The warning by Russian intelligence FSB:
«5 Thousands jihadists ammassed
nearby the former Soviet republics»
Daesh militians riot in Tajikistan prison

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Where did the ISIS jihadists commander freed by the US from the Taliban prison, those who surrendered to the Kurdish SDF militias after the fall of Baghouz, a Daesh stronghold in Syria, or who escaped from the Al Rukban refugee camp on the border Syrian with Iraq and Giodania? Many of them were transported elsewhere by the same US troops. Now we discover that thousands of jihadists have massed in northern Afghanistan to infiltrate the former URSS countries, all with a Muslim majority, where they could unleash uprisings and where they could plan attempts to enter Russia.

The alarm is not raised by an anti-terrorist reporter but by the head of the Russian intelligence FSB, ex KGB, Alexander Bortnikov. This could be part of a strategy of terror in which CIA agents are masters, as taught by the history of US presidents Abraham Lincoln and John Fotzgerald Kennedy, assassinated in obscure paramilitary-terrorist conspiracies never fully revealed due to an avalanche of cover-ups of evidence and the killing of the assassins.

Isis fighters transported to Iraq with US military trucks

At a time when the tension is skyrocketing in the Persian Gulf as in Iraq and also in the provinces of Syria bordering on Idlib, the stronghold of Al Nusra, an affiliate of Al Qaeda, a front of further tensions is developing in neighboring countries to southern Russia as Turkmenistan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan, in order to keep Tehran and Damascus’s main ally (and Venezuela under attack) engaged in war front near their borders. What interests does the US have to protect ISIS? Simple justifies every military operation to enrich the arms lobby with the excuse of the terrorist threat, they kill fundamentalist Jihad militiamen to die in the name of Allah and free their allied commanders.

Aminullah, one of the main commanders of Daesh, freed from a Taliban prison by Us Air Forc

This has happened in recent months in Afghanistan with the release of Aminullah, one of the main commanders of Daesh, as happened in 2009 with the release of the caliph of the Islamic State Abu Backr Al Baghdadi, detained by the US in the Camp Bucca prison camp in Iraq is released on the orders of US President Barack Obama, two years before he founded ISIS, leaded insurrections in Mosul and then moved to Syria. There he unleashed the hell of the civil war alongside the US-funded rebels since 2006 by the president George Bush junior.

There is multiple evidence of funding destined for the rebels and ended up in ISIS hands even with full US awareness. Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva had discovered CIA arms trafficking for ISIS terrorists. And it was for this reason that it was fired from its Trud network for fear of retaliation but assumed by Lebanese television Al Mayadeen.

Journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva who discovered CIA arms trafficking for ISIS terrorists

The reporter Lorenzo Vita today published an article on InsideOver, a geopolitics and war chronicles column in the italian newspaper Il Giornale, on Toyota Hilux model pick-ups that are among the most used by Isis jihadists. He cited a Public Radio International inquiry into 43 jeeps purchased by the US State Department, donated to anti-Assad FSA rebels in Syria and ended up in the hands of Islamic State terrorists. The Australian Daily International reported hundreds of Toyota Hilux stolen from Foreign Fighters of Oceania and arrived in the Middle East to be employed in Yemen by Al Qaeda and in Iraq by Daesh militia.

The Toyota vehicles used by the ISIS militiamen



«A branch of the Islamic State has amassed about 5,000 militants in northern Afghanistan at the border of the post-Soviet republics of Central Asia, the Russian FSB director warned, adding that many of them fought in Syria – the network writes Russia Today – Particularly worrying is the deployment of terrorist groups in the northern provinces of Afghanistan» FSB director Alexander Bortnikov told to former Soviet republic intelligence chiefs in Dushanbe (capital of Tajikistan)». The alarm also takes on great importance because the four states bordering Afghanistan are all predominantly Sunni Muslims like the neighboring Kazakh, which has kilometers of border with Russia.



Alexander Bortnikov, director of the Russian secret services FSB (ex KGB)

Bortnikov warned that “Wilayat Khorasan”, an affiliate of the Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS), managed to collect 5,000 fighters in the area. The terrorist cells are now infiltrating the countries of the former Soviet Union where they are creating ties to organized crime. To maintain a low profile, they try to disguise themselves as refugees and migrants.

The Islamists have suffered sharp military defeats in Syria and Iraq, but they still remain a danger. «Now they are trying to reorganize themselves in areas that the Syrian government does not control, or hide in the refugee camps» the head of the FSB noted in a statement reported by RT. Among these, a strategic strategic point is represented by the Camp of displaced persons of Al Rukban, managed by the anti-Assad rebels of the FSA under protection and thanks to the contribution of the nearby US military base US Army of Al Tanf.

A strategic place, where the killer of Christchurch Brenton Tarrant, considered by many intelligence sources an agent of the israelian secret service Mossad, was trained by the same ISIS terrorists, before he made the massacre in New Zealand mosques in the logic of sharpening the tensions between white extremists and Muslims in order to legitimize in the eyes of the Islamic world, possible terrorist attacks like the one that took place recently in Sri Lanka and organized by the extremist Imam who had been in Syria and had maintained close ties with ISIS. All this to trigger the strategy of terror and motivate successive US military reprisals around the world.

The countries of the former USSR close to northern Russia

Another alarming trend is that terrorist groups are transferring their forces to other parts of the world, including northern Africa and south-eastern Asia. «Despite military losses, terrorist organizations are accumulating huge foreign funds to prepare for attacks worldwide – Russia Today adds – In particular, they use cryptocurrencies and online payment services to receive money from abroad. Revenues from “illegal oil trade, human trafficking and other criminal activities” are also used by terrorists to stay afloat».

We shouldn’t also forgotten the organ trafficking of which the White Helmets have been accused, often complicit in actions of Al Qaeda jihadists, before the UN by an anti-terrorist organization of Russia. The same White Helmets, founded and trained by a former British military 007, received just a few weeks ago a $ 5 million grant from the US Government (which previously supported them with hundreds of millions of dollars).



The Khudzhand’s prision in Vakhdat, country of Tajikistan

The Isis problem in former Soviet republic has become reality last week in Tajikistan. The Il-96-400VPU aircraft of the Russian security service FSB landed in Dushanbe on May the 21th. According to telegram channel Militarist, «there is an opinion that this is due to the rebel of IS supporters in a local prison». As a confirmation there is a screenshot of the flight path of the aircraft, made through Flightradar24 (a resource that allows to track the flight of an aircraft in real time). To recap, on May the 19th, riots occurred in Vakhdat, a suburb of the capital of Tajikistan, which resulted in the death of three guards and 29 prisoners. The report has been published by the website Crime Russia

«It is known that about 30 people convicted of being connected with the Islamic State terrorist organization banned in Russia attempted to escape from prison and took people hostage, and later killed three prison officers. According to the representatives of the Ministry of Justice of the Republic, among the instigators was the son of the ‘Minister of War’ of Islamic State, Bekhruz Gulmurod. The department said that during the negotiations between the criminals themselves there was a skirmish, which ended in a shootout» highlights Crime Russia.

Earlier, representatives of the penitentiary system of Tajikistan visited Russian prisons to study the conditions of detention of those accused of terrorism. As the Deputy Director of the Federal Penitentiary Service of Russia Valery Maksimenko told Moskovsky Komsomolets, now this category of convicts is kept in locked cells, they are limited in contacts with other convicts, which excludes possible recruitment and dissemination of radical ideas. However, convicted terrorists were under special control in the Federal Penitentiary Service even before. They were placed in separate units, and their correspondence, parcels, etc. were checked especially carefully. Any cell phone behind the bars is prohibited, but if it was found on a convicted member of a terrorist organization, the head of the institution immediately faced punishment up to dismissal.

Of note, this is the second case of unrest in the colonies of Tajikistan over the past six months. In November 2018, riots occurred in the colony of strict regime in the city of Khudzhand in the north of the republic. Then, according to official figures, 21 prisoners and two officers of the colony were killed. Another five employees of the colony were injured.

The incident in Khudzhand caused a change of management of the Main Directorate for the Execution of Punishments of the Ministry of Justice of Tajikistan. Last week, eight employees of the Khudzhand colony were sentenced to various terms on charges of negligence. Almost 30 prisoners of the colony in Khudzhand are accused of organizing riots.



In april, the director of the FSB warned the militants of the Islamic State that they return to their countries of origin and create terrorist cells at home. More than 1,500 of 5,000 European jihadists who previously joined the IS, the so-called Foreign Terrorist Fighters, managed to return to their countries of origin from the Middle East, as Bortnikov reported at the time.

To these could be added tomorrow the approximately eight hundred FTF foreigners mostly Europeans detained in SDF prisons in Rojava, in northern Syria controlled by the Kurdish YPG. A very big number for the few prisons of Curdi army and for the trails that don’t forecast the capital punishement. So they could be released after the Governments failed to respond to the appeal of US President Donald Trump to take them back to detention them in their own countries. The White House had instead refrained from saying that there were also other 800 Foreign Fighters arrested but originating from Saudi Arabia, a historic ally of Washington, and, according to the American Muslim deputy Ilhan Omar, not only funders but also founders of Al Qaeda.

The founder of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden

Al Qaeda was formed by Osama Bin Laden, brother of Salm Bin Laden and son of Mohamed Bin Laden, two of the most important builders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, of Sunni Muslim (Wahhabi) confession just like the Qaedist terrorists and of the Isis. But this will be the subject of a forthcoming report also about the probably place where Al Baghdadi is hiding …

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