“An Herbal Drug may Help Prevent and Treat CoronaVirus”. Italian Pulmonologist on an old African Therapy Used in the Past vs TB

“An Herbal Drug may Help Prevent and Treat CoronaVirus”. Italian Pulmonologist on an old African Therapy Used in the Past vs TB

Interview with Ph. Vincenzo Soresi
emeritus head physician of the Milan Niguarda hospital
and former academic professor of two universities
about the miraculous geranium of South Africa

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Corona Virus has now infected more than 100,000 people worldwide and has killed over 5,000 in a dramatic report that for an investigative webmedia such as Gospa News it is almost impossible to update daily. Meanwhile, the National Health Organization has issued the official pandemic declaration.

The whole of Italy has been declared a “red zone” by the Government in all the restrictions on travel and public gatherings already in force in Lombardy and in 14 provinces. The total cases have now exceeded 17 thousand and the victims are already more than a thousand. Iran was the most affected country in the Middle East, and the third largest in the world after China and Italy.

While waiting for Big Pharma to produce the vaccine that would have already been discovered in the USA, Australia and Israel, doctors worldwide are groping in the dark, groping in search of the ideal cure that has not yet been found. As stated in an interview with Russia Today by Aleksandr Chuchalin, the best pulmonologist in Russia and a member of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

An attempt is being made to combat the virus with generic antivirals or studied for other diseases (including those used against HIV). Many COVID-19 positive but asymptomatic patients would recover spontaneously after quarantine without the need for intensive care.

Aleksandr Chuchalin, the most important Russian pulmonologist

«Half of the fatal coronavirus cases involved people, who remained on artificial respiration for a long time and their alveoli were eventually infected by fungi» Chuchalin told Russia Today. The pulmonologist also warned that there is still no effective treatment against coronavirus itself while a standard anti-microbial treatment could be inefficient in case of pneumonia caused by this virus.

«Immune stimulants would likely be needed as well. Yet, it is still unclear which ones exactly we need to use» concluded the expert scientist highlighting how the mortality rate 7 times higher than that of flu (3.5% against 0.5%) silencing all the unwary or incompetent health who for weeks compared it to a common seasonal evil.

Italian Heroes against ConoraVirus: Roberto medician martyr. Martina nurse in Hospital’s Trench

Its lethality, however, is somewhat variable between South Korea, around 0.6%, and Italy where it has exceeded 6% and therefore even well over the estimated 3.8% in China.

The most affected are the elderly and people already affected by other pathologies. Infections are very rare among children as viral infection tends to affect people aged 20 and over.But in the last few days, newborns have also been infected, including a newborn English girl who tested positive at Covid-19 who had contracted her mother.

Well, the enigma of the Russian medical invitation on which immuno-stimulator may be more appropriate is answered by an equally illustrious Italian pulmonologist colleague.

He is Professor Vincenzo Soresi, born in 1938, Primary emeritus of Pneumology at the Cà Granda hospital in Milan-Niguarda and academic professor of the University of Milan from 1980 until 1998. when he left public roles to devote himself to private activity and to the scientific literature, thanks to which it has obtained considerable success also for its talent to make popular and accessible technical issues.

The pulmonologist Vincenzo Soresi, pimary emeritus of the Niguarda hospital in Milan

Gospa News interviewed him exclusively, knowing his expertise on a specific immune-stimulating phytomedicine for the respiratory tract, which had become the target of COVID-19, precisely for this reason also called Acute Respiratory Severe Syndrome (SARS-Cov-2).

Professor Soresi, you have gained a great knowledge of South African geranium (pelargonium sidoides), whose active ingredient EPs® 7630 is used for the production of an immune-stimulating vegetal drug for the treatment of diseases of the upper respiratory tract. What was your experience on this?

«As a clinician, I have known and prescribed this product for many years both in prevention and in the treatment of acute bronchitic forms from viral infections. It is a regularly registered phytomedicine and therefore it has great safety due to its tolerability and activity».

Could it also be useful to prevent or deal with CoronaVirus?

«This herbal drug acts on the cell of innate immunity known as a macrophage, it defends us from viruses and bacteria, in theory it could also be active against the Corona Virus».

Roots of Pelargonium Sidoides, the South African geranium also called stork flower for its shape

How does the active ingredient of this drug work, of which the European Medicines Agency has certified the patent for the cure of Common Cold but in Australia it is also authorized as a therapeutic cure for bronchitis and acute sinusitis?

«The extract of Pelargonium Sidoides is an excellent stimulator of the macrophage cell and therefore can also be useful both in prevention and during COVID-19 infection too».

Professor Soresi, in addition to being a primary emeritus of Niguarda, was also a professor of pneumology at LUDES University but has become universally popular as a medical writer.

In 2006 he published the book “The Anarchist Brain” (Utet), a best seller that reached its 14th reprint, in 2012 “Healing with integrated medicine” (Sperling-Kupfer) and in 2015 “Mitocondrio mon amour” (Utet).

Professor Vincenzo Soresi with his latest book

Pelargonium sidoides was also used in the 1950s for the treatment of TBC. What were the results and why was it abandoned?

«The Pelargonium Sidoides du used in the past against tuberculosis precisely because it is the macrophage cell that defends us from the Bacillus of Koch. Every day about 200 million macrophages are activated and die for us defending ourselves from viruses and bacteria. It is no longer used against tuberculosis as it is overcome by specific drugs».

In your opinion, what would be the ideal dosage of Kaloba (or drugs with the same active ingredient as the UMCKA in US) for prevention and therapeutic integration in the case of an already infected person?

«The ideal dosage of Kaloba is generally 1 capsule 3 times a day but in case of acute sinusitis it has also been used in double doses for a period of one or two weeks».

Is it correct to say that this herbal drug has no significant contraindications and can also be administered in addition to other synthetic drugs?

«This phytomedicine has no significant contraindications. Abdominal intolerances can only occur in rare cases. It should not be used in patients receiving anticoagulant therapy».


Although at the moment there is no scientific certainty of the efficacy against CoronaVirus of this herbal drug, which having almost non-existent contraindications costs nothing to take for prevention, in China the therapies of traditional medicine have shown good results as reported by Libero Quotidiano a few weeks ago.

A Beijing health official, Li Yu, has in fact reported that a decoction called Qingfei Paidutang (mostly composed of herbs and flowers but also from pork dough) has been used in the treatment of 701 confirmed cases of contagion by Covid-19 in 10 different provinces of the country and led to the treatment and discharge of 130 patients.

The official revealed that the symptoms disappeared in 51 cases and improved in 268, while another 212 remained in stable condition. The decoction was recommended to medical institutions nationwide on February 6 after analyzing data on 214 cases.

Li Yu also shared case analysis and statistics with detailed clinical data, as 94.6% of 112 patients restored normal body temperature, and 80.6% of 214 patients stopped coughing after using the decoction for six days.

CoronaVirus BioWeapon – 3. GSK Golden Vaccine’s Ring with Bill Gates, Pentagon and Zionist’s BlackRock

If these were the results of a traditional medicine product devoid of any scrupulous value and scientific verification, it is legitimate to imagine that the active ingredient EPs® 7630, carefully tested and produced according to the binding requirements necessary for the production of a registered herbal medicine, can give even greater therapeutic benefits. .

Now we just have to hope that some hospitals start testing it on patients infected with COVID-19 to confirm its likely scientific evidence. Provided that the Big Pharma of sinthtetic drugs vaccines do not obstruct …

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