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di Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

VERSIONE IN ITALIANO“For the memory I never had,for my ignorance and my stupidity, thank you Jesus!Thank you, thank you, because if there had been on eartha child more stupid than me, you would have chosen that one! “

(Saint Bernadette Soubirous from Lourdes – Spiritual Testament)

Who wants to challenge the Eternal Father in the art of Creation, has started experiments in search of super-intellects who are already revealing their dangerous implications … For a scientist the brain of the two Chinese twins born in November with the DNA chemically modified will have super-powers, as would have already been experienced on … mice! For another at least one of the two small has seen the light with a “genetic flaw” because the Crispr Cas9, the microbiological laboratory kit that allows the “cut and sew” on the chain of nucleic acid carrier of the genomes, would not have done correctly the “copy paste” of the altered gene.

Our second episode on Transhumanism begins with an international scoop to prove that we are in a field in frenetic evolution. In fact, the revelation of an American neurobiologist on the intellectual hyperpower of the gene manipulated in China dates back only few weeks ago: it is the same scientist who argues that the molecular filament containing the heredity should not have been touched because the consequences are unpredictable and that the two girls could be two super-baby prototypes for the paternity cravings of the Silicon Valley billionaire transhumanists! A revolutionary research that is also funded by Pentagon’s Research Agency of Advanced Defense Projects (Darpa).

Chemistry Nobel to “TechMothers” of Twin Babies with Altered DNA. Their Human Embryo Tests used by Chinese Geneticist Convicted for Genetic Manipulation

Statements exclusively reported by Mit Technology Review, the prestigious magazine of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston, so disturbing that could make the pioneer of genetics, the mathematician and Augustinian monk Gregor Mendel shiver. If, in the nineteenth century, he limited himself to playing with yellow or green pea plants, in the XXI microbiological engineering is climbing the tower of the most raw empiricism to probe unknown universes: a biblical memory Babel in which scientific intuitions are confused and they give way to random predictors of running dogs on the skin of two girls.

Doing a quick review of the biological chemistry learned in high school to try to translate in a disclosure key highly technical journalistic reports I find that on those genes now subject to manipulation at the bottom of the same science knows very little: just think that it is still in the field of mere hypotheses the function of introns or the unencoded part of the gene that occupies 25% of the genome. in which the codified traits are instead transported by the exons, the inheritance and identity trace of every living being.



The big words end here. This is intended to be a bioethics report and not a scientific treatise so we will remain fairly on the generic, always citing sources for further information. An Italian study conducted by IRCCS researchers Eugenio Medea of Bosisio Parini (Lc) and published Human Molecular Genetics in September 2005 ascertained that the very mysterious introns are the cradle of our humanity. “But what is the importance of these results? I would say it is twofold. – explains the bioengineer Uberto Pozzoli, among the authors of the study – On the one hand they shed light on the paradox of the presence in our genome of long introns (non-coding), on the other indicate that such sequences do not represent garbage but contain important information for the operation of our 30,000 genes. It is not so much the number of genes as the way in which their functioning is regulated to make man a man, a mouse rat and a worm-worm.

The genetic structure in which we see the purple spheres called histones

This concept was already clear, but that the introns contributed to make us human, was not at all obvious ». Who like me is a believer could rename the intrigue Stigma of God, the same way that the scholars have defined the Particle of God the Boson of Higgs, but on these amenities we will discuss in other episodes. I made this premise only to make it easy to understand even a molecular genetic profane the dangerousness of what is happening exactly as predicted in 2016 by the American Pentecostal evangelical pastor Thomas Horn (famous for predicting the abdication of Benedict XVI in the book “Petrus Romanus : the last Pope is here”) during the US television broadcast “It’s Supernatural” by Sid Roth.

Of the alarming vaticini Horn, an expert teacher of Bible prophecies, we will speak in the next episode of this weekly report started with the introductory article Transhumanism: the daughters of Frankenstein are among us . Today we see to understand what genetic characteristics have and what risk the first transhuman twins in the history of mankind: the first experiment of the eugenics long theoretically cultivated by many scientists of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries before the Nazi culture promoted it concept of Aryan race thus pushing the whole world to suffocate, rightly, any anthropological velleity. Well, where the German geneticist Ernst Rüdin did not come to the service of Adolf Hitler, the Chinese scientist seems to have arrived. And maybe others who still work secretly under the cover of national intelligence services …



As already written by almost all the serious newspapers of the globe, Lulu and Nana are the two Chinese twins born in last October from embryos implanted in the mother’s womb after the DNA had been modified in the laboratory with the new “genome editing” tool called Crispr Cas9. It is the acronym of Clustered Regularly Interspected Short Palindromic Repeats, which represent a family of segments of DNA suitable to guarantee a form of immunity to some bacteria (prokaryotes) and is accompanied by a set of homologous genes called Cas (Crispr associated system).

Among these became known for its microbiological uses the protein Cas9 of Streptococcus pyogenes, one of the most virulent existing bacterium capable of triggering at least 14 different pathologies ranging from pharyngitis to Cellulite to get to more serious infections such as Scarlet Fever, Glomerulonephritis with acute renal insufficiency and arterial hypertension, and finally the mysterious and disturbing Pandas, which has nothing to do with the bear so dear to children as it stands for Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections or Neuropsychiatric Diseases Autoimmune Associated with Infections from Streptococcus.

The latter is not yet recognized as a disease by the World Health Organization and therefore remains a pathological hypothesis (technically nosological) that correlates the bacterium with the possibility of causing those compulsive-obsessive childhood disorders, destined to disappear or not in adulthood, called Doc from science and simply Tic from the common vulgate. A pathogenesis (origin of the disease) at the time however totally unknown that could reserve dramatic surprises in neuropsychiatric.



Despite these latebrose premises, the two geneticists Emmanuelle Charpentier and Jennifer Doudna of the swedish University of Umeå in 2009 began to play engineering with the Cas9 enzyme, exploiting the discovery of the Crispr by the Spanish microbiologist Francisco Mojica of the University of Alicante. It was the American Doudna to boast in scientific conferences in 2015 and a year later on the BBC of having captured the potential of Crispr Cas9 in the modification of the genome not only of various organisms such as Bread Yeast, Zebrato Fish, Fruit Mink, Plants, Mice, Monkeys but also Human Embryos.

In the presence of very flexible international regulations, exploiting this pioneering research, the geneticist He Jiankui of the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen in the winter of 2018 has found the courage, or madness according to many of his colleagues, to use the genome editing kit on the first human embryos and then implant them in the mother who completed the pregnancy in October with the birth of the twins called with the pseudonyms Lulu and Nana to protect their identifiability.

The Crispr Cas9 kit for the modification of the human genome is a small box of ten centimeters as shown during a scientific television broadcast

The announcement was given by the researcher on his YouTube channel a few days before the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing hosted by the University of Hong Kong: a coincidence too obvious not to reveal the premeditation of childbirth behind the event in order to become the fulcrum as it was, even among the controversies. The Asian scientist explained that he “silenced” the CCR5 cell receptor, which binds the AIDS virus, with the aim of obtaining genetic resistance to the HIV virus and, in the future, to switch to smallpox and cholera.

The geneticist Jennifer Doudna of the University of Umeå began to play engineering with the Cas9

Beyond the genetic mess and controversy aroused in the world of medical science for the ethical implications of which I will write in the next paragraph, here is the clamorous news reported Thursday by the magazine Mit Technology Review of the homonymous institute in Boston, the same that anticipated the first rumors about birth of twins.



“New research shows that the same alteration introduced into the DNA of girls, deleting a gene called CCR5, not only makes the rats smarter but also improves the recovery of the human brain after stroke, and could be linked to a greater success at school “wrote yesterday Antonio Regalado, senior biomedicine editor in the journal MIT Technology Review, hypothesizing that genetic manipulation can improve cognition and memory. ”

The neurobiologist  Alcino J. Silva at UCLA University

“The likely answer is yes: it involved their brain, “says Alcino J. Silva, a neurobiologist at the University of California, Los Angeles, whose lab discovered a new important role for the CCR5 gene in memory and the brain’s ability to form new connections, “notes the scientific journalist Regalado adding then other quotation words of Silva:” The simplest interpretation is that those mutations will probably have an impact on the cognitive function in the twins “But as told by the same doctor interviewed the exact effect on cognition is impossible to foresee “this is why it should not have been done”.


The chinese scientist He Jankui is the main protagonist of the International Summit in Hong Kong

The article of the Mit then goes into the detail of the genome editing by He Jiankui: “The experiment has been widely condemned as irresponsible, and is under investigation in China – we always read in the magazine – The news of the first genetically modified children also inflamed speculation that one day CRISPR technology could be used to create super-intelligent human beings, perhaps as part of a biotech race between the United States and China. There is no evidence that he actually decided to change the intelligence of the twins. The journal MIT Technology Review has contacted scientists who studied the effects of the CCR5 on cognition and say that the Chinese scientist has never contacted them, as he did with others from whom he hoped to get advice or scientific support. Miou Zhou, a professor at the Western University of Health Sciences in California, has confirmed that he has never been consulted with the journalist: the latter claims that the Chinese scientist was “certainly aware of the link between CCR5 and cognition”. This link was first demonstrated in 2016 by the aforementioned Zhou and Silva, who discovered that removal of the gene from mice had significantly improved their memory.



“We do not have time to wait for the Darwinian evolution to make us smarter and better by nature […] Only in this way will we be able to stay alive long enough to be able, one day, to colonize other solar systems”. It is a phrase of the British physicist and cosmologist Stephen Hawking, mentioned by the Turin journalist Enrica Perrucchietti in one of his blogs (link at the bottom of the page) where he correlated the modification of the DNA of Chinese twins with the superhuman theories of the famous recently deceased scientist : he did so citing an extract published by the Sunday Times of the posthumous book “Brief Answer to the Big Question”. It raises the alarm about the dangers that could endanger the survival of mankind, including Artificial Intelligence, a nuclear war or a collision of asteroids, claiming that “by then, our ingenious race will have found a way to overcome the grim limits of the Earth and survive the disaster ».

And in this case, as Perrucchietti summarizes, “the only ones to survive could be human beings who have” reprogrammed “their genome, having thus become” superhumans “prepared to overcome the catastrophe. These superhumans who have carried out the genetic editing, will have developed a better resistance to diseases, radiation and hostile environmental factors ». We are always talking about that doctrine called Transhumanism, the new religion of the Silicon Valley billionaires, which in the previous article I had correlated with Chinese baby girls exactly as professor Silva did Thursday in the newspaper of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in Boston: “Silva says that because of his research, he sometimes interacts with Silicon Valley characters and elsewhere who have, in his opinion, an unhealthy interest in the project of children with a better brain – reveals again Regalado – That’s why, when the birth of the twins became public on November 25, Silva says that he immediately wondered if it was an attempt to this type of alteration. “Suddenly I realized … Oh, my goodness, I’m really serious about this bullshit,” says Silva. “My reaction was visceral repulsion and sadness”

In any case, the writer insists on the brain benefits of the receptor manipulated in China: “Silva and a great team of the United States and Israel say they have new evidence that CCR5 acts as a suppressor of memories and synaptic connections. According to their new report, published in Cell magazine, people who naturally do not have CCR5 recover more quickly from strokes. Furthermore, people who lack at least one copy of the gene seem to go further to school, suggesting a possible role in everyday intelligence “. As the article underlines again: «The findings on CCR5 have already been followed in the trials of drugs both on stroke patients and on people with HIV, who sometimes suffer from memory problems. In those studies, one of which is underway at UCLA, people are given an anti-HIV drug, Maraviroc, which chemically blocks CCR5, to see if it improves their cognition. ” But it is precisely a professor of this university, the biologist Thomas Carmichael, who argues that further studies are needed.



“Could it be conceivable that at some point in the future we could increase the average IQ of the population? I would not be a scientist if I said no. The work in mice shows that the answer could be yes, “says Professor Silva in the interview reported by MIT adding also:” But the rats are not people. We simply do not know what the consequences will be around. We are not ready for this yet ». A thesis identical to that of many doctors and scientists interviewed by the various newspapers in the aftermath of the announcement of the birth of the two twins with modified DNA to inhibit the obsessability of contraction of AIDS. “If this can be defined as ethical, their perception of ethics is very different from that of the rest of the world,” said stem cell expert at King’s College London, BBC, according to whom HIV is a virus. it can be controlled without the need for genetic manipulation to prevent it from being passed on from parents to children.

The American geneticist George Church of Harvard University

“If it is true, this experiment is monstrous: the embryos were healthy, they were not known diseases – echoed Julian Savulescu, an ethics expert at the University of Oxford, as reported by the Catholic daily Avvenire – Genetic editing is for experimental and is still associated with off-target mutations, able to cause early genetic problems or later in life, including the development of cancer ». All this added another dramatic circumstance that the genome editing with the Crispr Cas9 would not be entirely successful at least in one of the embryos in which they would not be “silenced” both copies of the gene.

“At least one of the twins seems to be a patchwork of cells,” commented the American geneticist George Church of Harvard University. The decision of the team at the Southern University of Science and Technology in Shenzhen to implant the embryo equally would be according to Church, confirming that “the main objective of the researchers was to experiment with the technique of editing DNA rather than avoiding the disease”. At the beginning of January it was learned of a second pregnancy with genetically manipulated embryos conducted by the same scientist He Jiankui that cost him the immediate suspension by the University and the risk of serious trouble with the government of the People’s Republic of China. So much so that rumors have circulated, denied by himself with an email to a colleague, on the possibility of a death sentence.

But we should understand if the geneticist was pursued precisely because the University of Shenzhen was not aware of the long and demanding experiments or why he decided to make it public revealing a state secret … In the light of all the authoritative tycoon trillionaires transhumanists if he succeeded leaving the country Dr. Jiankui would have no problem finding laboratories that would finance the continuation of his crazy projects capable of bringing to memory the sense of the story of Frankenstein.

A Guide To Genetic Engineering Biotech And How It Works

There are many countries in the world that have no law, or it is very bland (will be the subject of next episode on Gospa News), with reference to the manipulation of DNA on human embryos to be used as guinea pigs or prototypes of supermen. Among the many lenders of research projects with a transhumanist background aimed at connecting various branches of science such as cybernetics, robotics, nanotechnology and engineering genetics, there is also Jeff Bezos, founder of Amazon, owner of the Washington Post, the newspaper of the American capital of originally Jennifer Doudna, the protagonist of the discovery of the possibility of modifying human embryos with Crispr Cas9, and where the Pentagon is based, which through its Research Agency of Advanced Defense Projects (Darpa) copiously funds its own eugenics experiments, obviously only on laboratory animals, but still particular mice because they are also modified with genes … human!

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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