Drone Attack Kills at least 80 at Syrian Military College

Drone Attack Kills at least 80 at Syrian Military College


In the cover image the Health Minister, Hasan Ghabbagh at hospital with one of cadets injured – SANA

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«Health Minister, Hasan Ghabbagh announced on Thursday that the death toll from the terrorist attack  on the graduation ceremony of the Military Academy cadets in Homs has risen to 80, among them 6 women and 6 children” reported Syrian Arab News Agency.

“The number of injures reached nearly 240 in initial data,” the Minister told Syria TV in a telephone call. Earlier, the Minister assured and inspected the health cases of the injured.

«Government of the Syrian Arab Republic announced on Thursday a 3-day official mourning as of Friday October 6 for the martyrs, of civilians and soldiers, who passed away in a cowardly terrorist attack that targeted a graduation ceremony of the Military academy cadets in Homs on Thursday» wrote Mazen Eyon on SANA.

Flags in Syria, in all the embassies and diplomatic corps abroad will be lowered to half-mast.

“As part of the brutal attacks perpetrated by the U.S. occupation-backed terrorist groups to destabilize situation in Syria, the terrorist organizations on Thursday, October 5, targeted a graduation ceremony for the Military academy cadets in Homs through drones, claiming the lives and injuring tens of civilians and military men,” Foreign and Expatriates Ministry said in a statement.

“The Syrian Arab Republic condemns, in the strongest terms, that heinous crime which shows that their perpetrators have gone far beyond in their bloody method from which the Syrian people have suffered for many years,” the Ministry added.

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It said that the government of Syrian Arab Republic calls on the UN and security Council to condemn that cowardly attack and to apply relevant international resolutions, on top, no. 1267, 1989, 2170, 2178, 2195 and 2253.

Meanwhile, a Turkish attack on the Kurds in Rojava causes 15 deaths

Meanwhile, at least 11 people were killed on the other side of the country Thursday by Turkish airstrikes targeting Kurdish-controlled areas of northeastern Syria, according to a statement by Kurdish security forces in the region.

“The Turkish state launched on Thursday a series of attacks on our regions with more than 15 drones penetrating the airspace of northeastern Syria, and again targeted many positions, infrastructure, service facilities, and gas and oil stations, resulting in death and injuries. Its aggression also affected areas populated by civilians,” said Asayish, the Kurdish internal security force.

SOURCE –  SANA – Syrian Arab News Agency

Damascus has blamed unidentified terrorists for targeting young officers and their families at a graduation ceremony in Homs

Drone strikes on a graduation ceremony at a Syrian military college killed at least 80 people and wounded 240 on Thursday, in an attack that the country’s government has blamed on ‘terrorists’.

Women, children, and armed forces personnel were among those killed in Thursday’s attack, which occurred at a military academy in the Homs province. Syrian Health Minister Hassan al-Ghabash told state-run television that six women and six children were among the dead. The death toll is likely to rise, given the seriousness of many of the injuries, he added.

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The country’s Defense Minister Ali Mahmoud Abbas reportedly attended the graduation ceremony and had left the college just minutes before the attack. “After the ceremony, people went down to the courtyard, and the explosives hit,” an unidentified witness told Reuters.

“We don’t know where it came from, and corpses littered the ground.” The agency estimated the death toll at more than 100.

President Bashar Assad’s administration condemned the drone strike, saying it was “backed by known international forces,” and vowed a strong response.

“The general command of the army and armed forces considers this cowardly terrorist act an unprecedented criminal act and affirms that it will respond with full force and decisiveness to these terrorist organizations, wherever they are found,” the Syrian Defense Ministry said, adding that both the planners and the perpetrators of the attack would be held accountable.

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The Syrian Foreign Ministry emphasized that Damascus would not be deterred in its quest to “eradicate the scourge of terrorism and its sponsors.”

Syria has been embroiled in a civil war with armed insurgents backed by international forces since 2011. Assad’s regime has regained control of most of the country, thanks largely to the help of Russian and Iranian military assistance. Thursday’s attack, deep into government-held territory, marked one of the deadliest strikes yet against a Syrian military installation.

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Government forces reportedly carried out heavy bombing on opposition-controlled areas of Idlib province following the drone attack. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres expressed “deep concern” about the drone strike and the retaliatory shelling, according to his spokesman, Stephane Dujarric. He called for a nationwide cease-fire.

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