CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 7. NWO-CIA-DEM Top Secret Military Missions in Ukraine, Fort Detrick, Sigonella, Wuhan, Modena

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 7. NWO-CIA-DEM Top Secret Military Missions in Ukraine, Fort Detrick, Sigonella, Wuhan, Modena


Pentagon centers for bacteriological warfare
in Georgia and Ukraine after the colored coups
North American’s research on CoronaVirus in 2007
Mysterious accidents in Fort Detrick’s biochemical activity
Suspects on US troops in Wuhan for the 2019 Games
Cremations hushed by Army in Emilia without any autopsy

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


It is disturbing to discover that all the most important research on bacteriological weapons financed and coordinated by the Pentagon have developed above all in two countries, Georgia and Ukraine, which have become a colony of the USA thanks to the colored revolutions which the Open Society’s financier George Soros took all credit for.

CORONAVIRUS – 10. The Plot in 100 lines: from CIA Bio-Weapons to New World Order Prophecy

This happened precisely in the years when the “queen” of the intelligence of the Dems, Avril Haines, was working at the top of the Central Intelligence Agency and of the National Security of the White House, before predicting, with exceptional prophetic talents, the pandemic for pathogen infectious, during a conference in 2018 and then during the suspected exercise on the simulated emergency for CoronaVirus on October 2019 in New York.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 6. Prophecy on Pandemic and NWO by Obama-Biden CIA’s Queen

These searches were carried out (but continue because certain Pentagon’s mechanisms once set in motion proceed almost autonomously) in the republic of Kiev especially after the coup openly supported and financed by Washington during the Government of the former Democratic President Barack Obama and his deputy Joe Biden, ended up in the sights for the shady affairs of his son Hunter, implicated together with the “pupil” of the Secretary of State John Kerry in the most important Ukrainian energy company Burisma with licenses for extraction of gas and oil in Donbass, the Russian-speaking region since 2014 cut down from an almost forgotten Civil War.

Pandemic Bio-Weapon – 9. Supervirus Created by US during Obama’s Govt: 89 CoVid Strains in CIA’s Top Secret Tests

As we have highlighted in previous reports Obama was also the proponent of the immunization pilot plan “imposed” on Italy by the Global Health Security Agenda (GHSA), with the vaccines of the British GlaxoSmithKline, participated by the American investment funds of the Weapons’ Lobby and by Bill Gates, first prophet of the pandemic in 2015.

The 10 mandatory vaccines project was implemented in 2017 (Lorenzin Decree) by former Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, ally of Soros and today European Commissioner, in accordance with the wishes of the Democratic Party.


It should be remembered that the PD government was born with Matteo Renzi who, by another arcane coincidence, became premier with the blessing of the former US president on February 22, 2014, exactly the same day on which Viktor Ianukovich, Russian-freindly president of Ukraine, legitimately elected, he was forced to flee from the coup in the warp square even with sniper shots on the crowd that caused 104 deaths.

This happened with a shootout similar to that attributed to a clandestine CIA operation in Caracas in 2002, when the president of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela Hugo Chavez was later arrested by the American special wards, later released with the mediation of the local cardinal for the massive counter-revolution of the population loyal to him.


Among the victims of the massacre in Maidan square in Ukraine of 20 February 2014 there were 87 demonstrators but also 17 policemen demonstrating that the mysterious assassins were certainly not of the government police, as instead claimed by the revolutionaries.

During the protests the rioters were piloted by CANVAS (the Belgrade center of the closed fist Otpor created by the CIA in Belgrade during the Balkan war) who on their official website openly boast of that coup as well as that in Georgia (Roses’ Revolution, 2003). As ascertained by an Italian war reporter, some of those snipers were actually of Georgian nationality…

HONG KONG: US-CANVAS MOLOTOV’ PACIFISTS: campus and subway burning, man set on fire, lawmaker stabbed

There are indeed more and more coincidences that would horrify Leroy Jethro Gibbs, the legendary federal agent of the successful TV series NCIS (Naval Criminal Investigative Service) for which “coincidences do not exist”.

What does all this have to do with SARS-Cov-2 Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome as the current pandemic was renamed which in Italy reached a mortality of 8% bringing the dead to over 5,400 in the last few hours?

Firstly, it highlights that the so-called Deep International State, the hidden Masonic, financial, political and military entity, recently unveiled and “lauded” by a former CIA director of Dem extraction, does not pose any major problems to cause “human collateral damage” to pursue its geopolitical goals.

Secondly, perhaps we will never know …

Because a latest military operation conducted with maximum secrecy protocols is erasing the traces of any possible connection between the bacteriological research developed by “contractors” of the Pentagon, headquarters of the Department of Defense in Washington, and the violent pandemic that broke out in Italy…


The latest mysterious operations are the mass cremations of the CoVid-19 deaths managed by the Italian Army for the emergency situation in Lombardy and especially in Bergamo, without first carrying out those autopsies necessary to reveal the viral genomic identity. In Wuhan, scientists carried out necropsies on some of the deceased and discovered two genotypes of the CoronaVirus: the “S” of intense morbidity but very low mortality and the “L” very aggressive, with very high infectivity and lethality, resulting in a “reshaping” of the previous caused from human intervention: according to the hypothesis of doctors for the consequent therapies, according to those of intelligence analysts for a previous “modeling”.

The abstract from the article published in the National Science Review

Scientific investigations should focus on this primary “track” but all Italian doctors, 4,000 of whom have been infected, are too busy facing the challenges with overcrowded hospitals of people positive for CoVid-19 and therefore the sample autopsies conducted so far are a number infinitesimal and insignificant. While in the Defense sector…

«Mouths sewn» is the only comment that a civil protection operator on the field today, a former military officer with long experience of missions abroad and trained for emergencies from NBCR (Nuclear Bacteriological Chemical and Radiological) attacks, adds after reporting the indiscretion that in the crematoriums there would even be “group cremations”. Since it is not allowed to ask questions to the Commissioner for Emergency during the daily press conferences of the Civil Protection in Rome, this and other doubts remain open.

Up to now two military columns have left the province of Bergamo, escorted by the Carabinieri with a dozen trucks to carry out a first transport of 60 coffins on March 18 to the crematorium of Modena and another of 70 on March 21 to that of Ferrara. Other subsequent trips with the dead to be cremated were made in Piedmont to the Serravalle Scrivia, Trecate and Domodossola plants. Obviously the relatives of the victims were prevented from seeing them and celebrating the funeral rites for the emergency decrees on the risk of infection.

«In Lombardy there are many factors that contribute to these data: the average age, the population density- We must see this virus as an opportunist: before declaring the dead, it is important to do an autopsy and be able to say what died the patient» higlighted virologist Maria Rita Gismondo, but, as said, doctors and health facilities are just enough to deal with the emergencies of the living who come to the Emergency Department often already in the Yellow Code for severe respiratory failure.


But we see in a rapid journey all the suspicious military missions among which the search and diffusion of the increasingly probable bio-weapon could nest. To do this, we take up again the investigation of the Bulgarian journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva, the one who discovered the weapons delivered by the CIA to the ISIS of their friend Al Baghdadi, which we mentioned in our first report of February 4 in reference to bio-genetic bacteriological weapons, or rather able to target a specific ethnic group in a more virulent way than another: just as it is happening in Italy and Iran …

Journalist Dilyana Gaytandzhieva who discovered the CIA arms trade for ISIS terrorists

«US bio-laboratories are funded by the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA) under a $ 2.1 billion military program– Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP), and are located in former Soviet Union countries such as Georgia and Ukraine, the Middle East, South East Asia and Africa» journalist reported pointing out at least 25 research centers that, instead, according to Russian intelligence would instead be at least a hundred.

Among the first to end up under the lens of all the media in the world, it was the most famous: the Pentagon Lugar Center in Georgia. It is located just 17 km from the US military air base Vaziani in the capital Tbilisi. Included in the military program are biologists from the US Army Medical Research Unit-Georgia (USAMRU-G) together with private contractors. The level 3 bio-safety laboratory is only accessible to US citizens with a safety authorization. They are granted diplomatic immunity.

CoronaVirus – 1. “IT’S BIO-WEAPON”. Us Expert blames China but forgets 25 Pentagon’s Secret Labs for “Ethnic Attacks”

We spoke in two previous reports of this and the DoD’s Defense for Threats Reduction Agency (DTRA) which represents the ingenious “diaphragm” between the Pentagon, a government subject subject to national and international laws, and the “contractors”, or private companies that based on privacy on industrial patents and constraints on military secrecy can operate beyond any political control. Among the American companies that have been working at Lugar for years, the best known are three: CH2M Hill, Metabiota and Battelle.

«In addition to the Pentagon, these private contractors perform biological research for the CIA and various other government agencies» added the Bulgarian reporter also referring to the DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) which in 2014 launched a specific sector of experimentation on bacteriological weapons called Biological Technologies Office (BTO), within which the project “Insect Allies“ was developed, officially to exploit them, through genetic bioengineering modifications, in the fight against agricultural pests, but not only: according to some experts.

The Pentagon has invested at least $65 million in gene editing. The DARPA has awarded 7 research teams to develop tools for genome engineering in insects, rodents and bacteria under DARPA’s Safe Gene program, using a novel CRISPR-Cas9 technology.

«However, a group of well-respected, independent scientists revealed in a scathing analysis of the program that, far from a “defensive” research project, the Insect Allies program was aimed at creating and delivering “new class of biological weapon.” The scientists, writing in the journal Science and led by Richard Guy Reeves, from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology in Germany, warned that DARPA’s program — which uses insects as the vehicle for as horizontal environmental genetic alteration agents (HEGAAS) — revealed “an intention to develop a means of delivery of HEGAAs for offensive purposes (emphasis added)» specified the American counter-information site UNZ.

We will analyze above all the activity of Battelle because it is involved in a CIA project and indirectly involved in a very suspicious incident which occurred on a US military base last July.



«Battelle as a $59 million subcontractor at Lugar Center has extensive experience in research on bio-agents, as the company has already worked on the US Bio-weapons Program under 11 previous contracts with the US Army (1952-1966)» Gaytandzhieva points out in 2018 dossier republished by Nature.

«The private company performs work for the Pentagon’s DTRA bio laboratories in Afghanistan, Armenia, Georgia, Uganda, Tanzania, Iraq, Afghanistan and Vietnam. Battelle conducts research, development, testing, and evaluation using both highly toxic chemicals and highly pathogenic biological agents for a wide range of US government agencies. It has been awarded some $2 billion federal contracts in total and ranks 23 on the Top 100 US government contractors list».

Battelle Memorial Institute from 1997 to 2000 started the Clear Vision Project together with the CIA to rebuild and test a Soviet-era anthrax projectile and verify the possible spread of this and other bio-agents by bombers..

«The clandestine CIA-Battelle operation was omitted from the US Biological Weapons Convention declarations submitted to the UN» supports the report.

Battelle has operated a Top Secret Bio laboratory (National Biodefense Analysis and Countermeasures Center – NBACC) at Fort Detrick, Maryland under a US Department of Homeland Security (DHS) contract for the last decade. The company has been awarded a $344.4 million federal contract (2006 – 2016) and another $17.3 million contract (2015 -2026) by DHS.

This is precisely the time when the “CIA prophetess” of the current pandemic, Avil Haines, was deputy White House National Security Advisor. And it is precisely here that the first surprise following the Bulgarian journalist’s investigation arrives.

United States Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases in Fort Detrick (Maryland)

«It is also important to point out the fact that the U.S. military’s key laboratories involving the study of deadly pathogens, including coronaviruses, Ebola and others, was suddenly shut down last July after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) identified major “biosafety lapses” at the facility» we read in a recent UNZ article about a circumstance reported by many other media including Veterans Today in recent days.

«The U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) facility at Fort Detrick, Maryland — the U.S. military’s lead laboratory for “biological defense” research since the late 1960s — was forced to halt all research it was conducting with a series of deadly pathogens after the CDC found that it lacked “sufficient systems in place to decontaminate wastewater” from its highest-security labs and failure of staff to follow safety procedures, among other lapses. The facility contains both level 3 and level 4 biosafety labs. While it is unknown if experiments involving coronaviruses were ongoing at the time, USAMRIID has recently been involved in research borne out of the Pentagon’s recent concern about the use of bats as bioweapons».

It should not be forgotten that the bat (together with the mongoose) was suspected by scientists of being the carrier of SARS-CoV-2 from animals to humans, obviously before Chinese chemists discovered the existence not only of the strange protein “S modeled” but also the double genotype of the virus…

«The decision to shut down USAMRIID garnered surprisingly little media coverage, as did the CDC’s surprising decision to allow the troubled facility to “partially resume” research late last November even though the facility was and is still not at “full operational capability.” The USAMRIID’s problematic record of safety at such facilities is of particular concern in light of the recent coronavirus outbreak in China. As this report will soon reveal, this is because USAMRIID has a decades-old and close partnership with the University of Wuhan’s Institute of Medical Virology» outbreak of the first epidemic explosion, which now seems almost totally overcome in the country.


The correlations between the two countries are more than you might imagine: among them there was a study conducted by the Beijing Ministry of Science which led to the discovery of 89 bat CoronaVirus strains in collaboration with the USAID agency (the government agency for aid to developing countries which often finances political movements for regime change as happened in Syria and Venezuela) the CIA, the Pentagon and the Institute of Health and Human Services in Washington.


An Arab Facebook user recently posted a video in French that went viral (and later blocked by FB) raising suspicions about a European patent from the Pasteur National Research Center of the Diderot University of Paris concerning a “new strain of CoronaVirus associated with Sars” filed as early as 2004. But the controversy was unfounded because it referred to research for the vaccine on the first SARS that hit China and other countries in 2003 but “only” 814 deaths against the more than 15 thousand of the current SARS 2 pandemic.

Research patents of the US Government and Gsk and the initial one of the Pasteur Institute of Paris spread over the first type of Sars

However, it is important to note that among the first to develop those studies also aimed at new “applications” were the US Department of Health (HHS) filing an American registration and the usual giant of the GlaxoSmithKline vaccines. The European patent was curiously “reactivated” on March 20, 2020, probably in the context of research against CoVid-19.

Title page of the patent registered by the US Department of Health in 2007 (pdf file available on request by email)

It is still the Bulgarian reporter who recalls that «Numerous studies have been performed under the DTRA Cooperative Biological Engagement Program (CBEP) in a search for deadly pathogens of military importance in bats».

One of these is precisely that on the large viral strain of CoronaVirus, which includes simple flu but also SARS and its “cousin” MERS, the Middle Eastern Acute Repiratory Syndrome which in June 2017 killed 699 and infected 1,980 people in 15 countries.

«MERS-CoV is one of the viruses that have been engineered by the US and studied by the Pentagon, as well as Influenza and SARS. Confirmation of this practice is   Obama’s 2014 temporary ban on government funding for such “dual-use” research. The moratorium was lifted in 2017 and experiments have continued. Enhanced Potential Pandemic Pathogens (PPPs) experiments are legal in the US» reporter points out in reference to the Statute of The International Criminal Court (ICC) in Rome which instead forbids them in article 8 but has never been signed by the North American government.

Exactly in 2015, however, a new study on the Corona Virus, officially to prevent avian bronchitis in chickens, was started by the Pirbright Institute in the United Kingdom and then registered in 2018 with a U.S. patent, as specified in the first Gospa News report on epidemic.

Well, among the funders of the research center there is once again the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, sponsor of the Dems and Obama, but above all of the research on the new CoVid-19 vaccine of the Australian Queensland University in collaboration with the usual GSK.

CoronaVirus BIO-ARMA – 3. VACCINO D’ORO GSK. Big Pharma partner di Bill Gates, Pentagono e Lobby Sionista Usa

There would be much to write about the suspicious episodes between the US and China, including two arrests which, however, did not lead to ascertaining with certainty the purposes of the illegal actions. As Veterans Today recalled on January 28, Professor Charles Lieber, president of the Harvard Department of Chemical Biology, is arrested for leading a Chinese research team focused on using nanotechnology to identify viruses.

In December 2019, a Chinese medical researcher, Zheng Zaosong, of the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, was instead stopped by the FBI special agent Kara Spice who found him in possession of 21 ampoules containing a “brown liquid” that seemed to be ” biological material “taken from a Boston laboratory. His research friend admitted that other comrades had managed to bring samples to China: it is not known whether for biogenetic studies on American samples or if by sabotage.


In the same month, however, something even more sensational occurred between Egypt and Italy when the Naval Medical Resarch Unit, called NAMRU 3, was transferred from the historic Cairo base where it operated since 1946 at the Naval Air Station of Sigonella, believed to be the main military station of the CIA not only in Sicily but throughout Italy.

NAMRU3 is the US Navy department that conducts research and experiments on viral or bacterial pathogens that can infect American troops. But according to an article of 27 January 2012 in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Wafd it would be a small laboratory of horrors …

«When you pass next to the large NAMRU headquarters located in the Al-Abbasia district, in the heart of Cairo with its gate reinforced with iron and concrete, the wide space of flat land that surrounds it, the security cameras and the high walls that protect it, one cannot fail to suspect the great importance of what is inside this building. Unit researchers and American doctors enjoy diplomatic immunity. In fact, some of them belong to the CIA» wrote the Arab newspaper.

«Since the founding of the NAMRU unit in Egypt, dozens of new and changed viral diseases have been discovered. This may lead to suspicion that these pathogens are imported. No medical research institute has infiltrated Egypt to a greater extent than NAMRU, which controls the secrets of viruses used in mass destruction and biological weapons»

In confirmation of this, Al-Wafd recalls that Ethiopia had decided to close the NAMRU unit on its territory, due to accusations and suspicions about its activity, which instead had been expanded in Egypt following an agreement with the Health Ministry and with the Hospital of the Fevers of Abbassia.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 5. Cardinal Blames: “A Rich Country Sowed This Poison. UN must Investigate”

«Already in 1976, the Egyptian public became aware of the name NAMRU on the occasion of an outbreak of meningitis in Egypt». The US Navy Medical Research Unit offered to collaborate with Abbassia Hospital but the studies on the victims remained top secret because 50 of the 857 infected died right after the intervention of the American doctors with the administration of a medicine that caused side effects. Were human guinea pigs unaware?

«In 2006 the NAMRU sparked another scandal, which subsided with suspicious rapidity. An American delegation from NAMRU visited the headquarters of Al-‘Abbasia hospital, and bird flu was discovered several days later [in Egypt]. Egyptian doctors were able to eliminate [the disease] almost completely within six months, but then Maher Abaza [a powerful oligarch handcuffed with Mubarak – ed.) Was appointed agriculture minister and decided, without reason to suspend the involvement of the Egypt to manage the virus in exchange for a contract with NAMRU-3. Later, the Egyptians were hit by an untreatable mutant of the avian flu virus. This mutant virus appeared after NAMRU received [blood] samples from Egyptian patients, who were sent to the United States».

On July 2019, the command of the Naval Medical Research Unit No. 3 (NAMRU-3) stationed in Cairo (Egypt) from the Second World War took office in the large Sicilian air and naval base by temporarily occupying building no. 318, pending the start of the renovation and expansion of Building No. 303 to NAS 1 (the oldest station in Sigonella, for US use only). The move was completed in December and the unit became operational in February.

Naval Air Station of Sigonella at the “Cosimo Di Palma” airport of the Italian Air Force in Lentini (Syracuse)

«To date it is not possible to know if and when the sudden move was authorized by the executive and why Parliament was not informed despite the political-strategic and “scientific” relevance of the US unit, directly dependent on the Naval Medical Research Center of US Navy and Marine Corps, based in Silver Spring, Maryland» blogger Antonio Mazzeo rightly alarmed.

The US Air Force Global Hawk RQ-4 giant drones have also been deployed in the same location. The attention of the Veterans Today site has focused on them which reported the disturbing indiscretion from foreign intelligence sources that the biological attack in Italy would have been made more lethal than elsewhere for an interaction of the virus with a nerve chemical agent, the terrible Sarin gas, used in microdoses so as not to make it detectable.

We report this information for completeness of information even if NBCR medical experts operating in emergency rooms in Italian hospitals to deal with the epidemic have not detected similar symptoms on patients and have confirmed that at the moment, in the MaxiEmergency stage, only the bacteriological health protocol.


But let’s go back to Ukraine in the years following the Orange Revolution coup promoted by Soros, the main financier of the media propaganda of November 2013 together with the US and UK embassies but also of the Democratic Party for which he has already subscribed for a super contribution of 5.1 million dollars in the Political Action Committee (PAC) even before knowing who will be the candidate to win the primaries.

UkraineGate: Islamic Reporter funded by Obama-Biden and Soros in 2014 Coup, later at the Top of Weapons’ industry

At the moment the race sees Joe Biden as his favorite, known for the direct management of military and public security funding to Ukraine and repeatedly called into question by various dossiers in the context of the impeachment against the current President Donald Trump on the UkraineGate for which the former CIA director thanked the Deep State.

«Among the set of bilateral agreements between the US and Ukraine is the establishment of the Science and Technology Center in Ukraine (STCU) – an International organization funded mainly by the US government which has been accorded diplomatic status. The STCU officially supports projects of scientists previously involved in the Soviet biological weapons program. Over the past 20 years the STCU has invested over $285 million in funding and managing some 1,850 projects of scientists who previously worked on the development of weapons of mass destruction» highlighted Bulagarian reporter.

UKRAINEGATE: an investigative “memo” accuses Joe Biden and John Kerry too. Reopened the inquiry

«One of the Pentagon laboratories is located in Kharkiv, where in January 2016 at least 20 Ukrainian soldiers died from Flu-like virus in just two days with 200 more being hospitalized. The Ukrainian government did not report on the dead Ukrainian soldiers in Kharkiv. As of March 2016 364 deaths have been reported across Ukraine (81.3 % caused by Swine Flu A (H1N1) pdm09 – the same strain which caused the world pandemic in 2009). According to DPR intelligence information the US bio lab in Kharkiv leaked the deadly virus. Police investigate infection with incurable disease».

A highly suspicious Hepatitis A infection spread rapidly in just few months across South East Ukraine where most of the Pentagon biolabs are located.

The list of viral infections could continue with cases of cholera (2011, 2014 and 2015) and hepatitis A (2017). While a strange epidemic of Congo-Crimean Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHFV) appeared in Afghanistan after the launch of the Cooperative Biological Commitment Program (CBEP) of the DTRA agency with various contractors connected to the Lugar Center of Georgia.

CIA Middle East chief, Soleimani Killer and Bin Laden Hunter, dead on Jet in Afghanistan. Tasnim & Mirror told after VT & Gospa News

Coincidences such as the one for which an American spy plane, the Northrop Grumman E-11A Bomber, crashed in the region of Gazni, in which would also have died the CIA commander in the Middle East, Mike D’Andrea, nicknamed Dark Prince, a few weeks before the CoVid-19 pandemic spread to Iran after spreading to China.

Afghanistan: Pentagon Confirmed Dead Airmen’s Identity. Pilot worked for Intelligence CIA

The conditional on the death of Langley’s counterintelligence officer remains as the Pentagon only confirmed the death of the two pilots, one of whom was certainly CIA operative, but denied the existence of a crew as if the surveillance aircraft had none despite sophisticated electronic machinery to manage …



But the coincidences are starting to be too many. Like the one already mentioned in the previous article on the Wuhan World Military Games in which an American delegation took part in October 2019, while the former CIA deputy director Avril Haines in New York participated in the simulated exercise on the pandemic by CoronaVirus funded and prophesied in the 2015 by Bill Gates.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 4. PANDEMIC! As Predicted in Bill Gates forum (video) with ex-CIA. Italy and Iran Massacred in Bio-Warfare for their A.I. Deal

«The American team did so badly that they were called “Soy Sauce Soldiers” by the Chinese. In fact, many never attended any events and remained close to the Huanan seafood wholesale market, where the disease was said to have originated only a few days after the United States left the area» Veterans Today wrote that it was a fake team.

The American military team returned home on October 28, 2019 and, within 2 weeks (just the viral incubation period), the first cases of human contact with COVID 19 were ascertained in Wuhan. The Chinese were unable to find patient zero and they therefore suspected that it was an American military officer officially asking the US for information on their first infection.

But if you want to give credit to the theory of the virus spread with nano-drones by CIA agents undercover, reported in the previous article on the basis of intelligence information, it is clear that the concept of the “patient” zero is overcome by an artificial spread that could have been implemented in large area with the 10 cm UAV Black Hornet 3 already widely used in NATO armies as a spy vehicle or with DragonflEye, the cyber-dragonflies genetically modified and remotely controlled with light which can also carry micro-cameras or small payloads such as viral micro-capsules. Or be the same “allied insects” of the Pentagon’s research of pathogenic germs…

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 2. Intel sources: «Spread by CIA with nano-Uav» as Cyber-DragonflEye. Alert in Iran and Italy

It doesn’t have to look like science fiction because these nano-drones are projects that the CIA had been studying since the distant 1970 and the very small size of the kits can easily fit in a shoes box, without infections risk of virus managing: they are therefore very easy to hide especially when a sports delegation arrives in a foreign country…

If the hypothetical dispersion of the bacteriological weapon in Iran can be explained by the American operations in Afghanistan, also confirmed by the shooting down of the plane deemed the flying command of the Central Intelligence Agency, that in Italy does not even need technical explanations since the secret agents of the US counter-intelligence have total freedom of movement and the military departments can even transfer a sophisticated unit of biological doctors and scientific researchers from Africa to Sicily without the Italian Parliament even discussing it.

UKRAINEGATE, CIA-DEEP STATE’S PLOT AGAINST TRUMP with two whistleblowers and Italian ties

The clues of a coordinated military action by biological warfare with the DEEP STATE and CIA, wich have been traveling hand in hand for the same admission of its leaders as at the time of the P2-Gladio-Stay Behind operation, are now macroscopic. According to Veterans Today, the Israeli counter-intelligence of the infamous Mossad of Tel Aviv, a fundamental partner of the geopolitical strategies of the Zionists in the field of war and weapons, could have played a role in the conspiracy.


This would also explain the haste and secrecy with which the corpsens of Italian victims are cremated without lingering on autopsies: the only potential evidence of any bio-genetic viral weapons.

What remains to be ascertained is whether Republican President Donald Trump, today in great difficulty in view of the elections due to the emergency that caused over 200 deaths in the US, or his predecessor, was aware of this hypothetical devilish plan even more permeated by the spectrum of the New World Order. And, in case, even if their equivalent in Rome had been made aware of it …

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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