SYRIA BEDEVILED! 3 Killed in the Israeli Airstrikes on Damascus. Jihadists hit Aleppo. Turkish Cut off Water in the Summer’s Heat

SYRIA BEDEVILED! 3 Killed in the Israeli Airstrikes on Damascus. Jihadists hit Aleppo. Turkish Cut off Water in the Summer’s Heat


by Gospa News Editorial Staff

UPDATE ON JULY, 19, 2023

Three dead and four wounded the toll of the attack near Damascus

Two non-Syrian militiamen affiliated with Iran were killed together with a soldier of the Syrian Armed Forces, while four other soldiers were injured in rocket attacks launched yesterday night from the Golan Heights region and attributed to Israel, which hit the countryside around Damascus. This is learned from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (Sohr), a non-governmental organization based in London.

The attacks also resulted in the destruction of military and logistical equipment belonging to pro-Iranian militias in Syria, linked to the Lebanese Shiite movement Hezbollah. The affected positions, which also include Damascus government military sites, are located near the airport and the Al Saboura area.

In addition, tonight’s rocket attacks caused severe damage to surrounding buildings, including a private home believed to belong to a civilian, which was completely destroyed.


Israeli airstrikes target Syrian capital


Air defenses around Damascus were activated early on Wednesday local time, in order to repel a missile attack from Israel, the Syrian news agency SANA has reported.

An “Israeli missile attack” targeted several sites “in the vicinity” of Damascus, SANA said citing Syrian military sources. The attack began about 25 minutes after midnight, with missiles coming in from the direction of the occupied Golan Heights.

Syrian air defenses “intercepted the missiles and shot down most of them,” the SANA source said, but the ones that got through “resulted in the injury of two soldiers and some property damage.”

According to the Jerusalem Post, this is the first Israeli attack on Syria in two weeks. In early July, IDF jets bombed targets in the Homs province and struck an air defense battery near the Golan Heights.

The most recent strike on Damascus was just over a month ago, seriously injuring a Syrian soldier outside the capital.

READ MORE: Israel conducts strikes near Damascus – Syrian media

The Israel Defense Force does not comment on the attacks, in line with its longstanding policy of not discussing operations conducted outside of the country. Israeli warplanes have repeatedly bombed targets inside Syria over the past decade, and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu once acknowledged that there have been “hundreds” of strikes.

Bibi strikes the Earthquake Victims! Syria Accuses Israel of Deadly Missile on central Damascus

On the rare occasions the IDF comments on the attacks, they claim to be hitting Iranian and Hezbollah targets in pre-emptive self-defense operations against Tehran’s growing influence in Syria. Damascus has repeatedly protested the raids as a violation of Syrian sovereignty and international law, to little effect.

Originally published by Russia Today

Four killed in a terrorist attack with rocket shells in Aleppo countryside

Four people, including a mother and two children, were martyred in Urum al-Kubrah town in Aleppo western countryside in an attack launched by terrorist organizations with a rocket shell.

SANA reporter stated that the terrorist organizations positioned in Aleppo western countryside attacked on Tuesday (July, 4, 2023) with shells, the safe areas in Aleppo southwestern countryside, one of which fell in Tadil village in Urum al-Kubrah town.

Ukraine Cemetery for Kiev Army Soldiers and Western Mercenaries. US would be Recruiting Syrian Jihadists

According to the reporter, four people were martyred in the terrorist attack, including a mother with her two daughters, and their uncle, and the injury of the husband.

The terrorist attack also caused material damage to houses and property.

Terrorist groups affiliated with Jabhat al-Nusra terrorist organization spread in the villages of Aleppo western countryside and they attack residential neighborhoods in the city and neighboring areas with shells, which has led to the martyrdom and injury of a number of citizens, in addition to damages to the public and private property.

Originally published by SANA Syrian Arab News Agency

Turkish regime’s crime of cutting off water from Hasaka

Speaker of the People’s Assembly of Syria, Hammouda Sabbagh sent (last week) 60 letters to the heads of Arab, regional and international parliamentary organizations, the UN Secretary-General and its High Commissioner for Human Rights, and a number of heads of parliaments of friendly and brotherly countries.

Sabbagh expressed, in his letters, the People’s Assembly’s condemnation of the ongoing heinous crime committed by the occupying Turkish regime and its mercenaries of cutting off the water of Alouk station, for several months, which is considered the main and only source of securing drinking water for more than a million of people in Hasaka city and its vicinity.

The Assembly’s Speaker condemned the Turkish regime aggressive and provocative practices and behaviors, by using water as a weapon of war against safe Syrian civilians, as “crimes against humanity” which violate all ethical, social, cultural and human standards, as severely violate all international conventions, laws, norms and resolutions.

Neverending WAR CRIMES in Syria under NATO’s Shield! Israeli and US Airstrikes. Turkish Persecution on Rojava Population

He added that these practices are considered as a flagrant attack on the UN Charter, the essence and content of international humanitarian law and the charter of human rights

He called upon them to assume their full ethical, legal and humanitarian responsibilities and duties towards what is happening in Hasaka city and its surroundings and the suffering of the safe people, especially in light of the unprecedented rise of temperatures in Hasaka province, in addition to the spread of many diseases and epidemics due to the severe shortage of water, especially drinking water.

Nordic Monitor: “ISIS Opened Office in Turkey to target EU and Russia”. HTS Terrorist with Bank Account despite Arrest Warrant. Kamikaze Woman Freed

Sabbagh called on the heads of Arab, regional and international parliamentary organizations, the UN Secretary-General and its High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the heads of parliaments of friendly and brotherly countries to condemn the illegal and immoral behaviors of the Turkish regime and to exercise all forms of pressure on it and its mercenaries in the region to stop these arbitrary and inhuman measures and to re-operate Alouk station immediately with its highest capacity.

Originally published by SANA Syrian Arab News Agency



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