US Military outpost Tower 22 Attacked in Jordan-Syrian border: 3 Soldiers Killed, 34 injured. Iran Denied Responsibility

US Military outpost Tower 22 Attacked in Jordan-Syrian border: 3 Soldiers Killed, 34 injured. Iran Denied Responsibility


In the cover image US military patrol and Al-Tanf base in Syria

Three US Army soldiers were killed and over 30 service personnel were injured in an overnight drone attack on a small US outpost in Jordan, near its Syrian border, US Central Command (CENTCOM) said on Sunday. This is the first instance of American troops being killed by enemy fire in the region since the onset of the Gaza war.

The Islamic Resistance in Iraq – an umbrella group for Shia militias – claimed the responsibility for the attack. President Joe Biden has pledged to hold those accountable for the attack, attributing it to “radical Iran-backed militant groups operating in Syria and Iraq.”

Iran has denied any involvement in the attack on a US outpost. Foreign Ministry spokesman Nasser Kanaani said that armed groups in Iraq “do not take orders” from Tehran.

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A source familiar with the US position told Bloomberg that the strike in Jordan would “force a stronger response than what the US has done so far” since the Israel-Hamas war broke out in October.

As we have clearly stated before, the resistance groups in the region are responding the war crimes and genocide,” Kanaani said. “They do not take orders from the Islamic Republic of Iran. These groups decide and act based on their own principles and priorities as well as the interests of their country and people.”

According to Bloomberg, one possible option is carrying out a covert attack on Iran without claiming responsibility for it. Another option is the targeted assassination of Iranian officials, similar to how in 2020 a US drone strike in Iraq killed General Qassem Soleimani.

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A spokesperson for the Amman government, speaking on his country’s public television, claimed that the attack did not take place on Jordanian soil but in Syria, targeting the American base in Al-Tanf. But the Pentagon insists on his version.

The Wall Street Journal clarifies: Tower 22 was hit, a small US outpost in Jordan near the Al-Tanf base, which however is located across the border, in southwestern Syria, where American forces collaborate with partners locals against ISIS.

The American military base is located in the border of Syria, Jordan and Iraq and represent the most important strategic defense in the southern area. Tower 22 is located close enough to US troops at Tanf that it could potentially help support them,

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The number of injured US personnel has grown to at least 34, US Central Command (CENTCOM) revealed in a recent update. Eight soldiers were evacuated from Jordan and remain in stable condition. The military expects the overall number of wounded “to fluctuate as service members continue to seek follow-on care.”

Around 350 US Army and Air Force service members are stationed at the base that got hit earlier, CENTCOM said.

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More US politicians saw the death of soldiers in Jordan as a sign of President Joe Biden’s weakness. “Two months ago I warned that if Biden didn’t impose direct consequences on Iran these attacks would spread beyond Syria & Iraq & kill Americans,” Senator Marco Rubio wrote on X (formerly Twitter).

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