US Drone Fallen: Suspicious Video from Pentagon. As the Ones for Al Baghdadi Killing and Fake Mariupol Massacre

US Drone Fallen: Suspicious Video from Pentagon. As the Ones for Al Baghdadi Killing and Fake Mariupol Massacre


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


Russia Today is such a balanced information network that it has re-launched the video released by the US Department of Defense on the alleged incident that occurred on the Black Sea on Tuesday 14 March due to the close encounter between a US Air Force MQ-9 Reaper drone and SU-27 aircraft of the Aerospace Forces of Russia with minimal commentary, on the camera which jams twice, although the footage highlights many indications of a suspected misdirection attempt to give credence to the Pentagon version.

Despite this journalistic correctness RT France was closed weeks ago due to the seizure of financial accounts by the Paris government and just yesterday RT Arabia was banned from Facebook.

According to the theory of the US Department of Defense, the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) used for surveillance and espionage missions would have first been obscured with the launch of fuel from a Moscow fighter and then damaged to a propeller by a second interceptor.

According to the version of the Russian Ministry of Defense, the drone, which traveled without a transponder, was intercepted for security reasons but there was no collision and it fell by itself due to a risky manoeuvre. Neither Moscow nor Washington report the launch of a missile to bring it down.

Too many mysteries and manipulations in the footage

The 50-second video shows an aircraft releasing a “chemical trail” under a drone-like aircraft and then vanishing. Nothing more. This legitimizes some observations and questions.

First of all, the footage lacks a certain geolocation, it could also have been recorded on the Atlantic Ocean, not far from the Joint Base Langley-Eustis, in Virginia, where the most important US aviation command, the Air Force’s Air Combat Command, is based. but also the counterespionage of the Central Intelligence Agency which would certainly have no difficulty in producing misleading videos.

Furthermore, neither aircraft is clearly identifiable. But the alleged drone reveals an important detail. The load door is open as if to show that it is not armed.

Recall that Pentagon spokesman Pat Ryder declined to disclose whether the US drone that crashed on the Black Sea was armed.

WUHAN-GATES – 50. The Italian Boss of Obama’s Coronavirus. Ukraine Laboratories Funded by former CIA Director Leon Panetta

MQ-9 Reaper is in fact the evolution of the MQ-1 Predator, the type of UAV equipped with Hellfire missiles that were used by the CIA for the killer attacks in Afghanistan and Libya, as candidly admitted by the former director of the Central Intelligence Agency Leon Panetta, when as Secretary of the Department of Defense in 2011 he visited the Navy Air Station of Sigonella, the military base of the US Air Force in Sicily but also the most important CIA operational station in the Mediterranean Sea.

Panetta was also the promoter of the 12 bacteriological laboratories opened in Ukraine in 2012 thanks to funding from the Pentagon.

Another detail does not escape a careful eye. Under the wings of the alleged Russian Sukhoi Su-27 interceptors, the Red Star legacy of the former USSR is not visible. This type of fighter-bomber aircraft produced since 1977 was bought by various nations of Asia and Africa.

A Russian Sukhoi SU-27 fighter with the classic red star of Soviet heritage

According to Wikipedia documented sources there were 36 Su-27s in Ukraine care before the War of Donbass, 17 remained in service as of 2018. But the US Air Force is believed to own one Su-27 Flanker B and one Su-27UB. It also appears that three other Su-27s have been registered to civilian owners. They were purchased for informational and training purposes.

Let’s now analyze the sequence of the video. The first plane approaches and releases a substance while the drone camera records the airscrew which continues to rotate with the radial blades marked by a yellow line.

The damaged airscrew of the drone shown in the suspicious video released by the Pentagon

Then the recovery skips and the scenery suddenly changes, altered by reflections of light on the sea that seem to have been specially elaborated in post-production to show that a second plane is arriving, and the second fighter repeats the identical maneuver in every detail, as if was the same video sequence manipulated and re-proposed…

At that point the camera mounted on the drone jams. But then he resumes recording so as to show a damaged airscrew blade (no more yellow line).

The many questions about Video and Presumed Collision

If the video camera of the drone remained in operation why did the Pentagon not release the complete footage also showing the alleged MQ-9 crashing?

If the UAV was really disturbed with fuel leakage, as claimed by the USA, why was the video camera not smeared or obscured in the slightest despite two similar actions?

How is it possible that the pilot of a SU-27 that travels on average at 1,100 km/hour above sea level but can reach a maximum speed of 2,500 km/hour had the audacity and the micro-surgical ability to hit a single radial blade of a drone that travels an average of 200 km/hour without damaging its own plane, thus risking its life?

Or did one of the best aviators in the Moscow storm accidentally hit the UAV?

US Spy Drone Fallen in Black Sea: Russia denied Clash and Considers it a “Provocation”. Pentagon calls Moscow

If the fighter wanted to carry out an offensive military action, it could have shot down the drone from a distance, without even being detected by the video camera.

Instead, in all likelihood, if we believe the Moscow version, the Russian Air Force deliberately monitored the MQ-9 in order to prove the US Air Force surveillance operation over the Black Sea and, therefore, not just a provocation, as declared by the ambassador of the Kremlin in Washington, but also a direct involvement of NATO in the war in Ukraine, as evidenced by the secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev who confirmed the attempt to recover parts of the Reaper, also, according to unofficial sources, the Moscow Navy has already recovered some debris.

Suspicious images such as those of Bucha and the killing of the ISIS Caliph

For those who have been following geopolitics and military intelligence for some years, that 50-second video reminds the one on the fake Bucha or Mariupol massacre, probably carried out by the CIA’s counterintelligence that has been operating in Ukraine for years, but above all the one released by the Pentagon on the mysterious mission to kill the Caliph of ISIS Al Baghdadi, believed by the Iraqis to be an agent of the Central Intelligence Agency itself and of the Mossad, the infamous foreign secret service of Israel 007.

In the first case of filming in the city of the Kiev region some of the corpses placed along the road miraculously got back up like in a Zombie film. In the Mariupol one the protagonist of the dramatic scenes was a famous Ukrainian model… 

“Fake-News on Mariupol Hospital”! Freed from Patients but Occupied by Nazi Battalion. Russian Envoy had Warned the UN

The second showed the scene of the attack of a killer drone on a generic compound without the slightest trace of Al Baghdadi alive or dead after the killing. Exactly as happened to the leader of Al Qaeda Osama Bin Laden. Two terrorists whose bodies the USA did not show, legitimizing the doubt that it was a cover operation by the CIA to give them a new identity.

Al Baghdadi mistery (update). Pentagon’s farce: changes idea and releases an useless video. Disappeared a child body

Despite these suspicions and questions, the video on Black Sea incident now released by the Pentagon has been taken as certain proof by most of the Western media. Just because it’s from the Pentagon!

The photo of the fake bombed kindergarten in Donbass

This story reminds me of the asylum photo that circulated in all the newspapers in February 2022 to demonstrate a merciless bombing by the para-military of the pro-Russian republics of Donbass. I asked a military friend who was an artillery expert to comment on that image and he replied: “The hole was made with a pickaxe”.

But that photo instigated the reaction of Kiev which on February 20, 2022 hit Donbass with a barrage of at least 60 bombings. 2 civilians died.

Ukraine: Bomb(?) on Kindergarten, Nato False-Flag & Jihadists. Sheikh Mansur Battalion Shielded by Soros-Us’ Media

This marked the end of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s patience and the metamorphosis of the Ukrainian civil war into an international military operation.

It would be really bitter if World War III or first Atomic World War broke out tomorrow, as feared by the Patriarch of Moscow but also by the president of the Italian Episcopal Conference, for a suspicious video that smells fake.

But it seems useful to confirm only a conspiracy theory… The one on chemtrails!

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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