mRNA VACCINES, CANCER RISKS! WLO: “Crimes against Humanity”

mRNA VACCINES, CANCER RISKS! WLO: “Crimes against Humanity”

The famous virologist Montagnier
confirms the risk of tumors
with Pfizer and Moderna gene therapies
reported by the medical examiner Bacco
Prompt complaint to the International Criminal Court
by the judge Angelo Giorgianni (ODV)
for experiments without specific consent

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


“Personally, I consider these vaccines a real attack on the health of citizens. They were studied on a virus Sars-Cov2 of April / May 2020 , a virus that in practice no longer exists, given the enormous number of mutations. It is also the first time in human history that mRNA technology has been used in such a mutable virus “.

These are the lapidary words of Dr. Pasquale Bacco, who became one of the leaders of the protesters of experimental vaccines and of the risks of genetic implications also thanks to his caustic joke on anti-Covid serums which he defined “are sewer water” during the Piazza Pulita broadcast of LA7 (link at the bottom of the article). The coroner has assumed national visibility for the media battles conducted with the L’Eretico Association founded by him together with the magistrate Angelo Giorgianni, who is its president, and with whom he gave birth to the international project World Organization for Life ( OMV).

This new association, which has just created the WLO News platform which is currently being perfected, makes use of a large scientific committee including the famous Italian virologist Giulio Tarro and the well-known psychiatrist Alessandro Meluzzi (former parliamentarian like Giorgianni), who has become popular in the world of counter-information both as a repentant Freemason and for his religious commitment to defend Christian values ​​as Bishop of the Orthodox Church.

Magistrate Angelo Giorgianni

WLO has already prepared an appeal on vaccines for “crimes against humanity” which will be filed in the next days at the Hague Tribunal as Giorgianni, president of the World Life Organization, exclusively anticipates.

Bacco, coroner of various public prosecutors and scientific researcher for 25 years on the HIV / AIDS virus also at the University of New York and Chicago, pronounced this “sentence without appeal” against vaccines, similar to that of other Italian medical experts, in a brief intervention that we asked him to shed some light on the characteristics of the different anti-Covid-19 serums, all authorized only on an experimental basis for pandemic emergency reasons by the various world agencies and the World Health Organization, now clearly subservient to the logic of its main financier Bill Gates who cultivates macroscopic speculative interests in Big Pharma.

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But today, to confirm Bacco’s chilling vision of the immunization nightmare, comes the monumental opinion of one of the greatest virologists of contemporary history, Professor Luc Montagnier, awarded the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2008 in reference to his discovery of the virus. HIV (human immunodeficiency, cause of AIDS).

This detail is important to underline because, as Gospa News readers know, Montagnier was the first authoritative researcher (with a background as a professor at the Pasteur Center in Paris and as head of department at Shanghai Jiao Tong University) to confirm the Indian research, published and then withdrawn, which identified the presence of HIV sequences in the pandemic pathogen SARS-Cov-2.

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This happened before the bio-engineer Pierre Bricage (former NATO consultant and expert in bacteriological research “dual use” or bio-weapon and vaccine) detailed the molecular phylogeny with a lot of reference to the dangerous tests on recombinants created in the laboratory starting from SARS viruses (2003) and MERS (2012) infected with HIV. As happened in the Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2004 thanks to a grant from the European Commission chaired by Romano Prodi and, after 2009, thanks to the contributions of the US government agency USAID of the Obama-Biden administration and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. The same foundation of the IT tycoon which, through an agreement with the Big Pharma cartel and the NGO GAVI, controls the COVAX global immunization plan against Covid-19 initiated by the WHO and administered by a former manager GSK (the multinational vaccines which controls Pfizer’s commercial arm) in a shameful conflict of interest.

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This long but necessary premise makes the alarms of Montagnier and Bacco even more stentorian. They have become very disturbing after the huge number of serious adverse reactions among vaccinated people reported in the countries of the European Union and thousands of fatal cases in the world on which in the USA the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) is investigating with meticulous attention. equal to the health authorities of Northern European countries (which have stopped the administration of AstraZeneca serum despite the green light of the EMA – European Medicines Agency). While in Italy the lightning-fast responses of almost all health facilities are united by the mantra “no correlation” despite the death of soldiers, policemen and carabinieri in perfect health …

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“For the first time in human history that it is used in such a mutable virus, mRNA technology. MRNA can integrate into human DNA by creating a modification of human genetic material – says Pasquale Bacco – It has demonstrated the ability to activate oncogenic genes and genes linked to most autoimmune diseases. It can itself mutate, giving rise to viral variants of which it is impossible to predict the consequences. In addition, to stabilize the mRNA, it is added with heavy metals which are, over time “.

“I will try to mitigate the enthusiasm for this vaccine project. It is a long-term project and we are asking people to accept its immediate use. But acceptance is a mistake because we risk having absolutely unpredictable effects. For example, tumors, organisms that begin to proliferate. This is the danger when playing the sorcerer’s apprentice” is the opinion of Luc Montagnier in relation to the Moderna vaccine – which totally confirms that of Bacco – extrapolated from the video from an interview granted to France Soir and reported with Italian translation by Radio Radio on his YouTube channel with over 450 thousand views (link at the bottom of the article).

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“For years we have not accepted to manipulate the DNA of vegetables because there are those who fear that eating a GMO is a danger, and now all of a sudden it is okay for us to become genetically modified organisms ourselves?”. Maria Rita Gismondo, director of the Laboratory of Clinical Microbiology, Virology and Bioemergency Diagnostics at the Sacco hospital in Milan, issued a warning on the risks that could derive from a ‘hasty’ experimentation process on an anti Covid-19 vaccine such as that of Modern American. “This is to all intents and purposes a gene therapy”, she explained in July the expert at Adnkronos Health. “I am not against the product itself – she specifies – but I say no to a race forward on a vaccine like this, based on a completely new mechanism of action”.

“Regardless of the usefulness and harmfulness of the vaccine, one thing that seems to me to be visible to everyone and that no one can deny, is that it is an experimental vaccine. Being an experimental vaccine they should have told us and they should have requested a specific consent to the experiment. Experimentation without the recipient’s consent is a crime against humanity “thunders from the height of his legal knowledge the magistrate Angelo Giorgianni, president of the World Life Organization.

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“Our complaint to the Hague Tribunal is also being presented for this crime against humanity” anticipates Giorgianni who with the OMV association has already supported the legal initiative of some Israeli lawyers before the International Criminal Court (ICC) of the Dutch capital against the asphyxiating strategies for the imposition of Pfizer vaccines adopted by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu even though his government, now without legitimacy in front of the Knesset, the single-chamber parliament in Jerusalem, was about to expire.


In a recent video, Dr. Gismondo (link at the bottom of the article) reiterated her reservations about Pfizer and Moderna messenger RNA vaccines: “The gene technique implies a hypothesis of long-term effects. There are FDA publications one from 2010 and one from this November that say an interesting thing that we need to take into account. As for gene therapy, even the FDA says that these checks should last up to 20 years “.

“Science must not stop and certainly these very interesting vaccines for their mechanism of action must be proposed, investigated and studied absolutely”. Gismondo remarked that he is not absolutely NO-VAX but that he prefers traditional protein serums: such as Johnson & Johnson and Sputnik, and, partially, AstraZeneca, as Bacco clearly explains in his scientific analysis of the 5 main antidotes against Covid-19 so far used internationally.

Doctor Pasquale Bacco interviewed by Byoblu

Pfizer-Biontech and Modern Gene Therapies

“These vaccines introduce mRNA, that is viral genetic material, into cells. Once the mRNA reaches the human cell, it is carried to the ribosomes where it is “read” and a protein is “synthesized” which should be the copy of the “spike” protein that is present on the viral surface. In this way the human immune system would “get acquainted” with this protein, developing the “immune memory”; in practice, at a possible second encounter with the spike protein, the immune response would be rapid and violent, as it is directed against an antigen already known “explains Dr. Bacchus, evoking the conclusions of a Chinese scientific research on anti-Covid-19 vaccines published last October in Nature but kept well hidden by the international scientific community due to the serious alarm launched on the risks of pulmonary immunopathologies triggered by violent immune reactions with storms of T2 chitokines.

Exclusive – “With Covid Vaccines Risks of Pulmonary’s Serious Injuries”. Shocking Research on Nature Journal, ignored by Scientific Community, Big Pharma and Media

“The mRNA in these vaccines is carried by a nanoparticle consisting mostly of lipids (fats), being the mRNA alone very unstable. The nanoparticle allows the mRNA to arrive intact in the cell cytoplasm. The mRNA should be degraded after a few days. Real risks: in the presence of an enzyme the “reverse transcriptase” mRNA can be copied into DNA; therefore such DNA could enter human cellular DNA or undergo mutations and encode altered proteins. The “reverse transcriptase” enzyme is characteristic, among other things, of the HIV (AIDS) and HCV (hepatitis C) viruses; therefore in the event of coexistence of infections, the phenomenon described above is practically almost certain, “adds the Neapolitan expert, now medical examiner at the Bari prosecutor’s office and other judicial offices.

Astrazeneca: serum with Viral DNA and Chimpanzee vector

“AstraZeneca, unlike Pfizer BionTech and Moderna, does not introduce mRNA into the human cell, but a viral DNA; moreover, instead of using lipid nanoparticles to bring the mRNA into the cytoplasm of the human cell, it uses a viral vector. The viral vector, which is the same in the two administrations, is an inactive form, that is, not capable of causing disease, of the chimpanzee adenovirus (Chimpanzee Adenovirus Oxford 1 – ChAdOx1). This arrived in the human cell releases the double strand of DNA in the cell nucleus where human DNA is also present. Viral DNA is copied, becomes human mRNA and from ribosomes is translated into the spike protein. Hence the mechanism of action is the same as Pfizer BionTech and Moderna. Since it is already DNA, it is clear that the possible integration into the human genome is easier than it can happen» highlights Bacco himself.

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Sputnik and Johnson: Traditional vaccines with human vectors

«Sputnik like AstraZeneca introduces double-stranded DNA into the human cell nucleus, using two adenoviruses as viral vector, but human and not chimpanzees, a different one for each administration. The two human adenoviruses are Ad26 and Ad5, respectively. This greatly reduces the possibility of having an allergic reaction to the second administration, unlike the AstraZeneca vaccine; furthermore, being human viruses, the organism is more ready to receive this antigen. For the rest, the mechanism of action is comparable to AstraZeneca “underlines the Neapolitan expert. “The Johnson & Johnson vaccine” is entirely comparable to Sputnik. The difference lies in the fact that it uses a single dose and as a vector it uses only the human adenovirus Ad26 “.

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In the next reportages we will see why the French virologist Montagnier attacked Bill Gates and how the patent of the modern pharmaceutical multinational was born, financed by the founder of Microsoft, thanks to decades of experimentation by Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the American NIAID (National Institute of allergy and infectious diseases), started on chimeric superviruses created in the laboratory as “recombinants” based on Coronavirus 4 years before the discovery of SARS 2003, the pathogen of Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome which is pro-parent of SARS-Cov-2 . Subscribe to the Gospa News newsletter to always be informed promptly about the discoveries of our investigative WuhanGates reports to fully understand all the implications of a pandemic that has been planned for decades, according to lawyer Robert F. Kennedy jr.

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Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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