US involved in the Middle East War Escalation: Dozens American Military Wounded in Iraq, Syria

US involved in the Middle East War Escalation: Dozens American Military Wounded in Iraq, Syria


Introduction by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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The Pentagon, as always, cannot tell the truth to American citizens who, otherwise, might doubt whether its already unsuccessful war strategies in Afghanistan and Iraq, justified in Syria only by the continuous theft of oil from the Deir Ezzor wells, should continue to be funded.

The strategy is not of the White House but of the shady financiers of Barack Obama and Josep Biden: that is, the well-known faces of the New World Order Bill Gates and George Soros who have effectively controlled the geopolitical actions of NATO involved in the Arab Springs which began in 2011 for ten years now in Libya and in the Color Revolutions culminating in the 2014 Coup in Kiev massacre.

Even using, in the both military CIA secret actionsjihadists mercenaries.

Project Syndicate funded by Soros, Gates and McKinsey to Promote Ukraine War as Rockefeller Council on Foreign Relations

This is why, just as happened in January 2020 when Tehran took revenge for the killing of General Qasem Soleimani (commander of the Forces Quds of the paramilitary Pasdaran) together with the head of the Iraqi Shiite Popular Mobilization Forces Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis, ordered by Donald Trump (which leads to a request for an arrest warrant from Iran), the US Department of Defense is not telling the truth

US Army Declassified Unseen Video on Al Asad Attack (Iraq). Terror’s Strategy against Iran

After having admitted in a belated statement the wounding of various soldiers in Iraqi bases, he does not confirm whether any of them have died.

In the attacks of January 2020, Iranian precision hypersonic missiles caused 100 soldiers wounded with very serious brain injuries. Even today the exact number of subsequent deaths is not known.

Neverending WAR CRIMES in Syria under NATO’s Shield! Israeli and US Airstrikes. Turkish Persecution on Rojava Population

This military escalation comes after years in which the USA continued to exercise military power in Iraq and Syria without any international legitimacy but rather ignoring Israel’s continuous attacks in the Syrian territories launched from the Golan plateaus occupied by the Zionist regime in Tel Aviv despite a UN resolution ordered his release.

WaPo: “CIA has spent Tens of Millions on Ukrainian Intelligence Agencies”

Pentagon Belatedly Reveals Two Dozen US Personnel Were Wounded In Spate Of Drone Attacks In Iraq, Syria

Originally published by Tyler Durden on Zero Hedge 

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The Pentagon revealed in a late Tuesday statement that in just the past week, US and coalition forces have been attacked at least ten times in Iraq, as well as three times in Syria “via a mix of one way attack drones and rockets,” according to Brig. Gen. Pat Ryder, speaking to NBC.

Drone Attack Kills at least 80 at Syrian Military College

But the real bombshell development, which Biden’s defense officials have apparently sat on for several days, is that some 24 US personnel were wounded in the attacks. According to the NBC statement:

Two dozen American military personnel were wounded last week in a series of drone attacks at American bases in Iraq and Syria, U.S. Central Command told NBC News on Tuesday.

The Pentagon confirmed the attacks last week, but the number of U.S. casualties has not been previously disclosed.

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Fabio G.C. Carisio

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