“West Wants to Escalate Ukraine Conflict by Allowing Kiev to Strike Russia”. Slovakian PM Fico

“West Wants to Escalate Ukraine Conflict by Allowing Kiev to Strike Russia”. Slovakian PM Fico


Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico criticized Western nations for allowing Kiev to strike Russian territory, saying it shows a will to escalate the conflict. He asserted that Slovakia will avoid involvement in such “military gambles.”

Slovakia’s prime minister has rejected the West’s “gambling” on military escalation with Russia in Ukraine.

“Ukraine Forces already Use NATO Weapons to Exterminate Russian Civilians”. UN Envoy. 30 Children Killed, 9,000 Evacuated

“The permissions that some Western countries have given to Ukraine so it could use the West-produced weapons to attack targets within Russian territory only proves that it is not peace that the major Western democracies want, but the tension escalation with Russia which they would definitely achieve,” Robert Fico wrote on social media.

“As the prime minister of Slovakia I will not drag the republic in none of such military gambles,” stressed the leader, who is still recovering from the five gunshot wounds he suffered in a recent assassination attempt by a pro-Ukraine liberal activist.

Deep PLOT vs FICO: Pro-NATO Shooter of Slovak PM Planned ASSASINATION Attempt two days in Advance

Fico noted that he voted in the ongoing European Parliament elections from the hospital. “It is necessary to elect Members of the European Parliament who will support peace initiatives and not the continuation of the war,” the PM emphasized.

In recent weeks, some Western countries — including the United Kingdom, France and the United States — have authorized the Ukrainian Armed Forces to use the weapons supplied to them for strikes inside Russia.

US ATACMS Missiles won’t Avoid Kiev Defeat but could Spark WWIII. Russian Plans vs NATO-Poland Nuke Scenario

Washington clarified that these strikes should target areas adjacent to the Kharkov region, while the ban on long-range ATACMS missile strikes remains in place.

President Vladimir Putin, speaking to journalists at the St Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), said that supplying weapons to Kiev indicates direct Western involvement in the conflict. He noted that Ukrainian forces could not independently launch attacks using ATACMS or Storm Shadow missiles.

Putin did not rule out the possibility of Russia supplying weapons to other countries in regions where they could strike sensitive targets of the states arming Ukraine.

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