BATTLE FOR ITALIAN MONASTERY: Bannon’s sovereign Christian gladiators against LGBT globalist cattoKomunists

BATTLE FOR ITALIAN MONASTERY: Bannon’s sovereign Christian gladiators against LGBT globalist cattoKomunists


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio


On the one hand there are the Judeo-Christian sovereigns who refer to Stephen Bannon, on the other the Catholic-communist globalists led by a woman bank manager of the civic list of the governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti, italian PD secretary. She politically grown under the branches of SEL  the Left Ecology and Freedom movement founded by the homosexual Nichi Vendola (considered a vassal of the magnate George Soros), before retiring from political life to devote himself to the adopted child, thanks to the practice of the uterus for rent prohibited in Italy.

In the middle is the centuries-old Carthusian monastery of Trisulti, disputed between the self-called “gladiators” of Christian fundamentalism on one side and the progressives of the LGBT lobby and indiscriminate immigration on the other.

Only with a careful and in-depth political reading of the parties involved can the legal dispute that broke out between the managers of the medieval monastery, the Dignitatis Humanae Institute directed by Benjamin Harnwell, the Mibact (Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism) and Solidarity Communities, an association that pretends to be a spontaneous committee of the province of Frosinone and Lazio but which in reality, as we will see, is the expression of characters radically linked to the ultra- left.

«Immersed in one of the most evocative naturalistic panoramas of the Ernici Mountains stands the solitary and imposing Certosa di Trisulti, a majestic monastic complex dating back to AD 1204 and located at 863m high at the foot of Monte Rotonaria, in the municipality of Collepardo (FR), Orange Flag of the Italian Touring Club »reads on the DHI website promotes the monastery also in English and in the USA. Dignitatis Humane Institute looks like a foundation “defending the judaeo-christian foundations of Western Civilization through the recognition that Man is Made in the Image ans Likeness of God”.

The promotion of the Certosa di TRisulti on the Dignitatis Humanae Institute website

«We are in the natural paradise of herbalists, who know they can find more than 2,500 species of herbs on these mountains that grow spontaneously here and which were already used by the Carthusian monks who, since the Middle Ages, prepared spirits and precious medicines, including Sambuca. Confirming this tradition, the Charterhouse offers tourists the view of one of the most beautiful monastic Pharmacies in Europe, completely frescoed between the 18th and 19th centuries. In the eighteenth century the Carthusians embellished, with classicist decorations, the Church, the Cloister with the cells, the Refectory, the Cemetery of the Monks.

From 1947 the Carthusians were replaced by a new Order, that of the Cistercians of the Casamari Abbey who lived here until 2017. From Ash Wednesday 2018 the monastic complex is privately managed by the Dignitatis Humanae Institute. Although the clash is all in the murky waters of politics, the legal issue is now officially only administrative. In a very brief summary, in 2016 the then Minister of Mibact Dario Franceschini (Democratic Party) decided to launch a call for the management of some Italian monuments that risk being abandoned.

Among these is the Certosa di Trisulti, where only an elderly monk remains, which is taken over in 2018 by Harnwell’s DHI, Bannon’s trusted man who establishes a political training center for right-wing conservatives there. The blessing of the Catholic Church is given by the name of Cardinal Raymond Leo Burke on the DHI Advisors Board.

Stephen K. Bannon, the guru of political propaganda by American conservatives

With his well-known exuberance, the political propaganda guru who won Donald Trump’s elections in the US in 2016 calls the “gladiator school” activity a school for new gladiators of Judeo-Christian culture. This is obviously not prohibited in a democratic country like Italy. Here, then, that the dispute winds up on the bureaucratic aspects of management.

If he had meditated a little longer on his project, Bannon would certainly not have used the word “gladiators”, known to be the first exterminators of Christians during Nero’s empire in Rome, but he would have chosen “Militis Christiani” as a denomination, drawing on it fromthe “Enchiridion” by Erasmus of Rotterdam …

Trump kills, Putin and Assad praise Our Lady for Orthodox Christmas in Damascus

Dignitatis Humanae has undertaken to promote the Certosa di Trisulti as a cultural monument by paying an annual rental fee of 100 thousand euros, partly in money and partly in renovations. The visits are encouraged also thanks to the Cicerone Tourist Guide Center, just back from the promotion of the monastery to the Italian Tourism Exchange. But in the meantime, the Solidarity Community begins protest demonstrations for the forge of right-wing thought and forwards a complaint to the Ministry. The Mibact thus begins to carefully comb through the management contract and discovers the alleged anomalies.

DHI would not have had the necessary requirements to obtain the management contract, due to deficiencies in the Foundation’s financial guarantees (filed in a foreign country), due to the lack of experience in managing similar monuments in the previous 5 years as required by the announcement and due to non-compliance with the rents. So on May 31, 2019 Minister Franeschini, returned to lead the Mibact after the new Conte Bis government supported by the Democratic Party and 5 Stars, communicates the revocation of the concession against which

Dignitatis Humanae opposes the Lazio Regional Administrative Court which fixes the hearing for January 16, 2020. In the meantime, however, the ministry, urged by the Solidarity Community protests, communicates the executive eviction in mid-December.

A maneuver that is not unprepared for DHI lawyers who obtain the suspension of execution as the case is pending before the TAR, which postpones the case to 11 March 2020 for the discussion on the effectiveness of the revocation. Community Solidarity is constituted before the Regional Administrative Court through its lawyers, but the Municipality of Collepardo, at the moment, has not yet been established perhaps because, according to the media, fearful of the costs of legal costs in case of defeat.

Nichi Vendola, founder of SEL, with the baby he had with the prohibited practice of the rented uterus and his partner Eddy Testa

At the forefront is the politics of Daniela Bianchi, the link between the Catholic world of Frosinone and the progressive LGBT area of ​​the SEL party, Sinistra Ecologia e Libertà, founded and then dissolved by Nichi Vendola, former governor of Puglia, gone retired at only 52 years thanks to his long political and parliamentary militancy, and companion of Eddy Testa, freelance graphic designer and creative consultant, with whom he adopted a son thanks to the practice of the uterus rented abroad, being in Italy prohibited.

«The Certosa di Trisulti will return to the citizens and will never become a political school for sovereigns. Today we collect a fundamental result towards this goal. The doubts expressed by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the start of the suspension procedure of the concession of the Charterhouse to the organization Dignitatis Humanae which refers to Steve Bannon, confirm what we have been shouting for months: the Charterhouse is too precious and important an asset to become an instrument of political propaganda».

This was stated by Daniela Bianchi, spokesman for the Solidarity Communities, the network of local associations and committees as reported by IL Faro di Roma. Commendable words if they had been uttered by a Christian free from conditioning. Words that become suspicious if you go to read Bianchi’s catto-communist perfect globalist curriculum, which became politically famous thanks to the Democratic Party and Sel, known for their ties to the dem magnate George Soros.

VT Italia: 4 Commissioners and 73 Members of EU Parliament Owned by Soros

«She was among the first to be fascinated by the Pd dream by Matteo Renzi,” so much so that it was said of me that I was very Renzian in methods, because you have to do things». But then that dream was betrayed and eight months after his passage from “For Lazio”, the list of President Zingaretti, to the Democratic Party, complete with the subscription of the party card, the regional councilor Daniela Bianchi changes. And he enters Sel. What was I missing in the Democratic Party that I found here? The field of the proposal. The feeling of having a perspective and a vision».

She explained in the press conference that made his move official in the presence of the party’s organization manager and vice-president of the region, Massimiliano Smeriglio, of the regional coordinator of Sel, Giancarlo Torricelli”. These phrases come from the official SEL website when, on October 5, 2015, she was greeted with enthusiasm: «It is with joy and desire to do together that we welcome Councilor Daniela Bianchi, in our regional group» To declare this are Gino De Paolis and Marta Bonafoni, Group Leader and Councilor Sel to the Lazio Region, on the sidelines of the press conference held in Via Arenula 29 in Rome, headquarters of the National Sel.

Daniela Bianchi with Gino De Paolis and the other SEL representatives in 2015 in Rome

«We are perfecting a collaboration that in fact already exists, on the themes and perspectives: with Daniela we shared ideas and proposals in the Regional Council from the beginning, because our sensibilities and our idea of ​​the Region are close. We are happy that this happened, therefore, as a natural process, within a path that strongly supports the transformation work that President Zingaretti has started for two and a half years now. We get a little stronger today, thanks to the entry of Daniela Bianchi, with her history and her political career, but in general the Left of Lazio and the country, who looks at the challenge of the government by taking on the task of making proposals and innovative perspectives, both locally and nationally. There is a need for center-left and Lazio is proving it: Sel’s work goes all in this direction, making herself available to a bigger dream, a process that we want to be participatory, democratic and inclusive».

Before embracing the cause of the most important Italian party near the LGBT lobby, the champion of the Charterhouse had made a brilliant career throughout the Bank and the Church …

«Since 2006 I have been dealing with Institutional Relations in a large Banking Group (where I followed the Policies of Welfare and Female Entrepreneurship, also dealing with Digital Agenda and Culture). I started my professional activity in 1991 in Cariplo. Head of the Studies and Technical Secretariat Office – Rome office – of Cariplo Esatri. I am an accredited professional member of FERPI (Federation of Italian Public Relations Experts). National Councilor until 2011. In the Lazio regional delegation since 2011 with responsibility for Social Communication»

Daniela Bianchi writes in her online presentation. You have to go look elsewhere, however, to know that he worked from 2006 to 2013 in the Intesa Sanpaolo Group Institutional Relations Office, within the Participation and Business Department. From 2009 to 2014 she was President of the Alessandro Kambo Foundation, an institution linked to the Diocese of Frosinone-Veroli-Ferentino whose main activity concerns school education through teaching methods inspired by ethical and moral values.

You have to go look elsewhere, however, to know that he worked from 2006 to 2013 in the Intesa Sanpaolo Group Institutional Relations Office, within the Participation and Business Department. From 2009 to 2014 she was President of the Alessandro Kambo Foundation, an institution linked to the Diocese of Frosinone-Veroli-Ferentino whose main activity concerns school education through teaching methods inspired by ethical and moral values.

Obviously, this assignment ceased when Bianchi made the choice to approach SEL, who was among the first political parties to bear the foundations of the NO-Gender culture in schools. But in the Catholic sphere, Bianchi can truly boast an exceptional curriculum.

«I was responsible, in the year 2000, for the organization of the World Youth Day in Rome. In 2001, as Secretary General, I took care of organizing the visit of His Holiness John Paul II to the Diocese of Frosinone. From October 2007 and until December 2012, first as President and then as Councilor I was part of the Board of Directors of the Diaconia Cooperative, the managing body of the charitable services of the diocesan Caritas».

From there the leap forward in social and political thanks to the authoritative blessing of the President of the Republic Giorgio Napolitano, a former member of the Communist Party and then of the Democratic Party, who named her Knight of the Republic in June 2012. Today she is Regional Councilor of the Lazio in the civic group “Together for Lazio”, the civic list that supported the governor Nicola Zingaretti, national secretary of the Democratic Party, and has as its group leader Gino De Paolis, already at the helm of SEL in the first Zingaretti government.

The regional councilor Daniela Bianchi, former SEL of Vendola, with the governor of Lazio Nicola Zingaretti, PD secretary

«If the management of the Certosa alla Dignitatis Humanae is truly taken away, this will only be a starting point for our battle. Certainly not the end – Daniela Bianchi declared during a protest march – What we are asking is to transform the Charterhouse into a place of cultural and economic growth in the country, a place that could perhaps host a real training school on management, protection and enhancement cultural heritage or become a research center on medicinal medicines or a place for the reception of pilgrims».

Maybe even a reception place for migrants since the Ionian Sea, a ship of the Mediterranean NGO already seized twice for violating the provisions of the Coast Guard, was purchased thanks to a funding of 460 thousand euros from Banca Etica granted by virtue of the guarantees provided by Nichi Vendola and other left wing parliamentarians.

«Whatever the project, we are ready to do our part to unleash the extraordinary potential of the Charterhouse which in recent months has captured the attention of the whole world. From Japan to the United States, from Germany to France, the most important newspapers they are following the vicissitudes of the Charterhouse, and we cannot afford the luxury of failing» says Bianchi. The judicial war is now in full swing with the clash before the TAR on March 11, 2020. It will obviously only be the first stage of a possible subsequent appeal to the Council of State by one of the two contenders.

The Charterhouse for now continues its regular opening activity to the public with visits as confirmed by a spokeswoman for the Cicerone Tourist Guide Center. The political battle continues with the risk that instead of the right-wing gladiators of Bannon the left-wing activists of the rainbow will come to take LGBT lessons …

Between right-wing sovereignists, Christian fundamentalists and left-wing NWO globalists, everyone chooses whoever they want most!

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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