CoronaVirus – 8. Exclusive: “Russian Mission for Cleaning Italy and World from a Bio-Weapon”

CoronaVirus – 8. Exclusive: “Russian Mission for Cleaning Italy and World from a Bio-Weapon”


by Galima Galiullinafirst published on Veterans Today

“From Russia with Love” was written on the side boards of IL-76 planes which landed March 22, 2020 at the Italian airport.  Fourteen IL-76 military transport aircraft flew to Italy to help the Italian people in the fight against coronavirus. The first team was met by Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo and Deputy Minister of Defense at a military airport south of Rome on Sunday night.

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The harsh faces of Russian military doctors without masks did not soften with smiles even for a second. These were the faces of men who could be trusted at critical moments in history. Most importantly, they have experience in combating biological weapons and dangerous viruses.

Therefore, Italian officials gave carte blanche to the Russian military, saying: “The Department of Civil Protection and the Ministry of Defense are at your complete disposal!” And, they assured that Italians will always remember this help and solidarity of Russia.

Russian Military Doctor Major General Sergey Kikot, March 22, 2020, near Rome, Italy

In the USSR and the Russian Federation, military medicine has always been the most professional and the 100 military doctors of the highest qualification arrived in Italy with medical equipment and supplies, equipment for disinfection of streets and premises, and medicines. Teams of military doctors were assembled immediately after a telephone conversation with Vladimir Putin and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte.

Monument in honor of the feat of Russian sailors who saved the inhabitants of Messina (Sicily) after the devastating earthquake in December 1908. The inscription in two languages: “Russian sailors, heroes of mercy and self-sacrifice. Grateful descendants and inhabitants of Messina.”

Yes, Russia gave a helping hand to Italy, a country in distress at a critical moment in the ongoing tragedy, when more than 700 people fell victim to the virus in one day, and where the death toll has so far exceeded 6,000. Realizing that Italy, a member of NATO, and a member of the EU, was not going to get help from any member brothers the Italians reached out to the only friend available.  Some issues arise about the situation.

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Why Italy? Why now? Perhaps the answer to the questions of Why Italy and Why now can be found in geopolitical and global economic rivalries. Italy, after all is the only European country to join in BRI (Belt and Road  Iniziative – ndr).

And, the Italians have repeatedly (as the Greeks) been chafing at EU imposed austerity as the price of continued EU participation. Then, there is the issue of Italy support for Russian efforts to stabilize Libya. Taken as a whole, did the cloth of western patience with Italy became too frayed to sustain.

Major General Serge Kikot and team survey the Italian peninsula in preparations for assisting Italy

And, why does Russia need this? In crisis situations there are always more questions than answers, but here some points to consider.

Russia always helps the suffering, if possible, it is in the national character of the Russians. Help is always fair-minded.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 6. Prophecy on Pandemic and NWO by Obama-Biden CIA’s Queen

The top 100 military specialists in biological weapons were sent to help Italy. In a bio-attack, which this has all the markings, they will be able to study the virus itself, and also its striking characteristics, people’s ability to resist, and find the best requirements for creating effective treatment interventions and possibly a vaccine to interrupt further contagion.

Russia’s national interests will be protected on the approaches to its borders to prevent the threat of a similar epidemic in Russia. Experience in warfare against this virus, and variants, will be invaluable for this.

SARS-2: for defending “Bilderberg’s Fake News” Italian Govt Blames Russia wich Helps It

European officials who have made considerable efforts to discredit Russia with cheap Novichok tricks and an incredibly cynical Boeing 777 MH-17 (Malaysian Airlines flight shot down in Ukranie – ed) story will highly likely be left without their jobs very quickly, as the European Union will break up like a house of cards after checking for authenticity of unity.

NATO generals who are about to remotely command military exercises in Europe on the borders with Russia may be aware of Bismarck’s point: “A preventive war against Russia is suicide because of the fear of death.”


Russia is almost completely surrounded by biological laboratories: in addition to Ukraine and Georgia, there are such centers in Armenia, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan.

Now in Ukraine there are 11 American laboratories for the development of biological weapons. The Pentagon directly finances them as does other US government agencies and departments, including USAID, NIH and others. Locations are known in Kiev, Kharkov, Odessa, Vinnitsa, Dnepropetrovsk, Kherson, Lviv, Ternopil, Uzhgorod.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 7. NWO-CIA-DEM Top Secret Military Missions in Ukraine, Fort Detrick, Sigonella, Wuhan, Modena

There are 10 such laboratories in Georgia. Therefore, military medicine in Russia must be fully equipped to address threats posed by these hybrid warfare weapons. The experience of dealing with the Ebola epidemic in Africa, for example, has already enriched Russian scientists with knowledge of epidemiologic tools and treatment methods. Undoubtedly, the experience of Russian military doctors in Italy will be invaluable to the whole world in a pandemic.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, March 24, 2020 visiting infected patients in Kommunarka Hospital in Moscow suburbs has now done something that not one of the world leaders has yet decided – especially before the G20 online summit)

The “soft power” of Russia today appears before the entire population of the Earth in the most beautiful form of mercy. This is the real Russia.

In fact, Russia is engaged in a necessary cleaning of the planet on multiple dimensions. Russia preserves Christianity as a bulwark of the most important human values ​​and purity of the Spirit.

Russia resists the unbridled propaganda of the destruction of biblical commandments even after the imposition of state atheism during the Soviet period.

St. Pio’ Prophecy on Christians’ homelands, NWO Rockefeller’s Abortion law and Masons war

The traditional family, in which the father is a man, the mother is a woman, the children are daughters and sons, is fully supported by the efforts of the state. And the state itself, its sovereignty, its ability to protect the interests of its own citizens, also gained a chance for life, and not only in Russia, but also in Syria.

Of course, the Russians immediately reacted to the news about the landing of military aircraft in Italy with jokes. One of the best: “No, but what! Italy is also a peninsula. And our polite people are already there! Okay, okay, give me a dream at least.”

ALL TOGHETER WITH ASSAD’S ARMY! But the Syrian war’s fate depends by Putin and Su-57 russian aircrafts

The reaction of the European brothers of Italy was not unexpected. The leaders of Italy requested assistance from the EU. The answer was silence. The Vatican also went into the silence of its cells. The German newspaper Bild burst out with poison: “Russian military aircraft, which bomb civilians and hospitals in Syria, deliver humanitarian aid from Russian military companies and military personnel to member of NATO, Italy.”

Erdogan’s war crimes: the truce broken by Turks with 18 dead. White phosphorus against children

It is so rude in vain, because it is possible that Germany might have to ask for help from Russia also, the only European country that is ready and able to help others.

The Italians themselves are surprised that the countries of “totalitarian regimes” —China, Cuba, and Russia — turned out to be the most forthcoming and merciful. But Poland closed their airspace to Russian aircraft.  Italians will remember this too. They really looked forward to America’s help. But then they sighed in disappointment: “Of course, America first” …


Exclusivity as Hell and Poison

The entire US strategy over the past three decades has been based on the idea of ​​the exclusivity of the nation. Having defeated the USSR in the Cold War and having destroyed the “Empire of Evil” without a single shot, the American elites believed that now the whole world would belong to them. They had good reason for that.

Elites in almost any country easily were bought and in exchange sold the present and future of their peoples. Communicating with these corrupt bastards nicely fueled the sense of exception of American diplomats. The exclusivity of the nation made any American politician irresistible to the politicians of the other countries in the World, and very quickly the criteria for intellectual ability for those who wanted to go into politics began to come to naught. To verify this, just listen to Pompeo and decide how low the standard has sunk.

UKRAINEGATE, CIA-DEEP STATE’S PLOT AGAINST TRUMP with two whistleblowers and Italian ties

The nation did not notice how the myth of exclusivity turned into poison and hell. The poison quickly destroyed the reflexes of self-preservation of the nation, and life began to resemble running up stairs leading down.  In his book “The Power Elite”, R. Mills, having studied the state of the elites and how to keep them in power, came to the disappointing conclusion: America is headed by a group of families, what is now called the Deep State.

The election of the president and congressmen is a fiction. The main danger is the growing “rationality without reason.” The ruling elites use rational tools developed by scientists to achieve irrational goals. This is the situation we are seeing today in the form of the COVID-19 pandemic.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 2. Intel sources: «Spread by CIA with nano-Uav» as Cyber-DragonflEye. Alert in Iran and Italy

And if in order to remove international tension in the field of nuclear weapons, scientists from the USSR and the USA jointly prepared the elites to make sensible decisions to limit the spread of nuclear weapons, now the situation has gone awry.

The “solution” to nuclear disarmament turned out to be a bio-weapon virus with unpredictable and incredibly contagious features. If radioactive and chemical weapons could be safely stored in special storage facilities, then bacteriological, virologic and various other electromagnetic bioweapons can easily break out of control and isolation and begin harvesting hundreds of thousands of lives in an extremely short time.

Do you hear a terrible gnashing of teeth? This is the NATO generals watching how military aircraft from Russia land on the airfield in Italy. And Italian people are happy to welcome them! That’s right – NATO planes usually bring death and suffering to the inhabitants of the countries where they fly. Russians come to save – from terrorists, from death, now from a virus.

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Today humanity faces a lot of extremely dangerous viruses: arrogance virus, greed virus, generational memory loss virus, lust and debauchery virus. Some of them are more deadly than coronavirus. The fate of Russia is to help the World win this war.

Galima Galiullina, PhD, for VT •

first published on Veterans Today

• The doctor of philosophical sciences Galima Galiullina is the author of three books, more than one hundred scientific articles, several narratives, published in the USA, Italy, France and Russia. In 2008 on commission from the British Council he made a documentary “Invest in Heartland!” The book “Leadership in the 21st Squad from Russia” written in 2002, where Russia’s return to the international stage and the rise of Vladimir Putin was predicted, is currently being offered as a study to students at the most prestigious universities in the USA. Since December 2009 Galima Galiullina lives in the USA, is married to Wiliam Glass, who shares her line of thought and is the editor of her publications in English. Galima Galiullina is currently a correspondent at the Veterans Today (USA) and RussiaPrivet (Italy) editorial offices.



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