Moscow claims First Intercept of UK-made Long-Range Missile

Moscow claims First Intercept of UK-made Long-Range Missile


Russian forces have stopped a UK-supplied cruise missile along with several other weapons fired by Ukrainian forces, the Defense Ministry reported in its daily update on Monday. London confirmed delivering Storm Shadow weapons to Ukraine last week, with Kiev promptly using them to attack the city of Lugansk.

The Defense Ministry claimed having intercepted in the previous 24 hours seven anti-radiation HARM missiles, one Storm Shadow missile and seven rockets fired by HIMARS multiple launch weapon systems. It was the first time that Moscow reported downing one of the projectiles supplied by the UK since Kiev started firing them last week.

UK supplies long-range Missiles to Kiev. But Russia Increased 7-fold the Weapons production among which the “Unmatched” Hypersonic Rockets

The local authorities in Lugansk blamed the new addition to Ukraine’s arsenal for several recent airstrikes on the Russian city. On Monday morning, two of them caused damage to residential buildings, an office, and two cars in the city, a regional monitor reported.

Acting Governor Leonid Pasechnik said that a military aviation school had been hit but that the attack did not cause any casualties, citing preliminary reports from the scene.

Before London sent its cruise missiles, which can strike targets up to 300km (200 miles) away, Kiev did not have any Western weapons with a comparable range. The Ukrainian government had pleaded for months to acquire such arms, but the US and its allies were previously reluctant to extend Ukraine’s striking capability.

The Scar of Zelensky & NWO on Peace. He Refuses the Pope’s Mediation with Russia thanks to the Arms promised by the Italian President

London said the new weapons will bolster the Ukrainian forces for the long-promised counteroffensive against Russia.

The Storm Shadows were touted as a game changer by some media outlets, which reported the impending deliveries days before an official confirmation by the UK. The MBDA-produced missile was described as having some stealth capability thanks to its relatively small size and ability to hug terrain to avoid radar detection.

Originally published by Russia Today

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