Depleted Uranium Cloud toward Europe: Expert’s Proofs! High Radioactivity Recorded by Monitors in Poland after Ammo Depot Destroyed in Ukraine

Depleted Uranium Cloud toward Europe: Expert’s Proofs! High Radioactivity Recorded by Monitors in Poland after Ammo Depot Destroyed in Ukraine


by prof. Paolo Scampa

Expert in the ‘Nuclear Physics-N.B.C.R. Environment & Health’ research field. The links to the Gospa News articles have been added afterwards


Dr. Chris Busby, a renowned British nuclear expert, in a recent interview with Sputnik confirms that a cloud loaded with “depleted” uranium is most likely moving west following the bombing of an ammunition depot based on this nuclear material on May 13 in the city of Khmelnitsky. (Actually by now it should have already covered the whole of Europe.)

The analysis of the physicist Chris Busby former Consultant of the Ministry of Defense of the United Kingdom

Busby, physical chemist and scientific secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk, confirmed what was announced by the secretary of the Russian Security Council, Nikolai Patrushev.

But he did it on the basis of data from a radioactivity monitoring station located in Poland, after the Warsaw authorities denied the existence of the problem.

“Radioactive Cloud Toward Europe after Destruction of a Depleted Uranium Depots in Ukraine”. Russian Security Chief’s Alarm

«It was suggested by several commentators that an arms depot that had been hit contained the Depleted Uranium (DU) weapons sent by the UK to the Ukraine for use in the British Challenger tanks as anti-tank penetrators. That the explosion was one involving the burning of the DU in the fireball».

«Since I am a scientific authority on Uranium and its health effects, but have also examined its dispersion and behaviour in the environment, I will comment on what I believe happened, and why it is important. I was a member of the UK government Ministry of Defence Depleted Uranium Oversight Board (DUOB) in 2000-2005, and also the UK government Committee Examining Radiation Risk from Internal Emitters (CERRIE) 2000-2004. I am Scientific Secretary of the European Committee on Radiation Risk (ECRR) which is an independent NGO that provides advice on risk from ionising radiation».

Stink of Nuclear War: UK Depleted Uranium Ammunition to Kiev “as Dirty Bombs”. “Russia will be Forced to React” Putin Said

Professor Busby reiterates that uranium is far more harmful as a respirable poison that emits powerful alpha rays at very short range than as a diffuser of long-range but very weak gamma rays even if perfectly detectable by instruments.

«There is, of course, a health problem if the post-impact particles are inhaled and pass into the body through the lung into the lymphatic system or directly into the digestive system, but essentially DU is harmless».

He underlines how much this fact, much censored, makes its airborne dispersal, to say the least, worrying for everyone’s future health. Whether poor or powerful, there are no bodyguards to protect the lungs from radiotoxic and non-radiotoxic nano-particles.

«My main research interest in this area is Uranium and health, particularly the DU particles, which are so small they act as a gas and move over very large distances once they are created by the burning of DU. I found them in England in 2003 after they had come from Iraq. I found them in 2023 in England after they came from the Ukraine war. So that is the first thing: the material is able to travel very large distances» the expert highlighted.

Terrible Nuclear Zircon Missile in the Mediterranean Sea. Russian Frigate Admiral Gorshkov in Tartus Harbor

Abnormal increase in radioactivity in Polish detectors

«I am a yachtsman: examination of the UK metereological weather pressure maps tell us that at the time, and for days after the explosion, there was an anticyclone to the North of the explosion site and winds were weak but from the South East blowing North Westerly around the high-pressure area. So, the plume would move towards Poland. If the winds were about 5km/h they would reach any Poland detectors 250 km away on the 15th» British expert added.

According to him, the arrival of the “depleted” cloud is witnessed by a very unusual increase in radioactivity in the area found in Lublin in Poland on May 15 precisely in conjunction with the transit of the gigantic and heavy cloud, as black as uranium, produced during the explosion.

«Luckily, there were some location maps on the web and some that had been already downloaded by colleagues of mine before the system stopped working. I obtained maps from Poland. One of these I show below».

«What we see is a massive explosion which is thought to be DU, and reports of a spike in gamma radiation near the site. Uranium oxide is black, and the black plume moves north west slowly, the weather pattern is stable and the wind blows to Poland» Busby wrote for Sputnik.

Later, the Poles measured the increase at the Marie Curie Institute in Lublin, but their map was a more sophisticated one and needed some expert interpretation. The Polish map gave gamma increases split into two natural isotopes, Bismuth and Thallium, also total gamma and cosmic ray gamma, according to the British expert

«Other detectors all across Poland showed an increase*, as the plume passed over them, the increase being weaker the further away (due to dispersion of the plume)».

The high radioactivity data recorded by the Polish station

The scientist also refutes the hasty soothing interpretations of the natural origin of this radioactive upsurge in the air, refutes that the gamma rays of depleted uranium are difficult to read by detectors.

Not without knowing that it is customary to turn off the detectors whenever it becomes “politically incorrect” to alert the public of a radiological danger that only Geiger counters can perceive, Dr. Busby finally remarks that the European radioactivity signaling service was malfunctioning those days.

«After Chernobyl, the European Union set up a Europe-wide gamma radiation detector system that used to give gamma readings in real time. I went to look. But astonishingly, all the data was blocked. The web- based system, administered from Germany, (EURDEP) would not provide the detector maps that are normally available» Busby pointed out.

Putin: “Russian Nuclear Weapons in Belarus as Answer to Depleted Uranium Ammo Supply by UK to Kiev”. EU promised Further Sanctions

Furthermore, once the service has been restored, the previously published data appear to have been modified on purpose as if there was something to hide.

«The European radiation detector system web map came back online on May 18. The map type had been changed and everything we saw in the downloads had disappeared or had been smudged out by data analysis averaging. Why? This, and the early blocking of access to the site suggest panic and cover-up» suggest the atomic analyst.

Taking Professor Busby’s warning lightly, branding it as pure propaganda instead of urging the authorities to transparency of data could prove to be a dramatic term, including for the censors.

Author’s technical note: Atomic Explosion excluded

We can exclude that the explosion in Ukraine was generated by an atomic detonation because any explosion of this type carries the plume more than 8 km. Injects massive area radioactivity that cannot be hidden. Furthermore, everyone on the spot should now be dead of irradiation. Having exploded on the ground, at least 10% of the radioactivity remains there on a few km2.

With 1 Kt to to (infinitely small power) one thousand billion Curies are generated! 3,7E22 pops per second ! One hour later the rad is 17 billion billion disintegrations per second!
8 day after 600 million billion Bq per second.

The amount of nuclear uranium in flight

Starting from the excess dose found in Lublin but also on site in Khmelnitsky, in jargon of 30 nSv/hour, everyone can deduce, according to physical law, that in theory about 170 milligrams of depleted uranium per cubic meter could have passed through them with a radioactivity associated of 6700 Bq/m3. It is the imperative amount to induce this mysterious dose of 30 nSv/hour.

Warning of Radioactive Disaster in Ukraine with “Depleted Uranium Ammo used by NATO only”. Briefing by Russian Chief of Nuclear Troops

Even if they do not cross any alert threshold and are officially considered “up to standard”, they would be resolutely abnormal concentrations. But in fact completely compatible with the geographical proximity of the explosion of a powder magazine certainly seasoned with tons of “depleted” ammunition.

Several tons of pulverized depleted uranium could therefore be airborne over our lands and also abundantly precipitated with the recent rains. We are counting on ARPA to demonstrate the opposite with transparent and verifiable surveys made available to citizens.

When the Soviet Union, in 1986, delayed warning the nations of the explosion of the Chernobyl power plant, everyone rightly pointed the finger at it for having failed in its duty of radiation protection. Today, while Russia immediately warned that a radioactive cloud was heading towards Western Europe following the bombardment of the arsenal of Khmelnitsky, according to it, rich in depleted uranium, everyone sees it as a lie of war. Does Europe fully deserve its fate?

Paolo Scampa
AIPRI President
Expert in the ‘Nuclear Physics-N.B.C.R. Environment & Health’ research field


International association for the protection from ionizing rays, Aipri has as its purpose the open-source scientific dissemination in the field of radiation protection. Aipri was founded in the 1970s by Jean Pignero, a French school teacher and militant, and by Maurice Eugène André, a Belgian and NATO NBCR commander with an exclusive function as well as discoverer of the proximity effect, taken up, in silence, by the current sector of physics research called micro-dosimetry.






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