Bombshell by Slovak PM Fico! Official Investigation on Covid Emergency, Cardiac Deaths after mRNA Vaccines & Big Pharma Affairs

Bombshell by Slovak PM Fico! Official Investigation on Covid Emergency, Cardiac Deaths after mRNA Vaccines & Big Pharma Affairs


by Gospa News International editorial staff


A voice stands out from the crowd among European governments who are all subservient to the logic of managing the SARS-Cov-2 pandemic emergency with the “paracetamol and watchful waiting” protocol which has proven lethal as attested by many virologists.

And he also launches precise accusations on the deals made by Big Pharma with experimental, and therefore implicitly dangerous, vaccines in the “Covid-19 circus” but above all on the boom in cardiovascular diseases.

Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico

It is for these reasons that the government of Slovakia has decided to open an investigation, also pointing the finger at the president of the European Commission for the billions spent in secret agreements for the purchase of Pfizer vaccines on which the European Public Prosecutor’s Office has opened an investigation which now it seems covered up. Here is a summary of Prime Minister Robert Fico’s speech.

It is currently the first European country to launch a formal investigation into the management of the Covid emergency and dangerous vaccines. In Italy the “farce commission” has still been tangled up in parliamentary discussions for another year despite being among the priorities of the Meloni government.

Bombshell! Texas Attorney General sues Pfizer on Covid Vaccine Efficacy and Conspiring

Only in Australia and in two US states (Texas and Florida) and in some county sections of the Republican Party have investigations into the dangers, toxicity and carcinogenicity of mRNA gene sera have already been started

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The Sensational Speech of the Prime Minister of Slovakia

We will explain to the Slovak public what happened during Covid.” In his powerful speech in parliament, Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico announced the establishment of his own secretariat to investigate corona processing issues. It aims, among other things, to clarify how and why the “Covid circus” was able to spread, how bad the vaccine damage really is and who benefited from the deal between Pfizer and the EU. Report24 (original source link below) has translated the entire speech for you. A report by Edith Brotzner.


Deaths from various cardiovascular causes increased after the vaccination…

“Ladies and gentlemen of progressive Slovakia and the opposition, have you seen the statistics on how deaths from various cardiovascular causes have increased here due to vaccination? Do you reject him? Of course you deny this, you claim the vaccination was the best in the world. Do you know how many expired vaccines we have left and how much money was wasted as a result? What do you know about medical devices and test procurement?

Myocarditis: Massacre after mRNA Vaccines! Other 28 Deaths Confirmed by Autopsies (Study), 18,000 Adverse Reactions, 10,000 Mysterious Heart Attacks

Did you know that we have proven a very clear connection between the Trnava company and an opposition party leader? Purchase worth hundreds of crores, completely unnecessary. What do you know about management? What do you know that when it came to the adoption of various measures, in our opinion, the incidence of the disease increased much more than in other countries?

Breaking! US CDC Retires PCR Test due to It may not be able to Distinguish Covid from Influenza Viruses. Distorted Pandemic History!

And you all laughed at other states, other countries. He mocked Russia, which relied on the principle of individual patient visits to pharmacies. And they handled it much better than Slovakia.

We have had 21,000 deaths, which we attribute to the incompetence of our governments since 2020 To rule and focus only on economic benefits and of course to bow before the pharmaceutical companies from whom they have purchased huge quantities of unnecessary medical supplies and vaccines.

European Prosecutors (EPPO) investigating EU Vaccine Deal after Chat between Von der Leyen and Pfizer’s CEO. And Gates’ NGO Lobbying

I don’t even want to talk about the European level. You know, I was very open and told the President of the European Commission that it was clear that he was suspected of being linked to the largest purchase of vaccines in the history of the European Commission, that he had secret text messages from the director of Pfizer. were exchanged and Mocking the report that was completely redacted for Members of the European ParliamentWhen it was released.

Why were people given various experimental vaccines?

We will never understand the truth about what role pharmaceutical companies played and who actually organized the entire COVID-19 circus. With this in mind, ladies and gentlemen, the Government of the Slovak Republic has decided to include a promise to resolve this issue in official announcements. The Slovak people simply need an answer. He needs answers about vaccination. What was it really?

WUHAN-GATES – 72. THE SUMMARY: WHO Intrigues on the SARS-Cov-2 Bioweapon & Vaccine Plots – McCullough reveals

Why were various experimental vaccines given to people without any testing? Why were people given all kinds of medicines? Why were there large-scale trials? Who bought these? Why were these purchased? How much quantity was purchased? How much money was spent on that? We end up with billions. By the billions!

You can twist and turn it as you wish because you know nothing except disrespecting other people’s opinions. You know, democracy sometimes also means respecting other opinions. This is the third week we’ve been talking about criminal law: no one insults you, we listen to you and you talk.

SPIKE-DEMIC among Vaccinated: 83 % hit by PCVS Syndrome. Indian Study confirmed Gates, Big Pharma’s Health Disaster

We disagree and have decided that we should create a government commissioner to deal with these issues. Today we not only appointed the Government Commissioner but also gave him the authority to collect information in various institutions. Especially we will take information from the Chief Health Inspector. We will check with the National Health Information Centre.

BOMBSHELL! Florida State Surgeon General Calls for Halt of COVID MRNA Vaccines due to Dangerous, Oncogenes DNA Fragments

“Previous governments had 21,000 dead people on their conscience”

Based on what we have available, we want to know what really happened. I think that Dr. Kotlar, Deputy of the National Council, is equipped with sufficient information. I see that he is prepared, even when it comes to keeping the team together. I asked him to discuss everything in the cabinet before making any public statement. And I am absolutely, I repeat, absolutely confident that his work will yield results, Which we will publish and tell the Slovak public what really happened during this COVID period.

WUHAN-GATES – 62. MANMADE SARS-Cov-2 FOR GOLDEN VACCINES: Metabiota, CIA, Biden, Gates, Rockefeller intrigued in Ukraine, China and Italy

Today we know one thing: Previous governments absolutely failed to manage Covid and left 21,000 people to their own devices. And, as we all know, they made a lot of money from unnecessary purchases of various medical supplies and vaccines. Thank you.”





Moderna AWARE that mRNA Jabs cause CANCER due to DNA Fragments. Malone Unveils Patent

Former Italian Health Minister under Investigation for Murder, Falsehood and Dangerous Drugs due to Covid Vaccination

BOMBSHELL: Pfizer’s Manager: “Our Employees received Special Batch of Vaccine”. Different from What was Distributed to Public (VIDEO)


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