CoVid-19. Wall Street Media’s Analysts Censure News on Russian Mission in Italy

CoVid-19. Wall Street Media’s Analysts Censure News on Russian Mission in Italy


After publishing the analysis
of a Russian geopolitics expert
on the role of Moscow military doctors
specialized in bacteriological weapons
we ended up in the sights of NewsGuard
New York company chasing fake news

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


«My name is Virginia Padovese and I’m a NewsGuard journalist. Our New York-based company analyzes news and information sites about credibility and transparency in an effort to combat online misinformation. Our analysis includes an information sheet on the site and verification of compliance with nine journalistic parameters. The intent is to help users understand the context surrounding the news they read online and to offer indications on the reliability of the various sites».

The raid of the censorship paid by the accomplices of Wall Street speculators through a Big Apple company begins with a courtesy approach. It falls on us after arriving in Italy from that neighborhood of Manhattan where the puppets of the world are drawn».

Where Jeffrey Epstein was killed in the super prison so as to astound even a New York’s mobster and where reign George Soros with his “philanthropic” Open Society and Larry Fink with the BackRock investment fund, one of the most important speculators as much of the Weapons Lobby as much as that of the Big Pharma of vaccines: just by chance, of course, both Zionists and open supporters of the Stars and Stripes Democratic Party.

Well look as that, we end up under the lens a few days after the publication of the article by an authoritative Russian researcher and writer on the mission of the military MDs of Moscow in Italy for concrete help against the emergency from Corona Virus and the research activity on this alleged bacteriological weapon …

CoronaVirus – 8. Exclusive: “Russian Mission for Cleaning Italy and World from a Bio-Weapon”

And obviously that article is the first to have been considered among the “false and misleading” by New York analysts in the smell of Russian-phobic Atlanticism who also challenge us to make confusion between news and opinions, exactly as the big media have been doing with impunity for decades, on example that comes from the highest spheres: from the White House to the Quirinale, from the European Union to Palazzo Chigi.

Evidently the colleague journalist has never read the story of the fake Guernica massacre, made famous by the marketing of the painting by Pablo Picasso, so similar to the “false-flag” of the chemical attack of Douma of April 2018, attributed to the Syrians but hatched by jihadists and White Helmets funded by the United Kingdom and the USA instead accused by Russia of being a terrorist organization implicated, among other crimes against humanity, in organ trafficking on corpses.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 7. NWO-CIA-DEM Top Secret Military Missions in Ukraine, Fort Detrick, Sigonella, Wuhan, Modena

I reserve the right to deepen in the future all the international ties of NewsGuard, welcomed by Repubblica and La Stampa (both of the GEDI group of the De Benedetti family and Agnelli family tied with Bilderberg), as well as by other maintream media (Il Sole 24Ore, Agi, Adnkronos), such as the necessary panacea against falsehoods at a time when emerging counter-information sites are endangering the leadership in communication of Big Media shamelessly servants of globalism.

FIAT-FCA, 111 years under trial: since Italian bribes until Us UAW’s labor unions corruptions and ties with brasilian military dictators

By an incredible coincidence, the email with the announcement of the “verification” arrived at the GospaNews website the day after that in which the counter-current Italian philosopher Diego Fusaro explained with his proverbial dialectic why only the MIGHTY’s FALSE needs sanctions for impose itself on the TRUE that otherwise prevails for its natural strength and logical evidence.

He did so on March 28 on “RadioAttività” contesting the announcement of sanctions against the Fake-News made by the Italian Govt undersecretary of Publishing Andrea Martella, head of the political secretariat of the Secretary of the Italian Democratic Party Nicola Zingaretti.


Fusaro warns Italy: «Until now the freedom to move and to leave the house had been taken away in the name of the emergency, it seems that now they are making a face plan to take away, always for our wellness, the freedom to think and express ourselves freely, the gag is almost ready. The last finishing touches are being completed. The Ansa yesterday gave timely news».

Andrea Martella, Head of Politcal Secretaryship in Italian Democratic Party and undersecretary of Publishing in Conte Govt

“CoronaVirus, Martella: Certain sanctions against Fake-News. The Undersecretary of Publishing explained that in order to get precise information and compasses, you have to turn to information professionals” quotes Fusaro who then adds: «he added verbatim with tones that sound irresistibly Orwellians that “CoronaVirus changes and will change the world and must write the word end at the time of everyone knows how to do everything. If to get cured you have to go to the doctors to get real information and precise compasses you have to go to the information professionals “.».

Italian philospher Diego Fusaro

What is the famous philosopher, well-known prince of eristics (the art of controversy) doing at that point? He declares himself: «I am not an information professional – he asserts – Strictly what I say must be punished as fake news».

I have summarized the gist of the speech based on the elementary concept that the gag is not a democratic tool but – I add – a legacy of Communism, invented by Freemasonry to subjugate the masses as narrated by Gospa News in a detailed report, entered into force with the Terror Regime of the Jacobin Revolution in France, then with the Bolshevik one and finally still in force today in the People’s Republic of China.

«If we pave the way for the sanction of fake news, we therefore open the way for the sanction of any perspective diverging from the dominant symbolic order» said Fusaro, evoking the New World Order.

I am not a philosopher but an expert on judicial reports for more than twenty years and, therefore, I point out a further serious danger in ambush: if you follow the path indicated by the neo-communist PD Martella it will be necessary to set up specific control bodies that – feed the indispensable necessity for them and for those who work there, they will start a systematic witch hunt and will have to prove their effectiveness with the numbers of the measures (more about this topic in intalian version).


The day after Fusaro’s externations, the summary trial fell to Gospa News because of our dossier on the CoronaVirus theory as a probable, and not only possible, bacteriological weapon. The 9 reports made (in addition to various articles of mere chronicle) are so long and abundant from authoritative sources that sometimes even my relatives and friends admit that they have not been able to read them in full.

Pandemic Bio-Weapon – 9. Supervirus Created by US during Obama’s Govt: 89 CoVid Strains in CIA’s Top Secret Tests

But above all for the post of the “uncomfortable” Russian writer… Well what did the “colleague” of NewsGuard Virginia Padovese do?

He contacted us to ask us some questions over the phone. I told her that given the delicacy of the sensitive information processed, often the result of research on military activities of the Pentagon, Osint (Open Source Intelligence) sources and of “intel” drops, or blown out from the environments of the international secret services, I would have possibly only answered to written questions.

«I send you requests for comment here, regarding our analysis of We will insert your comments in our file, to explain the point of view of the site regarding the critical issues that we have encountered» wrote the woman of Italian origins.

Virginia Padovese, worked for an American SBS radio:she is therefore perhaps more expert in chatter than philology.

She became Senior Editor of the NewsGuard project that nobody felt the need of except for its administrators, who sniffed the business at the service of future governments who love censorship, and the mainstream media, now on the brink of consensus, who applauded its landing in Italy instead contesting the arrival of Moscow’s aid for the pandemic and thus gaining the perennial repugnance of the great Facebook people of the Friends of Russia and Putin …

UrbanPost has taken the trouble to ascertain who is behind this subject. “Who controls the controllers?” he asked himself Andrea Monaci who took some of his time to do a detailed research. We limit ourselves to an extreme summary …


«It is not a non-profit organization, not even an emanation from any institution. It is a private company based in the United States: NewsGuard Technologies, Inc. – 25 West 52nd Street – New York, NY 10019» reports UrbanPost remarking how the staff led by the Italian-Australian-American journalist flogged many important Italian News websites as Caffeina Magazine and Affari Italiani.

We cite just one example: «In reviewing, the first Italian online digital newspaper for almost 25 years, NewsGuard ignores the high quality of the content offered by the site, often full of exclusives, and focuses on one case, that of the alleged false news, published in February 2020, of Coronavirus created in a military laboratory “.

The news, in reality, cannot even be called a real fake-news since a few weeks later the “scientific” service of TGR Leonardo, broadcast on RAI 3 in 2015, went viral, referring to the “supervirus” born in the Biosafety laboratory 4 of the Wuhan Institute of Virology for a project managed by the US government agency Usaid, often the operational arm of the CIA, as demonstrated with the documents in our latest report. It is true: this is not a military research center but the Academy of Sciences.

But in China there are very few sensitive activities that are not controlled by the Ministry of Defense anyway.

Pandemic Bio-Weapon – 9. Supervirus Created by US during Obama’s Govt: 89 CoVid Strains in CIA’s Top Secret Tests

For now, NewsGuard is monitoring the world’s news websites likely to be accredited in this role when governments set up specific tenders or make an agreement on “national security” within NATO or the European Union, which the March 18, 2019 launched the Rapid Alert System (Ras) against fake news promoted by the European Commission (and not by Parliament) to avoid interference in the May elections and has already adopted a code shared with the giants of the web.

In January the FarsNews website, one of Iran’s main communications agencies believed to be close to the Pasdaran, was completely obscured by the US government not for specific violations of criminal relevance but in the context of the economic sanctions issued by the Treasury against the Islamic Republic: only Gospa News and Veterans Today reported it in the evolved and democratic West…

Leading Iranian News Agency’s Website Blocked by Us “illegal move”. Cyber-war going on…

I don’t want to dwell on the obvious “conflicts of interest” highlighted by UrbanPost regarding the journalist colleagues who carry out the reliability checks of some sites that are sometimes “competitors” of those in which they work. Let’s try to understand who is behind NewsGuard …

«The two main investors are Steven Brill and Gordon Crovitz, as stated also on the NewsGuard website – writes Monaci – Steven Brill, born in 1950, is a journalist, lawyer and founding entrepreneur of the magazine” The American Lawyer “. We read on the American edition of Wikipedia: “In March 2018, Brill and fellow veteran journalist and entrepreneur, Gordon Crovitz, again teamed up to form a new company, NewsGuard, which fights fake news by providing reliability assessments for over 7,500 sites. US websites to help online readers distinguish between legitimate news sources and those allegedly designed to spread misinformation. NewsGuard was launched on August 23, 2018 “».

ne of the founders of NewsGuard, Gordon Crovitz, former editor of the Wall Street Journal and vice-president of Down Jones inc

«Gordon Crovitz is instead an American media executive, former editor of the Wall Street Journal, he was also executive vice-president of Dow Jones Inc., one of the most important financial information companies, now part of the News Corporation group, that of the magnate Murdoch. He has a law degree».

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 3. GSK Golden Vaccine’s Ring with Bill Gates, Pentagon and Zionist’s BlackRock

Reading that behind the champions of good information there is a character already implicated with that den of financial conspirators that is Wall Street reminds me of that administrator of the Canadian corporation Thomson Reuters, one of the most important financial and political information agencies in the world, who sits on the GSK Board: the infamous Big Pharma of vaccines sentenced several times to the Court for illicit operations in the very delicate field of medicines, as discovered by our reports on CoronaVirus.



We come, therefore, in concrete terms to the “critical issues” detected with gross superficiality against Gospa News. I fully publish the contents of the email

«Credibility Criteria – False or misleading content, collection and presentation of information in a non-responsible way, misleading titles. During our analysis we found several examples of articles and titles that contain unsubstantiated information» writes the Italian-Australian journalist on behalf of the New York company.

Let’s see in detail the examples with the clarifications that I did not want to provide them by missing detailed questions on the contents but basing their criticisms on a generic and therefore smoky and questionable dispute.

The post on the mission of the Russian military in Italy for the CoronaVirus emergency is cited. Thanks to my collaboration with the American geopolitical website Veterans Today, author of world scoops due to ex Marines officers and intelligence experts like Senior Editor Gordon Duff, I managed to have an article by Galima Galiullina that explains the reason for thi intevent of medician doctors expert in bacteriological weapons.

CoronaVirus – 8. Exclusive: “Russian Mission for Cleaning Italy and World from a Bio-Weapon”

The author is a doctor of philosophical sciences, author of three books, more than one hundred scientific articles published in the USA, Italy, France and Russia. In 2008 on commission from the British Council he made a documentary “Invest in Heartland!”. The book “Leadership in the 21st Squad from Russia” written in 2002, where Russia’s return to the international stage and the rise of Vladimir Putin was predicted, is currently offered as a study to students at the most prestigious universities in the USA where she she got married and lives..

Why is your article listed among those with “false or misleading content”? Maybe because Galiullina is Russian? Obviously the censors don’t explain it in detail. They just need to stick the “fake” label.

While still reflecting on the very high level of questionability that the accusation of “unintentionally presenting information, misleading titles” notes, I point out the second article in which there would be unproven information: it is the one on the indiscretion according to which the biogenetic weapon CoronaVirus may have been widespread with nano-drones.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 2. Intel sources: «Spread by CIA with nano-Uav» as Cyber-DragonflEye. Alert in Iran and Italy

The news was presented by us with due caution attributing it “in quotes” to intelligence information reported by an authoritative source, for some of his missions of international diplomacy, in contact with the secret services of a foreign country.

We reported it as a mere hypothesis by first checking its actual possibility of material realization – the first requirement for the foundation of a theory – and trying to find out what the “nano-drones” were of which until then we had never heard of nor us nor our informant.

We tried to support the possible theory – as such not by definition provable – with an article at times so technical that it has been translated into various languages, even in Chinese, and republished on numerous sites in the world: even on specialstic one about Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

The suspicion that this is a “political” persecution of counter-information sites that disseminate alternative news to official Western channels therefore seems legitimate: all concentrated on claiming that the epidemic was caused by a natural virus and not by a bacteriological weapon.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 5. Cardinal Blames: “A Rich Country Sowed This Poison. UN must Investigate”

But the Chinese Communist Party, authoritative Iranian rulers and even a cardinal of the Catholic Church, the Archbishop of Colombo in Sri Lanka, claim that it is a poison spread from a rich country. Like the USA and its Manhattan where the founders of NewsGuard work …

«The info-epidemic is perhaps worse than the epidemic. Too much contradictory information circulating online that causes anxiety and panic among the most fragile pockets of the populations» said a national reporter praising the CoronaCheck project, created by researchers from the Data Science Department of Eurecom (France) and Cornell University (USA) to verify if a sentence is true or false.

Anyone who writes that “the info-epidemic is perhaps worse than the epidemic” in the face of more than 10,000 CoronaVirus deaths in Italy should be arrested immediately for “fake-alarm”. But he works for the Corriere newspaper, so he can write these and other fake news…

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
dno reproduction without authorization


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