CIA-GATE – 9. US Intelligence/Polish Arms Traders’ Shadow Schemes for Ukraine with Alleged Sri Lanka Help

CIA-GATE – 9. US Intelligence/Polish Arms Traders’ Shadow Schemes for Ukraine with Alleged Sri Lanka Help


Originally published by CIAgate’s Substack

WARNING by Gospa News – The information is so detailed that we believe it is our duty to report their dossiers, even if it is impossible for us to verify them

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In case you missed parts 1 and 2 of our “Noetic Continental” series, please, read it first in order to get a deeper understanding of this material.

Ukrainian Deal: Exposing CIA/Polish Arms Traders’ Shadow Schemes

In August 2017, CIA’s front company Noetic International Inc. signed an agreement with the RKW Strategic Services LLC, U.S.-based “waste-to-energy” (WTE) firm, headed by Polish immigrant. According to the Noetic’s press release, the agreement implied cooperation in the field of renewable energy.

Press release on RKW’s collaboration with Noetic International Inc

So, this information was pretty enough to understand the nature of the RKW, as well as who it works for. Nevertheless, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to go down the rabbit hole and shed more light on CIA shadow games.

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To begin with, the RKW Strategic Services predictably has no website. Moreover, there’s practically no info about its achievements in WTE sector on the web. The whole description of the company contains a few sentences and a four-page PDF-file, declaring all company’s “advantages”, published on its founder’s LinkedIn page. According to OpenCorporates, the RKW is still active today.

RKW’s description on LinkedIn

Well… That’s all reliable information we’ve managed to find on the RKW’s efforts in the field of renewable energy. So our next step was to identify the RKW’s management.

The company’s name derives from the first letters of its creator’s name – Robert Kszysztof Wojciechowski. This gentleman was born in Poland on October 3, 1961. Having renounced Polish citizenship, Robert left his home country and settled in the United States, where he devoted decades of his life to the DIA – Defense Intelligence Agency.

Robert Kszysztof Wojciechowski

 Mr. Wojciechowski held different positions including:

– Chief, Global Intelligence Support Center in Washington, DC (2004-2006).

– Senior Operations Officer at the CIA/National Clandestine Service Counter-Terrorism Center in Afghanistan (2005-2006).

– DIA senior officer in Iraq (2008).

By the way, his wife Rein Marie Wojciechowski (Guerrier) has also been working in the DIA for about 20 years as an analyst in Germany (II Corps Tactical Control and Analysis Element, A. Co. 307th MI BN) and Saudi Arabia, as well as political administrative assistant/public relations officer at the U.S. Embassy in Poland. Mrs. Wojciechowski was also privileged to work in the U.S. Army Intelligence and Security Command (INSCOM), Fort Meade, Maryland – the same military base where the NSA headquarters is located.

From DIA to Us Intelligence Contractor

To make a long story short, the Wojciechowski family has first-hand knowledge of what military service and clandestine activity are like.

Around 2010, a new stage begins in Robert’s life: at the age of 48-49, he retires from military intelligence and starts working as a senior consultant on organizational and change management at Booz Allen Hamilton – main U.S. intelligence contractor.

In fact, this is fairly common when a retired Army officer gets a job in a contractor organization or creates his own, depending on the acquired skills over the years of service. However, Robert’s choice turned out to be … unexpected.

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Sometime between 2013 and 2014, DIA veteran Robert Wojciechowski finally decided to sign a contract with the CIA create his own company and immerse himself in a world of renewable energy for the good of America. And this is the best moment to thank Mr.Wojciechowski for his outstanding service, because what you read next may change your opinion of this person.

As you probably guessed, there’s something about Robert’s “company” that he’d preferred not to disclose. As we said before, since 2014 there hasn’t been a single company or person (except Noetic International, of course) mentioning Mr. Wojciechowski or his WTE project. Perhaps, at some point Robert realized that renewable energy wasn’t his thing after all. Or was it just a hoax from the very beginning?

A Partner of Rheinmetall and Ukraine Minister

The thing is, the RKW Strategic Services, LLC is doing a BIG business with manufacturers of weapons, military equipment and UAVs from Poland.

FlyFocus’ distributors

Among its major partners is the FlyFocus, a Polish company engaged in the development and modernization of UAVs for the needs of the military. It equips drones with thermal imaging optics, AI and anti-jammers. The FlyFocus itself claims to be working with arms companies and corporations, including the Rheinmetall.

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We’ve also identified the RKW’s ties with another Polish company – the MXTech Sp.z.o.o. Ltd that offers “modern security solutions and technologies”, such as:

  • radiation detectors, personal dosimeters and other equipment.
  • RTG scanners for baggage and people control;
  • integrated security and next generation access control systems.

Considering this we initially admitted that the MXTech might still have had something to do with renewable energy. At least the superficial information on the web gave such an impression.

However, our source handed us MXTech’s separate price list for “special” purchasers. So, in addition to dosimeters and RTG scanners, the company offers guns and ammo to suit every taste, from machine guns and grenade launchers, to helicopters and high-tech drones.

MXTech’s “special” price list

So, if you suddenly need a dosimeter or $4,3 million UH-1D “Super”, please, feel free to contact these guys. You’re welcome.

Full document on CIA-Gate original post (link below in the signature)

You might be surprised, but the RKW has another business partner from Poland – the EKOCENT. This company provides “military equipment for the armed forces, police, special forces and other authorized institutions all over the world.”

EKOCENT mission

Our source from the CIA gave us an intriguing document No. BA-L513-23, December 18, 2023 where the U.S. State Department authorizes brokering services to Mr. Wojciechowski and his company for the supply and transportation of garbage cansweapons and ammunition until June, 2024.

US State Department application for brokering license

The document also provides a list of “goods” required for transportation: hundreds of thousands of mines, grenades, RPGs’ warheads, mortar bombs and other.

And who do you think the end-user was? We’re sure that you’ve already figured it out – the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine.

End-user information

According to the document, the RKW was involved in overseeing the procurement of necessary weapons and ammunition to Ukraine from the Ministry of Defense of Sri Lanka through Dutch arms supplier company 20-20 Supplies B.V, the already known EKOCENT and some company that preferred to hide its participation in arms tender. It’s hard to say for certain, but everything suggests that this was the MXTech, as 5 out of 10 of the required ammunition items this company could provide to the Ukrainian government.

The document also noted that the representatives of the Armed Forces of Ukraine were supposed to receive the required weapons in the port of Gdansk (Poland).

Full document on CIA-Gate original post (link below in the signature)

Brokering activity

Whether Sri Lankan “cargo” reached Ukraine, we don’t know. But we do know that the U.S. State Department informed Mr. Wojciechowski that it received registration statement and fee to register him as a broker:

Full document on CIA-Gate original post (link below in the signature)

So, like Bulgaria, Sri Lanka’s stance in the Russo-Ukrainian war was also contradictory. On the one hand Colombo discusses with Moscow the issue of Sri Lankans fighting alongside Russia in Ukraine, on the other hand it sends tons of ammunition to Kyiv.

The Environmental Cost of the US Superpower’s Economic, Hybrid War Games in Indian Ocean

Someone may ask: “What’s the big deal? Biden’s administration has never made any secret of its passion to support Ukraine in its war with Russia.” And we completely agree with this. However, the problem is much deeper than it seems at first glance.

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Legacy of the Afghan Deal

In the first half of the 2000s, the U.S. government allowed commercial companies in America to participate in Pentagon tenders for the purchase and supply of weapons around the world. In addition to advantages of such decision (money saving, for example), this also allowed “businessmen” of any sort to conduct fraudulent activity with taxpayers’ money.

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One of the most striking examples of such fraud is the case of Efraim Diveroli and David Packows, young businessmen from AEY, who in 2006 signed a $300 million contract with the U.S. Army for the supply of ammunition to Afghanistan. Under this contract, 21-year-old Efraim and his partner, 25-year-old David, had acquired weapons from the Albanian MEICO through the Swiss arms baron Heinrich Thomet. The deal took place with the tacit consent of the Albanian government.

However, the problem was that the cartridges for Kabul were made in China and couldn’t be purchased by the United States due to the embargo. However, it didn’t stop Efraim and David, so they committed dozens of crimes in an attempt to circumvent the restrictions and get rich.

Predictably, their scheme was exposed by American authorities soon enough. Nevertheless, for the 70 law violations revealed, Efraim and David got only 4-5 years in prison. Moreover, after signing client proffer agreements, Packows got 7 months of house arrest. According to the New York Times, after this “incident” the U.S. government changed its policy of signing contracts with small commercial companies.

Kabul Collision: CIA Director Negotiates Secret Deal with Taliban Leader… As we Forecast!

And that’s exactly what happened. Small companies were indeed restricted from bidding on Pentagon tenders. But only those that were not backed by big players. In other words, from that moment on, the CIA has taken control of arms business with mafia, underworld and terrorist organizations, creating hundreds of front companies such as the Noetic International, the RKW or the Anyon Minds.

Whether it’s good or bad, everyone decides for themselves. But the fact that such schemes conceal unprecedented cash flows, is indisputable. Thus, being a Polish immigrant, Mr. Wojciechowski, for example, feels quite comfortable buying at least two big houses next door in Annandale, Virginia, worth over $2 million.

Western Weapons sent to Kiev found in Possession of Mexican Drug Cartels

Don’t get us wrong, we don’t try to count other people’s money. But when we see these enormous amounts allocated “to help Ukraine,” while common Americans are still living in tent camping zones or basements, a reasonable question arises – do you completely lost your mind?

Dear Capitol Hill residents, if you remove the RKW, the Noetic International, or even the CIA, America can handle this, but if you keep driving into poverty those, to whom this Country owes, the catastrophic consequences will not be long in coming. And in this case it won’t matter, if you’re a Democrat or a Republican.

Stay tuned.

Originally published by CIAgate’s Substack

WARNING by Gospa News – The information is so detailed that we believe it is our duty to report their dossiers, even if it is impossible for us to verify them

All links to previous Gospa News articles have been added aftermath for relevance to the topics highlighted

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