Ayyash: Hamas’ Missile Frightens Tel Aviv. Has 250 km of range. In memory of Palestinian Hero Killed by Israeli 007s

Ayyash: Hamas’ Missile Frightens Tel Aviv. Has 250 km of range. In memory of Palestinian Hero Killed by Israeli 007s


by Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio

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“The Israeli air force completely destroyed the Al-Jalaa skyscraper in Gaza City, which housed numerous international media, including the Associated Press and Al-Jazeera.” This is the latest news from the war front from the Holy Land where the Tel Aviv bombs caused the massacre of an entire family and the death of 8 children, aggravating the toll which thus reaches 39 minors killed by the raids ordered by Benjamin Netanyahu.

Meanwhile, Arab sites such as the Al Manar TV network run by Lebanese Hezbollah are focusing on the lethal weapon that can hit Tel Aviv and Israeli airports. It is called Ayyash-250 precisely because it is a ballistic missile with a range of 250 km which can therefore hit sensitive Israeli targets in areas considered to be safe times. Al Manar calls it “the missile that surprised the Israeli army” because until now, the Hamas al-Qassam Brigades have not shown that they have such great firepower.

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The new weapon is an instrument of revenge and in fact takes its name from the engineer Yaḥyā ʿAbd al-Laṭīf ʿAyyāsh, considered one of the worst Hamas terrorists by the West, as he is considered one of the great inspirers of the Jihad kamilazes, but honored as a martyr and hero to the Palestinians for his strategic role in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict of the 1990s.

Before analyzing the military aspects, a geopolitical consideration is necessary that will not be easy for everyone to digest. Hamas, born in the 1970s, is considered a terrorist organization by the US and many Western countries because it fomented the first and second Intifada by instigating an armed revolt of the Palestinians against the military actions of the new state of Israel, born out of an agreement between the Zionist Movement and the British Freemasons as well highlighted in previous reports.


For the Muslims of the Holy Land it is a guerrilla movement comparable to the Partisans of the Resistance in Italy who fought against the Nazi-Fascist occupation without hesitating to use brutal and bestial violence, as evidenced by the terrible story, never sufficiently punished for rape and femicide, and willing to strike terror even by adopting battle names such as “Satan”, and come to kill for no reason a 14-year-old Catholic seminarian due to an atheist communist vision, who need no comment.

This absolutely does not want to legitimize or justify the massacres organized by Ayyash for the freedom of Palestine because violence is never an instrument of peace. But we just want to highlight that sometimes, in the history of humanity, the judgment on terrorism is engraved in books by the victors in disfigurement to the “Blood of the Vanquished”, as the great Italian journalist and historian Gianpaolo Pansa entitled his book on the slaughters carried out by the partisans, absolutely useless because they occurred even in peacetime after the liberation of Italy. But whoever touches on these topics of fundamental historical importance in the Mediterranean peninsula risks an indictment for outrage to memory …

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In Palestine, on the other hand, it continues to dominate Israel thanks to the protection of the Zionists who have always supported and are supported by the greatest war power in the world: the United States of America. This is why a Nazi-born criminal like Benjamin Netanyahu, eternally prime minister of Israel despite the corruption trials and the inability to form stable government alliances after 4 parliamentary elections in a few years, can do what he wants not only in Jerusalem, persecuting Muslims in prayer and evicting others, but also in the Gaza Strip as in Syria, which has been bombed thousands of times, and in Lebanon, several times on the brink of conflict in the last two years.



This long premise of geopolitical analysis is fundamental to understanding the reasons why the Palestinians of the Hamas faction, the most extremist in comparison with the more moderate political and military organization of Al Fatah, have for years been preparing for the inevitable confrontation with the Israel Defense Forces also through the construction of a ballistic missile, of which they had never been in possession, such as the Ayyah-250, named after their hero-martyr, killed by the secret services of Tel Aviv.

Yaḥyā ʿAbd al-Laṭīf ʿAyyāsh (Rafat, February 22, 1966 – Gaza, January 5, 1996) was a Palestinian engineer and guerrilla commander of the Samaria battalion of the ʿIzz al-Dīn al-Qassām Brigades, killed in a “targeted murder” at the time in which Prime Minister of Israel was Shimon Peres. He was born in Rafat, a small West Bank village near Nablus, to a family of modest farmers. The first of three siblings, as a child he was strongly attached to religion, receiving an award from the Islamic Trust for his skill in memorizing the Koran. After graduating from high school in 1985, he enrolled at Bir Zeit University in 1987, graduating in 1991 with a degree in electrical engineering.

Ayyāsh is connected to the growth of the technique of suicide terrorism, within the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, having built the bombs used in numerous suicide attacks by Ḥamās. Furthermore, as part of a strategic alliance between Hamas and the Movement for Islamic Jihad in Palestine, he supplied the latter with the bombs for the Beit Lid massacre carried out in early January 1995.

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The leader of the Hamas resistance attracted the attention of the Israeli security forces and, skilled in disguising, became the most wanted man in Tel Aviv. Following the killing of Yitzhak Rabin, the PA (Palestinian Narional Association) began to collaborate more closely with the Shin Bet, the 007 of the Israeli Ministry of Interior, in the investigation of ʿAyyāsh. In October 1995 some Shin Bet agents came into contact with Kāmil Ḥamad, an uncle of ʿAyyāsh, to persuade him to cooperate.

Kāmil Ḥamad asked in exchange for money and an Israeli identity card for himself and his wife. In response, Israeli officials threatened to inform Ḥamās of his attempted betrayal, leaving the man no choice. He was provided with a cell phone, and was told that this device was equipped with a hidden transceiver, which would allow Israeli agents to monitor ʿAyyāsh’s communications. In fact, the phone was also filled with 15 grams of RDX, a highly potent explosive substance.

Yaḥyā ʿAbd al-Laṭīf ʿAyyāsh e il momento dei sui funerali in Palestina

Knowing that ʿAyyāsh used to use Osāma’s cell phone, Kāmil Ḥamad handed the phone-bomb to his nephew. At 8 am on January 5, 1996, ʿAyyāsh was called on that phone by his father: the conversation was intercepted by an Israeli plane and bounced to a command post. Upon receiving confirmation of the identity of the person on the phone, the Shin Bet detonated the device remotely.

About 100,000 Palestinians attended his funeral. Ḥamās replied two months later with four suicide bombings, in Jerusalem and Ashkelon, causing over sixty Israeli victims, most of which were children preparing to celebrate Purim. The operation put an end to Yasser Arafat’s efforts to persuade the Ḥamās leadership to present their own candidates in the 1996 Palestinian General Election. From that moment on, the tightening of security measures between Israel and the Palestinian Territories began in both the West Bank and the Strip. of Gaza.



«Two events marked Operation Al-Quds Sword launched by Palestinian resistance factions in support of Jerusalemites and the al-Aqsa mosque. As it continues for the third consecutive day, targeting both Israeli cities in the 1948 territories, the farthest from the Gaza enclave, a missile fired at Israel’s 220 Ramon airport went into action for the first time. km from Gaza, in the south of occupied Palestine, and suicide drones. The announcement was made by the spokesman for the Hamas Brigades al-Qassam Abu Oubaida. According to him, it was an Ayyash-250 type missile that was first launched at the airport. Its range is 250 km».

This is what was reported by the Al Manar TV network, supported by Hezbollah of Shiite Islamic confession, therefore allies of Iran, considered a historic enemy by Israel. Abu Oubaida, commander of the Hamas military faction, warned that “all Israeli airports and every point from north to south of occupied Palestine are now in the line of fire of the resistance missiles.”

«He ordered airlines to suspend their flights to Israeli airports. His appeal was heard by Poland and American companies. And the airport was closed, Israeli media reported that a missile crashed near the city of Eilot on the edge of the airport. “This recovery is a gesture of solidarity with the al-Aqsa mosque and a response to the assassination of our hero leaders and engineers. The missile is the result of a part of their exploits “, said Abu Oubaida” according to what reported by Al Manar.

Oubaida then recalled the martyr Bassem Issa who was the head of the Gaza unit in the al-Qassam Brigades, as well as the engineer Joumaa al-Talhat Abou Rahmé, Dr. Jamal al-Zabdat and other Hamas officers who died under Israeli fire on Wednesday 12 May against their position in Gaza.

Although Palestinian military propaganda has published numerous videos (some censored by YouYube) of the Ayyash-250 missile named after the engineer they consider hero, it is not really known what military power this weapon might have. The doubt is linked to the fact that it would have been used on rare occasions so far and, therefore, Hamas could have a limited number to be used sparingly in order to continue the conflict, after the insistent attack by the Israeli army against the Strip of Gaza through the bombing carried out by artillery and air forces.

But as Al Manar TV points out, there are also other war tools that induce the al-Qassam Brigades to feel ready to sell their lives dearly. The second “significant” event is in fact the entry into action of the kamikaze drone, Abu Oubaïda clarified that it is of the Chehab type, of local manufacture, used against an Israeli maritime gas platform off the coast of Gaza. In addition, the al-Qassam Brigades claimed responsibility for firing at Israeli bases Tal Nof and Nevatim, and at military rallies east of Yad Mordechai. In the evening, they said they fired Sejil-type missiles at Hatzerim airbase from which fighters took off to bomb civilians in Gaza.



The Sputnik network has instead made an interesting report on the weaknesses of the legendary Iron Dome, the Israeli anti-missile system put to the test by the barrage of rockets fired by Hamas.

“In recent days, more than 1,500 rockets have been launched into the territory of Israel, while the defense system has managed to shoot down hundreds of these weapons. However, the massive attacks have shown that the capabilities of the Iron Dome are limited, which means that the new tactics of Israel’s enemies are proving effective,” writes the Russian media, which uses expert advice.

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“In fact, the missile strikes are also accompanied by Israeli air strikes, and the Iron Dome batteries are now at their limit,” said Joseph Trevithick of The Drive. This system is made up of several launchers, each loaded with 20 Tamir missiles. as well as radar and a command and control system. Most of the operating functions of the Iron Dome are automated”

The Iron Dome is designed to defend against tactical missiles, artillery and mortars. The system has also demonstrated the ability to destroy cruise missiles, small drones and low-flying aircraft. The Israeli Defense Ministry said the Tamir missiles hit 85% of their targets between 2011 and 2020. Additionally, the system manufacturer claimed that an improved version of the Iron Dome did not let a single missile pass in tests.

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“However, the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have already admitted that they have failed to shoot down all the rockets fired at Israel from Gaza in recent days. It was reported that the system was unable to deal with an attack of this magnitude,” Sputnik adds in fact, revealing what Israel’s military strategy could be: letting Hamas run out of its rocket supply and then launch a ground attack. Certainly a smart and effective maneuver. But the unknown remains precisely about the Ayyash-250 missiles, the very dangerous weapon of the al-Qassam Brigades.

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Fabio Giuseppe Carlo Carisio
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