WUHAN-GATES – 15. EU-Italy Covid Vaccine’ Business in Gates-Big Pharma’s Dirty Hands

WUHAN-GATES – 15. EU-Italy Covid Vaccine’ Business in Gates-Big Pharma’s Dirty Hands


  1. CoVid-19 Therapies Ignored by Italian Govt and WHO
  2. Oxford & Gates: Conflict of Interests on Eu Vaccines
  3. The Hidden Business of the Gsk Implied With Gates
  4. The Vaccine in the Hand of a TV’s Productor
  5. The Big Pharma Glaxo Deal in Pomezia
  6. Millions From the Lazio Pd Govts for Pomezia
  7. Prosecutor Palamara’s Wife in Health Offices
  8. Astra Zeneca Shareholders In Weapons’ Lobby

They created kings that I have not designated; they chose clothes without my knowledge. With their silver and their gold they made themselves idols, but for them ruin. And since they sowed wind, they will reap a storm“.
Book of the Prophet Hosea – Holy Bible (Hos 8.4)

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

Versione originale in Italiano

«Italy, which was the first in Europe to get to know this virus closely, was today recognized as being among the first countries to give an adequate response. And even with this news today we show that we want to be at the forefront in the supply of a vaccine, in research and in therapies that are currently more promising».

Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte wrote it commenting on the vaccine agreement signed by Italy and European Union in the past weeks and telling a sensational lie. Because in Italy there have been 34,861 thousand deaths but above all the two most effective protocols have been ignored for a long time and used only in very few hospitals, as if some more deaths were necessary to trigger a business of the Covid-19 vaccine (or SARS- Cov-2) and to breathe a sigh of relief to the INPS for the fewer retirees to maintain.

But it is the mendacious rhetoric of those who cannot reveal the suspected intrigues between big pharma and Italy-US Democrats already reported by Gospa News in other previous investigations of the WuhanGates dossier which are now also fulfilled on the next CoronaVirus pandemic vaccine in a deal between London and New York but with a big profit also for a trusted manager of Nicola Zingaretti, governor of Lazio and secretary of the Democratic Party who supports the Conte bis government.

ITALY JUSTICE-LEAKS – 2. Expulsion’s Risk for 10 Magistrates in Obama-Gate European Dem’s Ring with Vaccines’ Affair

All this happened, as we will see, while the wife of Luca Palamara, the deputy prosecutor of Rome (therefore competent also on Pomezia) suspended from the duties for an investigation for corruption in judicial acts (for other facts) worked in the health offices of the Lazio Region ) from which the PalamaraGate scandal arose, for which 10 other magistrates risk expulsion. Before discovering these obvious conflicts of interest that not even opposition MPs seem to want to denounce, a brief summary of the therapies snubbed by the Ministry of Health and World Health Organization is necessary.



The first therapy is that with immune plasma experimented by Professor De Donno, director of the complex structure of pneumology and intensive respiratory intensive care unit, Carlo Poma Hospital of Mantua, together with Professor Cesare Perotti, director of the Immunohematology and Transfusion Medicine service of San Matteo di Pavia.

It took months before the two skilled doctors were taken seriously, despite they was emulators of the tests with antibodies grafted on animals that made two scientist scientists in Germany as early as 1890: the first was the physiologist who in 1901 won the Nobel Prize for medicine with the discovery of diphtheria treatment, Emil Von Behring, the second Kitasato Shibasaburō, Japanese bacteriologist.

Plasma-Therapy for SARS-2 in Bill Gates’ Claws through Italian & Israeli Big Pharma

As we told in a previous investigation, De Donno, also in light of the therapeutic plan then adopted by 106 American university clinics, was able to provoke a popular reaction such as to induce the government to run for cover by appropriating the care to entrust it to the Hospital of Pisa and to the Kedrion company of the family of the Democratic Senator Paolo Marcucci who will manage the project with industrial blood products together with the Israeli company Kamada, owned by the pharmaceutical giant Zacks which also controls Moderna, financed by Bill Gates for the search for a vaccine drug.

After publicly calling for the arrival of a vaccine, De Donno has lost a lot of social sympathies and has come out of the limelight. While Professor Perotti entered in recent days thanks to a conference organized by the Novum Ticinum association at the University of Pavia.

«We collected 329 donations, with donors also coming from Trentino. A manifestation of great generosity, which now allows us to have a number of plasma bags available for use in the event of a second wave in the autumn. The use of hyperimmune plasma has reduced mortality from 15 to 6 percent. To recognize our work was also the European Commission, which assigned us the task of writing guidelines for the whole of Europe for plasma therapy donated by convalescent patients»

«The regret is that in Italy only the colleagues of the Mantua hospital decided to adopt our protocol: we calculated that if the identical choice had been adopted throughout Italy, it would probably have been possible to save over 3 thousand patients who unfortunately died» has stigmatized Perotti.

The news was reported by the Ansa with minimal emphasis perhaps precisely because it reports an affirmation that contradicts the statement by Prime Minister Conte of having given “an adequate response” to the pandemic from CoronaVirus.

Gospa News had highlighted that about 8,706 positive people at Covid-19 had died between June 23 and April 24, when 33 Italian doctors led an appeal to the Minister of Health Roberto Speranza reporting the excellent results of an anti-inflammatory based treatment of the cortisone Dexametasone 6, experimented by the neurologist Roberta Ricciardi, world luminary in the treatment of Myasthenia (a pathology caused by hyper-immune reactions that compromises neurological-muscular interaction), and supported among others by Professor Piero Sestili, Professor of Pharmacology of the University of Urbino.

Cortisone Defeated Covid-19: Oxford confirmed Italian Neurologist’s Therapy Negleted. How many Deaths for WHO Faults?

This protocol was then approved by the Lombardy Region and successfully adopted by some hospitals and general practitioners also for the home care of non-serious patients. Its effectiveness was certified by the results of the Recovery trial, patented by independent researchers together with the Oxford University, which, on June 16 with advances and on the 22nd with publication of the research on the specialized site Medrxiv, categorically denied the suggestion not to use cortisone in March from France and the World Health Organization.


As demonstrated in the previous article, however, there is an extremely different therapeutic line between that of Dr. Ricciardi, who supports the need to use Dexamethasone at the first symptoms of Covid-19 because it has cured all of its patients already frail to Myasthenia, and Recovery protocol which attested the reduction of a third of mortality only in patients hospitalized under artificial ventilation in intensive care, when according to the neurologist it is now too late to save everyone.

The diatribe would have already been subject to appropriate checks in Italy if the Minister of Health had issued guidelines for suitable clinical tests and if the World Health Organization had paid attention to the issue. But the Dicastery has so far not even responded to the doctors and in the midst of this scientific controversy on the skin of the patients the suspicions of a gigantic conflict of interest emerge because the study was conducted by Oxford University in London thanks to the contribution of Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

WUHAN-GATES – 10. SHADY PLOT: EU Summit with 4 Gates’ NGO, Big Pharma & FB before Pandemic (SARS-2 built with HIV)

It should be remembered that this foundation is the main sponsor of global vaccination as confirmed by the presence of four NGOs supported by it (including Gavi Alliance and CEPI) at the summit held at the European Commission in Brussels on 12 September 2019, when the epidemic had been only prophesied by Gates (in 2015).

Controversies and suspicions arose over the discovery of a famous Event 201 exercise on a CoronaVirus pandemic held in New York in October, months before the official report of the emergency from Covid-19. Also because it was organized by the Johns Hopkins Center of Health Security with the support of Avril Haines, a lawyer Dem former collaborator of Joe Biden, expert on bacteriological weapons of the NTI institute, former deputy director of the Central Intelligence Agency and then deputy Councilor for National Security of the Barack Obama administration.

CORONAVIRUS – 10. The Plot in 100 lines: from CIA Bio-Weapons to New World Order Prophecy

But the intrigues that we will unveil in this investigation have just begun. To reveal them are the same statements of the Italian Government.

«As it is known, coronavirus is a very insidious enemy and we said that the vaccine is the only real remedy. We are talking about the most promising vaccine (by Astra Zeneca), there is no absolute certainty. The vaccine was born in the laboratories of London, at the university of Oxford. The news relevant to us is that within this batch of production and distribution of the vaccine Italy is the protagonist not only because we are signatories of the first contract in this piece of the world but also because there is a fallout on Pomezia, on Irbm which is a Italian reality. In the search for the vaccine, Italy takes the lead».

Health Minister Roberto Speranza explained this in mid-June speaking to the States General where he announced the agreement with Astra Zeneca for 400 million doses in the EU, according to the ANSA report.

While it was Fanpage who provided many details as early as June 8: «The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF), the largest private foundation in the world, through the CEPI and GAVI entities has financed $ 750 million for the production and distribution of 300 million doses of the AZD1222 candidate coronavirus vaccine. The expected global supply is now 2 billion doses, but scientists do not yet know how effective it is».



The question that opposition parliamentarians should ask themselves if they had the courage to deal with the world pharmaceutical business is very simple: perhaps there is no sensational conflict of interest in Oxford University which will give the vaccine patent to a big pharma but at the same time it has developed a cortisone-based therapeutic protocol with limited efficacy compared to the experimental one of an Italian neurologist?


«AstraZeneca has reached an agreement with the European Inclusive Vaccines Alliance, led by Germany, France, Italy and the Netherlands, for a supply that will reach up to 400 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine from the University of Oxford and whose distribution will start from the end of 2020». The company announced this, confirming the statement of Italian Minister Roberto Speranza.

WUHAN-GATES – 12. MI6 British Intelligence former Head: “SARS-2 Built in Bio-Lab”. Pics and Proofs of HIV Tests

If the times are respected this will sensationally favor not only the affairs of AstraZeneca, of which we will see below all the judicial history, but also those of the notorious GlaxoSmithKline of London which is managed by a manager of Microsoft Corporation and funded, in another Australian vaccination project with the University of Queensland, by the usual Bill Gates, in fact increasingly unique “master” of the treatments against the new strain of CoronaVirus. This one, also called SARS-Cov-2, according to already 15 scientists and the former director of British intelligence MI6 Richard Dearlove, was built in the laboratory.

WUHAN-GATES 16. Criminal Pharma for Vaccines in EU. Fraud, Doping and Suicide


Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
no reproduction without authorization – original italian version








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Fabio G.C. Carisio

13 pensieri su “WUHAN-GATES – 15. EU-Italy Covid Vaccine’ Business in Gates-Big Pharma’s Dirty Hands

  1. People are not understanding the COVID paradox

    In the USA,the exposed cases are at least 20 times the number of the current detected cases,of 3.5 million,AND THE ACTUAL INFECTED CASES ARE AT LEAST,1O TIMES the current detected cases.

    The current daily count in the USA is around 70000 and was around 25-30,000,a fortnught ago.These incremental 35000 were EXPOSED around 27 days ago (at the earliest) and were INFECTED ENOUGH,to take a TEST.

    Therefore,it is safe to assume that for every 70000 cases today there are at least 70000 more INFECTED BUT NOT WITH SUFFICIENT SYMPTOMS TODAY plus some more WHO DO NOT WANT TO GET TESTED AT ALL.

    Further,for every 1 COVID positive person WITH SYMPTOMS – it is safe to assume an EXPOSURE RATIO OF 10:1 IN A SPAM OF 30 DAYS – starting from the time when the COVID +ve person was 1st EXPOSED.

    So for the 70000 cases today, there are AT LEAST 70000 more COVID positive person (based on 1 day’s data),which makes it 140000.These people have exposed at least 1.4 million in the last 30 days !

    So,if you look at the number of cases in the USA in the last 30 days at 30000 a day,so you have a ROLLING stock of 6 million EXPOSURES just in 30 days – who will show symptoms in the next 7-30 days,and so the numbers will skyrocket.

    Based on a population of 350 million – IT IS ONLY WHEN THE USA has 17-20 million DETECTED CASES – that the COVID saga will end.There WILL be NO CURE,AND NO VACCINE – just trial and error diagnostics.

    So we are a long way away.dindooohindoo

    30 days ago,the USA COVID cases were around 1.5 million and so the EXPOSURES were at 30 million.From that 30 million – in the last 30 days – the USA has had around 35000 cases per day,in the last 30 days – which is around 3% of the EXPOSURES,as of 30 days ago.

    The Rolling stock as above,WILL DOUBLE IN A MINIMUM OF 30 DAYS and the 3% will also DOUBLE IN EVERY 60 DAYS
    at the minimum.These are the coordinates of doom.

    There is NO STATISTIC on 1 PARAMETER.How many COVID discharged humans in the USA were re-infected,and in what
    duration ? That is the ONLY HOPE – id.est., to be infected and survive.Can it REALLY BE ZERO ? Or does it show THAT releasing a COVID cured patient into the jungle – is the biggest disaster – a ticking neutron bomb ?

    USA numbers look devastating,as they have the infra,to test on that scale.The situation in other parts of the world is BEYOND redemption.

    Even in the USA,the sharp rise in Cases,is NOT DUE to the re-opening of businesses – BIT DUE TO LACK OF TESTING.It is the people who WERE NOT TESTED,in the last 30 days,AND HAD synptoms – which is reflecting in the current data,of 70000 a day.

    You can imagine the CATASTROPHIC DOOM,in Brazil and India – where THEY WILL NEVER be able to test,on the American scale.

    In essence,the entire population of 7 billion,HAS TO BE infected,and at least 10%,will die due to COVID,and 10% more will die,due to other morbidities,which will have no medical attention and another 10%,will die due to starvation.

    The persons who will die,are those,with a weak and infirm constitution,and low natural immunity – and whose body,is already damaged by medicines,steroids,nicotine,cocaine,adulterated food and alcohol.

    A Perfect Constitution,is an essential,for a Perfect Brain

    This is the Greek Formula,updated for AI + Robotics + Nanotech

    The Greeks used to discard their defective samples,at BIRTH,on Mt Olmypus,for the ravens and vultures.That was he Priori Best Practice.2000 years since then, AI + Robotics + Nanotech, has made Humans obsolete.

    Thence,comes in COVID – just like Pure Providence.After the 10+10+10% culling – we will get the NEXT virus – which will be in action,by November 2021.That virus will target,in Phase 1,the clowns CURED BY COVID – as the COVID bird has laid its nest in them.Then it will target those who were infected by COVID but did not show the symptoms.

    Like a never ending Geometric Progression – towards redemption and salvation,like Zeno’s Paradox.

  2. Knowing Nano bots, AI mosquitos were used to spread Covid and according to Dane Wigington they are also attached to chemtrailing operations, and after watching the docu Europa the last battle, where a specific group wanted to poison the watersupply for 4 major cities in Germany, a plan that failed, painted breads for German inmates of interncamps with arsenic, after which stomachs were pumped and all survived. intending to kill 6 million germans, i could not help but wonder whether there was any connection of Bergamo with WW II. Having older sisters who survived The bombardment of Rotterdam as todlers, destroying the street right next to theirs, made me realize it is this agegroup that is specifically targeted by death when infected with Covid. Is a specific group trying to eliminate witnesses that only now worldwide are starting to speak Truths. When reading about nightbombings i cannot help but think of the british terrorbombings of Dresden and Churchills destruction of Partisans in Greece, who during the war fought for him. The human collective is living fake history, a narrative involving millions of guiltpay and a blackmail to control all people worldwide as no other. The bible, with forced conversions of Celtic tribes or death through torture, with Judeo Christianity accompanied with genocides in the Netherlands and elsewhere a mindprogramm that started all this. Revelations a later added book to the bible the script for what is unfolding, being executed. Professor Ashraf Ezzat proves the Exodus never happened and Egypt never had rulers called Pharaohs. We are living a HOAX, one false flag after another. Worldpopulationreduction/Eugenics with according to Ted Turner former CEO CNN the intent to reduce with 95 %, the Final Solution, the Takeover of our world, NWO became the UN, who founded a one world religion decades ago, the EU flag now carefully draped at the State of the Union speech with its one leg pointed downwards, meaning Lucifer rules. Strange thing is that in the Netherlands a childrensseries after WW II was called PIPO the clown. Jokes and foretelling events like in the Simpson either to protect their souls from guilt or hilarious that we
    swallow it all as sweet pie, as we say in dutch.

  3. Like i said in My post dated the 13 Luglio 2020 alle 12:48 AM, in the last 5 words of Para 7 of the abovesaid post, the “cases will skyrocket”

    On November 11,2020, the rocket crossed daily case count 200000


    And the all time HIGH was reported on the 21st of November,2020 at 204000


    The Month of November 2020

    And the dates – 11/11 abd 21/11 – immortal dates – pointing to divinity ! dindooohindoo

    Texas,California and Illinois are leading the pack at 13000 cases per day,which is NOT EVEN 0.1% of the population of each state

    0.5% is the daily target BEFORE THE PEAK.

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