supporter of the Republican candidate Donald Trump as unfortunately of the Israeli Zionist regime in the Gaza genocide) an MQ-9 Reaper UAV, a killer attack drone often also used by the CIA in missions, may have also been shot down clandestine, and not a simple RQ-4B Global Hawk reconnaissance drone or its more advanced version, which arrived in Sigonella in recent months, the MQ-4C ‘Triton.

As we explained in our previous investigation, both of these UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) can also be armed.

Why is the Sigonella NAS base so important? Not only for its proximity to the international waters of the Mediterranean Sea but also for the recent construction of the MUOS in Sicily, despite gross violations of the building regulations reported by the Municipality of Niscemi.

The powerful antennas of the MUOS of Niscemi in Sicily, 71 km from Sigonella

The MUOS (acronym for Mobile User Objective System) is a high-frequency (UHF) and narrowband (not exceeding 64 kbit/s) military satellite communications system (SATCOM), managed by the United States Department of Defense. The system consists of four satellites (plus one spare) and four ground stations.

The MUOS system will integrate naval, air and land forces on the move anywhere in the world and is intended to replace the current UFO (Ultra High Frequency Follow-On) satellite system.

These technologies are essential to enhance the ability of drones to reach targets even thousands of kilometers away.

TOWARD AN ATOMIC WAR! Stoltenberg: “NATO aiming to put Nuclear Weapons on Alert” Russia Ready to Answer

«So, there we have it: after months of our worrying and warning that the increasing US involvement in the war in Ukraine could lead to a direct confrontation against Russia, the two nuclear superpowers appear on the very edge of conflict» comments Paul Serran in the article published by The Gateway Pundit.

This incident in fact follows the announcement of the state of alert of NATO nuclear sites made by Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg who is about to give way to former Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte, one of the accomplices of the USA, the United Kingdom and George Soros in the planning of the bloody 2014 coup in Kiev where the current conflict in Ukraine began.

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