“Beirut Massacre for a Missile!”. Lebanon President and Italian Military Expert said. “Thermal rings the proof”

“Beirut Massacre for a Missile!”. Lebanon President and Italian Military Expert said. “Thermal rings the proof”


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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«After that kind of mushroom-shaped cloud that is very reminiscent of nuclear explosions, the so-called “thermal rings” are visible in the videos in the following moments, which develop into an explosion only when it is caused from top to bottom and not when it is a simple blast from the ground. This makes it very probable that the explosion in the port of Beirut was caused by a bomb or a missile».

This is said by a retired Carabinieri officer who for obvious reasons wants to remain anonymous. But he is an expert in explosives, has the NBCR (Nuclear Bacteriological Chemical Radiological) emergency patent and above all he has worked for a long time in missions in the Middle East.

The explosion that causes the atom-like fungus and then the thermal rings – video

Not only does it reveal this technical detail that supports the thesis of a missile with a small nuclear charge dropped on the port of the Lebanese city that has made more than 130 dead, 5 thousand injured and 300 thousand displaced. But he adds other details that corroborate the thesis of the military attack carried out with malice, precision and skill so refined as to make Mossad, the Israeli counterintelligence, the number one suspect.

Israeli Knesset ex Member: “Thanks God for Beirut blast! As a nuclear bomb”

On the Beirut disaster, Lebanese President Michel Aoun supports this possibility even with all the cautions that diplomacy requires. As reported by the Lebanese broadcaster MTV, the Lebanese head of state said that «the cause of the explosions has not yet been determined since there is a possibility that external interference has been produced through a missile, a bomb, or any other action».

Lebanese President Michel Aoun at the scene of the disaster (center with mask)

«A statement of extreme relevance, given that Aoun himself confirmed that during the meeting with Emmanuel Macron, he asked France to provide Lebanon with aerial images of the explosion. “If they do not have them, we will ask other countries to determine if it was an external attack”, concluded the Christian leader, once again making clear Beirut’s desire not to stop with an unnecessary investigation» writes a report ny InsideOver, the Italian and English geopolitics site of the newspaper Il Giornale.

So far all the media, especially in Europe, have accused Hezbollah for keeping the approximately 2,750 tons of ammonium nitrate seized a few years ago in a foreign freighter in a warehouse in the center of a city.

Lebanon-Iraq: Christian religious leaders bless US-CIA, Zionist and Sunni coups under CANVAS acts

But those who do it do not really know the economic situation of Lebanon, devastated by the US sanctions issued for no reason, only because Hezbollah is allied with the Pasdaran, the Guards of the Islamic Revolution of Iran, and undermined by continuous insurrections that appear to be piloted by CANVAS, the self-styled anti-biolence center which was actually used by the American counterintelligence of the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency) for the bloody coups in Lebanon (Revolution of the Cedar, 2005), in Georgia (Revolution of the Roses, 2003) and in Ukraine (Revolution orange, 2004 and then 2014) which the same organization boasts on its official website.

In such context it is not easy to transport and secure so much explosive material that, moreover, in a port it is easy to transport abroad for Hezbollah which, it should not be forgotten, despite being a paramilitary organization declared terrorist by the US, has given a fundamental contribution to the Syrian resident Bashar Al Assad in defeating ISIS as they are of Shiite Muslim confession like the government of Damascus and therefore are enemies of the Islamic extremist Sunni Salafist terrorists.

Human Organs’ Traffic in Syria ignored by UN: Sana and CBS videos on White Helmets, Al Qaeda & Turkey Crimes

SIRIA, TRAFFICO D’ORGANI IGNORATO DA ONU E NATO: Da White Helmets e Al Qaeda al mercato nero in Turchia denunciato dalla TV CBS

It is therefore evident that in the hypothesis of a missile attack some Lebanese have betrayed their homeland, enticed by the very generous engagements of the Israeli Mossad. There is in fact another detail in the dynamics of the explosion always highlighted by our military source.

«When an explosion occurs in a deposit of flammable material, there is a “trigger for sympathy”» he explains. It is a domino effect. Each explosive charge ignites another in just a few seconds so as to produce a single explosion.

Why in Beirut first a fire broke out and only after the explosive explosion with a thermal effect following the ignition and then a mechanical effect, the one that devastated buildings for kilometers?

The explanation can only be the one already supported by Gospa News on the basis of the intelligence revelations reported by Veterans Today: two missiles.

Beirut: ex CIA 007: “Alleged IsraelI Attack”. Christian Party secretary Killed. 100 more deaths. Italian marines injured.


The first may have been launched outside the warehouse to cause the bang, the fire and the first giant cloud of smoke. The second was thrown into the warehouse to create the disaster. Because? To enable the whole world to make videos.

If there had been a single gigantic explosion, there would have been no time to film the explosion and therefore the terrorist effect would not have been effective. Just as happened for the planes against the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center which only served to draw the attention of the whole world to the disaster so that we could witness the explosion triggered by micro nuclear charges as the military experts of Veterans Today claim. and lawyers for the victims.


Too bad that the West is so entangled with the Lobby of the Weapons of the Zionists (descendants of the Ashkenazi and not of the Israelites as we have repeatedly written) that it cannot afford to make a serious investigation into their criminal acts. Therefore Lebanon will be left alone like Syria and Sri Lanka after the Easter 2019 attacks. So goes this evil world.

Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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Fabio G.C. Carisio

13 pensieri su ““Beirut Massacre for a Missile!”. Lebanon President and Italian Military Expert said. “Thermal rings the proof”

  1. For six years Ammonium Nitrate stored where everybody can see it. Well what is the probability that it was someone who chucked his cigarette stub into the location where we first observed the small fire. And cannot the small fire create the chain of reactions that were to follow . Why should we blame the Israelis.Because they are so close to Lebanon and to Hassan Nasrullah, who they say is a thorn in their flesh. The Israelis could make do with those minor and perpetual drone attacks on Lebanon’s southern border. Like they do in Gaza. Just to keep their military in shape and maintaining a state of heightened entropy.
    Or did the revered Mossad place all this fertilizer at that most succulent location next to the port, firstly to have a good laugh and then of course in the event that if Hassan Nasrullah’s boys did show enhanced prowess, to do exactly what we have seen recently. You do not need Mossad agents in Lebanon. Half of that population are working for the Mossad, free.
    The deal that the Israelis signed with the Emirates could have easily been signed by the Lebanese parliament. If Nasrullah did not agree, well that would be his bad luck to be left out of the proceedings. All the other factions love Israel and there is no problem. They are even ready to welcome Dayesh and say sorry that the bad Nasrullah had uprooted them. In fact the past Prime Minister Hariri, who is half a Saudi National, was so upset that he even got himself house arrested ( fake ) in the KSA. Then because of the mature advice of the President of Lebanon, he forced himself to return home. Can’t things be settled by tossing a coin ? Of course the Israelis will blame Iran. Iran is just helping a fellow Shea community. It is not forcing them, just advising them. The overall problem for the Lebanese is that they will not ‘grow’ up. Same thing has happened in Ukraine. The Americans are coming with their abundance of promises ( Like the did with the USSR ) and then they have a hard time sticking to their promises after the said state has fallen for the Hollywood tactics of the US. (Regan / Gorbachev ). The whole charade was meant to destroy the said state, not help it. As the US most frankly says”We only have interests, not friends “, a distinct Askenazi maxim from the days of Amschel Rothschild. Now we have Belarus on the line. ( if Alexander Lukashenko is so confident with the results he must agree to a reelection, not oppose the opposition. This would be good politics. He does not have to get angry. He must show more maturity and he must smile, not frown . This will make the Americans frown. You think he will listen to Putin ?? He must spend a day with Putin, have lunch. Understand world politics) The Lebanese must ALL stand in front of the mirror and they must start thinking. Unfortunately they are yet stuck in the days BEFORE their civil law. Their political maturity evades them. They must really study the history of their homeland. Yes, today they do have a homeland which they can call their own. Let the Americans have their ways and ALL of them will be refugees in their own land. Like the Ukrainians or the Georgians or the Serbians or the Albanians or the Italians, or the Germans, or the Brazilians or the Colombians …………..

  2. There is a growing suspicion, these days that weapons are being used today, for which the general population has a hard time understanding the precise mode of operation. These are referred to today as”Energy Directed Weapons “. EDW. These weapons require advanced understanding of ultra physics. Based on the use of Zero Point Energy or the energy from the Ether. This concept has taken root firmly, today due to the Theories of Tesla. The Russians are well aware of such uses of what is referred to as “Free Energy”. Many great physicists have proved the existence from the ether, and that it is packed with infinite energy,but for obvious reasons they have been shooed down. There is a book which declares the Twin Towers on 911 were destroyed by EDW
    Surely the Mossad must possess the knowledge of such technology and their use. To be used with extreme discretion, understandably, so that they do not obtain the wave of popularity which is undesirable. Houses in the forests in California are found burnt to the ground; but the trees near by are not affected ? EDW are being used, it may be reasonably speculated in ALL the vast forest fires in the US, at this very moment. THE New World order does not want you to live independently in a forest , with your own farm, and not dependent on the State. It will not have the control it wants over your life if you are independent. ( UN Agenda 21 ) For example, you cannot refuse to be vaccinated when living in a multi residential complex. If you refuse they can jail you ?!
    EDW do not leave traces of radiation. Is there radiation in Beirut. ? Doubt. The target can be precisely controlled from space with EDW. You could be targeted, but someone 6m apart will be unharmed ( social distancing ?! ) I have my strong suspicions that the sabotage at the nuclear facility at Natanz, in Iran was by the use of EDW. The authorities cannot detect the presence of human presence and as yet the cause remains confused. (cameras all around ) If the Mossad had blasted the main facility the 3rd World War would have begun by now. The whole Gulf would be in flames, including Israel ! The Israelis claimed the use of their F-35s. This is not possible, without detection at some stage, stealth or otherwise. The Mossad requires the total cooperation of the American military industrial complex The use of EDW is on the rise. It is THE WEAPON to bring in the NWO, by creating confusion and chaos, as was done in Beirut.
    The story of Beirut remains, though, hanging. WHO IS RESPONSIBLE FOR LEAVING ALL THIS NITRATE IN A VERY SENSITIVE AREA NEAR THE PORT?? Only the Lebanese are to blame. It is time they stopped bickering and woke up

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