Nightmare Christmas for Silvia, Leah, Huma: Teens in the Fierce Jihadists’ Claws

Nightmare Christmas for Silvia, Leah, Huma: Teens in the Fierce Jihadists’ Claws


Italian 21yo in the hands of Al Shabaab
while Kenyan justice let kidnapper escape
Nigerian 16yo detained by Boko Haram
because she doesn’t want to convert to Islam
Pakistani 14yo girl still abducted
after parent’s appeal to Pope

by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


Twenty one year old Silvia in Somalia, sixteen year old Leah in Nigeria, fourteen year old Huma in Pakistan.

All three experienced a horror Christmas in the hands of their Islamic extremist kidnappers who would make them their “wives” in order to justify their sexual slavery before the Koran. No feminist has remembered them even on the feast of peace and joy: not only for those who believe in the celebration of the birth of the savior Jesus Christ but also for those who simply celebrate according to the Nordic “pagan” tradition of Santa Claus.

Tears, physical and sexual violence, piscological humiliations, far from the affection of their family members who also ignore their fate. It is easy to imagine how the young woman and the two teenagers spent the happiest day of the year…

Christian 14yo Raped and Forced to Marry by a Muslim: Court allows because she had Menses. Turkey wants Law “Marry your rapist”

The recurrence of the Advent of the Messiah is the bearer of the universal message of Faith, Hope and Charity, but above all of love for one’s neighbor and freedom of the human person, thanks to which Islamic culture has been able to proliferate also in the West obtaining public facilities to open mosques: something unimaginable in many Muslim countries where Christians are continually persecuted as reported in the latest various Gospa News reports.

Persecuted Christians: Christmas Masses canceled in India and Iraq

A few days ago we wrote the terrible story of the Christian Huma Younas, the youngest of the three, kidnapped although little more than a girl by a Pakistani Sunni Muslim and forced to convert to Islam to have the legal right to marry her in a country where the brides girls are a dramatic reality just like the kidnappings of Christians.

Silvia Romano, Italian, 21 years old, Leah Sharibu, Nigerian, 16, Huma Younes, Pakistani 14

There are only a few minutes left until December 26, the day on which Christianity celebrates the first martyr Saint Stephen, one of the seven deacons chosen by the apostles to baptize the new acolytes.

It is an opportunity to also remember the other two girls who, for over a year, have not had certain information but only fragmented indications. Two young people with a clear and bright smile who are in all likelihood experiencing physical and mental torture perhaps even worse than an immediate martyrdom, at least for those who believe in eternal life.

Silvia Costanza Romano is the 20-year-old cooperator from Milan kidnapped on 20 November 2018 in the village of Chakama, Kenya, where she taught orphaned children to read and write with boundless love and infinite sweetness.

It is not known if or how much he was a believer but he lived with exemplary altruism of Christian imprint. According to Italian intelligence, it is now in the hands of fundamentalist terrorists Al Shabaab, the Somali rib of Al Qaeda.

While Leah Sharibu is the Nigerian kidnapped on 19 February 2018 in Dapchi, Nigeria, when she was only 16 years old, by the notorious Islamists of Boko Haram, close to ISIS. She was captured along with over 100 girls. But she is the only one who has not been released because she is Christian and did not want to give in to forced conversion, even if only “formal”, to Islam.



All three would be kept under arrest and used in all likelihood as wives-slaves as happened to Marwa Khedr, who became pregnant at 10 years old, and Nadia Murad Basee Taha, Nobel Peace Prize 2018, among the few young people known the story in the multitude of the 6500 Yazidis kidnapped in Iraq by the ferocious militiamen of the Islamic State, strong of the extremist interpretation of a Sura of the Koran.


Hatred towards the unfaithful enemy is inherent in the culture of radical Jihad supported by the text of the prophet as well as by Islamic fundamentalists. From this acrimony with the consequent right to retaliation, women are not saved because, according to Muhammad, Allah created them only for man’s happiness,

Disturbing the content of Sura IV of the Koran dedicated to An-Nisâ (The Women) which in verse 24 states: “You are forbidden among all women, those who are married, unless they are your slaves. This is what Allah prescribes you. Apart from that, you are allowed to search honestly and without abandoning yourself to libertinage”.

Here is the rule that implicitly establishes “female slavery” and by virtue of which extremist Muslims, the vast majority of Salafist or Wahabite Sunnis, feel legitimized to kidnap, rape and forcefully marry Christian, Yazid or simply non-Islamic “infidels” as it continues to happen in England where the National Crime Agency (the British FBI) ​​has had to alert a special unit for 1,500 rapes of underage girls by Islamic gangs.


The most terrible case of this wicked ferocity concerns the kidnapping, rape and slaughter of two Scandinavian tourists in Morocco last December, the 28 year old Norwegian Maren Ueland and the 24 year old Danish Lousia Jeperen, whose beheading was also filmed. Just to demonstrate the diabolical brutality we published the chilling video: one of the overwhelming evidence for the sentence of death sentence of the three arrested who claimed the gesture as an act of loyalty to ISIS.



At the moment, fortunately, the hopes of finding the Milanese Silvia Romano, now in the hands of the jihadists according to Italian intelligence and the Carabinieri del Ros of Rome who investigated the place together, remain alive, even if more slender every day to the Kenyan police. Twenty-three pirates and jihadists belonging to the terrorist organization Al-Shaabab, according to Adnkronos, have been reached by personal and property preventive measures in Somalia in relation to the kidnapping.


This confirms, one year later, what Gospa News reported from the very first reportages while many Italian and Kenyan authorities continued to deny the implication of terrorists to avoid alarmism and repercussions on tourism…

The 23 – pirates, local leaders of Al Qaeda and mediators – are suspected of having organized and managed the kidnapping of the Italian aid worker.

To authorize the requests for arrest and seizure of assets was the president of the High Court of the South West State, on which depends a specialized anti-piracy section that since last July investigates the case and to which he belongs, as an “honorary expert” “, also an Italian, Mario Scaramella, for almost ten years in Somalia where he teaches public law. It would have been Scaramella himself who proposed the prevention measures on suspects (one of whom would already be detained in Baidoa).



In recent days, as soon as this news heralded positive developments, a little reassuring had arrived from Kenya as reported by Africa Express: one of the three alleged kidnappers of Silvia Romano had not appeared at the trial at the hearing on November 14th.

Silvia Romano and the fugitiveIbrahim Adhan Omar

Ibrahim Adhan Omar was free to pay the € 26,000 bail that had been imposed by the judges. Africa Express investigations had shown that the bail had been paid by a tailor whose son had been arrested in March for being found in possession of a firearm in a terrorist lair.

At the hearing, which lasted only half an hour for the absence of one of the defendants, there were only Abdullah Gababa Wario, in handcuffs, and Moses Lwali Chembe, instead on the loose having also paid the security of 26 thousand euros. 5 other suspects are still wanted.

A great mystery hovers right around the payment of this astronomical figure in Kenya where an average salary is 6500 shillings, about 60 euros, and an MP receives 130 euros per month…

Murals by Cristian Meyer Donati dedicated to Silvia

The silence of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the matter has become deafening to the point of infuriating first the Corriere reporters themselves and then the director of Africa Express who was asked not to publish an interview with family members. Street artist Cristian Donati Meyer even painted a mural in Milan’s Porta Genova square to urge Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, President of Intelligence, to bring her home.

SCOMPARSI ALL’ESTERO 1394 ITALIANI. Insieme ai personaggi da prima pagina

The case of Silvia, unfortunately, was well followed by the Italian and Kenyan media but obtained little consensus on the social media that raged on the poor girl claiming that she had gone looking for that risk alone.

A totally insane statement as thousands of European tourists flock to the Malindi Riviera every year, only 80 kilometers away from the kidnapping area. Precisely for this reason Gospa News has decided to tell the latest updates together with the story of the other two helpless kidnapped girls.


«Leah Sharibu is alive, but barring miracles she will spend her second Christmas in the hands of Boko Haram. Terrorists do not release her because she did not convert to Islam and because they probably married her to their commander». Reverend Gideon Para-Mallam, a missionary, Protestant pastor, ambassador of the IFES (International Fellowship of Evangelical Students), guardian and spokesman of the family of Leah Sharibu, said this in Tempi, last December 20.

15-year-old Nigerian Christian Leah Sharibu kidnapped in February 2018 by Boko Haram

The 16-year-old Nigerian was kidnapped on February 19, 2018 in Dapchi, Nigeria, by Islamists along with over 100 girls. But she is the only one who has not been released because she is Christian. «She has been in captivity for 669 days now and we know that terrorists use her as a sexual slave. The federal government continues to do nothing to free it. ” This is unfortunately a tragic complication in the country where many politicians and policemen are Sunni Muslims and prefer not to antagonize the dangerous terrorists who perpetrated moleplic attacks and massacres.

Appeal to Pope for Huma Younas, 14yo Christian girl abducted by a Muslim and forcibly converted to Islam for marriage

Meanwhile, reports from the Pontifical Aid to the Church in Need (ACS) are continuing on the complex case of the 14-year-old Pakistani Huma Younas. In this case the kidnapper is not a mysterious terrorist even if in fact he behaved like a jihadist towards the “unfaithful” girl, as a very devoted Christian.

After kidnapping her on 10 October in Karaki, the kidnapper Abdul Jabbar forced her to convert to Islam to have the legal justification for being able to marry her, in order to “heal” the likely sexual violence against her.


ACS took charge of the costs of a judicial action conducted by a Christian lawyer on behalf of the family which, in response, was also threatened by the Islamic. Huma’s parents then tried to bring the case to world attention by launching a video appeal to Pope Francis.

A word is expected from the Vatican on these terrible events, perhaps even more terrible than the very long imprisonment to which the peasant Asia Bibi, mother of the family, was forced before being acquitted of an unfounded accusation of blasphemy.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

no reproduction without authorization






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Fabio G.C. Carisio

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