MAUI DISASTER Military Spectres. Mysterious Cyberattack, AMOS Star Laser, Test for Directed Energy Weapon THOR

MAUI DISASTER Military Spectres. Mysterious Cyberattack, AMOS Star Laser, Test for Directed Energy Weapon THOR


In the cover image the Sodium guidestar laser at the Maui Space Surveillance System facility atop Haleakala and the homes razed by fire in Lahaina

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


Jeff Hickman, a spokesman for the Hawaii State Department of Defense, told USA TODAY in an email that the cause of the fire is still being investigated, but there is no truth to the claim that energy weapons were involved. Or the so-called Directed Energy Weapons (signed DE or DEW in English).

But Hickman himself was careful not to comment on the mysterious cyberattack that took place in the the American Pacific archipelago a few days before the explosion of the infernal fires that a thousand very serious shortcomings in emergency management made so devastating for the natives of Lahaina, the capital of the island of Maui where 115 people died and at least another 200 people are still missing.

A Disastrous Blaze similar to the one of Ancient Rome 

This tremendous fire

, which many journalists and pundits believe has been allowed to proliferate internationally, was such as to foster immediate real estate speculation on the burnt houses of the indigenous people who had been living there since degeneration and to be congenial to a plan by the World Economic Forum to make the small and paradisiacal US state an excellence in the transition to new energy sources for wealthy residents and wealthy tourists.

We will see in detail this information that contributes to providing the alleged “motive” of the devastation. We will analyze them as if it were a judicial investigation for a crime and therefore also verifying the existence of the “opportunity” and the “means” necessary to implement it.

The dynamic brings to mind the fire that broke out in Ancient Rome in the night between 18 and 19 July 64 (ante diem XV Kalendas Augustas, year DCCCXVII BC) in the area of the Circus Maximus and raged for six days (according to Tacitus and Suetonius) spreading throughout almost the entire city.

«The ancient sources almost unanimously consider the fire to be of arson, emphasizing some peculiarities of its trend, such as the speed of propagation, the fact that it had expanded in all directions, without following the direction of the winds, the fact that they also burned stone buildings. Equally, the rekindling of the fire after it seemed to have gone out for the first time was considered evidence of arson, providing a description that also fits perfectly with that of the Hawaiian flames.

«Nobody then dared to fight the fire, due to the repeated threats of many who forbade them to put it out and because there were others who openly threw torches and shouted that they had received orders to do so, both to steal more easily and actually for having received orders in such a way meaning» wrote Tacitus in the Annales who, wanting to be a superpartes historian, reports that the disaster occurred «by chance or by the perfidious will of the prince, the authors in fact transmitted both versions»

The reference is obviously to Nero who blamed the Christians for the fire going so far as to persecute them to distract the Roman people with “bread and circuses” who continued to believe the emperor was guilty «because the rumor had spread that at the very moment if the city was burning he had climbed onto the stage of the palace and had begun to sing the fall of Troy, assimilating the present disasters to the very ancient mourning» and aimed to rebuild his memorable Domus Aurea.

Hawaii Telescope Blinded in a Cybernetic Attack

A disturbing attack with an unidentified cybernetic or DE weapon blinded one of the largest public telescopes in the Hawaiian Islands, that of Hilo,

which represents one of the most important observation centers in that area of the Pacific and which could certainly have become an inconvenient “witness” of any artificial phenomena during the massive fire.

The news does not come from a conspiracy site but from the most important and authoritative scientific publication in the world: Science.

Obviously the authors Celina Zhao and Tanvi Dutta Gupta, in order to avoid journalistic speculation that could somehow fuel the bonfire on the theories of the use of Direct Energy on the island of Maui, despite having published the article on August 18th, have carefully from making every slightest reference to the tragedy.

«On 1 August, the Gemini North telescope in Hawai’i stopped observations after reporting a “cyber incident.” More than two weeks later, its shutdown continues, and a National Science Foundation center has now shuttered eight more telescopes in Chile as well. At several more, only in-person observations are available. As astronomers scramble to keep gathering data, NOIRLab, the NSF-funded group running ground-based telescopes, says its IT team is “working around the clock” to get the telescopes back up» reads the Science article.

«The apparent cyberattack—the perpetrators of which remain mysterious—is an unforeseen hurdle, even for researchers used to contingency planning. Anything from bad weather to lost power or a cracked mirror can reschedule research plans for ground-based optical telescopes. “We’re lucky enough to make it through a regular night,” says Luis Welbanks, an astronomy postdoc at the University of Arizona».

«While research groups develop short-term solutions—such as sending students to Chile to direct telescope observations in-person—cyber security experts want astronomers to prioritize best practices for safeguarding their computer systems—such as picking strong passwords and making sure they are kept private. “It doesn’t help if you build the strongest, most impenetrable fortress in the world, if you forget to lock even a single door or window,” says Patrick Lin, who leads an NSF-funded space cybersecurity grant from California Polytechnic State University».

Cybernetic Pandemic as Forecast by WEF! Massive Hacker Attack in EU and Us Detected by Italian Cybersecurity Agency

«NOIRLab has provided few further details about the matter, even to employees. The center declined to answer Science’s query on whether the incident was a ransomware attack, in which hackers demand money for the return of information or control of a facility. A NOIRLab spokesperson tells Science that the center’s information technology staff is “working around the clock to get the telescopes back into the sky.”» notes the article which focuses on astronomical problems while completely ignoring the disaster that occurred on the nearby island.      

The islands of the archipelago of Hawaii with Lahina and Hilo

«Normally, NOIRLab’s computer systems let astronomers remotely operate a variety of other optical ground-based telescopes. But on 9 August the center announced it had also disconnected its computer network from the Mid-Scale Observatories (MSO) network on Cerro Tololo and Cerro Pachón in Chile. This action additionally made remote observations impossible at the Víctor M. Blanco 4-meter and SOAR telescopes. NOIRLab has stopped observations at eight other affiliated telescopes in Chile as well» we further read in the Science report that it seems to want to ignore the tragic circumstance of a disconnection precisely during the first day of the explosion of flames in Lahaina.

The Unjustifiable Faults in Emergency Management

Countless articles have appeared on various Italian and American counter-information sites in which some crucial points have been highlighted in such a colossal failure in emergency management that it appears to be intentional.

We try to briefly summarize the main points:

  • the lack of red alert in reference to the dangers of the very strong wind triggered by hurricane Dora which passed next to the archipelago
  • failure to activate fire alarm sirens
  • failure to turn off the high voltage electricity to limit damage in the event of the pylons falling
  • the sudden depletion of water supplies in the water network which made the attempt to put out the fires of the Fire Brigade and residents in vain

To these points are added the videos released by Health Impact which summarized a sensational complaint by the inhabitants as follows.

«A lot of reports and video footage is now coming out from survivors of the Maui fire earlier this month. Many survivors are claiming that the police prevented people from escaping, with some claiming that they only survived because they did NOT obey police orders, while others did, and died. This was a very emotional video for me to put together. I am not going to offer any commentary, but let the video speak for itself» wrote editor Brian Shilhavy already known for his investigations into the damage of Covid vaccines.

Escape of the Inhabitants interrupted by the Trucks of the Electricity Company

But disturbing news on emergency management also comes from mainstream media such as NBCNews.

«Three survivors of the deadly wildfires that ravaged Maui said Wednesday that when the inferno erupted, the main escape route out of town was partly blocked by Hawaiian Electric trucks clearing downed lines and replacing busted power poles. The result was “epic bumper-to-bumper traffic while we were trying to escape,” said resident Cole Millington, 26. “There were no police officers in sight. What there was were Hawaiian Electric trucks coming in with new telephone poles» reads the article published by Alicia Victoria Lozano, Phil McCausland and Corky Siemaszko.

«“Instead of waiting for everybody to get out, they were blocking the only way out with their big trucks.” Millington and one of his roommates, Caitlin Carroll, said that when they started to flee Lahaina around 4 p.m. on Aug. 8, Hawaiian Electric workers were already clearing downed power lines and electrical wires from the Honoapiilani Highway».

«“I understand that,” Millington said. “You don’t want to be driving over live wires. But they were also starting to replace the poles while we were all trying to get out. We were like, get the f— off the road and let us get by.” Millington and Carroll, 27, said they and other drivers were yelling at the crews to get out of the way. “It made no sense what they were doing,” Millington said. “They could see the sky was black. They could see the city was on fire. They could see the wind was still whipping everything around. But they were already starting to plant new power poles.”» NBC News added.

Millington, who said he lost his home and his business to the fires, warned his roommates, and 15 minutes later they were all “peeling” out of the parking lot in their cars. But the main highway out of Lahaina, which is on Maui’s west side, was already jammed, and it took “three-plus hours” to get to the middle of the island. He said he could see the blaze chewing through Lahaina “in my rearview mirror.”

The Perfect Opportunity: Natural or Geoengineered Climate Change?

«Climate change “amplified” the failures of officials to act properly on the Maui wildfires, Hawaii Democratic Gov. Josh Green suggested on Sunday. While appearing on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Green discussed what some people have considered critical mistakes by both local officials and private companies regarding the disaster».

Though Green acknowledged failures in decisions made “in the moment” by these actors, he also remarked that these mistakes were aggravated by climate change. This is what the New York Post reported in summary.

But the geoengineering expert Dane Wigington on his site asked himself other questions, insinuating that the “scenography” necessary for the disaster had been carefully planned: «Flash drought and anomalous 85 MPH winds perfectly timed to create an unprecedented inferno».

Hurricane Dora passed near Hawaii

“Maui experienced a two-category increase in drought severity in just three weeks from May to June, with that rapid intensification fitting the definition of a flash drought” (ABC news). “Even in the past week there’s been a quick acceleration of that drought”, said University of Virginia hydrologist Venkat Lakshmi (ABC news)

“Flash droughts occur when the rain stops and it gets so hot that the atmosphere literally sucks moisture out of the ground and plants, making them more likely to catch fire (ABC news). “Major differences in air pressure drove unusually strong trade winds that fanned the destructive flames, according to meteorologists” (ABC news).

«An anomalously powerful clockwise rotating high pressure zone north of Hawaii combined with the anomalously resilient counter clockwise rotating Hurricane Dora south of Hawaii to create a surface level wind tunnel effect over Maui. Was the convergence of all these conditions just coincidence? Just random acts of nature? Or is there much more to the story that we are not being told? What puzzle piece is being systematically omitted from climate collapse catastrophe reporting of events that are unfolding all over the world?» wonders Dane Wigington.

Suspected Use of Direct Energy Weapons

«There were some strange things about the alleged wildfire at Lahaina, Hawaii. Notably, the spokesman who explained what happened was NOT a fire official or anyone from the local government with any knowledge of firefighting or emergencies. Instead, we find Major General Kenneth Hara, the commanding general of the Hawaii Army National Guard. He stated that he did not know what ignited the fires. But he opined that low humidity and high winds “set the conditions for the wildfires.” He is an army general; what does he know about forest fires?» wonders the British investigative site The Exposé publishing various images and videos that lead to the assumption that directed energy weapons have been used.

The blinding flash in a Maui forest before a fire

«There is reason to question the general’s claim. The wildfire would only make sense if a forest of trees surrounded the city of Lahaina. That is the first problem with the story. There is no forest near the town. Indeed, the satellite photo below shows that the tallest trees near the city belong to the Maui Kuaia Estate Cacao Farm. Cacao trees are pretty small ranging in height between 13 and 26 feet. But those trees are across a highway several hundred yards from the nearest building. What about the trees within the city itself?».

«There are lots of trees in the town. But when we look at the photos of the city after the alleged fire, we find that the trees in the town are mainly intact. Strangely buildings that have been destroyed allegedly by fire are surrounded by trees untouched by flames. Something else is going on here» Patricia Harrity wrote.

«That something else is directed energy. The buildings were destroyed by directed energy weapons. Directed energy weapons use microwaves. They cause molecular destruction of materials that absorb them; wood remains unfazed because wood absorbs very little microwave radiation. It is similar to how you can put a paper plate in a microwave oven without concern that it will catch fire. But if you put aluminium foil into that same microwave oven, it will quickly begin to spark and burst into flames» reported The Exposé.

Many have reported the melted rims of cars, the boats set on fire one by one at sea, the videos that have taken strange flashes in the woods and many other suspicious anomalies.

The Sophisticated Instruments in the US Military Laboratory in Maui

A partial confirmation of this daring hypothesis comes from the American counter-information site VT Foreign Policy (on which I write) where the Italian blogger Claudio Resta has revealed an important discovery.

«Perhaps not everyone knows that AFRL, the Air Force Research Laboratory Directed Energy Directorate, is present at Maui Air Force Maui Optical and Supercomputing (AMOS) Site. Suppose that at the start date of the fires, indeed at the precise moment of this start, a new type of directed energy weapon was being tested at this installation, the effects of which were not yet well known» wrote Resta, then venturing into Pindaric and idle philosophical speculations.

The AMOS of the AFRL (Air Force Research Laboratory) on the island of Maui

So here is that the coincidences around the Hawaii disaster really begin to be too many not to think of an intentional disaster similar to that of Nero in ancient Rome.

The right “opportunity” for “crime” was provided by drought in symbiosis with strong cyclonic winds. The “Means” to accomplish it are configurable in the mysterious blinding of the Hilo telescope, capable of detecting astrophysical anomalies, and in the powerful AFRL.

«Freedom to operate and maintain satellites in space is a critical component of our national security. The U.S. Air Force assists in achieving this freedom, in part, by maintaining an awareness of the locations and capabilities of all man- made objects in space. This awareness is called space situational awareness (SSA). The scientists and engineers of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) advance technologies that improve the nation’s capability to maintain SSA as the number, sizes, locations, and capabilities of man-made objects in space evolve over time» reads the PDF presentation (below in the sources) of the AMOS – AFRL which belongs to the DIRECTED ENERGY Directorate of the Pentagon, or the US Department of Defense.

«To assist these researchers, the AFRL Directed Energy Directorate operates two major telescope sites that are used to advance SSA technologies. One of these sites is located on Kirtland Air Force Base, New Mexico, and the other site is located on Maui, Hawaii. The Maui site is called the Air Force Maui Optical and Super- computing (AMOS) site»

Sodium guidestar for sensing atmosphere at the Maui Space Surveillance System facility atop Haleakala – AMOS pf Maui Island

«The AMOS site consists of two facilities that are used together to conduct SSA research and development. The first facility is the Maui Space Surveillance System (MSSS) and the second is the Maui High Performance Computing Center (MHPCC). Research thrusts at the AMOS site include satellite detection and identification, atmospheric compensation and resolved imaging, astrodynamics and orbital metrics, sensor development, laser propagation through the Earth’s atmosphere, data base cataloging of satellite images, and high-performance computer modeling and simulation».

«Most recently AFRL installed a sodium laser guidestar, which has the ability to propagate light into the sodium layer of the atmosphere and create an artificial star. This laser guidestar technology is currently in use at observatories around the world» this is what is publicly communicated.

The THOR Directed Energy weapon born from AMOS Hawaiian Research

But isn’t this powerful ray, presented as “Fire in the Sky” by the scientist who followed its development and use, one of the most sophisticated military technologies developed and tested at AMOS in Maui by the Air Force Research Laboratory which every year organizes aerospace events sponsored by the most important manufacturers of weapons and defense systems.

The “Fire in the Sky” video on the presentation of the AMOS laser in Maui – link at the bottom of the page

«AFRL pioneered the first and only megawatt-class airborne laser and is a world leader in ground-based space imaging using adaptive optics with a 3.5-meter telescope in New Mexico and a 3.6-meter telescope in Hawaii. The Directorate is transitioning game-changing counter-electronics and laser system technologies to the warfighter developing tech such as THOR pictured here» reads the official website.

While in the report presented on September 13, 2022 to the American Congressional Research Service entitled “Department of Defense Directed Energy Weapons: Background and Issues for Congress” you can read every detail on the powerful weapon that bears the name of the Norse deity who is a symbol of the thunderbolt.

The 3.6-meter, 75-ton Advanced Electro-Optical System (AEOS) telescope shown above is the largest optical telescope in the Department of Defense – AFRL -AMOS – Hawaii.

Under the heading “Selected Air Force Directed Energy Weapons Programs” reads the following:

«The Air Force is developing and testing a number of DE technologies through the Directed Energy Directorate of the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL). The following section provides a brief description of selected unclassified efforts»among these is the Tactical High-Power Operational Responder (THOR).

«The Tactical High-Power Microwave Operational Responder (THOR) technology demonstrator, designed by AFRL in collaboration with industry partners, is intended to provide a viable DE C-UAS weapon system focused on short-range air base defense. THOR is housed in a standardized 20-foot transport container that enables it to fit inside a C-130 transport aircraft. Users reportedly can deploy the system in three hours and operate its user interface with only rudimental training. According to Air Force press releases, THOR has successfully completed a two-year test period and is to inform follow-on prototype efforts» reads the report.

The deadly weapon of Direct Energy microwave THOR tested several times by the AFRL of the US Air Force

In 2023 THOR was able to disable a swarm of unmanned aerial vehicles at the Conventional High Explosives & Simulation Test range (Chestnut range), in an AFRL test (link video below). Although it does not act with the power of a laser, this DE weapon can disable electronic systems thus also creating possible incendiary short circuits.

Further, «The Phaser High-Powered Microwave system  developed by Raytheon, is intended to provide a short-range C-UAS capability similar to that of THOR. The Air Force reportedly procured a $16.3 million prototype Phaser for testing and overseas field assessments; however, it is unclear whether the system has been deployed outside the United States»

WEAPONS LOBBY – 11. Huge Profits by NATO’s Firms thanks to the Ukraine Devastating War against Peace. US Approval to Supply F-16

But that is not all: «AFRL awarded Raytheon Missiles and Defense a contract for testing of the Counter-Electronic High-Power Microwave Extended-Range Air Base Defense (CHIMERA) system in October 2020. In contrast to THOR and Phaser, which are designed for a short-range C-UAS mission, the CHIMERA system is intended to be able to engage UAS at greater distances. Unclassified information about the CHIMERA system is limited».

The Aerospace SHOW must Go On in Maui

Those who are passionate about this type of weapon can read the full report (link at the bottom of the article) for us it was enough to correlate the Maui experiments with one of the most powerful portable DE weapons of the US Air Force. To demonstrate that they might have the tools needed for a random or intentional experiment sufficient to wreak havoc on the city of Lahina.

US Weapons Corporations sponsor of Maui’s annual AMOS events

However, the devastation was not enough to stop the annual AMOS Aerospace Summit in Maui which will be held regularly on September 19-22 in Wailea:

«The AMOS Conference decision to proceed as scheduled is not taken lightly. We are considering all factors, including the livelihoods and economy of remaining businesses of Maui that are dependent on visitors to survive. In the words of our Mayor and Governor, West Maui (Lahaina) is closed to visitors, however, other parts of Maui, small businesses and residents are relying on responsible visitors to remain open. The AMOS Conference brings together a respected (and respectful) global scientific community in Maui to share leading research in space technology and policy, to learn and to connect».

The Motive for Real Estate Speculation in Lahaina…

Now that we have demonstrated the probative evidence necessary to confirm the “opportunity” and “means” for the devastating fire, we come to the motives that are well highlighted by an investigation by The Exposè and by one by ZeroHedge led by the famous investigative journalist Tyler Durden.

«Lahaina was hit harder than anywhere else by the fires, and it turns out that property owners in the area have been getting pressured to sell for a long time. So now that disaster has struck, those that wish to get their hands on these prime properties are in a feeding frenzy.  One local resident made headlines all over the world after she posted a video about this…» wrote ZeroHedge relaunching a survey carried out by Michael Snyder on TheMostImportantNews.

Homes razed by fire in Lahaina

«Filming herself in the recent video, the Hawaii resident said: ‘I am so frustrated with investors and realtors calling the families who lost their home, offering to buy their land.‘How dare you do that to our community right now. If you are a victim and they are calling you, please get their business name so we can put them on blast,’ she added.She claims in the clip that she ‘personally’ knows ‘multiple families’ that were ‘offered money from investors and realtors’.When 2020 began, the average home in Lahaina was worth about $600,000. Today, the average home in Lahaina is worth about a million dollars».

«Now there is a race to take advantage of those that have just had their homes burned down, and it has gotten so bad that even Hawaiian Governor Josh Green is speaking out against it… Hawaiian officials are warning residents that unscrupulous investors are trying to take advantage of the fire disaster on Maui to take over properties» add the article.

But not all that glitters in the words of politicians is gold. The Hawaiian governor Josh Green revealed plans for the state to potentially purchase properties in the seaside town of Lahaina, which was devastated by the deadliest wildfire in modern U.S. history.

And the World Economic Forum Plan for Hawaii

«The trust in the government has become so broken that the Maui people have no trust in the government and cite the motive for a deliberate cited was to allegedly further the “smart cities” agenda, which is ascribed to the World Economic Forum» instead wrote The Exposé.

«An article in 2018 from the world economic Forum shows that they planned to make. Hawaii the first U.S state to run entirely on clean energy. There is also an  article from the world economic Forum that talks about their alliance is creating Smart City. They Paved Paradise….» Patricia Harrity added on the British journal.

«Additionallhy Hawaii had been coerced into accelerating the introduction of renewable energy. At the same time, it is placing importance on the promotion of EV (electric vehicle) as a solution to move away from the dependence on fossil fuels, particularly oil, and established EV promoting acts. “Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you got till it’s gone”?».

According to The Exposé, The Governor  of Hawaii, Josh Green, who was selected for the role as recently as 2022 has shown that he was eager to forge ahead with the WEF agenda when he delivered a keynote address to government officials at the United Nations in New York in July 2023

His focus was on sustainable development and a model Hawaii can provide for their sustainability plans. “We try to lead on energy and climate. We were the first state to mandate 100% renewable energy for electricity. It’s an opportunity for a small state with technically a small footprint — but we do punch above our weight a little bit because of our position in the Pacific.”

GREAT RESET: FED, ECB & IMF ready to Sell the Nations to BlackRock. Devilish Plot “RST“ thanks to Interest Rate Hike

Green’s address was to other government officials on This includes successful collaboration efforts between government, businesses and the community.

The WEF states that their “Alliance is seeking additional cities and organizations to become pioneers in smart city governance.” their aim is:

  • Data gathered using IoT technologies is helping cities combat crime, and reduce pollution.
  • The G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance is establishing global policy norms for data collection and use, transparency, and public trust.
  • As of May 2022, the Alliance is leading smart city governance initiatives in more than 36 cities around the world.

«Led by the World Economic Forum, the G20 Global Smart Cities Alliance on Technology Governance is the largest global initiative aiming at ensuring responsible and ethical use of smart city technologies. Not everyone in Hawaii were on board with the Smart City plans or to be controlled by a World Economic? However, they were going ahead regardless it seems» Patricia Harrity concluded publishing a video (link below in the sources).

Coincidences? All just coincidences?

Coincidences? All just coincidences? They can be exactly like SARS-Cov-2 created in the laboratory from which “accidentally” resulted in the most devastating pandemic in history whose origins not even the US Congress has managed to shed completely light on the obstacles posed by the director of the National Intelligence chosen by President Joseph Biden.

More than 100 people were burned alive in Lahaina. Not just charred but incinerated as if they had been burned by flames hot enough to melt car rims.

WUHAN-GATES – 70. STORM ON SARS-COV-2 BIO-WEAPON. US Senators vs Intelligence Director. Report on Fauci & Bethesda Boys’ Concealing

Their fate remains shrouded in a tragic fatality like that of the dead killed by mysterious snipers in 2014 during the coup in Kiev financed by the Obama-Biden administration and by George Soros which led to war in Ukraine.

We mention these two events because they represent two disturbing enigmas that add up to the massacre of 11 September 2001 at the World Trade Center in New York where two CIA collaborators were among the hijackers and where also the building n. 7 collapsed despite not being hit by any aircraft.

All shady and chilling plots in which the hope of the sordid puppeteers of the New World Order stands out and which make the scene of the hypothetical terrible crime of Maui quite credible.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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Congressional Research Service – Department of Defense Directed Energy Weapons: Background and Issues for Congress


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