13 Countries Join South Africa’s Case Against Israel on Genocide In Gaza

13 Countries Join South Africa’s Case Against Israel on Genocide In Gaza


By June 28, 2024, thirteen countries, including the latest addition, Spain, have joined South Africa in a powerful legal battle against Israel at the International Court of Justice. They accuse Israel of genocide in Gaza, highlighting the severe humanitarian crisis there.

Spain, along with nations like Colombia and Mexico, aims to uphold international law and seek justice for the victims. This collective action underscores a global push for peace and a rules-based international order, urging the ICJ to address the dire situation and enforce measures to prevent further atrocities.

On Friday, Spain submitted a Declaration of Intervention (view below) to the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in the lawsuit filed by South Africa against Israel over the applicability of the Genocide Convention in the Gaza Strip.

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“This intervention is motivated by our responsibility as a State party to the Genocide Convention and our firm commitment to international law,” the Spanish Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced.

Madrid’s action aligns it with other countries such as Colombia, Mexico, and Palestine, with Ireland, Belgium, and Chile set to follow.

As reported by AA this move demonstrates the country’s commitment to supporting the ICJ’s role in upholding a rules-based international system. “We seek to contribute to bringing peace back to Gaza and the Middle East,” the ministry added.

Spain stressed the necessity for a two-state solution to provide long-term peace and stability for Palestinians and Israelis.

It raised concerns about Gaza’s humanitarian catastrophe, which includes restricted relief access and infrastructural destruction. “We urge the ICJ to address the obligation to prevent genocide and ensure compliance with the Court’s binding precautionary measures,” according to the statement.

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Spain has pledged to follow the ICJ’s decision, confirming its support for international legal decisions and commitment to promoting global peace and security, it added. Israel has faced international censure for defying a UN Security Council decision calling for an immediate cease-fire in its ongoing savage offensive on Gaza since Hamas’ launch on October 7.

According to local health officials, over 37,700 Palestinians have been murdered in Gaza, the majority of them are women and children, with over 86,500 injured. Over eight months into the Israeli war, massive swaths of Gaza are in ruins, with a severe siege of food, clean water, and medication.

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Recently, GreatGameIndia reported that during a pro-Palestine gathering, South Africa’s Foreign Minister Naledi Pandor stated that its citizens serving in Israel’s military would be arrested.




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