World’s Largest COVID-19 Vaccine Study Confirms Links to Serious Health Problems

World’s Largest COVID-19 Vaccine Study Confirms Links to Serious Health Problems


By Paul Anthony Taylor – originally published on dr. Rath Health Foundation

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The most extensive study yet carried out on COVID-19 vaccines has confirmed their links to serious health problems. Examining the vaccination records of over 99 million people, researchers uncovered significant increases in the occurrence of neurological, blood, and heart-related conditions. The findings seem likely to further fuel the ongoing arguments over the vaccines’ supposed safety.

High Toxicity Risks inside mRNA Vaccines: MODERNA Scientists confirmed Results of Segalla’s Italian Study

Conducted by the Global Vaccine Data Network and published in the journal Vaccine, the study looked at data on individuals vaccinated against COVID-19 across eight countries. Researchers identified higher-than-expected cases of thirteen medical conditions deemed “adverse events of special interest.”

Myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscle) showed a consistent increase in patients receiving mRNA vaccines, with the Moderna version of the injection demonstrating the highest incidence after second doses were given. Cases of Guillain-Barre syndrome, a debilitating neurological condition, saw a significant rise following administration of the viral-vector AstraZeneca vaccine.

ONE in THREE Covid Vaccinated with Neurological Complications. Alarming Study from Italian National Research Council

Increases in transverse myelitis (inflammation of the spinal cord) were also noted with viral-vector vaccines, while cases of acute disseminated encephalomyelitis (inflammation and swelling in the brain and spinal cord) were associated with both mRNA and viral-vector vaccines.

Other conditions for which increases were found include pericarditis (inflammation of the lining around the heart) and cerebral venous sinus thrombosis (a rare form of stroke).

A growing mountain of evidence

The study adds to a growing mountain of evidence regarding the risks of COVID-19 vaccines. In a previous analysis published in 2022, for example, researchers found that the Pfizer and Moderna mRNA injections are more likely to cause serious adverse events than they are to prevent hospitalization from COVID-19. As such, it is now clear that mRNA vaccines are associated with more serious harms than was originally claimed.

Myocarditis: Massacre after mRNA Vaccines! Other 28 Deaths Confirmed by Autopsies (Study), 18,000 Adverse Reactions, 10,000 Mysterious Heart Attacks

While still essentially ignored by the mainstream media, the full list of adverse effects reported in connection with mRNA vaccines is already long and includes very low platelet counts (thrombocytopenia); high rates of severe, potentially life-threatening allergic reactions (anaphylaxis); severe liver damage; and even death.

AstraZeneca Taken to British Court for as many as 80 Damages Claims on “Defective” Covid Jab

In November 2021, as their potentially devastating side effects became clear, Dr. Matthias Rath called for the immediate suspension of RNA- and DNA-based COVID-19 vaccines. His intervention followed the publication of game-changing research in the journal Viruses which found that the coronavirus spike protein is able to reach the cell core (nucleus) and significantly inhibit DNA damage repair.

The effective repair of DNA – the biological software of each cell – is essential for maintaining a strong immune defense and protecting against a multitude of diseases, including cancer.

Pfizer Overpays to Buy Pharmaceutical Company for Cancer Treatments after mRNA Turbo-Cancer Boom

While Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has at least made a step in the right direction and openly linked COVID-19 vaccines to cardiovascular deaths, the vast majority of the world’s other political leaders essentially remain in a state of denial. But with the scientific facts becoming increasingly clear, their public statements on this subject will inevitably come under increased scrutiny in future.

Stroke Risks with Combination of Covid mRNA Vaccine and Flu One. FDA Study Confirmed Gospa News Scoop. Big Pharma Lies, Child Dies

The bottom line here is that having previously coerced people into accepting COVID-19 vaccines – and, in some cases, even mandated their use – politicians are beginning to realize that the vaccine injured cannot be silenced.

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is acutely aware of this, having recently been confronted by a COVID-19 vaccine injury victim on live television. Following publication of the world’s largest study into COVID-19 vaccines, Sunak’s counterparts in other countries will doubtless now be desperate to avoid such situations themselves.

By Paul Anthony Taylor – originally published on dr. Rath Health Foundation

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Paul Anthony Taylor

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He first became interested in natural health after falling ill with a chronic fatigue syndrome-related disorder in 1991 and subsequently making a full recovery through the use of natural health therapies. After meeting Dr. Rath and Dr. Niedzwiecki at an anti-Codex rally in Berlin in 2002, Paul was inspired to make a life-changing decision to leave the music industry to work for the Foundation and help defend the right of patients worldwide to have free access to natural health approaches.

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